Paar Handjob versteckte Cam am Strand

Paar Handjob versteckte Cam am Strand
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.This is Total Fiction,None of it ever happened to me.IF YOU DON,T LIKE MALE RAPE,DO NOT READ IT. Im only 15, I told the local church minister,as he rammed his cock firmly up my gaping arse,keep still boy he said, do as you are told,do you want to go to hell, no sir,then be thaankful Im here to help you free all those Demons inside of you, He held my hips tightly and was shafting me with his 8" cock.

This is the third time he,s raped me, he likes to have me suck his cock while he gives his Thursday evening address, in the pulpit I have sit and wait for him,and as soon as he arrives ,he insists I draw his flies down,take his big fat cock, and suck it.

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The first time he made me do it,at the point of orgasm, he had to disguise his pleasure by singing a very loud hymn, the congregation wondered what all the noise was for,luckly he was not found out, sadly I got a bit of a kickinghe moaned that I sucked him to quickly.

The second time he had a service he told me to be in the pulpit,and after ,into the back room,where he keeps his Cassocks etc. There I was waiting for him,bend over boy he said sharply,I complied ,he then caned my bottom, that will teach you, do as you are told,and next week I intend to exorcise you.Not only did he enjoy caning me,he would then make me say sorry to him, and thank for my pending bottom cleaning, pardon sir,I enquired,he said that when he comes it helps me to rid all the nasties out of me,and that his love juice would steralise my inside.

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So back to the sexorcism, as normal for a thursday evening,he had me in the pulpit,cleansing his cock in my mouth,preparing him for entry, and soon as the service finnished,he ushered me into the back room, out came his cock,and after much sucking and priming, he started to enter my rectum, now come on boy he said,this will be very good for you,we will have back to normal,in no time.

I like a very niaive boy,I believed him,well most of it,but the one thing I knew to be incorrectis that it will be back very soon, how wrong he was,and how right I was, I would never be clear of him or my demons.In fact ,over the next 3 yearsnot only did the minister fuck me again, but he felt that would good for to invite a number of others from the Clergy,who also felt an internal cleansing was the right way,and so much so,that I had to recieve two cocks at a time.

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One day when I was celebrating my 17th birthday, the minister decided to give an unexpected Birthday Present, he arranged that after the special service held in my honour,that Sister Agness & Father Simon would help with my birthday gift. The Ministertold me that all of them would cane me ,and that I would serve the Sister first, she was cruel, she took a large cane, and whipped my arse, as she was beating me,she was stroking her now dripping pussy,with most of her habbit on the floor,and exposing her 37B Cup breasts, every time she moved her breasts would wobbleand Father Simon who into his 70s, gained such an erection,and helped himself to her breasts, he also enjoyed beating the choir boys especially me.Sister Agness stopped her torture,and encouraged Simon to shove his hard cock in my mouth, he held on to my ears & hair,and fucked my mouth, I could feel his cock penetrating the back of my throat,Agness took hold of the Ministers cockand rubbed it hard, for two old men they were not,slow in comming forward, the Minister, came around the side of me,and encouraged me to kneel in front of Simon,he then slid his cock into me,and I was their spit roast, and did I get a good fucking, nothing was held in reserve.I was shagged silly, the Minister said, you are now thoroughly cleansed of all your demons, Simon had still not cum, he was forcing his cock further down my young throat, suck me hard boy, I could,nt answer,only to nod my head, Agness once again grabbed hold of my hair,and was helping him to shaft me, Simon started to moan loudly ,he withdrew his cock,and Agness started to shake his cock,wow did the sperm fly all over my tongue face,eyes the full works, she licked up the balance,and when she let go of his cock,down he went ,like a lump of lead,so exhausted ,he actually died at my feet, of a heart attack,I should bloody well think so, maybe he got a dose of the demons.

All that happened some time ago, Im now 18 yrs, and still in the choir,still being fucked on a regular basis,now also by a younger priest he,s only 60 yrs, like Agness he,s also into corpral punnishment, and they now have four younger boys as well as me, we are always being filled with evil spirits, and have to be exorcised. But thats another story, IF YOU WANT MORE PLEASE ,ADD YOUR POSITIVE COMMENTS BELOW.

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