Newbie student solo stroking big cock backseat style

Newbie student solo stroking big cock backseat style
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They had just won their final game of the season and were headed to state at the end of the month. Joey and Tyler, generally called Gainer by his teammates, were still in the locker room after the game after everyone else had left. They were catching a ride together, but it was cold and snowing outside, so they had decided to wait inside. Gainer checked his phone and read the text that had just come in: "Sorry, will be late, roads are bad. Mom" "Well, it looks like we'll be here a while, dude," Gainer informed Joey.

"Ah damn.

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I had some homework to finish. Not that I'd be doing it until way later anyways, haha," Joey responded. "Well we gotta pass the time somehow. Any ideas? Want to practice a bit more before state?" "Nah, we've done enough of that for the day," Joey replied.

"Is it just me or is it kind of warm in here? I think I'm going to take off a couple layers." "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I'm gonna join you then." As the two teens were stripping off their shirts, they began to take greater notice of each other than if they had been in the room with the rest of hockey team.

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Gainer observed that Joey was developing quite the nice six-pack. Joey in turn became more aware of the taller boy's lean, muscular body. Almost without thinking about it, Gainer reached over and laid his hand across his best friend's slightly toned stomach. The muscle tensed under his touch, and he had to quickly jerk his hand away before it got any more awkward than it already was.

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"Dude…" Joey susurrated. "You didn't have to stop." "Are… Are you sure? We can just pretend like that never happened." "Hell no, dude.

Let's see how far we can make it before your mom gets here." Gainer took the cue and moved closer to Joey.

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He leaned over and lightly pressed his lips to the shorter boy's. Joey, not feeling quite satisfied, grabbed Gainer by his hair and pulled him into a harder, rougher kiss. When Gainer broke for air, Joey took the opportunity to reposition himself so that he was sitting in his friend's lap instead of next to him. He ground down into Gainer's crotch, moaning at the feeling of the hardening member rubbing against his ass. "I need more, Tyler," Joey moaned into the other boy's mouth. "Stand up," Gainer grunted.

Joey sprang off of Gainer's lap and was quickly followed by the taller boy. Gainer lowered himself to his knees and hooked his thumbs into Joey's waistline. As he slowly pulled down his friend's pants and boxers, he simultaneously revealed the shorter boy's erect dick.

"Is there a reason I haven't noticed how hot you are, Joey? I mean, dude, your dick is pretty damn hot." "…huh? Oh, yeah, thanks, dude. Can we, uh, just get this going, please?" Gainer smirked to himself as he took Joey's cock into his mouth.

Joey groaned as he felt the warmth around himself. Suddenly, perhaps not accidentally, the smaller boy thrust his hips forward, forcing Gainer to deepthroat his friend's dick. Gainer had to fight the urge to gag, but managed to overcome it, focused on pleasuring his best friend. "Tyler, let… Let me blow you.

You'll love it," Joey sighed. Gainer detached himself from Joey's cock and stood up. He shimmied out of his own pants and boxer briefs, and went over to sit down on the bench.

Joey slid down to kneel in front of Gainer. He took the other boy's dick in his hand and stopped for a moment to admire the length. He then stuck out his tongue and swiped it over the slit of the penis in front of his face.

Gainer let out a surprised groan at the feeling of Joey swallowing his dick in one thrust. "Dude, this is awesome. We need to do this more often," Gainer stated.

Joey pulled off of his friend's dick and said, "Hell yeah, man. I could do this every day." Gainer decided to take the conversation a bit further: "Let's fuck. No one has to know about it; it'll be our little secret." Joey stood up and leaned down to Gainer's ear.


"I want to feel your dick inside of me," he murmured. "I want to ride you." "You just want to do it like this? No lube, no fingering, no nothing?" Joey shook his head and added, "I want you and just you.


I don't care about the pain, and it's not like I can get pregnant." Gainer acquiesced and laid down lengthwise on the bench. He held his dick straight up so that Joey could easily mount him. The shorter boy straddled his friend and took a deep breath.


He took control of Gainer's cock and guided it to his tight hole. Joey slowly lowered himself onto the erect member and moaned as it went deeper and deeper inside of him. As he bottomed out, Gainer groaned loudly. Joey sat there for a moment adjusting to the stretch and sudden fullness. His friend then shifted slightly underneath him and pleaded for him to start moving. Joey lifted himself up and then swiftly thrust himself back down, basking in the immense pleasure as Gainer's dick arrowed into his prostate.

Both boys gasped and shuddered at the new feelings arising from their pleasure. Joey kept bouncing his bubble butt up and down on Gainer's cock, and on every occasional bottom would thrust his ass backwards and roll his hips, causing Gainer to grunt in bliss every time.

As Gainer approached his climax, he placed his hands on Joey's chest and had him stop for a moment. "Are you alright, dude? Did I do something wrong?" "No, I just want to try a different position.

I think you should lay down on the bench and I'll fuck you like that." Joey got off of his friend's dick and swapped positions with him. Gainer pulled Joey to the edge of the bench so that his ass was hanging off it. He propped the smaller boy's legs up on his shoulders and, without warning, thrust into his ass to the hilt. Gainer used his increased leverage to hammer into Joey's tight ass and bring them both back close to their climaxes.

Gainer reached out and took hold of Joey's dick and stroked him until he came in ribbons on his near-washboard stomach. His orgasm caused his ass muscles to clench around his friend's cock, milking the cum straight out of him.

Gainer moaned as he emptied his seed into his best friend. Gainer collapsed on top of Joey and lazily kissed him. Joey's cum was trapped between the two boys and made both of their abdomens sticky. The two slowly made out on the bench in the middle of their hockey locker room. They both jumped when Gainer's phone began to ring. His mom was calling to say that she was there and where were they at. Gainer responded saying that they would be there in a couple minutes, and the two boys quickly threw on all of their scattered clothing.

As they were walking out of the locker room, Joey looked over at his friend and quietly said, "I think I love you, Tyler…" Gainer, dumbstruck, responded, "Dude, I think I love you too. Which is why we need to keep doing this." "Can I at least fuck you next time?" "Of course, Joey.

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I can't wait to be filled with your cum," Gainer smiled at his best friend. The two boys were outside and walking towards Gainer's mom's car. In the dull light of the parking lot, Gainer reached over and squeezed Joey's round ass. Joey jumped and leaned up to kiss the taller boy on the neck, just underneath his ear.

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"Don't think you'll get away with that, Gainer," Joey warned. "That ass is mine!"