Nude gay twinks muscle Ayden amp_ Jacob Undie Worship

Nude gay twinks muscle Ayden amp_ Jacob Undie Worship
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Ellen realizes that meeting up is a mistake when I lock the door behind her. She told me to unlock it, that she isn't interested anymore and that I needed to let her leave. A wicked smile adorns my face as I watch her pull at a door that has been locked with a key. Ellen is terrified. To think she had trusted me!!! We have been chatting online for weeks since our second date. We had an instant connection when I hired her three months ago.

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Ellen has never dated a older man before, but this is man that women both dream about and fear. I'm wealthy and powerful in business, law and politics and I always have beautiful women around me 24/7. When Ellen e-mailed me, she didn't expect me to write back. Guys like him don't typically go for women like her. Ellen doubted she would ever get another chance to go on a third date with me, but when my note is found in her inbox, she feels extreme excitement.

I seduced and hired Ellen three months ago because she is 5', about 110lbs, a 24'' waist and B-breasts that enticed me. Ellen is an attractive woman, but not what is considered a bombshell. Her sexy petite body helped her to lure me. Ellen and I had discussed everything over the last two dates.

From favorite movies to our views on marriage, we had covered it all. She told me about her past relationships and I told her about my ex-wives, lovers, and mistresses. Ellen knew that I was leaving out some of the details, there is no way I was interested in a relationship, but she didn't mind because I'm wealthy and powerful.

Ellen knew she would not be the one on my arm to social events. She knew I could help advance her career as a journalist. When I proposed that we meet up again, she is ecstatic. This is the meeting she had been waiting for.

The type of meeting she can consider herself being in Dallas for a very long time. We have been talking every night on the phone for hours about her reporting stories. I suggested that we spend an evening at my place. I had a penthouse in down town Dallas. Her housing paid for by me. We are going to spend the evening drinking wine and watching a movie. At least that's what Ellen thought. Ellen got dressed up for the evening.

She spent two hours getting ready. It is summer so she decides to wear a white sun dress. Black heels and a silver locket accented the outfit. She had shaved her legs yesterday but decided to do it again to make sure that they would be perfectly smooth beneath the thigh-length dress.

She decides to wear a white Victoria Secret bra and no panties. She tried on a few thongs but knew I prefer a woman going commando is so much sexier. She is supposed to arrive at my place at 8 but finds herself sitting in the lobby of my building almost 20 minutes early. When the time finally came, she is at my door knocking. I yell from inside that it is open and she let herself in. I shouted from what appeared to be a bathroom that I would be right out and that she should make herself comfortable.


Ellen looks at the clock on the wall and she is 5 minutes early. She is upset with herself for being so eager. My penthouse is incredible. There are huge windows that open onto a balcony, I have an amazing view from almost anywhere you are seated. Ellen sat on the couch pouring out glasses of the wine from the iced bottle on the coffee table. A few moments later I walk from the bathroom wearing just a towel.

We look at each other and smile as we glance in the other's direction. Ellen remembers my body hair. Ellen sees a massive erection growing beneath the towel as soon as I laid eyes on her.

Before we had spoken to each other, I'm at the door with a set of keys.locking it from the inside. Then I drop the towel, she realizes something isn't right.

A terrifying look of lust crosses my face as she ran to the door I had just locked. She tries to make it open. Ellen told me she wanted to go leave, she needed to leave. I stared back at her angrily. " The only place you are going, Ellen, is to my bed." My cock is now enormous. Ellen remembers the first time she had seen my cock. and the pain from the two dates. Thicker than her wrist, it is the length of her forearm.

My testicles hung below the size of tennis balls. I grab her by the shoulders pushing her down to the floor. " Suck on my dick now, Ellen." Ellen did nothing of the sort. She tried to get away. Ellen resigns herself to her fate as tears stream down her face. A million emotions ran through her head as rested on her knees. Why was this man doing this to her?

Where is that guy that I had chatted with so many nights on the phone? " Do I have to tell you again Ellen? PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!" What else is she going to do? She takes my cock into her mouth. At first she only took the tip. It is too big to get in much further.

It is hard just getting her mouth around it enough to let the head in. I grab the back of her head and before she knew it, her entire mouth is full and I'm pushing at her throat.

She feels her teeth touch my cock, " NO TEETH." Ellen opens her mouth wider. " Ellen," I said using her first name, " I really like you a lot." I start pumping her mouth vigorously as my cock stretched the opening to her throat. I'm hurting her more then the other two times together. Her throat feels like it is on fire. She is gagging, choking, and crying as I force my cock back deeper. " You've only got about half of my 9 inches, Ellen, pretty good for the third time.

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You will learn how to take it all though soon enough again." I reach down between her legs and she feels me insert two of my fingers into her pussy as roughly as I can. Ellen tries to pull away but my fingers just drive into her deeper.

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My two fingers alone are thicker than any cock she has ever had inside of her. Ellen wants to get away, to be any place but in my penthouse. " I WANT THIS PUSSY AGAIN," I growl knowing she has no way out. I pull her mouth off my cock lifting her up, driving my fingers yet deeper into her now wet vagina. I carried her in my arms up the stairs of my loft. I drop her on my bed lifting her dress around her waist exposing her tight bald groin. It took me 2 seconds to bury my dick in her pussy as deep as it will go.

I'm weighing 250 pounds easily driving home striking her cervix. It is the worst pain she has ever experienced in her life again. Ellen blacked out at first from the shock and pain. She blacked out the first two times and it took her sore pussy a week to recovery from the two previous dates together.

I slammed her pussy hard. only able to get a little more than half inside of her. She cried and screamed.begging me to stop. I bit her neck fucking her harder. There is no condom between us, the only lubricant our natural body fluids.

She hated me more than anyone she had ever known.

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That is when things got worse. " Are you enjoying this Ellen?" I ask her as if it were really a question I needed answered. Ellen shook her head screaming no, I fucked her harder. " Tell me that you love it." She would not. She couldn't. She can hardly breath she is crying. " Tell me that you love it or I'm going to make it worse for you." Ellen said nothing, lost in her own world of fear and pain-spawned confusion. I flip her onto her stomach.

Part of her is happy to no longer be facing me. She can't stand my face. This can not be worse than missionary! That's when I lick her anus. " I told you this was going to be worse if you didn't enjoy it." Ellen screams at me to stop. Ellen has never been fucked in the ass before.


She has never really considered it. Nothing has ever been inside of that tight passageway before and now I'm about to fuck her with 9" of solid cock. Ellen cries, she struggles to get away, but my body is to big to push away. I spit on her tight little rosebud enough to make it moist, then force my cock inside. This is the most excruciating pain she has felt in her life. While in her pussy I can only physically push myself a little more than halfway inside, her asshole provides no such limit.

In seconds, I have 9'' of cock all the way inside of her. She feels my balls slapping against her pussy as I force myself all the way inside.

She can't handle the pressure and pain. She blacks out again, never stops crying, she would do anything to be anywhere else doing anything else at that point.

but nothing made it stop. Ellen figures out later that I will spend four hours fucking her ass. I came inside of her many times. I loved every second of it, I clearly enjoyed her ass more than her pussy.

I fucked her slow and hard, than as fast as I can. I pull the entire length out and then ram it back in. She thinks I enjoyed just seeing her scream. I fuck her in every position, on her stomach, doggy-style, on her side, and missionary. Before I came in her ass for the 5th or 6th time I put my face close to hers kissing her. For some strange reason she kissed back. It is the most passionate erotic kiss she has ever received. The way my tongue swirls in her mouth as my taste mixes with hers making her have the most intense orgasm of her life.

As she came harder than she ever has before, I shoot my final load of cum deep within her. Her body hurt like hell, but she didn't care, she fell asleep with me inside of her.

Later Ellen comes back into the bedroom, I'm standing in the middle of the room. " That's it, Ellen," my whiskey smooth voice purrs confidently. " Come to me." With a soft scream of desperation, she collapses immediately from the sound of my voice, back arching up off the floor, as I spread her legs wide.

Climbing between them thrusting my hard cock all the way into her, rapture almost, but not quite, overwhelming her as she frantically grasps with her mind to try and reach some kind of relief to the intense pressure of her pleasure.

" You are bound to me, body and soul, to serve my pleasure." Her body wracked in pleasurable agony from head to toe, the only response she gives is a distraught moan. I touch her, my finger running down her spine to her buttocks, leaving sparks of sensations in its wake, cupping a cheek softly, weighting it softly it in my hand before my finger finds its way to the opening between her legs.

She thought she will die, flashes going off in her head, blinding her mind, as my finger slides across her wet lips flicking against her clit. Her legs give out and she collapses onto floor. She can barely form a coherent thought around the pleasure going off in her body like rockets. As I move closer she can only lie there, staring up at me. She sees my cock again.not that it made any difference to her raging need for me.

Now the sight of my cock, thick and hard between my legs, both terrifies and thrills her. What remains of her sane mind told her body to run as fast as her legs can possibly carry her.

Her exhausted body, however, refuses to cooperate. She can't run if her life depended on it. My huge cock; all 9 inches in length and thick as can.

An agonized cry from her moist, open lips as she realizes in a flash of clarity that I expect her tried, sore body to take every inch inside her again.

The smug grin on my face told her that much. I kneel down, bringing my thick, powerful rod just above her face as she rolls onto her back. My hand caressing her cheek softly, and laughing arrogantly as she turns instinctively into the touch, lips and tongue reaching for something to suck on. I place my thumb on her bottom lip and she sucks it inside her warm mouth, using her tongue to massage it.

She feels humiliated at her reaction, but would not have been able to behave any differently. Her mind is no longer in control of her body. She feels herself giving into me again. I stood abruptly and I turned back, the gleam in my eye so predatory that her body spasms inside and out in expectation of my intentions.

" Let's get to know one another again," I said with a chuckle. With a sudden move she is suddenly lying the bed, her arms bound above her head to the center of the bed frame. As I walk around the bed staring at her, she whimpers again, her back arching off the bed as her petite body tries to contain the pleasure she gains now from my presence, body thrashing to and fro on the coverlet.

My hand came down to wrap around my cock, and her eyes can no longer look anywhere else, her mouth watering as she strains against her bonds to try and touch me, the silk lined cuffs digging into her skin. With a smile and a chuckle, I let her feel me, sliding the satiny head of my cock across her foot. Moans and whimpers fall continuously from her as she silently begs for more, her toes curling as she ineffectually tries to bring me closer. With sudden movement of my fingers, I obliged her, the shackles falling off her arms.

She thought the few seconds it took for her to scramble to my feet would kill her with frustration, but in no time she is on her knees on the carpeted floor in front of me, eyes raised in plea for my cock to touch her lips. She didn't have to wait long. I stoop cupping the back of her head, bringing her open mouth to the head of my throbbing cock rubbing the weeping head across her lips. Her tongue slipping hesitantly out between her lips, gathering up the salty-sweet drops of pre-cum from my hot, velvet skin.

Finally, I push it inside. Without a doubt it is the best she has tasted, in spite of the fact she hadn't tasted many.

Think of tasting a $100,000 glass of wine when you've only tried the boxed kind. She can't get enough of my thick, musky meat and begins frantically sucking me. I let her have free reign for a few minutes, watching her eager, amateur efforts, but soon became impatient with her feeble attempts to take me fully in her mouth.

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Keeping my hand firm at the back of her head, I drive my hips forward, driving myself down her throat. She stops sucking and simply takes it, my cock sliding in and out of her throat too fast for her tongue to respond.she simply has to remember to breathe before I drive back inside. After only a few minutes more I'm tired of fucking her mouth. I lift tossing her onto the bed as though she weighs nothing at all, my body following seconds later to envelop hers, my arms and legs resembling pillars on all sides of her as my mouth swoops down to take possession of her mouth.

She can not have described it any other way but as a possession. I did not wait for her to surrender. My tongue invades instantly, sweeping inside and tangling with her own tongue, seducing it out to play.

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She kisses me back with abandonment, feeling embers of arousal flickering all over her skin and building higher between her legs, her sore pussy, beginning to feel the strain of arousal for so long, gushing juices becoming wetter. As I continue to take pleasure in her mouth, my right hand came up and engulfing her round, firm breast, my thumb flicking across the pebbled nipple hard, curving her up against my body.

My mouth follows next close behind my fingers, and she thought I meant to swallow her whole as I suckle her, alternating between suckling and nibbling on her creamy skin. Now my left hand was in motion on her other breast, massaging the flesh and pinching her nipple in turn. When my mouth begins to travel lower the thought crosses her mind that she will die of pleasure before anything more can happen.

My wet tongue and sharp teeth never leave her skin, leaving a path of fiery desire straight down her body. I stop looking up at her when I reach her mound, mouth halfway open, tongue peeking between my teeth.

Without warning I swoop down, open mouth engulfing her clit in tight, wet warmth. Her body came all the way off the bed, and then crashes back down. Pleasure in waves so intense she screams, hearing the echoes of her cry as the surge overwhelms her.but she can not cum.

She almost faints; the pleasure peaks so intense, when I slid my finger inside her. The single finger stretches her, which should have panicked her with the thought of things to come again, but she is too far gone to think that far ahead in her body's reckless race for fulfillment. When my finger reaches her maidenhead my eyes flick up to her face, shining, intensely pleased.

She can tell without words I'm gloating at touching her again. She knew in the next second how incredibly aroused I am at the discovery of her tightness again when I stop eating her, straightening to my knees between her legs. My cock and balls hang heavy, swaying slightly, and her eyes again locking on the sight. She whimpers fearfully as a conceited grin flashes on my face, my teeth shining, as I crouch lining myself up with her sore wet slit.

The first touch makes her cry out, the heat of my throbbing cock again focusing all fear and pleasure in her body there, at that one spot.


She feels she will burn up, igniting into flames of painful passion on the spot, but she didn't, as I keep moving forward, the intense pressure building as I begin to force my cock inside her. She didn't want to open again at first, her body recognizing my size and telling her in sharp stabs of pain to stop this intrusion, but I continue to push my way in with steady control, giving and taking no surrender.

I suddenly become impatient at the slow progress, with a sudden hard thrust of my hips, lunging hard, driving in the first two inches. Her incredible wetness eases the passage, keeping her from tearing. Her body thrashes back and forth on the bed as it wars with itself, her eyes shut and hands helplessly fisting in the sheets, crumpling the sheets between her aching fingers.

One side of her knowing I'm too big to fit without intense pain, and the other side beyond caring with its unbelievable need for me to possess her, her mind fighting inside her for control. The fight is lost, and I prove this with another brutally hard drive, forcing in another 6 inches and ripping through her narrow tight tunnel with that single thrust. She screams as it stretches and the walls are scraped; the sound tapering off to barely a whimper.

I'm focused on my own needs to care, and with three more hard thrusts of my body, I'm entirely buried in her, deeper than she will have ever thought possible. I stay there for a minute, firm, my arms on either side of her head, my raging cock remaining inside her re-stretched tunnel, allowing her muscles to adjust to my size inside her. Her agonized body aching, I begin to move, sliding out only slightly before driving back in. She responds immediately, fire burning in her pussy with to much intensity to ignore as her need for me overwhelms her.

She is so wet the bed is soaked beneath them, and it eases my way as I begin slamming into her. My cock sliding back and forth with ease for how tight she is, as she stretches for me and her juices coats my cock, her muscles gripping me like a glove.

I brought my body down on top of hers as I begin to speed up each stroke into her hot tunnel, driving in and out with force as I enjoy the woman beneath me. With every stroke the fire in her body grows hotter. She wants to cum, desperately, but knew it is my choice. She spoke to me for the first time. " Please, John," it is natural to call my name in her silky, desperately breathless voice, as I occupy the dominate role in her life now.

" Please, I WANT.I NEED to cum!" It is hard to speak as my body pummels her over and over, completely possessing her, dominating, controlling her, taking whatever I desire. I didn't answer for a minute, my rough strokes intensifying, growing deeper, harder, and faster.

Finally, with an extra deep stroke into her, he nodded, " Cum, Ellen. Cum now!" With a blood-tingling scream, she did, instantly, her body curling all the way up off of the bed as her muscles spasm and seize.

She thought it will never end. Fireworks exploding in her head as her pussy clamps down hard around my cock and she thrashes in the wet sheets. I grunt, half in pain, half in pleasure, as she became so tight I can barely move. I yank myself from her body, watching in delight as her pussy sucks at me, unwilling to release my cock, in her completion. I didn't stay out for long, as I flip her over to her stomach, one hand underneath her body to pull her ass up lining myself with her to drive back inside her lush curves.

Her orgasm is tapering down when I drive back inside, fanning the flames again as I hit spots previously unexplored. My hands wrap around her hips, pulling her hard against me and helping me drive deeper inside her, treating her as nothing more than a receptacle for my powerful shaft.

She feels the pleasure building again, faster this time, like flames licking at her body, and she subconsciously knows that this time she will cum too. Ellen confirms this quickly, my torso curling down across her back, teeth sinking into her shoulder as I grunted, driving in sharp rough deep strokes now, my virile hard shaft swelling inside her to an impossible size. " Cum!" I snap before biting down again, my hips sinking as deep as I can into her body and staying there, my cock giving a brief shudder before violently jerking as I emptied my load deep into her womb.

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She came instantly at the sound of my command, feeling my cum flooding her. She could have done nothing else when my whiskey smooth voice orders her to, and she wants to do nothing else. Pleasure overcame her, spiraling out of control through her body as she leaps falling off the precipice, her pussy clamping down again, milking every last drop of my seed into her body, her mind overwhelmed with spirals of exploding light and darkness as she gives into the feelings flooding her.

All her muscles give out and she collapses on the bed, my body following hers, pulling her onto her side, curling against my stomach, my cock still buried and throbbing inside her.