Luxury frau jasmine jae loves when a man dominates

Luxury frau jasmine jae loves when a man dominates
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My parents divorced when I was fourteen. My Brother and I went to live with my Father. He owns a very successful construction company. By the time I turned eighteen my Dad had remarried. He married a woman named Kim.

Kim was well built to say the least. A very busty double d with very long curly red hair, a slender body about five foot six, tight slim ass and olive green eyes. She was exactly half my Dads age. He was forty-two and she was twenty-one.

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Everyone knew why he married her but wondered why she would marry him. He was a middle aged man, good looking and in good shape even for a thirty year old but she had a body built for porn films. The rumor was they met when she was stripping at a club downtown. By the time I was eighteen my brother had moved out of the house as he was in his last year of University.

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I was a freshman but decided to stay at home for the time being. Mainly because Kim and I had become lovers. Hot lovers.

Which was nice as my last three lovers had been men. I have never discussed my bi-sexuality with my family but somehow I think they know. I have had as many men as women. I like my men older and my woman younger. I have been bi since I can remember and my best friend Kyle and I became lovers. His cock felt so good in my mouth and mine in his ass that when not with our girlfriends we would have sex. Just two teenage boys with flaming hormones that turned out to be a lot. That lasted until grad when we went our own ways.

He has since come out and lives with a guy he met at college. Most Saturdays while my Dad was out with the guys golfing Kim and I would play a couple of rounds ourselves. She was my step mother yes but she was only twenty-two and perpetually horny.

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I guess my Dad was not enough for her. So I decided to keep her in the family, in a way. This Saturday was different though. I awoke around ten and the house was quiet, normally we would have had sex already but I thought maybe she had something else to take care of.

I was hoping he went out for an extra early golf game this morning as I was in the mood to go a couple of times with the red haired sex demon. No sound at all. So I turned on my laptop and planned on finding some hard core hard cock in ass degrading porn to spank it to.

I had not gotten dressed so I was completely naked and my thin six foot frame was not covered nor my cut seven inches.

I had checked e-mail and facebook and was starting into a twenty minute clip of two College Athletes getting a guy off when I heard her behind me. Her voice when she was aroused could cause erections from another room! "hey young man you aren't jerking off to pornography are you, mmmmmh" "well I was about to" I leaned back in my chair and stroked my rock hard cock.

"since my Saturday morning shag fell through" She was standing there naked too, her skin damp and her hair wet and combed back behind her head. She began sauntering over to my desk rubbing her tits. "sorry stud, your Daddy needed a little morning delight so I was cleaning myself up for you" She stopped and looked at the screen "you son are a fucking" she took over stroking my cock.



Always watching gay porn" "sorry Mom" I began rubbing her ass. " I am bad I may need to learn a lesson" "indeed, you do need to be punished" "what are you going to do to me?" I started licking her nipple. "you are going to come into my room" she stood up and walked to the door again.

"you are going to get on your fucking knees and tongue fuck me till I say to stop, GOT IT!!" "yes ma'am" I said standing up with my dick standing straight out. "good now get in here" I walked down the hallway to the master bedroom where she sat at the end of the bed legs spread so I could see her red hair triangle at the top of her pussy.

She leaned back on her hands and licked her lips. "well young man. Tongue out and on your perverted knees and take your punishment!" I said nothing and knelt before her clean trimmed and slick vagina. I pushed her legs as far apart as I could and started by lapping up the clit. I stayed there for a good long time as she cooed and hissed with the rhythm of my licks.

I stuck my thumb inside her and sucked on the folds of her pussy lips. "verrrryy good young man you are taking your punishment well" I rammed four fingers deep in her.

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"now roll me over and rim me" She put her foot on my shoulder. "Did you hear me punk lick my asshole" She pushed me away as she rolled over on her stomach. I pulled her to a doggy style position and spit on her anus. I rubbed it in a little with my thumb as I worked a couple of fingers back into her greasy cunt.

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As she purred with sleazy satisfaction I began licking her ass. Flicking and licking and sticking it in as far as I could she buried her face in the blankets and moaned with delight. She reached back with a hand and began rubbing her clit and within seconds came all over my fingers still deep in her pussy. After calming a little I forced her back on her back and spread her legs again.

"time to take some dick bitch" I growled. I loved it when we just verbally abused each other during sex. "I am going to pound your cunt to raw meat, hunh you want that you whore?" as I drove my throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy and folded her legs over my shoulders and grabbed her shoulders for deep thrusting leverage.

"yesssss yessss fucking yes you ass licking fuck machine! pound me" I licked and sucked her shaking and flopping tits and hard pink nipples as flesh slapped together furiously. As I sat up slightly that is when I saw him, My Father. Naked and leaning on the door jam masturbating as he watched us fuck. I at that moment should have pulled out any one else would have, but decided that it is not what any of us wanted.

Somehow I knew He wanted to watch as I fucked his wife, my Step mom. I was becoming part of their cuckold. But there was much more. I slowed a little and sat up on my knees but kept one hand on her rib cage and one holding her leg up as she sat up on her elbows and looked over at him "I think he is ready for the family secret Tommy" she said licking her thin pink lips as my father stuck his cock in her mouth.

She, they set me up to join them? "I think ewe are ahh right babe, yeah suck it hard" he put a foot up on the bed as Kim turned to take his ten inch cock in her mouth.

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It was the biggest cock I 'd ever seen and it belonged to my Dad. "yeah get it greased good so I can do it to him" He just looked at me and smiled a shit eating grin as if to say yeah I know you like cock, you want my cock and I am going to give it to you.

He reached into the night stand and took out a bottle of astroglide and coated his cock with it.


"you know son I have wanted to do this for a long time, ever since I use to watch you and that Kyle kid give it to each other." he smiled at the look on my face. "you two were so fucking hot when you ass pounded him. I want that for us" He stood behind my ass which was hanging over the bed and ran his rough hand from the small of my back to the base of my neck.

He pushed me down into Kim who I was still slowly pounding deep. My face wedged between her hard firm tits he used his free hand to position his dick and then slowly pull my hips back as he entered me right to his balls. He clenched both hands onto my ass and gripped with iron fists and began slowly deep probing my ass. "he fucking loves this baby" I heard Kim say to my Dad.

"his cock feels like an iron bar inside me" "then why don't you come for us you red haired fuck machine!" I gasped as the ass pounding I was taking was getting faster and more rhythmic. "coat my dick with pussy juice" She never came as hard as she did in that instant.

Her pussy convulsed and tightened over and over for at least two minutes as she gasped for air. "my turn" I gasped and filled her vagina with wave after wave of semen.

So much so I became light headed. I barely noticed as Dad pulled out of me and sucked my come out of Kim's pussy. Much to the her pleasure. She slid off the bed and onto her knees and began sucking him off fast and furious not being able to take more than half of him in her mouth. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my knees as we began taking turns working my Fathers hard greasy pole.

He had a hand on each of our heads as I sucked the tip Kim worked the balls. "I still have more ass pounding to do" he chuckled as he pushed me back to all fours and crouched behind me and re entered me with hard piston pounding.

"yeah baby fuck his ass raw!!!" Kim cheered. "I have waited soo gad damn long to do this I can not hold out much longer" "then don't I want this too Dad fill me. Come inside me I want to feel your powerful orgasm. Fucking. blow it please!!!" With that he grabbed my hair with both hands and gave two more deep thrusts and released a torrent of semen in my ass. As he pulled out and I laid down on my stomach Kim took him in her mouth and licked all the come from his dick, then knelt down and cleaned all the come from around my anus and balls then sucked more from my ass.

She then pulled my Father to his knees and they kissed open mouthed for quite a while. After catching my breath I rolled over on my back and watched them make out. They stopped and smiled at me. "well son how was it?" Kim smiled "somehow this all feels. right. so right." "it is" Dad said laying beside me. "ever since you came to live here We have avoided talking but I always knew someday we would be lovers" He put his arm around me and I leaned against his strong shoulder.

"You did not need Kim to get me though I would have been yours if you asked." "I know but Kim wanted you too so I think we will just have to share each other from now on, all kinds of combinations can be had. Don't you think?" I just smiled and Kim sat on my other side and we snuggled for a while. I know what people will say its sick, wrong and weird. The way I see it this is not even incest. We are three consenting adults who share in each others sexual gratification. So what.

I was not forced I can say no and nothing bad could happen.

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Just know that it just is that I wanted this. So what.