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LatinaBump Mia Scarlett Tight Work
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Teresa is 28 divorced mother of three, she is a stay a home mom. Her ex-husband is a lawyer in my Fort Worth law firm. I decided to pay her a visit one morning, Teresa is 5' 8" tall, slender curvy body, attractive with long black hair past her shoulders. She lived an exclusive area of Dallas, there is space between the expensive homes. Teresa is in the back yard at the pool by herself one morning. Her kids are at school, so she decided to get out the bikini and get a better tan.

She loved the seclusion of the private yard and the sun is warm today. She sat with a cold glass of ice tea beside her as she begins to run the warm suntan oil into her soft flesh.

First she did her arms starting just above the hands and slowly running them up to her shoulders and then back down again. Each arm glistened in the sun from the oils and she loved the feel of it on her body. Next she did her shoulders, working the liquid into each one and then over her chest. Back and forth and slowly descending until she met the soft swell of her breasts.

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She looks down and is pleased with how this bikini top hugs her and pushes her breasts up into a fullness that she knew is provocative if anyone were to see her. But no one will see this swim suit. Touching the exposed tops of her breasts she rubs the clear oil into each one and feels the subtle yet sweet tingle of arousal.

Leaving her breasts, her hands are now over her stomach and gliding with ease along the flat surface, then lightly down her sides. Pressing lower she feels the fabric at the waist of the bikini bottom touch her fingers as she rubs the warm oil into her yielding flesh. Her fingers went just slightly under her waist band as she thought how smooth she had shaved this area this morning in the shower.

The combination of the warmth of the day coupled with the lovely sensations on her oiled skin added to the sensual feeling in her body. She looks down and slowly pulls up one leg and applied the silky substance from the tops of her thighs to her red painted toes in the open toed sandals. The long strokes feel sensual on her skin and she looks at how the combination of the bright sun and the shiny liquid made her legs look sexy and alluring as if she is wearing an expensive pair of nylon stockings.

She approved of the look and also the sensation. Her hands rubs the front and back of the legs as she finally put down the sunning product and sipped her tea. Her lips having just been covered in lip balm that had a very slick and shiny appearance.


Now leaning back in the reclining pool chaise she allowed herself to relax and enjoy the day as she tanned herself in the skimpy bikini all by herself.

She must have been dozing off because she stirred abruptly as she hears what sounded like the high wooden pool gate open. At first she seems confused by the sound but then she looks into the corner of the quiet, seclude yard and sees me come through the gate with a briefcase.

I closed and latched it behind me and walked over to the pool house and open the door where the filter system is located. Teresa is startled by my presence but suddenly realized that I was her ex-husband's boss. I had not noticed her lying there and suddenly Teresa realized that she is very exposed and uncovered in this little "private-time" bikini she is wearing.

Her towel is across the path on the other side of the pool and she is afraid to draw my attention to her near naked body. She lay there quietly, hoping that I would leave without noticing her. Just as she thought she would be saved by my 'all business' attitude, I walked around the corner suddenly looking over directly at her in her chair.

She froze in her place and didn't say a word. She hoped I would ignore her or even think she is sleeping behind her dark sunglasses. But it seems that her luck had run out. " Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there," I said as I put down my briefcase and walked over to her.

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She is conscious of my size as I stood over her and extended my hand. " I'm John. Your ex- husband wanted me to come by with a check for you." I said as my eyes begin to take in all the exposed flesh she had on display in front of me. Having little choice, she took my hand. I held it a bit too long as my big hand felt the soft oily skin on her palm. " I see you are all buttered up. It's a great day for being out in the sun." I rub my hands together as if using the oils on them as my eyes rested on her low cut top.

She sees me admiring her tits as they were pushed up in the skimpy material. Then I suddenly press her back full length on to the chair, my lips on hers, my hands on her breasts, she is very surprised and it is a moment before she starts to resists. She tries to mumble something about what was I doing, and I said she should keep her voice down so as not to wake the neighbors.

This silenced her, but by now she had awakened to her situation, and begin seriously to resist. She starts bucking her legs, trying to throw me off her. But it was no contest.

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I am 6'4" and weigh over 200 pounds. I'm over a two foot taller then than Teresa, and I'm easily twice her weight. She is not going to be winning any wrestling matches. I easily pin down both her legs with one of mine, and I use my left leg to brace myself on the chair.

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She presses her hands against my chest in a vain attempt to push me off, which I found humorous. I grab both her wrists in one hand and pull her arms above her head.

She looks so beautiful laying there by the pool, her long black hair framing her lovely face. Her expression is one of complete disbelief. " Oh John please don't do this. You can't, you can't! Oh stop! Please! Please, please stop right now!" I move my hand holding her two wrists so that it is over her mouth, making her speech turn to urgent whispered mutterings. " Mmmmmph! MMMMMMMMMMPH!" her mouth worked madly under my hand, as I begin to remove her bikini.

Perhaps she had been expecting I would go for her breasts, first. I mean, that is how foreplay usually goes. But I'm wild, and I want her right there and then. But it is hard to pull her bikini off of her. She is struggling wildly, desperate to halt my progress.

But suddenly she became still and quite, seeing that I had removed her bikini. I reach down pulling off her bikini, she is trembling beneath me, but did not resist. I move off the chair, kneeling beside her, my left hand still holding her wrists. Without delay, I lean forward, pulling her legs apart, and with one swift motion, begin licking lightly around her clitoris. This made her struggle harder, bucking like a wild horse against me, but she has no chance at all.

My face is buried in her pussy, and there is not a thing she can do about it. I fell into a pattern of licking a dozen or so times at her clit, then sucking, then licking again, then sucking, and every now and then I move my head forward inserting my tongue in her, and then back up to attack her clit again. Now some women I am have been able to resist this.

A young virgin perhaps, or a woman who was frigid, or perhaps if the man had been unusually repulsive. But Teresa cannot, she is a young woman, divorced for some time who has two children. She had lovers before she met her ex-husband, and knew what she wanted.

And having her cunt licked is definitely on her short list of highly desirable sexual activities. She probably has not had sex recently, If she'd been rigid and unresponsive, and cried, I think she could have shamed me into stopping. But it is not to be.

So it is not surprising that after a few minutes, the nature of her struggling changed. She is still moving, but not to fight me off.


Her hips now begin to move against my lips and tongue, slowly at first, and then faster, and then urgently as her body begins to move towards orgasm. I chanced letting go of her wrists. She made no effort to escape. " John! Ohhhhhh John!

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Lick me lick meeeeee!" she moans. I put my left arm under her, and with no effort raised her into a sitting position. I then pull her legs out, and kneel before her exposed pussy, licking her completely exposed clit. I insert my finger in her pussy, lubricating it thoroughly. Then I use a technique, which women love when I have sex with them.

I place my finger at the entrance to, but not in, her anus, and began to circle around it. At the same time, I place another finger at the entrance to her vagina, teasing her by going in ever so slightly, and then withdrawing.

This manuever causes her to press her cunt down, to force my finger in. I let her do this, because at the same time, she is forcing her asshole onto my finger.

In no time, my finger is buried into her cunt up to the hilt, and my smallest finger has gone as far up her ass as it can go. This sent her over the edge. " OH GOD! I'm going to come! Don't stop ohh that's so good lick me oh god keep licking suck me.John its so good, ahhhhhhhh!" Her orgasm washes over her in waves as I begin to suck on her rock-hard clit, while at the same time fucking her ass and cunt with my fingers.

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It took forever for her to come down from her heighten state of arousal. If she thought it is over, she is mistaken.

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I had moved her into a sitting position for a reason. Once her orgasm had finished, I wasted no time in moving my hips between her legs, and placing the tip of my raging hard cock at the entrance to her vagina. "Oh god John you can't fuck me!" she squeals, but I prove her wrong with one hard thrust. A few more like it, and I'm up to the hilt inside her.

I should mention that despite her having two children, her cunt is very tight. In fact, too tight. She is very sensitive down there, and my nine inch cock is too big for her. She is writhing and screaming from the pain. The folds deep inside her clamped down tight like a vise on my cock.

" don't know what you're doing! This is have to stop right now.John.John get off me.the kids will be coming home soon!" She went on in this way for a little while, and I had to silence her. She is getting rather desperate. I didn't know if she is on the pill and worried about getting pregnant, or whether she is shocked, or feeling guilty.

But there is no way I'm stopping, and her protests are not going to do her any good. I shift her onto her back with me on top of her, her legs around me. She is now trapped under me, her face up against mine. I continue to fuck her in nice, easy strokes. I place my weight on one hand, and I cover her mouth with the other. She tosses her head from side to side, but it is no good. During all this her bikini top remained on, and I thought it was about time I see her breasts.

With my free hand I raise her top above her tits, which I can say were to die for. Teresa could not have weighed more than 110 pounds, and an some of that is her breasts. She is easily 34C. Her tits jiggled nicely in rhythm to my thrusts. I wet my fingers in my mouth, and then begin to stimulate her nipples, which are flaccid, but instantly grew erect under my touch. And they are very impressive when erect. Her nipples are very long and dark and are surround by large areolas.

I start toying with her nipples out of pure lust, this is the signal her body has been waiting for. There is a clock on the side table, and I notice that by this point, I had been giving her my cock for a over 6 minutes.

During all this time, she has done nothing but fight me, or at least fight as well as a woman can when her assailant is 14 inches taller and over 100 pounds heavier. But the added stimulation to her nipples is having an effect on her. She is gasping as I gently pull each nipple in turn and then release it. I took my other hand off her mouth, and I then took each nipple between my fingers, rolling them gently back and forth in rhythm with the in and out of my cock from her vagina.

She had been well lubricated when I'd first started raping her, now she is dripping. Her breath is getting faster and faster. I press forward so that my pubic bone bore down on her clitoris, giving her extra stimulation. She obviously loved it, she pushes her hips back at me, timing her movements with mine. " Oh Teresa you're soo good.soo good. Oh god, I love fucking you," I moan.

" Fuck me John! Keep fucking me! Fuck me with that big cock! Give it to me! Give it to me! Oh god its happening again, its happening again, oh god, again I'm getting it twice, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck me fuck me harder." I did as she asked. I begin slamming into her hard, hammering my cock in her over and over as deep as it will go. By now Teresa is throwing her head from side to side, and every breath is a gasp as her body climbs the ladder to orgasm.

The clock on the side table showed I'd been raping her for a thirty minutes, and I'd easily maintained my control and I'm not close to coming. But her approaching orgasm begins to pull me to the edge. " It's gonna happen again! I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM! Aw god fuck me hard, oh John you can fuck me any time, oh fuck me, oh FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Her message is repetitive, and there is no misunderstanding her.

From a very reluctant rape, my rock-hard cock has turned her into a gasping slut, whose hands are grasping my ass so as to pull me into her as hard as possible with every thrust. " This is IT! I'm CUMMMMINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" she screams. Her orgasm acted like a vacuum on my cock and my lust, bringing me to orgasm, sucking the sperm from me in heavy spurts. I went on and on, not wanting it to stop. Teresa's orgasm lasted even longer than her other ones, and I came inside her so hard my balls ached.

After every last drop of cum had been deposited forcefully in her, I remained in her, my cock semi-flaccid. She stayed beneath me, her movements slowing, and then finally coming to a halt. I did not pull back, instead letting my cock rest inside her. She rested quietly beneath me, not daring to look me in the eye, her head instead to one side, her hand in a little fist against her mouth, breathing heavily.

When, after a few minutes, my cock begins to grow hard again and expand inside her, she only lays passively as I again begin to fuck her. I had conquered her.

I knew now that this is but the start of what will be a very interesting relationship.