Mamada deliciosa de mi novia ella dice que rico

Mamada deliciosa de mi novia  ella dice que rico
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"Oh god!" I yelp as his tongue hits the exact damn spot where my clit is. Henry's tongue starts to gently part my pussy. His hands hold my legs in place in case I get a bit too out of hand.

I'm pretty sure THAT will happen. "I feel so horny," I whisper, closing my eyes, setting the palm of my hands down on the desk and sitting up that way. I throw my head back as Henry slowly keeps going. "Yeah, right there," I moan as he hits my clit again. I get that familiar pleasurable ardor while he keeps licking me there. "Right. There. Oh. Yes," I moan quietly, closing my eyes. He starts to lick my small, hard nub faster, lapping at it quickly.

The feeling elevates to a level that I wouldn't know how to describe. It just feels amazing. What he's doing with his tongue begins to tickle me little by little, making me feel comfortable and pleasured; he licks just under the hood, my weakest spot."I'm close," I whisper, laying back on the desk on my elbows.

"I'm so close," I whisper, frowning deeply with pleasure. "I'm so close!" I repeat a bit more loud. "Oh! Right there!" my hips begin to move in wild circles as a result of his good job. He tries to keep me in place but it's impossible to. Instead, he inserts a finger into my tight pussy and moves it in and out to make my orgasm last. My hands go back to hang on to the desk as hard as I can.

My eyes close tight and my teeth bite down on my lower lip. I have goosebumps all over my body. The sensation grows stronger, fresher, mixed with more ecstasy. "Oh! Yeah. Crap. You're so good." he inserts two more fingers into my tight pussy, doing the same motions as before except faster.

"Mr. Brooke! Oh, yeah! Right there! Oh!" I moan, feeling my whole body tingle with pleasure. I close my eyes tighter, opening my mouth. My legs open up wider as I arch my back, my chest sticking out in the air. "Oh, yeaaah!" I moan, letting go of all my stress with that one orgasm. He stopped licking me as soon as I had finished, without saying a word. I knew this was how he liked it. We've done this two times now.

It was odd, though. Even though he was still fingering me, he had this devious smile on his lips. I sat up, grabbing his tie and bringing his upper body closer to mine. "My turn," I whisper, milking his fingers by tightening my walls around them. A wider smile flashed on his lips and I knew—I had made a big, big pleasure-promising mistake.

"No," I whisper, knowing what was coming (pun intended). "Oooooh yeaah," he grunts, mischief written all over his face. I tried to pry his fingers off but his free hand went around my waist, over my arm, and over my lower back to bring me closer to him so it would be hard to get rid of the hand with the fingers still inside of me.

I bit my lower lip, hanging on to him. "Mr. Brooke," I whisper as his fingers start to wiggle inside of me in a 'come here' motion. It's slowly at first but it still has the desired effect. And god does it feel good! "Stop it!" His fingers just go faster to defy me. "No," I moan, feeling the pleasurable ardor grow stronger and stronger inside my pussy by the second. "No, what, Miss Parker?" he asks, chuckling slightly.

The audible, wet sound of him inserting his long fingers inside of me was just making me more and more horny/pleased. "Oh! No!" I moan, trying hard to sustain my liquids.


"Oh crap, no!" he started to go in and out faster and faster, tickling my g-spot as fast as he could. I felt myself weaken up but heat up at the same time. All I could think about was not to squirt, something I knew that he liked that I do. "Please!" I moan, digging my nails into his arm with my free hand.

"Just let it out, Lauren," he groans, sensing my close eruption. "No!" I moan, my voice restrained by the strong sensations. "Please. I." I knew I would get him wet. But I couldn't stop it nor could I sustain it any longer. I liked it. And I liked it a bit too much. This feeling of wanting to go pee was driving me nuts but it gave me pleasure.

And the way he was hitting that sweet, sweet g-spot was like icing on the cake. I began to writhe and wiggle in pure ecstasy as I came and squirted. There was no warning. It just happened. I couldn't contain it. And he enjoys it. He enjoys every damn second of it until I stop, my knees trembling as I gasp and breathe fast.

He let's me go as I collapse back against the desk. My breathing was heavy and I was starting to break sweat. "You're making me so hard," he whispers, taking his fingers out and licking the ones that were inside of me. My whole body starts to tingle. His hands trace my breast before he leans down to lick and bite on my nipples. "My turn," I whisper, trying to get up, but he pushes me back immediately before undoing his zipper.

"Don't think so. I have been waiting for too long to have you once again," he whispers with lust written all over his face. As he starts reaching inside his khakis to take out his hard, meaty, long & thick cock, he keeps massaging my breast with one hand and nibbling on my neck. "I like you too much," he whispers, somehow apparent pain in his tone. He kept nibbling on my ear. I enjoy this small show of emotion. It makes me smile. But then, all of a sudden, he grasps my neck hard and spreads my legs out.

"Now I shall have you in all your glory, right?" Mr. Brooke asks, his tone a soft whisper. I can only nod, slowly, eyes a little wide with a bit of terror, still aroused.

I liked it rough. I don't think he knows that. Reaching across his desk for a ruler with his free hand, he asks,"Will you interfere or complain?" Slowly he runs the ruler along my tender, plush breast. He pushes the nipples with the tip of the ruler, caressing it that way. I think this I what arouses him. What he wants. What he likes. "So why aren't you completely undressed?" he was talking about the summer dress up my waist.

"But, you're completely dres—" He immediately puts the ruler to my mouth, shutting me up. "Did I ask you to tell me anything about my attire?" I quickly shake my head, feeling acquiescent.

But then I feel it. His cock is pressing up against me, making me want to reach out for it and also making me want to touch it, squeeze it, bring it into my mouth. But he wouldn't let me.

He wouldn't even let me touch it. Not even because my hands and mouth were itching to do anything—ANYTHING—sexual that he asked of me. "Ah, ah, ah. You only do what I tell you to. Got it?" he seems to be serious but his voice says otherwise.

He's torturing me, turning me on more and more this way. Setting me in a mood that was out of this world. A feeling I wanted to keep exploring. So, I nod, biting my tongue so I don't say anything smart back. He smiles and leans down. I feel his lips touch mine before I open up my mouth to kiss him back. Henry immediately pulls away. I chase after his lips but it was just vain work because he was trying to tease me, make me hornier. He laughs slightly, holds the back of my head with one hand, and presses his lips against mine.

We kiss. My eyes close very slowly after he put the ruler away besides my head. I spread my legs out further so he could get in between them and be more comfortable.

One of his hands travel down to my legs to grip them tight. His soft touch makes me shudder with anticipation. I want him inside of me once again and that was something that I knew he knew. His tongue begins to press against my teeth, pushing slightly until I open my lips so he can slip in. Our tongues clash as though they were in a wrestling match. As we keep kissing, I feel his hard penis press against my wet, hot crotch.

He holds his cock just to rub it against me. It makes it quite better, though. It calms down part of my aroused state. I moan, frowning as I feel his testicles tickling my ass and the way the head of his cock teases me.

I giggle, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Just fuck me," I whisper., wrapping my legs around his torso, knowing how much he liked it. "Wouldn't you want that?" he asks in a whisper before gently rubbing his cock against my labia, lubricating it with my juices.

"Of course I do," I kiss his lips. "I also want to suck that cock of yours. I know how much you like it," I whisper in his ear. He pulls back with a raised eyebrow, amused. "Yeah?" he asks, straightening up, still holding his big cock in his hands and rubbing it against my clit. I nod, "yeah." Slowly he begins to slip inside of me.

"Yeah!" I gasp, running my hands along his chest. "Does it feel good?" he asks. I can only nod as he keeps sliding into me with such ease and determination that the only thing I can do is moan quietly. We both start to get used to the feeling of making love once again. It wasn't long before his penis was reaching the back wall of my cervix, sending shudders all over my body, small shocks. The hot feeling of our sexual parts clashing together makes me shudder with uncontrolled pleasure.

I wish I could do more than just lie there. But just then, when I startto sit up, he begins to pound into me as hard and as fast as he can, more turned on than what I can remember from our previous sessions. I moan, grabbing a hold of my breast in the process. The feeling of ecstasy was driving me quite wild. I admit, I am a dirty girl and I would talk dirty, but not now. I couldn't. Not with him. I was ashamed to for some reason even though I did talk like that when it was my first time with him.

He holds my legs just below my knees, spreading them apart to gain better access. I gasp repeatedly. "Oh, god. Harder. Yeah, right there." my mouth opens at the sudden fiery feeling that our love-making was producing. I gulp, gripping the edge of the desk and arching my back. I was getting pretty hot and hornier than ever. This wasn't good. "Oh, Henry," I moaned. The first phase of my dirty talking was name-moaning.

To evade this, I sat up and wrapped my arms aroun his neck, though he still kept thrusting into me. "Henry," I shrilled, feeling my nipples rub up against his chest, sending a million little prickles of ecstasy all over my body. It was as though my nipples were small, hard buttons that, when pressed, sent a great sensation all over me, making me throb with excitement."Oh, fuck!" Oh, oh. Second phase was uttering obscenities while the guy fucked me.

"Henry! Fuck me. Just right there!" I opened my mouth and then closed it, biting on my lower lip. His hands left my legs around his waist. Mr. Brooke grabbed my ass cheeks. He did as I told him, never stopping. I move my hips forward to help him out. My orgasm was approaching once again. This was something I wouldn't be able to contain. "Gah!" I shriek, gasping and leaning my head against his chest, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Oh, Henry!" My eyes closed tight as fireworks began to go off all over my body. The tingle I felt all over me and then pleasure of being with the one I— It just made it so much better. I orgasmed and it was the best one I ever had. I started to shudder all over and it gave me a great sense of pleasure.

Something I had experienced before but only became better as we kept doing it. My pussy gripped his cock tight, making it so much better for him, I knew. His whole girth was inside of me and I felt full. The best, though, thing was feeling his cum inside of me at the same time that I orgasmed. And I couldn't help my dirty mouth once again. "You wanna cum all over my face, hmm? I'm sure you would love that, wouldn't—" I shuddered as I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my cervix, "—you?" "I like it when you talk like that," he grunted, grabbing me by the neck and kissing me quite fiercely.

His small jerks and the warmness inside of me told he was still cumming. I didn't mind. In fact, I liked it. "Fuck yes," I moan, feeling his hands on my breast. He deliberately pulls out of me, very carefully, before quickly letting go of me completely. I immediately get on my knees and start to suck his cock. The sweet, salty taste of our love juices mixed together is all over his cock. This makes it so much better as I happily suck on his cock, cleaning it off.

My mouth slips down his cock to his head as my hands start to work him off. By the sighs, moans, and grunts that he makes I can tell that he's quite pleased with me. Just then, he grabs the back of my head to push more of his cock forward. "Keep sucking it," he grunts. I do so. I suck as best as I can not just to please him, but to please myself. I'm not afraid to admit that I love sucking cock. I just love it.

I slip his cock out of my mouth, looking up at him as I do so. "I love to suck your cock. It's so juicy, and big," I lick my lips before licking his head all over. Sweetly and slowly rolling it around his cock head. I enjoy the way he twitches as I keep rolling my tongue around the head of his cock, licking his weak spot as often as I can while also giving some of my attention to the rest of his cock, testicles included.

After a while, he grabs me by the arms and makes me stand up. "Come here," he growls. His voice had suddenly changed. This meant he was close to coming again. Without any warnings, he quickly grabs my hair with one hand and makes me turn around before bending me over the corner of the desk.

I quickly grip the edge of the desk and arch my back. This makes my ass stand up to attention. He grips it with both his hands, spreading it out. I start to blush. No one had ever done that. Not that I had ever been with anyone else but him. Besides, I WAS still a virgin from THAT part. "W-what are you d-doing?" I stammer, still blushing and still wet as hell. He slaps one of my ass cheeks, making me yelp in surprise. Oddly enough, this leaves me wanting some more.

I look back at him with a smile that showed I was up to no good. "Oh, Mr. Brooke, won't you do that again?" I ask, my body shuddering with anticipation. He smiles crookedly and raises his hand again. Quickly, he brings it down. It immediately stings my skin but I moan nonetheless, enjoying the feel of his warm hand against my naked skin as he grips it quite tight.

I feel his finger intrude my ass hole before he slaps my ass with his other hand once again. "Oh, crap! What are you d-doing!?" I gasp. It gets me horny but at the same time it sort of stings my skin.

I've always wondered what anal would be like. My friends are always saying how much they like it and how much they don't. I'd try it if it wasn't for the fact that I'm pretty scared. "I'd really like to fuck this pretty ass of yours, Miss Parker," he smacks it again, making me moan. I feel my self get even more wet than what I already am. He starts to wet the head of his cock with my juices.

"Ummm." I say, unsure of what to say. He spreads one of my cheeks, I look back. "I don't think that's a good idea, Mr. Brooke," I say in a husky yet nervous voice. I was scared. He looks at me, eyebrows raised, "Why's that?" he asks, still wetting his cock with the juices my aroused state has produced.

"Because I've neve—" I shriek in pain as I feel the head of his cock begin to penetrate my tight ass hole. He leans down against my back and covers my mouth with one hand. "Shhh, shhh, everything will be okay," he cooed into my ear.

I closed my eyes tight as he kept slowly penetrating me. I closed my legs tight, as well, trying to pry him off, but I couldn't. I wanted to scream—to yell at him to stop, but it was useless. He was way too into it and his grip on my mouth and my ass cheek was too tight. I felt him penetrate me deeper, still making me yelp in surprise, pain, and somehow pleasure. I liked things rough, I'm not gonna lie.

I'm a very kinky girl but this was hurting me a bit too much. Specially his size. "It'll be okay, don't w-worry," he mumbles. His tone of voice showed how much pleasure penetrating my ass was giving him. So I tried to stay calm and stop it with the wiggling. But I couldn't. Not until all of him was buried inside of me, anyway. He gave a few thrusts back before forcefully pushing all of his length inside my butt hole. He waited for me to stay calm and in place before letting go of my mouth and stand right back up, his cock still buried inside of me.

I yelped in pain, closing my eyes tight as a few tears rolled down my cheeks. "You asshole!" I shriek, my voice a bit tight and pained. "Yeah, your asshole is stuffed with my cock," he replied back.

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"You're such a smart ass!" I whisper, feeling as though yelling would make it worse. "Spread your legs out, babe, it'll make it better," he slaps my ass again. This time a few tears roll down my cheek from the pain. "For a teacher, you sure are a dirty, dirty old man," I moan, holding the ass cheek he had slapped and spreading my legs out. "I know," he smirks. Without any warning once again, he starts to pull back.

I start to hurt. The pain kills me but god, I have to be strong. It was only my first time, after all. "You're so fucking tight," he grips my ass with both hands. Not softly but hard. I feel him slipping back in again, making my pain so much worst.

I start to silently cry, not looking back at him. How had I ended up here, in this position? I didn't have enough time to think about it because, apparently, he notices my quiet sobbing and quickly stops. "Are you okay?" he asks. No. "Yeah," I choke out, lying. "I don't believe you," he says in doubt and starts to pull out.

I reach back with one of my hands and stop him. "Harder," I whisper, the pain subsiding for a bit but it was still there, just waiting for the right moment to bite me in the ass—pun intended.


"Are you sure? We can—" "Are you being sympathetic? You? Out of all people?" I manage to laugh a bit. His cock was feeling bigger than ever, longer than ever. I liked it. I'm such a slut! I like it.

"I expected more of you, Henry." He grabbed the back of my head once again. It wasn't a gentle grab. I groaned, rocking back to get more of his cock in my ass. "You just earned a hard ass fuck," he whispers in pleasure. "Good," I moan. He let's my hair go an leans down against my back. Henry reaches down my stomach and down to my clit to massage it. I start to gasp, my stomach muscles clenching.

He was flicking my clit just the way I liked it. But he didn't forget to fuck me hard just like he promised. His slow thrusting became faster for every second that passed. It was a burning, searing pain but I didn't mind. It felt good, as a matter of fact. I enjoyed pain, which made me a masochist. "Oh, yes! God, I love that cock of yours!" I moaned.

Don't get me wrong, it felt good but the pain was still there, reminding me that it wouldn't go away until I got used to it. His breathing started to get rough. It was coming out in puffs and so was mine. But I was just moaning every second, which left me breathless in a way.

"Yeah!" I shriek, feeling his middle finger over my clit still. As I laid there, I felt a wave of ecstasy that commenced on my clitoris and slowly spread out throughout my body. It was good, it made me feel quite happy, pleased, and fulfilled. I moaned loud. "Henry! I'm coming!" I gasped out—still holding on to the desk as hard as I could. I was afraid that if I let go of it, I wouldn't be able to hold myself up. And I was right because as soon as I finished having my orgasm, I slumped down against the desk.

The only thing keeping me up was Henry so basically he was holding both our weights. "I'm almost done," he hisses into my ear. I frown. A few tears kept rolling out of my eyes. His thrusting became faster and faster until I basically couldn't take it anymore. I was pretty sure I was bleeding and that wasn't a joke. But if that pleased him, then I was gonna stay there until he was finished. Even though I felt tired, I could still feel every single bit of my body. I felt the pain that this was producing, I felt my aroused, high, yet tired state.

I was aware of every single thing, of every prickle of pleasure I was getting from my breast rubbing up against the desk top. "Oh, fuck, darling!

I'm—I." he didn't finish. I felt his cock grow bigger inside my ass and his warm spurt of tiny little swimmers slide into me once again. I silently moaned as I closed my eyes.

I don't remember much after that. I just remember everything going fuzzy and then the lights going off. I awake a few seconds later to the sound of someone's voice. "Lauren?" he asks. It was Henry. I smile, trying to sit up.

But I couldn't. A sharp stab of pain shocked me to the core just as I was trying to get up. Mr. Brooke held me in his arms. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he whispers, rocking me back and forth.


I closed my eyes, still dizzy, before slightly punching him on the chest. "Stop apologizing," I look at him and smile. "Just help me put my dress back on. You can keep the panties," I tease. He helped me up by grabbing my waist. "I'm fine," I whisper, no longer feeling as dizzy as I was before. I also didn't feel much pain, which I guess was fine. "I will need a cushion for my ass, though," I giggle. He didn't laugh. "I hurt you bad," he whispers, taking my face in his hands. I close my eyes, leaning in to his left hand, enjoying his touch.

He caressed my cheek before wrapping his arms around me. "I can't seem to stand the thought of you getting hurt physically nor emotionally." I uncomfortably shift away from him. He hands me the dress with guilt written all over his face. I quickly put the summer dress on along with my small jacket. "DON'T get emotional with me, Henry." Even though I wanted to, I couldn't. "We're both taken and this just shouldn't be happening in the first place." I bend down carefully, still hurting, to pick up my panties.

He quickly snatches it from my hands. "You said I could keep it," he reminds me. I purse my lips, not looking at him at all. "Right," I reply, still not meeting his eyes. "Well, I'm gonna go back to my amazing life. See yah." I walk towards the door, aware of his heavy stare, before I walk out of the class fast, even though I still hurt, and quickly out of the school.

"Hey," comes Patrick from the other end. I smile wide, happy to hear him. "Hey, you. Listen, wanna come over to my place later on?

The 'rents won't be home until tomorrow because of a business meeting up in New York," I say in a persuasive tone. "I can't," he replies. "Why not?" I ask, somehow disappointed. "Because you don't love me anymore," he says, teasing me. I laugh, "Oh, shut up. Just come over!" I hang up before he could say no. As I get out of my car, ass still hurting and all, I noticed a tall, slender figure by my door. I take a brief look around just to see the too familiar red car in my driveway.

"Mrs. Brooke, hi," I say, a bit nervous. Patrick would be here any second since he lives a few blocks down from my place and who knew what Rose wanted. "How are you?" "I'm fine. But I was wondering if you could do me a big favor?" her tone is very sweet so I couldn't quite refuse whatever it was. I look around, "Umm, sure, what is it?" I think it'd be relevant to say that Mrs. Brooke, along with my so called teacher, lives a few houses from mine. She always asked me to babysit Baby Lauren whenever they were out and I always said yes.

But, since the recent events that have taken place, I don't think that I can ever look at sweet Mrs. Brooke without feeling ashamed. With Patrick, it was different. He could take it and just leave since he wasn't tied to me the way Rose was to Mr. Brooke. "Can you take care of Baby Lauren? Henry and I are going out tonight," her smile turns into a very genuine, sweet smile.

Her straight nose slightly crinkles and her gray eyes light up with so much happiness that I can't help but think what an asshole Mr. Brooke and I are. How can anyone ever do anything to hurt her? "Um, sure," I replied, smiling forcefully. It was then that I promised myself to stop my affair with Mr. Brooke. It just couldn't keep going. It would only end up hurting two of us and it was pretty clear who those two would be.

"Thanks," she comes to hug me but I immediately step back, putting my hands up in front of me. She looks at me with a quizzical look. "II can't hug you right now. You see, my friends spilled something on me" "Don't be silly!" and then she hugs me tight. "I don't care. I'm just glad I know you and trust you enough to leave you with my daughter. Thanks—" just then she stops. "Hmmm, you do smell funny," she whispers. "Like sweat and—" "I better go take a shower, you know," I step back.

"What time should I b—" "You're sexually active, aren't you?" her sweet voice turns into a concerned tone. A concerned tone I wished my mother had. I wanted to—because of all the guilt I felt deep within my heart—tell her that yes, I was sexually active but not with Patrick or any other guy that she didn't know, but with her beloved husband.

And—what was worst—is that I wanted to rub it all over her face that he has always wanted ME, but I couldn't. Not only because it would crush her, but also because she wouldn't believe me. Besides, my affair with him would end as soon as I had a very important talk with him face to face. "No, I'm not Mrs. Brooke. I just smell like this because I've been chasing my friends around with a water gun.

I'm still very much a virgin," I managed to say in a tone that said I was being honest though I wasn't. Because I knew that I wasn't a virgin. I knew that Mr. Brooke had been the one to take my virginity—the one to take away my innocence. It didn't bother me. Not at all. As a matter of fact, it had me blazing up with fire and throbbing with arousal as I remembered how it had happened.

Goosebumps began to make themselves clear on my clear skin and my nipples began to harden. I shuddered. "Oh, okay," she smiles, beaming the way she always does. "Then go take a shower and I'll meet you at my house at seven." She left and I watched her go, her firm ass swaying from side to side as though she was in a room full of men and she wanted all the attention she could get.

I know it got MY lesbian side's attention. Oh, yeah, did I mention that I'm bisexual? As soon as I got out of my clothe, got in and out of the shower, my doorbell rang.

It was only six thirty so I could hang out with Patrick for a while. I opened the door, ready to hug Patrick, but only to find something else. I sighed in annoyance. "What are you doing here?" I ask, looking around and grabbing him by the tie to pull him inside. I noticed how one of his hands was behind his back. I sighed again as I closed the door. "Mr. Brooke, you can't be here," I whisper.

He just rolls his eyes and gives me a peck on the cheeks, slowly pulling back to look into my eyes. "Have I told you how much I love you?" he asks, taking his hand from behind his back. I gasp as soon as I see the little teddy bear holding a box of chocolates with flowers. I try hard not to get my hopes up, knowing he was going on a date with his WIFE and his LOVER for life. It was probably for her, not me.

"That's really nice. Is it for Rosalie?" I ask, noticing the thick, fluffy white roses, my favorite. I gulp, smiling slightly. "She'll lov—" "They're for you," he whispers, taking one of my cheeks into his hands and smiling, showing me how much he cares. I take his hand, enjoying the touch, but take it off. "Thanks, but no thanks," I whisper with regret. "Why not?" he asks, confused. I try hard not to frown, "because we're not a couple nor would we ever be." "We can still be together, Lauren," he insists.

"You know we can make it work." "No, we can't. We'd be hurting too many people if someone ever found out," I say, worried, frowning even though I don't want to.

But it's just the way I feel, I guess. "Don't do this," he says. "Not after I told y—" "That you love me? Oh, please. Like I'd ever love YOU. I love Patrick, not you," I felt like such a liar after I said that.

I was only saying it for the best, though—right? "Is that why you gave me your virginity?" he asks, still trying to keep me with him. "You know they don't deserve this—they have done nothing but be nice and faithful to us," I say. "You know they don't deserve it, Mr. Brooke." "Stop talking like that. I know you l—" "You don't know me that well.

You're nothing but a mere crush that will go away. Now leave, please. Whatever it is that we had its over," I say it with as much hatred as I could manage though it wasn't much. It just came out like I was trying to keep him off even though I didn't want to. It was hurting him, I guess, but I just couldn't keep it up any longer. The guilt was too much and I just didn't work well with it. I turn to go and open the door but he quickly grabs my hand and yanks me close to him.

I yelp at his strong, painful grip. "Ow, Mr. B, you're hurting me." I notice how the teddy bear he had brought me was lying on the floor. He must have dropped it to grab me. "You can't do this," he whispers, desperate to keep me with him. "Yes, I can and I WILL," I say, trying to free myself from his grip.His.

his fiery, enticing grip. I moan, more tgan annoyed at myself. At that very moment, I felt his lips against mine and his hands holding my waist tight, not letting go. I tried my hardest not to respond to his passionate kiss, to his tongue trying to poke through my lips but I couldn't.

It wasn't long before he was undoing my towel and I had my legs wrapped around his torso. He held the back of my head, walking back towards the sofa where we had first done it. I continued to grind myself against his hardening cock and kiss him hard on the lips. Our breathing was soon becoming erratic, both of us in a state of deep arousal. I clutched his shirt and moved my hips back and forth on his cock, feeling the hard, long contour of it and moaning in delight at the feel of it.

"No," I whisper, knowing we couldn't since it was a bit too late and he had to go. But he didn't let me go. He made me ground my hips against his cock. His hands firmly grasped my hips once again, making me move at the same time he was. We grind against each other. I moan continuously not only because of how it feels but also because of how his cock keeps rubbing my clit.

His hands grasp my breast as I kepep going, making the sensation better as he stimulates my nipple. "No, let's stop now," I whisper, still grinding my pussy against his hard-on, not stopping at all. He gripps my nipples, squeezing hard. Needless to say, it was giving me goosebumps as the gesture prickled my body with ecstasy; it wasn't long before I felt my whole body shudder with great pleasure and I fell on top of him, kissing his lips as he kept caressing my tender breast.

He shudders slightly, hanging on to my breast tight, and giving a hard thrust up. I gaspslightly before I feel a warm liquid against his leg. "You came," I whisper, sitting up. He smiles nervously. "Sorry, I like it when you grind yourself against me like that," he grabs the back of my head and sits up to bring me in for a kiss. I moan, still horny and wanting him yet again. "Do you?" I ask, slightly moving my pelvis against his.

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"Yeah," he replies with a soft whisper, smiling. I get off of him and go pick up my towel. "My ass still hurts, just so you know. I'll be right back," I didn't put on my towel until I was upstairs. I came back down with some tight skinny jeans and a blouse that showed a fair amount of cleavage, which he liked. I notice how he was patting the wet spot where he had orgasmed.

I giggle and hand him some pants from my dad's closet that looked like the ones he previously had. My dad and Mr. Brooke were around the same height and weight so the pants fit him perfectly well. "You look hot," I whisper. "But we need to leave now or else your wife will be suspicious or something of the sort," he smiles at me and picks up the teddy bear/flowers/chocolates from the floor. "And since you don't want" I grasp his hands, "No, no," I say, grabbing the things from him and setting them down on the tall, small table by the door.

"Thanks," I say as I go back to him and kiss him. He sucks on my lower lip and bites it lightly. We both pull away at the same time. I go, grab my coat and purse from the coat hanger and head up towards the door. I gasp in shock as soon as I open it. Patrick stood there, with his hand raised as if to press something—probably the doorbell. I smile at him, "Hey, you." Immediately, Mr. Brooke goes into fatherly/we-don't-have-anything-going-on mode.

"So I'll really appreciate it if you take care of Lauren tonightOh, Patrick, hello! How are you?" he flashes him one of those charming smiles that always gets him out of trouble. I smile, too, replying with an 'of course.' "Hey," says Patrick. "I'm fine, sir, how are you?" he flips his Yankee's cap back.

His skater hair comes out from under his cap, making me hug him tight. I kiss his lips. "Hey, I've missed you so much." I hug him tight as he holds my lower back, ignoring the heavy stare I was getting from Mr.

Brooke. We proceed to pull away from each other but we still hold hands. "But Patrick can't be there," he says, eyeing him the way my father did when I first introduced them. "Why not?" I ask, staring at him through my eyelashes. "It's not like we're gonna do something bad," I say with the most innocent tone I can muster. As a response, he stares at me with a smile that clearly says I'd pay for this later.

And I looked at him with a stare that clearly said I couldn't wait. "Well," says Patrick, "I guess I'll go back," Patrick starts to loosen his grip on my hand but I stop him. "What about my hug and my kiss?" I ask. With skepticism, he looks at Mr. Brooke and grips my hand tighter. Without saying anything, he walks away from Mr. Brooke, bringing me along with him. "I don't feel comfortable doing it in front of him," he whispers. "Oh, you don't?

Why?" "He's like your father." "But not really," I say right back, smiling. "Just give me a kiss," I whisper, wrapping my arms around his neck. His bow shaped pink lips make me long for him.

For that single moment, I forgot everything about Mr. Brooke and just thought of Patrick. He takes my hands from around his neck and laces his fingers through mine. His green eyes stare into mine, his pink lips breaking into a smirk as he leans in to kiss me. I start to close my eyes as our lips touch.

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Our grip grows stronger as our heads move from side to side, kissing in a way we never had before. Our tongues chase after each other. Patrick lets my hands go just to wrap his arms around my back to hold me tight. I hold his cheeks and pull him closer to me to get more of him. "I want you," I whisper, biting his lower lip. His fingers clutch my dress and I feel myself go ablaze yet again.

I had to wonder what was wrong with me then, why my hormones were going wild. I pull away, holding his arms tight. "Come over tomorrow night," I say, grasping his hair. "Can't you cancel? We can go right n—" A hand firmly wraps around my arm just to pull me away from Patrick.

I yelp in shock. "What the—!?" "Enough," says Mr. Brooke. "You shouldn't be doing those things in front of someone. I expected better of both of you." I struggle to set my arm free from his grasp. Patrick snaps out of whatever state he's in and blinks a couple of times before pursing his lips and walking away. He only looked back once and that was just to see me where he left me off and winking at me. I wait until he's out of sight to let Mr.

Brooke have it. "Let me go!" I snap, yanking my arm free from him. It doesn't do much, though, because he grabs it again. He snaps. "Just a couple minutes ago you were all over my dick and now you're all over his? Talk about being a slut." His deep voice is quite serious, meant to hurt. I get angry. Whenever I do, it's bad. I slap him and finally yank my arm free though it hurts. Mr. Brooke holds on to that side of his face and just stares at me in disbelief. "I gave YOU my innocence, might I remind you, you ass hole.

Not Patrick. Not ANYONE else, but YOU, you piece of shit!" I slap him again. This time as hard as I can. He was talking to ME about being a slut? ME? All I ever am is horny and even THAT is understandable because of my sex drive/hormones.

But to call me a slut when I'm not one? "You can forget about me," I say before turning around and quickly walking away from him. It hurts me, but I couldn't forgive him that easily. Already, I was regretting what I did. . Asshole. "Okay, I got it. Have I ever failed you?" I ask Mrs. Brooke, or, as she has told me countless times to call her, 'Rose' or 'Rosalie.' I smile slightly, not meeting her gaze nor looking towards the stairs where I knew Mr. Brooke would come down from any second.

I gulp, frowning. "Are you OK?" asks Mrs. Brooke. I shake my head but then I quickly nod, noticing my mistake. "I'm just very excited about Senior Year. My last year, a few more months to go," I take a deep breath and go into the kitchen to fix a little snack for Baby Lauren, Mr.

Brooke's three year old daughter, one of the reasons why they had to get married. A few minutes later, Rose comes into the kitchen hanging on to Mr. Brooke, who didn't look very happy, his cheeks were still a bit red.

I tried hard not to meet his eyes but I couldn't help it. I looked and he just looked at me with a poker face. I sighed and looked away. "Take care of Laurie, she'll be up any second," she smiles at me. "And thanks again." I was looking at the counter, not really paying attention to anything she was saying.

"No prob," I said to whatever she said. The rest was in a language that I didn't wish to understand at all. I heard the door of the house slam shut and later a car door. I quickly turn and take a deep breath, promising myself that I'd be strong.

I didn't need him. Besides, it was better this way. "You can't ignore me forever," says a too familiar voice from behind me. He had stayed behind. But just for a bit. I'm trying my best to, I THINK.

I don't say it. I CAN'T say it. Its like something was impeding me to. I purse my lips together and start to wash the knife I made the PJ$B with. "Talk to me," says Mr. Brooke. But I can't. Not because he had called me a slut but because I just couldn't. What could I say? That I was jealous that he was going on a date with his WIFE?

I COULDN'T do that, so, instead, I swallowed it back and just stayed quiet, ignoring the fact that this was slowly killing me inside. I close my eyes briefly before putting away the small plate and knife. I start to hum, not wanting him to see me or the fact that I was crying. But it was impossible to because I knew just how persistent he was, how incredibly stupid he was, and how he'll never let it go.

Besides, my shoulders were shaking and my breathing was a bit shallow. And I was right because I felt a hand on my shoulder before he made me turn around. I knew that we were playing a dangerous game and I knew how bad it could get, but god smight me, I didn't care.

"I'm sorry, I" he puts a finger to my lips and wipes the trail of tears on my cheeks. "It's okay," he hugs me. I bury my head on his chest for just a moment, enjoying the warmth of his embrace and how comfortable and safe I felt.

It was a pain to let that go. "You should go," I say, pulling away. "Your wife is waiting. Don't want to be late," And then I walked right past him and right into the living room, not turning towards the door at all as it slammed shut after a few seconds.

He was pissed, I knew. And it wasn't only because I had slapped him TWICE but also because I wasn't communicating with him the way I'm supposed to. The way I always have. I sigh and sit on the couch, thinking of other things like whatever was on TV. I checked on Laurei every ten minutes to make sure she was okay and I have to say, that girl is a heavy ass sleeper. I guess that's good. I didn't really feel like taking care of anything right now. As eight thirty approaches, I find myself lying on the coach, looking at nothing at all on the tv.

Slowly, very slowly, I start to drift into sleep. Just what I needed. I awake a few hours later to find myself being carried. I snuggle closer to Whoever was carrying me, enjoying the warmth his body provided. I groaned at the familiar smell of Miles To Go. "Is Lauren okay?" I ask in a whisper after a while. There's no reply. "Silent treatment. Got it," I say, groaning again.

It's not long before I hear keys rattling and a door creaking open and then quickly close, being locked. I open my eyes just enough to see that we were going up the steps to the second floor, where my room was. I knew that he knew where my room was, he's known this for a long while now, so I just let him open the door before quickly hanging on to him."Don't leave me," I say as he lays me down on the bed, probably thinking I'd go right back to sleep. I didn't want to, though. I was too sleepy and tired.

He hesitates but he lies down, next to me.

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"Wouldn't dream of it," he replies back. I briefly close my eyes, snuggling up to him.His hands rub my arm in a soothing motion as I hang on to him as tight as I can. One of my legs is thrown accross him while he holds it, rubbing it up to my waist and butt. I giggle and bury my head in between his neck and shoulder.

There was still tension in between us but that didn't mean that we couldn't have fun. He gently taps one of my ass cheeks. It makes me giggle genuinely.

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"Ha ha! Harder," I dare him. He gently squeezes it and hits it a bit harder, making me moan as I slightly laugh. The feel of his bare hand against my bare bottom excites me."Harder!" I say, still giggling. And all of a sudden, he grabs my dress so it doesn't get in the way, slides it up quite roughly, and smacks my ass cheek.

Hard. It made me shake the slightest bit an also pained me. Bad. I yelp and close my eyes tight, grabbing a fistful of his shirt. His cock had gotten hard—I could feel it pressing up against my leg. I gasped slightly as the pain begins to subside. Needless to say, I was crying badly. Not because of what he had done, but because of what happened earlier. I hear him sigh as he shifts so he's under me and I'm on top of him. I still have my head buried in between his neck and shoulder, holding on tightly to his shirt.

"Did I hit you too hard?" he asks, concerned. Mr. Brooke carefully caresses my hair, as though applying too much pressure will break me.

"I'm sorry," he silently whispers. "It's not that at all," I say, feeling all sentimental even though that WASN'T the real me. I don't know what was up with me. "Then what?" he asks, grabbing my chin in between his index and thumb so I'd look at him. Part of his face is shadowed because of the way the moonlight was hitting him. It only made him look better, thoughhis skin having a milky glow to it— which didn't make it any better on me. I bite my lower lip, wanting to spit it out already.

I couldn't. I couldn't tell him that I was extremely jealous of him being with his wife or doing her the way he does me. I just couldn't. I blink and sit up, getting off of him. "I just feel very upset. TTOM is about to hit," TTOM was short for 'That Time Of the Month.' He didn't like that. "TTOM who?" he asks, sitting up as well. I noticed the way his tone of voice changed when he heard the unfamiliar name. "Period," I say, without looking at him.

I pull my dress down once I'm off the bed, slowly slipping it down, off my dress, throwing it in the dirty hamper once I was done. I knew I was wearing my lacy, see through white thongs and I also knew that I had no bra on.

I only did this because I wanted to tease him. To make him want me more and more every time he thinks of me. I turn around and find him staring right at me, his eyes taking in my body, my flat stomach, the slender legs, the ample, perky, lush breast. "I think you should go," I whisper once I conclude he's seen enough. I walk towards the side of the bed furthest away from him and lay down on the bed. "Your wife is waiting," I look out the window with my back turned to him.

I didn't understand what I wanted. I didn't know what to do. But I did know that I lust for him and that I needed him. He doesn't go. Instead, he cuddles up to me and holds me by my stomach, not touching me sexually for a moment. "What if I don't want to?" he asks, softly whispering it in my ear. My hormones start to fire up.

I take a deep breath, trying hard no to think about it, trying hard to stop thinking about it. But it was kind of hard with his cock pressing up against my butt. "You should. She'll get worried," I say, not really wanting him to go at all. He kisses me along my neck, touching my stomach slightly with the tip of his fingers.

Mr. Brooke's touch was enticing. Whatever he touched was hot. I felt like hot lava was slowly seeping into my system. I had to ask myself why no other guy could have the same effect HE had on me. "You should go," I say again, more urgently. "I want to stay with you," he says, biting my skin lightly as his voice became softer, silky and seductive in tone.

My eyes close. I turn my ear towards his lips, my mouth slightly opening in the process. "Mmmm," I moan. He already knew how much I like it when he does those things to me: the light touching, the slow kissing, the soft whispers. "You won't do anything to me?" I ask, knowing the answer already. "I will do everything to you," he says, already seeking my lips by occasionally kissing my cheek, making a wet, passionate trail to my lips. I open my eyes and look at him—he stares right into them.

His hand is traveling down along my sharp curves as his other hand holds my stomach from under me. It's then that I feel his lips against mine. It's then that I feel that intense fire inside of me igniting into something uncontrollable. I genuinely moan, slightly grinding my body against his. His hand was now cupping my breast, his lips parting mine, his other free hand going into my panties, his cock pressing up against me.

My hand went back to hold the back of his head, keeping him close to me. Everything seemed to go so slow. Everything seemed to be so wonderful.

Everything was perfect. His tongue teased mine, gently pushing against it. Our slow kissing turned passionate, steamy, all in slow motion. Is all I wanted for now.

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Its what I felt more comfortable with. It was all I needed.