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Buff old man and young gay sex free mexican male porn movietures An
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The Rogue's Harem Book Three: The Rogue's Passionate Harem Part Seven: Harem's Nuptial Celebrations By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this. Chapter Nineteen: Harem's Nuptial Celebrations Aingeal Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch My wings fluttered. Though I was already married to Sven through Zanyia's trickery, which made our marriage even more naughty, I had vowed to be married to all his women.

I only said it once, but I repeated it two more times beneath my breath. Things said thrice bound my race. I had so many wives. "Mmm, I can feel it," I moaned as Sven rolled off of Ava. She trembled on the ground, her petite body flushed and trembling. Her small breasts rose and fell, thighs spread wide. Her cunt gaped open from his dick, his cum leaking out of her. "You are bred!" My enchantment spirits danced around in her, ensuring she conceived.

It made me so wet as Ava trembled, her beaming face, famed by her strawberry-blonde hair, got to me. My wings fluttered.

I lifted into the air and darted to her over the other women writhing around us. I settled between the princess's thighs. "Well, wife," I said, grinning at her as I stroked her thighs. "How does it feel to be bred by our husband." "Wicked," Ava said and giggled. "Makes me feel like a woman." "Mmm, a yummy woman," I moaned and leaned forward, my heavy tits dangling before me.

I inhaled, breathing in her fresh musk mixed with that salty, delicious flavor of my husband's cum. "If I'm yummy," Ava purred, "then you should eat me all up." "Definitely," Sven said, my husband's hand grabbing my hips. "Just gobble her all up and make her explode." My breasts pressed into the floor, my pierced nipples throbbing against the polished surface.

I nuzzled my face into Ava's wet bush, her silky strands brushing my cheeks, coating me in her cream and his spunk. My tongue flicked out, brushing through her labia, caressing her silky folds and gathering up that salty cum seasoned with her fresh juices.

Ava let out a low, throaty moan. Her back arched, her hands grasping those small, firm tits of hers. Whimpering, she undulated her hips, rubbing her hot flesh against my face, those ticklish hairs made me shiver. My tongue fluttered again and again, lapping up the spunk and the delicious flavor of her cream. It was delicious. Sven groped my butt-cheek as I feasted, making Ava gasp and shudder. Her fingers pinched her dusky nipples, tugging on them.

She pinched them, her thighs squeezing around my face as she shivered. "Love watching you feast," Sven groaned, kneading my butt-cheek, spreading them apart over and over. I shivered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter, my wings fluttering. "Mmm, does it excite you?" Ava asked, blue eyes smoky.

"Maybe," Sven said, his voice sounding playful. "Does it make you hard?" the princess asked while my tongue probed into her depths. I searched through her hole, fluttering inside of her juicy cunt and scooping out our husband's cum.

"Huh, Sven?" "What do you think?" he asked, the tip of his dick nuzzling at my hot flesh. My juices dripped down my thighs. A trickle of my cream ran down my inner thigh, the ticklish drop making me shiver. "I think you're a horny pervert," I moaned, "who just loves watching your wives pleasing each other." I jammed my tongue deep into Ava's snatch. "So horny!" Ava moaned and gasped, her back arching.

He nudged his dick into my pussy. My labia spread wide around his cock. I whimpered, my depths aching to be filled by him. My arms wrapped around Ava's thighs, my tongue swirling through her snatch.

I lapped up more of his cum and her fresh juices as I ached to be filled by him. I whimpered, pushing back, trying to swallow all of his shaft. But he pulled back. I whimpered, "Sven! Just shove it in. You're horny. I'm horny." My wings flapped, my body shuddering. My pierced nipples rubbed against the floor. "Just ram that into my hole and fuck me." "Mmm, she needs it bad," Ava groaned, pinching her nipples.

"Just fuck her." "Yes, yes, fuck me," I whimpered, my pussy on fire. Sven's hands grip my butt-cheeks, his fingers digging into my rump. He thrust his cock into my hole. Just not my pussy. I gasped as his dick, soaked in Ava's pussy juices, slammed into my asshole. My sphincter surrendered to his cock, swallowing his thick girth. My eyes squeezed shut. I groaned into Ava's cunt as my asshole spread wider and wider.

His dick slammed into my bowels. My hole swallowed his cock. His balls smacked into my taint, his crotch slapping his ass. I squeezed down on his cock, loving the velvety slide of him as he draws backs. And slammed into me again. My pussy clenched. Hot juices trickled out of me as I whimpered. I feasted on Ava. My tongue fluttered up and down her pussy. I devoured every drop of her juices I could while questing for more and more of Sven's cum. "Yes, yes, fuck her, Sven," gasped Ava.

Her hands shot down and seized my pink hair. She pulled me tight into her pussy. "Pound her! Mmm, you look so sexy when you're fucking a girl. I love it." I shuddered, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as Sven's dick pounded into my asshole. He rammed into my bowels with such power. The velvety friction burned through my anal sheath and warmed my cunt.

Every thrust brought me closer and closer to cumming. Every thrust spurred me to keep licking Ava. To giving her as much pleasure as our husband's cock gave me. Bliss rippled through me. My bowels clenched down on his dick, welcoming him over and over again.

"Yes, yes, yes, Sven!" I whimpered into Ava's pussy. She squeezed my hair and gasped as my tongue fluttered up to her clit. I sucked and nibbled on her bud, making her squeak and gasped. Her small tits jiggled as she squirmed and gasped. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her moans exploded from her, joining the passion of our other wives writhing about us. Her delicious, fresh juices bathed my face. I groaned, licking, lapping, reveling in her orgasmic pleasure.

My bowels clenched down on Sven's thrusting cock. "Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Ava. "Oh, Aingeal! Yes! Your tongue. Oh, your tongue! Sven, Sven, make her cum, too! Give our wife so much pleasure!" "Yes!" Sven growled, his strong hands sweeping up my side. He squeezed my large boobs piled against the floor. I shuddered on my knees, my hips undulating, stirring his dick around inside my bowels. It was incredible. His dick slammed into me harder.

His balls thwacked over and over into my taint. "Let me feel that asshole writhing, Aingeal." His hands squeezed my tits.

"Show me your passion." "Yes!" I whimpered. My wings flapped. I brushed his muscular chest, sweeping across his torso as he pounded me so hard. Our flesh smacked together, the power of his passion pressing my face tight into Ava's cunt.

I kept licking her, drinking her cream as Sven's dick melted my bowels. My nipples throbbed as he groped my tits. He rubbed my sensitive nubs against the floor. The pleasure flowed through my body, reaching my boiling cunt. Sven rammed into me. My eyes squeezed shut.

My wings went rigid. I let out a throaty moan as his dick drew back. That delicious pleasure flowed through me. It was delightful. I thrust my tongue into Ava's pussy. And came. "Sven!" I whimpered, pussy juices gushing down my thighs. My asshole writhed about his dick. He buried into me, his hands squeezed my tits as waves of pleasure rippled through me.

The ecstasy buffeted my mind. My eyes squeezed shut as he grunted. As my pleasure surged hot through me, his cum spurted into my depths. Hot jizz erupted over and over into me. Hot blasts of his cum filled my asshole. I loved it. I savored his spunk in me. My pleasure peaked in me as he groaned. I nuzzled against Ava's snatch as my rapture transformed into buzzing bliss, that wonderful afterglow after being fucked hard by my husband.

"Mmm," I purred, rubbing my cheeks against Ava's. My wings fluttered and my head lifted up, staring at our family. I had more to celebrate. I had more love to share with my new wives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ealaín My girl-dick spurted hot into Nathalie's cunt. The eighteen-year-old blonde whimpered as her pale body trembled beneath me.

Her blonde pigtails spread out on the black and white marble floor. I shuddered, my ebony breasts pressed into her ivory body. "My turn!" Greta purred. "I want that dick in me, Ealaín. It's so naughty." "Mmm, she just loves clit-dicks," groaned Nathalie, her pussy rippling about my cock. "Ooh, she's such a wanton sex slave." "So wanton," Greta agreed, her large breast swaying.

Nearby, Sven pounded Aingeal's asshole while the faerie devoured Ava, I rolled off of Nathalie, my pillowy tits spreading out into a pair of jiggling mounds. My black dick, thrusting from my pussy folds, twitched. Juices coated it, making my shaft glisten. Greta seized my girl-cock as she straddled me. Her large boobs swayed before her. The eighteen-year-old sex slave rubbed my cock into her blonde bush, guiding it to her hot pussy.

She grinned at me, her blue eyes dancing. She giggled. "Mmm, you want to slide this in me, don't you?" "I do," I whimpered, the lusts surging through me. The joy. I never intended to get so involved in my charge, but. but. I wanted to enjoy today. This happy time with my new family.

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"Just slide that hot pussy down my dick." She grinned and impaled herself. Her breasts bounced and jiggled, her pale tits swaying together. They were just so delicious. I grasped her boobs, loving how they felt as they jiggled. She squeezed her pussy around my cock as she worked that tight sheath up and down my dick. My girl-cock throbbed in her juicy pussy. I whimpered and groaned. She swirled her cunt around my dick, her hips wiggling. Pleasure surged down my cock. My snatch grew hotter and hotter.

My toes curled. Her hands found my breasts. We squeezed and kneaded each other's big breasts as she bounced up and down my cock. Her blonde hair swayed about her naughty face. Delight danced in her blue eyes. Her moans burst out of her mouth as she rode me. "Oh, yes, yes, yes," she groaned.

"Your cock. Ooh, we have two cocks to enjoy! Our husband's dick, and our wife's dick!" "Uh-huh," whimpered Nathalie. "And. Ooh, Master's cock is free!" The slender blonde darted away as the pleasure built and built in me.

My fingers dug into her pleasure. Shee squeezed and jiggled my tits. My digits caressed her nipples, making her cunt tighten down on my shaft.

Her fingers grasped my own nipples. She tugged on them. Pleasure shot down to my pussy. The tingles zapping from my nipples made my cunt grow hotter and hotter. My transformed clit throbbed in Greta's hot cunt. She worked her tight snatch faster on my dick, her labia clung to my shaft. "Ealaín!" Aingeal shouted, her voice bursting with passion.

The faerie appeared above me, her thighs coated in her pussy juices. She played with her golden nipples rings, her pink hair swaying about her flushed face and glee burned in her purple eyes. "You have a mouth free! Want to have some fun." "Yes!" I groaned. "You know she does!" Greta groaned. "Mistress Ealaín is a naughty demigoddess." Mistress Ealaín.

Hearing the submissive girl saying that sent such a throb out of my twat and racing up my girl-dick. Greta's pussy worked up and down my shaft faster, stimulating it. My snatch grew hotter and hotter. I was. apart of this family and.

I didn't want to think about the future. Not when Aingeal lowered herself down to my face, her wings humming. Her hairless pussy lurked above me. I hungered for her. Her thighs slipped around my body, her honey musk filling my nose. Then she arched back and pressed not her pussy but her butt-cheeks against my face. I smelled that sour musk as Sven's cum leaked out of her asshole, staining her crack and taint.

I let out a hungry groan and lapped through her crack. Aingeal gasped out in delight, "Yes, yes, yes! Lick up all our husband's spunk!" "Mmm, such yummy spunk!" groaned Greta, her pussy working up and down my dick. Her hands released my nipples. "Ooh, and I love your titties, Mistress Ava." I felt Greta shift, her body leaning forward.

Hot sucks echoed and Aingeal moaned, her butt-cheeks squeezing about my face. I pictured the blonde, busty girl sucking on the faerie's pierced nipple, loving her, making Aingeal's pink butterfly wings, trimmed in purple, flapped and fluttered above me.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Aingeal moaned. "Ooh, two delicious wives to play with and. You naughty slut, Greta! Yes, do that with your teeth again." Greta purred, her pussy clenching down on my girl-dick as she slammed down my cock. My orgasm built and built. Hot delight rippled through me as she squeezed her snatch down my shaft over and over.

I kneaded her tits harder, my orgasm building and building. My tongue fluttered around Aingeal's asshole, gathering her girl-cum. It spilled into my mouth. This delicious jizz. Sven's salty delight seasoned with Aingeal's naughty flavor. I locked my lips around her sphincter, sucking at it, drawing out more and more of that spunk. I feasted on it, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. I jammed my tongue into faerie-wife's bowels.


I swirled around inside of her, gathering up that lovely spunk and savoring the taste of her sour ass. It was such a depraved flavor, fanning my ardor. My fingers pinched Greta's nipples as I groaned into Aingeal's asshole. The girl squealed. She slammed her pussy down my cock, engulfing every inch of my girl-cock. Her passion exploded out of her in a muffled moan.

Her pussy writhed about my dick. "Rithi's inspiring art!" I moaned as the pleasure shot through me. "Gods, yes!" gasped Greta. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes! Slata's hairy cunt! I love this girl-dick!" "Cum in her, wife!" gasped Aingeal, grinding her asshole on my lips. "Flood the little slut! She needs it! Gods, she's just aching for it." Greta's pussy convulsed hard about my girl-dick.

The pleasure shot through me. My toes curled. I whimpered into Aingeal's asshole. My cunt growing hotter and hotter. My ovaries were so tight, boiling with my girl-cum. Greta rose up my shaft, her massaging pussy caressed my dick, and then she slammed down me. I came. My girl-spunk erupted into her pussy. Greta cried out in wordless pleasure, squirming on my spurting cock. Pleasure shot through me, rippling out of my pussy and firing from my shaft. The twin delights met in my mind, swirling through my thoughts.

Such wondrous ecstasy. My heart burst with joy as Greta milked my cock. Her pussy worked out every drop of girl-cum I had in me. My body shuddered as my orgasm peaked in me. My tongue jammed deep into Aingeal's asshole, fluttering around. "Ooh, Ealaín, yes!" Aingeal gasped. As my orgasm died, hers rippled through her. Her juices squirted from her pussy, bathing my neck and chest. I shuddered, smelling her honey delight as she squirmed atop me. Her pink wings fluttered above me.

I was united with my family. I was too happy to worry about what would happen to my new family when we destroyed the ruby. Chapter Twenty: Taboo Marital Bliss Kora Falk "Mmm, that was inspiring, brother mine," I purred as Nathalie darted over to us.

She saw me, and I almost offered her my brother's dick. After watching him fuck Aingeal's asshole, I was so eager to enjoy him. But the nubile Nathalie smiled at me. "No, no, you go first, Mistress. It's hot watching you fuck him." I gave her a look. She was such a submissive thing. She loved serving my brother. I could see her quivering, hear the truth of her words.

Her hands slid between her thighs, rubbing at her cunt messy with Ealaín's jizz. "She gets off on witnessing incest," Sven said, his hand grasping one of my twin, blonde braids that dangled down my naked back. "Let's give her a treat." I licked my lips, my pussy so hot. I wanted to be bred by him, too. But first. First I wanted to clean his dick of Aingeal's ass.

A depraved lust shot through me as I leaned down. He knelt, his cock thrusting hard before him, enchanted by that naughty priestess of Slata he met years ago. "Yes, yes, suck his dirty cock, Mistress," moaned Nathalie, her words so thick and throaty.

"Pleasure him." I would. So hard. I engulfed my brother's cock, tasting Aingeal's sour asshole. My brother groaned, his blue eyes staring down at me as my lips slid over his thick crown. My tongue rubbed across his spongy tip, tasting his salty precum and that naughty flavor of Aingeal's ass. It was so depraved. I loved it. My faerie-wife's asshole was on my brother's dick. My husband's dick. A giddy thrill rippled out of me. My pussy clenched, and I sucked so hard on his shaft.

I was so eager to clean his dick, to get him ready to fuck me. "Gods, yes," groaned Sven. He grabbed both my braids, clutching them as my mouth bobbed on his dick, the phylactery swinging between my tits.

"Pater's cock, but you're just hungry for it, sister dear." So hungry for it. I sucked and slurped on his shaft. Saliva dribbled down my chin as I loved his cock. My head twisted from side to side. My tongue fluttered around his shaft. I buffed his dick clean by sucking harder and harder on him. My hands gripped his muscular thighs, my fingers digging into his flesh. My pussy clenched as my ardor swelled.

I savored sucking on his dick. I took more and more of him, tasting more and more of Aingeal's sour flavor. It was such a wanton flavor. I squeezed my eyes shut as his dick brushed the back of my throat. I swallowed his dick. "Gods, yes!" Sven groaned.

"Sister dear. Slata's cunt, but your mouth. Gods, that's good, sister dear." "She's just so hungry for your cum, Master," whimpered Nathalie. "Just like you," Sven said. "Enjoying Ealaín's jizz?" "So much!" gasped Nathalie. "My sweet juices and salty girl-cum!

It's almost as good as yours!" Sven grinned as I took more and more of his cock down my throat. My tongue caressed his shaft, cleaning off all of Aingeal's musk until my lips nuzzled into my brother's thatch of blond pubic hair. His balls rested on my chin, so full of more of his cum. I swallowed and hummed around his dick, making him grown.

His muscles in his chest flexed. His hands tightened on my hair. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Juices trickled out of my shaved folds, gathering on my juicy vulva. It made me shiver. I felt so wicked and wanton. My eyes squeezed shut as I wiggled my hips back and forth. I moaned about my brother's dick, getting him so clean for my fertile pussy.

I wanted him in me so badly. I couldn't wait. I ripped my mouth off his dick. He grunted, gasping, staring down at me with such hunger. "Not hungry for my cum, sister dear?" "Oh, I'm hungry for it, brother dear," I groaned, stretching out on my back, my tits jiggling.

I ran my hands up my thighs, brushing the tattooed vines coiling about my left, reaching towards my juicy cunt.

"I just need you to be in my juicy hole. Ava's not your only wife that wants to be bred." "Mistress!" squealed Nathalie in delight. He frowned, his cock twitching before him? "What are you talking about?" "I've removed my contraceptive spell," I told him. "I'm fertile. I want you in me.

I want your child, Sven! I want my brother's baby!" He hesitated, his brow furrowing. Did he think it was wrong for us to have children? That it was too incestuous for us to conceive a child. We were the same flesh, but. Then he was on me, growling with such aggressive lust. I gasped as his dick rammed into my cunt. He filled me to the hilt. I gasped, my snatch clenching down on him. It was so incredible to feel my brother in me, fucking me. Breeding me.

"Yes, yes, plant your baby in Mistress Kora!" Nathalie squealed, the eighteen-year-old sex slave quivering beside us. Our slave-wife had both her hands rubbing at her cunt, jizz and pussy juices dripping out of her. "Fuck her so hard!" "Gods, yes!" growled my brother, his solid weight atop me. I loved it, his muscular chest rubbing against my nipples, teasing them as he pounded my cunt.

"Slata's hairy cunt, yes!" He fucked me with such fervor. Our bodies heaved together. I kissed him hard, my arms wrapped about his neck. I clung to him, working my hips to match the pounding rhythm of his thrusting cock. He plunged into my cunt over and over again, stimulating me.

My orgasm swelled fast. My clit throbbed, drinking in the thudding impact of his pubic bone every time rammed his dick into me. My cunt clenched down on him as he withdrew, inflaming the silky friction. Pleasure rippled through me. Nathalie whimpered and groaned beside us, frigging her pussy so fast as my brother pumped his thick cock in and out of my fertile cunt. Such lust surged through me. It filled me up, made me tremble and gasp into his mouth as we kissed.

Our tongues dueled. My brother's cum-heavy balls smacked into my taint.

I felt his seed swimming in them. I broke the kiss and moaned, "Rithi's inspiring art, yes! Breed me, brother mine! Pump all your cum in me." "Gods, yes!" he growled, thrusting with all his might into me. He pounded me with such fervor, driving his thick shaft into my depths. "Breed her, Master!" our slave-wife moaned. "Ooh, it'll be so wonderful!" "Uh-huh!" I groaned, all my dreams crashing through me. I was his wife and about to be bred by him.

I wanted this for so long. I never thought I would get it. My pussy grew so hot around his plunging dick. The pleasure rippled through me. His girth teased me, making me feel so open. So receptive for his seed. "Sven!" I howled as I quivered at the cusp of my orgasm. "I. I." "Cum and milk my cock, sister dear," he growled, his blue eyes staring into mine. His blue depths became my world.

My quivering existence. My pussy clenched down on his dick, transforming the pleasure into the energy building my orgasm in my core. I whimpered, clinging to him, my clit throbbing against his pubic bone. His cock pulled back. I squeezed my cunt down on his retreating girth. The pleasure flared through me. "Kora!" he growled and rammed into me.

"Sven!" I howled and kissed him. My orgasm exploded in my pussy. My fertile cunt milked my brother's incestuous dick. I writhed about him as he slammed so hard into me.

Waves of ecstasy surged through me. He kissed me hard, growling into my lips as his balls thwacked hard against my rump. Then he erupted. His jizz fired into me. I shuddered at the hot spurts of his spunk squirting into me. I felt each blast splash against my cervix.

My cunt spasmed harder. My orgasm intensified as my brother bred me with his forbidden seed. Hopefully, we had just created an incestuous life. We violated all the mores of our society because we loved each other. Loved our family.

They moaned and gasped around us as Sven bred my pussy. He pumped me full of his jizz. I clung to him and knew we would be together always, raising our children. I quivered through my orgasmic rapture, such joy bursting inside of me. Despite the horrid amulet about my throat, my brother loved me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Princess Ava "I know you bred me, brother mine," I heard Kora say. I shuddered, my own bred pussy clenching. I watched Sven rise off his sister—my new wife!—with a big grin on his lips.

His cock throbbing in delight. Then Zanyia howled from nearby, her hand stroking Ealaín's dick while Greta lay in a well-fucked ball beside the black-skinned hermaphrodite. "Double fuck me, please, Master!" the lamia yowled.

"Mmm, yes, yes, give her a taste of that cock, brother dear," the happy Kora purred. She sounded like she floated on such ecstasy. And she did. I know I still trembled from the wild fun we had. I slid down beside Kora and hugged her as Sven went off to enjoy Zanyia.

Kora turned her face to mine, her blue eyes twinkling. She pulled me close to her, the pair of us rolling onto our sides. Her rounder breasts kissed my small tits.

"We're both bred by him," I said, beaming at her. "I know!" she groaned, her body shuddering. "Mmm, his cum has filled me up. I just know he's bred me." "Bred by your brother." My pussy clenched. "How positively wicked of you." "So wicked," she said. "Gods, but we're a pair of sluts for him, aren't we?" I nodded my head. "I wouldn't want it any other way, my wife." Her smile grew. Then she kissed me.

I tasted something sour on her lips, a woman's asshole, and shivered. Which of Sven's women was it? As Kora rolled me onto my back, her lithe body slipping atop mine, I didn't care. I just kissed my new wife with fervor, loving the feel of her on me. My hands stroked down her back to cup her rump. She shuddered around ground on me, my thighs parting, letting her settle between them. My pussy rubbed against hers, making her squirm and giggle into our kiss.

"Mmm, love the feel of your bush on my twat, wife," Kora said, her blue eyes flashing. They were identical to her brother's. "You're making my clit ache." I grinned at her, loving how she tribbed our pussies together and. Something hot poured out of her. Our husband's cum. "Mmm, that's a naughty feel." "What?" she asked, eyebrows arching. I grabbed her rump, squeezing her plump flesh. She squirmed more, another flood of Sven's jizz leaking out of her depths.

My lips grinned at her as she rubbed our clits together, sending sparks flaring through me. "Tell me, Ava," she said then rubbed our noses together. "Just I like our husband's cum leaking out of you," I purred. "Makes me want to eat pussy." Her eyes widened. Then she giggled. "Mmm, so some of my brother's jizz is on your pussy now." "And soaking into my bush," I added.

"Maybe I should clean you up." I shivered. "Maybe." With a wicked grin, Kora moved atop me. She possessed the practice grace of a woman schooled in the sexual arts. She learned all about how to make sex beautiful at the Temple to Rithi. In moments, her shaved, cum-stained pussy hovered above me as she settled her face between my thighs to devour my cunt. Greedy for the incestuous mix of Sven's cum and her pussy cream, I grabbed her ass and hauled her cunt down to my hungry mouth.

She gasped as my tongue fluttered through her wet folds, gathering up her tangy musk and his salty cum. What a treat. "Rithi's creative fingers!" groaned Kora, her body shaking atop me. "Ooh, yes, yes, that's nice. Mmm, another cum-hungry slut." "I've been addicted to Sven's cock since I first sucked him off soaked in my pussy juices," I whimpered.

My tongue plunged into her pussy. Hers fluttered against mine. I squeezed her ass as we feasted on each other.

Pleasure rippled out of my cunt as we squirmed together. She smeared her tangy, cum-filled snatch on my face while I shuddered and rubbed my furry muff on hers. It was so delicious.

My tongue gathered more and more of our husband's jizz flowing out of her. The incestuous treat filled me to the brim. It made me ache and shiver. My body quivered as I feasted on her. My tongue darted through her petals, exploring into her while my fingers dipped into her butt-crack.

"Ava!" gasped Kora. "Ooh, you naughty princess. Mmm, Slata's hairy cunt and Saphique's juicy snatch, that's nice." "Mmm, just enjoy," I purred, my finger stroking her asshole.

I plunged my tongue into her cunt's depths and my digit into her bowels. I sank my finger past the first knuckle and the second. I wiggled it around inside her bowels while my tongue scooped out more of our husband's jizz.

Delight filled me every time she squealed into my snatch. It made me shiver and grind my pussy against her lapping mouth as I pleasured her. She thrust a pair of fingers into my cunt and attacked my clit. Her bowels tightened about my probing digit as she pleasured me. I shivered, my thighs squeezing about her face while my tongue fluttered as deep into her as I could, searching for more incestuous cum to lick out of her cunt.

"Ava," she whimpered between flicking licks of my clit. "Oooh, Ava, yes! Gods, that's good. I'm going to cum on your face." "Do it!" I moaned into her cunt. I slipped a second finger into her asshole. We fingered each other's holes. She plunged a third finger into my cunt, stretching out my silky sheath. I whimpered, my two digits flying in and out of her velvety bowels while her tangy juices poured out of her cunt and down my hungry throat.

I feasted on her. I enjoyed every bit of her cunt as much as I could. I drove myself wild with delight for her. I couldn't stop. I had to keep feasting on her snatch.

I sucked on her labia as my pleasure swelled and swelled in me. "Gods, Kora!" I whimpered. "I know," she moaned back. "Oh, Gods, I know. Slata's hairy cunt, yes!" Her asshole writhed about my fingers.

Her tangy cream squirted out of her pussy and bathed my face. I groaned, opening wide and drinking down her juices pouring out of her. Her orgasm spasmed her body on top of mine. Her lips latched onto my clit and sucked. Pleasure surged through me. I whimpered at the delight racing through my body. I groaned and spasmed as she bucked atop me. She smeared her hot cunt into my mouth as she moaned about my clit. Her fingers jammed so deep into me.

"Kora!" I screamed as my rapture exploded through me. My pussy convulsed about her plunging fingers. Waves of ecstasy washed through my body. I shuddered and drank it in. I moaned into her bred pussy while my impregnated cunt writhed about her digits.

We were both bred by our husband. It was so wonderful. We would share this experience together. I squeezed my eyes shut, my mind melting from joy and bliss. I clung to this pleasure, so drunk on it. I was free of my father and united to my husband and all his sexy women. "Thank you Luben!" I cried out in rapture.

Chapter Twenty-One: Blissful Passion Zanyia My tail swished as Master lined up his dick at my aching asshole. I caressed his muscular chest with my dancing tail. My pussy clenched down on Ealaín's clit-dick. The busty demigoddess squirmed beneath me, her yellow eyes glowing so much. "Fuck her, husband," she moaned. "Let's share our naughty sex slave." "Yes, yes, share me!" I yowled as Master pressed his dick against my asshole, wet with his sister's juices.

The incestuous cream made his cock feel so slick against my sphincter. "Gods, you are one wicked sex slave," Master groaned as he pressed forward against my asshole. "I am, Master!" My tail stiffened. My anal ring widened to swallow more and more of his cock. My pussy clenched down on Ealaín's dick buried in me. "Las's amazing cum!" Sven's cock slid into my depths, stretching out my asshole and stuffing my nethers to their limits.

Two dicks filled me. My holes squeezed down on the shafts. It was such a wild treat. I learned over Ealaín, purring loudly. "Gods, Zanyia," growled Sven, his voice so thick.

"I know," Ealaín said, her white hair framing that midnight-black face twisting with rapture. "Rithi's inspiring gaze, that feels incredible. She's so tight now." "So tight," I agreed. "Now, please, fuck my naughty asshole, Master!" "When I'm ready, slut," he growled, hugging me from behind. His hands cupped my breasts, fingers kneading me. I gasped and groaned as he played with my nipples. He squeezed my little mounds, making me squirm on their twin dicks.

Pleasure spilled through my body. I was so excited for this. So eager to be pounded hard. My tail swished against his chest as Master moved. He drew back his cock through my asshole, stimulating me. My bowels drank in the friction, transforming it into rapture. My cunt grew hotter around Ealaín's girl-dick. I squirmed, stirring my snatch around her shaft while Sven rammed into me.

My Master filled me to the hilt, his balls smacking hard on my taint. The sound echoed through the room. I whimpered and groaned, shuddering at the feel of him in me. He fucked me hard, working my pussy up and down Ealaín's clit-dick. I yowled while purring. My petite body squirmed and wiggled on him. My ears twitched. He pinched my nipples as he grunted behind me.

"Work those hips, slut!" he growled. "Pater's cock, yes! Just like that! You want our cum squirting into you." "Yes!" she moaned. "My Master's cum and my wife's cum!

It's so naughty!" "Uh-huh," Ealaín moaned, her face contorting with bliss. "That tight cunt. Gods, I'm going to cum so hard in you." "Yes, yes, yes!" I yowled, my orgasm building so fast.

It was so wonderful to be filled with two dicks. My body drank them in. I yowled so loud when Ealaín thrust upward, her girl-cock slamming into my cunt while Master's dick buried into my asshole.


The pleasure built and built in me, making me shiver and shudder. My ears twitched as I enjoyed it more and more. Such delight swirled through me. I whimpered, my pussy growing so hot. My holes drank in the dual frictions. That velvety heat of Master's cock slamming into my bowels met the silky passion coursing through my pussy.

The two delights built in me. My tail stiffened. I purred in rapture as I came. My holes writhed about their dicks. I yowled in wordless passion. Twin waves of ecstasy washed out of me, spilling from my spasming holes.

My pussy and bowels convulsed about their thrusting dicks. I spasmed out of control on them, my moans singing through the temple.

"Fill me with all your cum!" I moaned. "Please, please, Master! Mistress! I'm your slave-wife! I need it! I need all your hot spunk spurting into me." "Gods, yes!" Sven groaned, slamming into my massaging asshole, the friction keeping my orgasms alive. "Just keep working that cunt up and down my dick!" Ealaín groaned. "Rithi's inspiring touch! Just. Just. Yes!" The hermaphrodite's dick erupted. Her cum fired into my pussy. I whimpered, my convulsing snatch writhing about her cock, milking out all her cum.

Another orgasm surged through me, more powerful than the last. "Gods!" growled Master. "Pater's mighty cock, you want my cum!" "Always! I'm your whore! Your slave! Please, please, use my asshole!" I screamed while the ecstasy melted my brain. It was all so wonderful to experience. The two dicks filled me to my core. Master rammed forward into me. His balls smacked into my taint. His dick lanced to the hilt in my convulsing asshole.

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He grunted, his hands squeezing my small tits hard. My tail caressed his back, spasming to and fro, as his cum boiled into me. Blast after blast of his cum pumped into me. I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut as the two dicks I loved pumped their jizz into me. My holes welcomed their jizz.

I threw back my head as the rapture melted my brain. "I'm your slave!" I howled.

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"Your happy slave-wife!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk Zanyia stumbled from us and headed for Greta and Nathalie, eager to have her holes licked clean. I stared down at Ealaín. Her glistening cock, thrusting dark out of the pink folds of her pussy, shrank. A strange thrill ran through me witnessing the hermaphrodite's shaft vanish into her pussy, becoming a little clit once more.

"Mmm, I could use some loving from my husband," Ealaín moaned and rolled onto her hands and knees. She wiggled her ass at me. "Do you?" I asked, my dick aching so badly. Her pink slit beckoned between her dark flesh. "You don't mind where my cock was just at." She reached between her thighs and parted her folds, her pink depths glistening. "Do you see how wet I am, Sven? How inspired I am to create more art?" "Mmm, I do," I said, bringing my dirty cock to her pussy.

I slammed my dick to the hilt in her tight pussy. She gasped, her ebony back arching as I buried to the hilt in her. Her butt-cheeks rippled. She whimpered, squirming and stirring her juicy snatch around my dick, buffing Zanyia's ass juices off of it. My balls tightened at that thought. My new demigoddess-wife whimpered and moaned, squeezing her cunt down on my dick as I thrust into her.

She rotated her hips, swirling her hot flesh around it, cleaning me. I leaned over her, grabbing her swaying breasts beneath her. I kneaded her tits and nuzzled into her ear, her white, silky hair caressing my cheek. "Mmm, you just love my dirty cock in your cunt, don't you?" "I do," she whimpered, driving back into me. "Gods, this is so wicked. You're. you're my husband, Sven.

My husband! I never thought. I never intended." "I know," I groaned, thrusting with all my might. My balls smacked into her over and over, that wet sound echoing. "You're just my demigoddess slut now." "I am!" she whimpered, her pussy clenching down on me.

"Kora. Kora inspired me to be your whore! To surrender myself to you! Ooh, you know how to love me like a woman!

How to fuck me! Yes, yes, ram that filthy dick into my cunt! I'll clean it!" "Ealaín!" I moaned, thrusting harder. I buried into her depths, my orgasm building again in me. My wives—my harem of beautiful, wonderful, amazing women—gasped and moaned around us, celebrating this moment. I pushed down darker thoughts and fucked my demigoddess hard. Her silky pussy engulfed my dick over and over. Her juices bathed my cock. The pleasure swept over me, a dizzy heat drove me to fuck her so hard.

I squeezed her pillowy mounds as I gave her all the pleasure I could. She moaned and gasped. Her cunt grew hotter and hotter about my dick. Her snatch clenched about my shaft, embracing me in her juicy passion. My pleasure increased with every thrust.

My balls grew tighter and tighter, my cum approaching a boil. "Gods, you are hot!" I groaned. "That's your dick!" she moaned. "You're stirring me up.

Rithi's amazing touch, yes! Oh, my husband! Make me cum on your dirty cock! That will clean it!" I nipped her ear and pinched her nipples hard. She squealed in delight. I tugged on those nubs, the friction increasing as I buried into her juicy cunt. She shuddered beneath me, her cunt squeezing down around my dick. It was such an incredible delight.

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Such a wicked thing to experience. I never wanted this to stop. I wanted to it to keep going and going. To fill me with such rapture. She squeezed her pussy down hard on my thrusting dick. Her whimpers swelled and swelled. I twisted her nipples. She gasped, her ass thrusting back into me. My crotch smacked hard into her rump. My balls spanked her clit.

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"Sven!" she gasped. Her pussy writhed about my dick. I groaned, reveling in her snatch milking my cock. Her hungry pussy spasmed and convulsed about it, massaging me. She brought me closer and closer to spurting my jizz into her.

My eyes squeezed shut as I trembled. "Cum in me! Breed me too!" she howled. I buried to the hilt in her pussy, my dick buffed clean, and unleashed my cum.

My fingers pinched her nipples hard. Ecstasy pumped out of my cock and assaulted my mind. Blast after blast carried me to heights of rapture. I held her tight while her cunt milked my dick. She worked out every drop of my jizz. I groaned, my balls aching, feeling drained.

I panted while I held her tight. We both shuddered through our pleasure. My pleasure peaked. "Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" Kora howled. "I'm so happy, Aingeal! We're a family for real now!" I froze, my dick softening in Ealaín's pussy. The aoi si squirmed beneath me. The guilt crashed through me. I just bred my sister and. and. "Gods, what are we going to do about Kora?" Ealaín tensed beneath me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prince Meinard Echur, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch I couldn't take the tension.

I needed the Paragon's monstrous forces. My armies were in full rout. Without my horde of animated statues, I was overextended. I had conquered too far, too fast for my forces to hold without assistance. I couldn't wait. I needed a progress report. I sank into my proxy with the Paragon's monsters. My soul flowed out of my body and.

Inhabited strength. My eyes opened. I sat up, the countryside blurring by. I frowned at the speed. The wagon I lay in bounced and clattered. I looked over my shoulder and. blanched at the sight one of the monstrosities the Paragon lent me dragging the wagon forward, racing far, far faster than any monster. The Colony's insectoid form pulled the wagon, harnessed to its yokes. "Prince Meinard," hissed the Hunger, the bloated, centipede thing lay curled at my proxy's metal feet. It lifted its head.

"It is not time for you. We are still hours from Az." "Hours?" I asked, hope surging in me. "Not days?" "Hours," the Hunger insisted, tar dripping off his corpulent and coiled form. "Circumstances have changed. Things in Az have grown. dire." "You've heard about the Temple of Krab." "Indeed." The Hunger shuddered and clicked, the sounds making my real body tremble leagues away in my castle.

"We shall arrive at Az at Dusk, your Highness." To be continued.