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Stepmom Richelle Ryan seduces interracial cock
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Tyler woke up, albeit shot up, from his sleeping state. He looked over at the invading sound, his alarm clock, and turned it off, seeing that it was 6:45. It was Monday, and that meant school started at 8, and with a 15-20 minute drive, he liked to leave the house at 7:30. He hadn't slept much that night.

Or any night for that matter since his party. What started out as a night of fun and euphoria, turned into a night full of remorse. Tyler had slept with. how many girls? He usually wasn't like that at all, preferring monogamy in his relationships. But something inside him that night turned him into the biggest player he'd ever seen.

It was fun, but he was sure he wouldn't do it again. Tyler found himself showered and fed, and decided to just head to school a little early. He drove down the back-road highway that connected his rural house to the school that was well-inside the larger town.

Tyler wondered how school would go today. He had slept with one of his best friends, Taylor, then left her to her fate as multiple guys climbed onto her. He felt pretty bad about that, but hoped she had still had fun throughout. And then those poor twins, he thought. Coerced into being filmed by countless guys by the very pictures that they wanted when sleeping with Tyler.

The only comfort they could find was that all of the pictures and video laid destroyed with Jeremy's laptop. Tyler semi-smiled as he could still find a few parts left over from the mangled computer in his carpet. Most of the attenders to the party had an amazing time, only a couple dozen even knowing about the events that took place behind the scenes. All and all, the night was a huge success. The booze was nearly all drank, the girls had done their thing, and Tyler could smell the distinct cloud of cannabis when he was cleaning the back yard the next morning.

It seemed that 90% of his guests had had a great time. Pulling into his friend's section of the parking lot, Tyler noticed he was one of the first there. Walking toward the front doors, he thought back to his favorite part of the party.

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None of the countless sex sessions or the money making. A shy little innocent girl named Hannah had really caught his fancy, and Tyler was fixated on getting her the rest of the night.


Unfortunately there were quite a few distractions, but Hannah didn't seem to mind, promising that they would hang out soon enough. Tyler thought about that as he marched through the school doors, finding that quite a large portion of students got there this early all the time.

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Sitting down at one of the lunch tables, which was now laid out for breakfast, Tyler took in the strange surroundings of getting to school early. None of his friends were here yet, but there was the pep club, setting up signs for an upcoming game.

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The soda machines were being filled by the Pepsi vendor, which Tyler had never witnessed before. He contemplated on stealing one of the vulnerable bottles, but quickly shot the idea down. He continued to look around, random oddities catching his eye.

The student store was open, selling small bits of food to compliment the school breakfast, but the commons was littered with more kids playing Magic cards than actually eating. The drama club was also active this early, hanging around on the stage, a small platform in the corner of the commons, doing some kind of improv. Suddenly Tyler's eyes locked onto her. Hannah was in the middle of the stage acting out a spoof of CSI in an over-the-top fashion.

Tyler focused in as the scene was nearing a close. "Sir, these burns were caused by electricity," Hannah pointed out to her partner, leaning over the "victim". "Well then, it looks like our stiff here had a." The male co-star took off his stoner sunglasses, "shocking experience!" Tyler laughed as the entire group clapped for the end of the scene. Tyler hollered out his praises, catching Hannah's attention. She smiled, slightly blushing, and headed over to Tyler.

"Come to see me clean these streets of crime?" she asked giggling. "I didn't know you could act. Pretty cool gig you got going on here," Tyler complimented. "If I'd have known the scenery was this great, I would have joined drama club!" "Oh, aren't you a sly one?" Hannah pointed out. "Well, put your money where your mouth is. We have a few open spots, you know." Tyler was surprised at the offer, but didn't lose his footing.

"Well I tell you what. Recruit me!" he toyed. He was answered by a confused look, so he continued. "You know.

Recruit me! Make me want to join drama club!" He laughed. "Oh, I thought you already wanted to be in drama club!" Hannah toyed back. Leaning into Tyler, her face only inches away, she continued. "You know. for the scenery," she seductively whispered. Tyler didn't respond, refusing to open his mouth, like a toddler not wanting to finish their meal. He muffled a "Mmh mmh", causing Hannah to giggle once more. "Well, what can I do to persuade you?

Hmm. If only you knew how CUTE drama boys were to me!" she continued to tease. "No? Not enough? Well. There may be a kissing scene or two." she trailed off. "Sold!" Tyler didn't miss a beat. "Well, let's go tell Mrs. Keller then, silly," she said proudly, winking at her victory.

The pair marched over to the teacher, explaining Tyler's desire to join the club. The instructor was thrilled to have another boy in the class, as there were only four boys compared to twelve girls (who wouldn't love those odds?). After signing Tyler up, the two students walked to one of the tables, where Hannah was obviously focusing on something.

"What are you looking at, girl?" Tyler asked, still happy with the turn of events this morning. "Oh, nothing, I'm just thinking," Hannah responded. "Well. What are you thinking about?" Tyler continued to pry. "Just which one of you guys I want to have my big kissing scene with!" Hannah mocked. "But I-," Tyler started, quickly interrupted by Hannah's, "Oh no, I said there may be a kissing scene or two!

I didn't say you were to be my co-star!" she erupted into laughter at Tyler expense, before quickly adding a "Tyler, sweety, I'm just teasing you!" Tyler's face smirked as he felt better. "You're a punk, you know that?" he faked anger. "Oooh, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings." Hannah moped mockingly. "Here, feel better," she commanded, adding a peck on the lips. Tyler had had more sexual encounters in a week than most of his high school friends in their lifetimes, but still, that small innocent kiss sent electricity through his body.

He grinned, dumbfoundedly, as Hannah smiled at him again. "May. Maybe we could go eat somewhere during lunch?" Tyler suggested, trying to hide his stammering. "Oh?

I guess I did say we could go out to eat, huh? Well I'm supposed to tutor Eric at lunchtime, but I suppose I can tell him to wait until after school. Where would you like to go?" "What, the man choosing the place? Never!" Tyler joked, awaiting an idea from Hannah. "Hmm." she pondered for a minute. "Oh! You know what sounds really good?" she asked, not expecting an answer.

"Panda!" she finished. Tyler was a huge fan of Panda Express, and luckily, there was one not too far from the school. "Sounds like a date to me!" he exclaimed excitedly, just in time to see a large group of his friends enter the commons.

Jake took initiative. "Dude, you do realize how early it is, right? Why on earth would you-" he stopped short, noticing Hannah. "Ooooooh, I feel you," he finished, content with the answer he received. "Yeah, man, we thought you were sick or something when we saw your truck here this early," Tim added.

"No, just got here a little early is all. Glad I did!" he announced, placing his arm around Hannah's shoulder. Hannah grinned, rolling her eyes. "Oh, got yous a woman now, huh?" Randy probed, laughing at Hannah expression.

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"Working on it," Tyler teased, leaning into Hannah, nudging her playfully. "Okay, okay, I said we'd get lunch, didn't I?" Hannah brushed him off playfully as well. "Behave yourself, or you don't get a fortune cookie." Only seconds later, the bell rang, signaling there were only a few more minutes to get to class. Giving Hannah a goodbye hug, Tyler told her to meet him at the front doors at lunchtime.

Saying goodbye to the rest of his buddies with a manly handshake, he left for his first period. While walking down the hall, Luis, one of the Mexican kids, was stuck in the same stream of students as Tyler. "Hey man!

Que haces?" Luis greeted him. "Oh hey man, not much, just heading to class," Tyler responded. "Did you have a good time at the party?" "Como no!" Luis assured him, "It was a great time. All of the naked girls fue muy sexi, no? And my pinata was a hit out by the pool!" he bragged.

"Glad you had a good time man. You're girlfriend was okay with you hanging around all those naked girls?" Tyler joked, elbowing him playfully. "Si, si. Se dice 'look, but don't touch.' Ella es perfecto, no?" he praised his girlfriend Dani. "Sounds like a keeper to me!" Tyler agreed.

"Next time, you'll have to bring her," Tyler suggested. "I will, bro, I will.


Sabes que. Thanks for inviting me man. I don't really get a lot of invites to parties like that. Mostly just birthdays and qinces. And those are all mostly my Mexican friends, it's all the same. I appreciate it," Luis thanked him. Tyler replied, assuring it was no problem, but Luis still considered it a big deal. "Escuchame. I'm having a birthday party next week.

Lot's of good food, good people. It won't be as wild as last week of course, pero you and one of your friends are more than welcome," Luis explained.

"Here is my number, you can hit me up for the address if you're interested." "Thanks, bro! I'll for sure try to make it!" Tyler smiled.

"But this is my stop, so I'll see ya round, alright man?" he peeled off the interstate of students, finding his math class. He filed into his seat in the back of the room, just beating the bell. He greeted Tayler who sat next to him in class (and saved his ass multiple times with the work). She smiled at him, saying hello back, which actually surprised Tyler, but he felt the need to apologize anyway. "Look, Tayler, about the other night." he started. "Don't worry about it.

You were drunk. I was drunk. We were all pretty empty-headed," she responded with an even-toned voice. Even still, Tyler pressed on. "Well, yeah, but that's no excuse to-" "Tyler, it's fine. Drop it," she cut him off quickly. Tyler complied, sensing her anger build.

"Alright, alright. Just know I love you alright? I'll always care about you, girl." The teacher was quick to dive into the current logarithms they were studying, reciting how one never actually touches the line it balances with. Tyler soon zoned out, texting his friends in the back of the class and whispering to Tayler, as if it were a week ago. Some time later the teacher seemed to take notice.

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"Tyler! Would you care to tell me at what axis this equation will never touch?" Mr. Jackson asked sternly, knowing full well Tyler wasn't paying attention. Mr. Jackson was one of the younger teachers in the building, maybe 35 years old Tyler would guess. But he was still one of the strictest graders there, and Tyler and him didn't get along very well.

Luckily, Mister J knew Tyler and Tayler were close friends, and Tayler being a teacher's pet book worm allowed Tyler for a lot of leeway. "Uh, well. the Y-axis," Tyler made out. Tyler was usually a very brilliant kid, but not paying attention can hinder any mind.

"Yes, of course, the Y-axis, as is in all graphs. But can you tell me the VALUE of the Y-axis in this equation?" The teacher countered. "Oh, yeah. Well then I have no idea," Tyler responded humorously, causing the entire class to burst out in laughter as his rebellion. "The value is negative four. See the minus-four here?" the teacher answered himself. "And you'll do well to pay attention in my class, son. You MAY SEE this on a pop quiz later this week." Everyone gasped as they wrote down the obvious hint, knowing it meant there was a 100% chance of a quiz sometime in the next few days.

Tyler continued unaffected, feeling confident in his general studies, and knowing that Tayler had his back. He continued chatting, but not even five minutes later was called on yet again.

"Tyler. If the line of x=y is drawn on this graph, then what is this point's twin on the opposing exponential?" Mr. J asked, interrupting Tyler's message. "Um. two-comma-three?" Tyler guess, looking up from his phone at the graph for the first time. "That is incorrect," the teacher announced. "Anne?" he called on one of the girls in the front of the class. "Isn't it NEGATIVE-two-comma-three?" the girl pondered. "That's right. NEGATIVE-two-comma-three.

Mister Cloke," Mr Jackson continued, using Tyler's last name to sound more official Tyler guessed, "Perhaps since my class time is being interrupted by your goofing-off time, then I shall reclaim it at a later hour. Lunch detention. My class. Today." He continued with his lecture, ignoring Tyler's objections. "You've got to be kidding me!" Tyler whispered under his breath. "I have a date at lunch," he explained to Taylor. "Well talk to him after class.

He's actually a petty chill teacher IF you get on his good side," Tayler explained. "You just have to be nice." "Whatever works I guess. I'll try it," Tyler conceded. Class went on as normal, with Tyler actually trying to pay attention most of the time. But of course, he wasn't called on again, so he couldn't prove his attempts.

Soon enough, the bell rang, and everyone started filing out of the class room. Tyler slowly approached Mr Jackson at his desk. "Uh, Mister J? I am REALLY sorry for goofing off today," he started. "Truly. But see, the thing is, I have an extremely important appointment at lunch today that I can't miss.

Is there any way that we can reschedule? I'll still come to lunch detention. Even two of them, if you'd rather. I just really need to be somewhere today." "What is this appointment? Doctor's? Dentist?" the teacher inquired, but Tyler just shook his head, not wanting to give the true nature of his meeting away.

"Mister Cloke, I have shown you quite a bit of leniency these past months, and for that I apologize," the instructor began a sure-to-be long-winded speech.

"It is unfair that I have made you believe that your goofing off in my class is to be easily tolerated. Well, no more. You will show up TODAY for lunch detention, and you will behave as you should in class for the full half-hour.

Afterwards, you shall continue to display such behavior at all times in my classroom, do you understand?" "But sir, I really have to go today!" Tyler tried to defend his case. He heard someone move behind him, and turning, he found Tayler walking up to the two of them.

"Mister Jackson, I'm here to post bail for Tyler. He's not lying about today. Isn't there any way you two can reschedule?" she pleaded for Tyler's case. "Now Tayler, I know you two are good friends, but I honestly can't bend the rules for everyone around here," the teacher explained.

"Surely a reschedulement isn't out of the question? He will still show up, after all. Only another day. We'll both serve time, if it makes it easier." Tyler could see Mr. Jackson's face lose it's stern look from his star pupil talking it out with him. "Alright miss Tucker, very well. You both will serve one lunch detention. Tyler, yours will be moved to Wednesday afternoon, or does that not work for you?" Mister Jackson asked mockingly. "You both are well-passed dismissed.

Off you go." The pair shuffled out quickly as the teacher went back to his papers. "You are amazing," Tyler praised as soon as the door shut behind them. "Why do you treat me so good?" "Oh, I'm starting to forget," Tayler grinned, receiving a hug of appreciation from Tyler.

"Alright, put me down," she laughed. "Now I have to go to chem class. I'll see you in 5th, okay?" With that, she was off, and Tyler was left to hurry to his next class before he was late, and received another punishment. The rest of the day was uneventful until lunch. Tyler met Hannah by the front door, as discussed, and the two were soon off to the fast food restaurant. Tayler, meanwhile, headed for Mister Jackson's room, where her lunch detention was to be served.

She arrived at the room, but found the door to be locked, and the small glass window above the knob was darkened, announcing that the room was vacant. She waited outside the room for another few minutes as the halls slowly emptied. The entire school had shifted gears and was all crowding the cafeteria on the other side of the campus.

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Looking to see no one coming, Tayler knocked on the door six times, evenly spaced. The door quickly swung open, the lights still off. Tayler waltz in anyway, closing the door behind her. Walking to the front of the room where Mr. Jackson's desk was, she watched as he sat down in his chair, the open computer monitor giving off the only light in the room. The computer was well out of site of the small-windowed door, and thus, the room continued to appear empty.

"I'm surprised you elected to help him after what he did to you this weekend," the sound of Mr. Jackson's voice was firm, yet hushed. "I told you, I forgave him for that," Tayler explained, moving closer to the desk. "Pardon me if I find that a little hard to believe. You must harbor some feelings?" the instructor prodded. "Who said I haven't accepted the fact that I enjoyed it? Now do you want to chat about my life choices?

Or do you want to shut up let me serve my sentence?" Tayler asked. Without waiting for an answer, she dropped to her knees. Her eyes now adjusting to the dark, she was able to find her teacher's pelvic region without problems. She quickly unfastened his pants, tugging them down to the ground, releasing his 30 year old cock.

The younger math teacher was actually quite shocked the first time he was approached by the seemingly innocent student. Tayler was only a junior then, but she was already smarter than most of his seniors. Her and her friend Tyler had been moved up, finding themselves in honors pre-calc, and they both seemed to do pretty well with the change, Tayler excelling more, obviously.

It was only a few weeks into their first term when she came up to him after the bell. "Mister Jackson? I'm sorry for being absent yesterday.

I had something pop up. I'm going to be out of town for a week and a half starting tomorrow. I was hoping to get my homework early and catch up from what I missed yesterday." As a teacher, Mister Jackson had a strict policy that if you were absent, you only had a day to make up missed homework, otherwise you got a zero, no questions.

He tried to be accommodating to students that let him know ahead of time. "Well Tayler, you missed a chapter quiz yesterday. If you're leaving for a week, that will be a big hit on your grade if you can't make that up today. I will get you a list of next week's scheduled tasks, and you can email them to me on the specific due dates listed." He continued to explain the lengthy process.

"Well, I'm really not able to make up the quiz today," Tayler admitted. "Is there any way that you could make an exception?" Mister Jackson was quick to tell her that, while he liked her work ethic and that she was a good student, he was not able to bend the rules just because her schedule was busy that day. "Mister Jackson, is it true that you're getting a divorce?" Tayler asked, completely changing the subject.

"What? I don't see how that has to do with anything," Mister Jackson retreated a bit. Without saying another word, Tayler's hand rested on his thigh.

"I just thought. maybe if you made an exception to the rule, that I could make a few exceptions myself." Tayler toyed with him, moving her hand in a circular motion. "Getting a divorce must make you feel so lonely." Not previously being in a situation like this, the new-in-his-career teacher wasn't sure how to react. "Now miss Tucker, surely you aren't suggesting what I believe you are. Any minute now a student could come right through that door, and I would not only be out of a job, but be in the state pen for many years to come." Tayler quickly removed her hand.

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"Well how about if you just. forget about the quiz I have to take. and then, instead of your school email, I send my homework to your personal email, and maybe surprise you with a bonus? Maybe a picture or two, to prove that I won't back stab you?" He thought about this for a minute before adding his stipulation. "I will respond with a strongly worded message, demanding that you not ever do such a thing again, and that the pictures are all deleted.

I won't be entrapped in this," he announced. Tayler smiled, jumping up and down. "Thank you Mister J! I promise, you won't regret this!" The girl seemed ecstatic to have made her deal with the teacher. "And maybe I could come back some time, when the door is locked, so we wouldn't be interrupted," she added with a wink.

And she did. For the rest of that entire year, she would visit him, sometimes once a month, sometimes multiple visits a week. At times, she would ask for favors, and others, she would just set out to please him.

Blowjobs turned into fucking, and fucking turned into anything the teacher dared to do in the dark, locked room. At the start of her senior year, Jackson was thrilled to find that Tayler was to be in his class again. Part of him was afraid to approach Tayler again, fearing that she had changed her mind, and that she would be disgusted at any attempts he made.

Those fears were soon dashed, as even in the first week of school, he found her coming into his classroom at lunch and after the final bells. Quickly in the term, Jackson found that Tyler was not preforming as well as he had been the prior year.

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He was approaching a failing grade fast, even though he copied Tayler's work half the time. Soon enough, Tayler came into his classroom to discuss the matter. Prior to any of the usual interactions, she started defending her classmate, demanding amnesty for her friend as well.

She slowly convinced Mr. Jackson to give Tyler quite a bit of grace when it came to schoolwork, as well as behavioral quirks he may have. Her "smooth lips" were very convincing, and soon, Tyler was protected under the Tayler clause as well. Which brings us back to today. Mr. Jackson tried hard to balance his leeway with the students while still making them learn what was needed, which was why he was so furious with Tyler earlier that day.

The instructor wasn't exactly sure why Tayler had chosen to still defend her "friend", after learning of the weekend's festivities via texting with her. Nevertheless, he didn't mind the site of the smart, sexy teenager, her face between his legs.

Mister Jackson said nothing as he watched his star pupil go to work. She quickly engulfed his entire member into her mouth. He was only about five inches or so, which he wasn't particularly proud of, but it got the job done all the same. The fact that he was pretty big in circumference helped out, not to mention this teen seemed to love it, always coming back for more. "Mmmm. Sir, I love your dick," Tayler dirty talked him in between gulps. "I can't wait to get you nice and hard so I can receive my punishment!" They were always careful to be quiet, for obvious reasons, but Jackson soon learned that the more daring the duo became, the hotter it was.

"That's it you filthy little schoolyard slut!" he yelled in a hushed tone. "Swallow that dick!" He placed his hands on the back of the young girl's head, shoving downward until her chin rested on his ball sack, forcing her to gag and choke. He loved the feeling of her throat when she couldn't breath. Tayler trusted him fully, after all this time, and allowed him to go completely into her throat, but the fact was, her gag reflex had never died down.

Every time his cock entered her throat, her body would panic, and her throat would convulse, trying to force out the invading substance. It felt amazing on his dick, and he was soon completely hard. Releasing her hair, he forced her to turn around, so that she was sitting on his lap, facing away from him.

She slid down her shorts and panties so they hung at her knees. He reached around, grabbing for her gorgeous, yet small, tits. Feeling the young flesh, even through her clothing, was always an amazing experience for him, and he soon was ready to fuck her brains out. Lifting her up slightly, he slid his dick to the entrance of her awaiting pussy. He wasn't sure if it was the taboo of fucking a teacher, or if she really liked him, but Tayler was always drenched when it came to sex with the older man.

Not wanting to bite the hand that fed him, he didn't ask her reasoning. He simply thrusted with all his might, causing the young girl to gasp as her pussy walls were impacted. Bouncing on top of him, Tayler made her best attempts to sync her movements with his.

She moaned with each thrust as she was slammed into. Tayler had learned that with his added age, she had to keep Mr.

Jackson 100% excited, otherwise his dick would start to die down, and she would have to suck him back to health again. She cried out and dirty talked whenever she could so that his dick would stay nice and hard. "Oh yes sir! Mister Jackson, it hurts! Oh, I love it!" she cried out, which fueled the teacher even more. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her slightly, then slammed her body down onto his lap as he thrusted upward. She gasped at the impact, but without pausing, he repeated it over and over again.

Tayler had been on protection for years now. Due to intense menstruation, she had been able to convince her parents to prescribe her early. Even still, she wasn't a fan of being came in. she much preferred on in her mouth, as that was much easier to clean up afterwards. At first, Mister Jackson disagreed, and was adamant about cumming on her face or tits, but after a few sessions and having to sneak around to a bathroom afterwards, he found it much too risky, and agreed that inside the mouth was the best option.

"Damn, Tayler, I'm gonna cum already," the teacher announced, a little early for him. "Come over here, slut, and swallow my spunk." Tayler didn't even have to think about it.

She stood up momentarily, turned around, and got back down on her knees. She slid his cock between her lips, milking it for what she knew would be coming any minute. Mister Jackson, however had different plans. He slammed the back of her head down, so her lips slid the full length of his shaft and were now touching his pelvis.

Tayler gagged as her throat was in a panic. The added spasming sent the teacher over the edge, and soon his wad was being shot deep into the student's throat. Recomposing herself, Tayler knew if she didn't start swallowing, she would choke. So swallow she did. With his dock halfway down her throat, she forced herself to make swallowing motions, milking her teacher's cock completely dry, sending his seed into her belly. "Fuck, that was amazing girl," Mr.

Jackson complimented once he came back to reality. Tayler was still coughing, even though he had released his grasp on her and there was nothing in her mouth.

"Glad you *cough cough* enjoyed it, sir *cough*," she smiled through her attempts to breath again. She pulled up her pants now, and watched as her teacher did the same. "Does Tyler know you do this? Does he know what his little "appointment" made you do?" Mister Jackson asked, not sure if he considered Tyler a friend at all.

"Oh heavens no. He probably thought I was a virgin when I was fucking him this weekend. Didn't you think I was the first time you had me? Besides, there is no way he would allow it. He's not heartless Mister J." she tried to defend him. "He's probably getting back about now anyway. I better go, so no one sees me leave." "I will see you tomorrow then, miss Tucker. Don't forget to do page 103. Evens only," Mister Jackson returned to teaching mode, saying goodbye to his sex partner student.

Tayler quickly opened the door, sliding out as quickly as she dared. Heading straight to the far hallway, she turned and found that the light was already turned on in the classroom she had just left dark. If anyone had seen her leave and looked back, they would have assumed she had just served a lunch detention, which of course, she had. She walked toward her next class, 5th period, where Tyler and her had another shared class.

It was art class, an elective that Tyler had little interest in, but it was required by the school. Tayler on the other hand, enjoyed it very much, but it was easy enough to chat and draw at the same time, and the teacher didn't mind it in the slightest, as long as Tyler got SOME work done.

It was going to be an interesting conversation, she hoped.