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Junge muschi pics
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Bud picked me up in his strong arms and carried me up to my room. With a deep deep his he told me that I had exceeded all of his dreams and that he knew he was falling in love. He told me to take a nice hot bath and slip into something comfortable and go to bed. "I will see you in the morning", he smiled, "I don't think either of us have the strength to do anything else tonight".


I drew a hot bath, soaked for half an hour, slipped into a skimpy nightgown and lay down on the bed. The next thing I knew it was morning and Bud was lying in bed next to me.

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I stretched lazily and could still feel the warmth and bliss of last nights activities. I had been so pleasured that it almost like a dream state that I did not want to end. Just wave after wave of a total body orgasm.

While I was half dreaming of the wonderful time I had, Bud stirred slightly. Bud likes to sleep in the nude and many times I can reach over and feel his large cock halfway or fully aroused.

This morning it was at full attention and I began wondering how good it would feel this morning. I reached over and gently put my hand around it then sat up, leaned over and licked the smooth helmut shaped head.

Bud moaned slightly but did not wake up. Emboldened slightly, I decided to give him a his before I did anything else. When my lips met his I knew the reason he was so sound asleep.

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Apparently the three men had been too tired last night to do anything else and must have spent some time drinking. I certainly had no problem with Bud or any of his associates or clients. Over the last few months, I had been given many very expensive gifts including diamonds, furs and even two very nice European sports cars.

This was all just so amazing to me. This lifestyle was still a blur for me. From being just a computer repair person to having more than I ever dreamed of was just unbelievable.

I never would have guessed that such a wonderful man would come into my life and change it so completely. Never would have thought that looking in the mirror would reveal a beautiful young woman in all ways except one, my 7 inch cock, or clit as Bud as calls it.

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It certainly seemed small in comparison to him and I seemed small next to his 6 foot something muscular frame. He could pick me up and carry me around so easily. I am certainly not complaining since I just love being in his arms and letting him take charge during love making.

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Bud has even mentioned that we would be doing some international travel to work with some of his clients and I would be accompanying him to 'help' as he said. He mentioned that they were all very rich and generous to people they liked. With my new identity and passport no one would question that I was a female. I decided to be a little extra naughty and see what I could get away with this morning.

Bud passed out on the bed with a raging hard on. "Hmm", I thought to myself, "I hope he is dreaming about me." With that I got up on my knees and swung my left leg over him so I was straddling his waist. Reaching behind me, I took his huge cock and guided it to my waiting ass. Slowly sitting back I felt the smooth head pushing against my tight love opening. Sitting back a little more I pushed back until I felt my passage way open and the head of his cock slide in.

I know Bud was passed out but suddenly he jerked his hips up and pushed his cock all the way in with one quick movement, impaling me on his huge shaft. I cried out and then quickly covered my mouth for fear of waking him. As I sat all the way down, he lowered his hips keeping the full length of his cock buried inside of me. I slowly began to move up and down his shaft, using it for my pleasure.


Bud moaned and bucked his hips a little but remained out. I was in heaven, I could fuck his hard shaft all morning until I collapsed and his cock would remain hard for me.

I continued moving up and down with his cock moving in and out until I felt the first wave of orgasm. I moved my hips back, burying his cock as deep as it would go while my body spasmed with pleasure.

After the wave of pleasure subsided a little, I resumed moving my hips up and down. Once again moving his cock in and out, in and out until not more than 2 minutes and I had a second orgasm that mad my whole body shake.

I do not know if it was the realization that I had control or what but my waves of pleasure were just spectacular. I just had to see if I could last for a third when suddenly Bud stirred. He was only half awake and his strong hands grabbed my hips as he lifted me slightly and began fucking me hard and furious.

I was whimpering and moaning as the pleasure grew for a third time and I knew I was about to cum hard for a third time when he pulled me down hard on his cock and I could feel his cock deeper in me than ever before. It began to spasm and jerk and then I could feel the hot liquid being pumped deep into me. I could not move. the pleasure was so intense and I did not want it to end. I screamed out in pleasure and lay back with him still deep inside me. To my surprise he did not start to soften and continued to stay hard after he had filled me with his cum.

He also had not awakened but did have a rather devilish smile on his face. As I gradually came down from the high of the orgasm, I knew I would need to get off his lap but the feeling of just being filled with is manhood kept me from getting up for probably another 5 minutes. I slowly raised my hips and felt the emptiness as the head of his cock came out of me with a soft popping sound.

I went into the bathroom to clean up and drew a hot bubble bath. Sinking down into the hot water I felt so relaxed and fulfilled.

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After soaking for a while I got out, once again admiring my new body, dried off and applied my makeup. I knew Mary would be waiting with breakfast and my morning shot so I hurriedly put on a pair of sheer pantyhose, a light short sundress and short 2 inch heels and headed downstairs. Bud was still passed out on the bed and I knew I would see him soon.

We were scheduled to see the travel agent for our overseas trip in a few weeks. Mary had breakfast ready and smiled when I entered the dining room. "You certainly had quite a night with those boys last night", she said.

"What do you think of Bud's little playroom?".

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"I get the feeling there is much more to that room that I have yet to see", I said. Mary smiled as she said, "My dear sweet thing, you have no idea what still awaits your discovery down there". With that, she had me bend over and I received another shot I'm my hip.

"Your body is developing so well. Your hips have become so nice and rounded, your skin is as soft as a baby's skin and your breasts look marvelous.

If I did not about that wonderful bulge in your panties, I would most certainly never believe you were ever a man", said Mary as she lightly pinched my right nipple through my flimsy bra.

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"Your nipples are so sensitive and I really love how hard and sexy they are right now as I see them through the top of your sundress. Umm, so sexy", Mary exclaimed with a wicked smile. I must admit that I did blush a bit and she told me how cute it was to see me turn a little red at her compliment.

After breakfast we spent more time on my voice lessons and other female mannerisms. Mary was very precise in making sure I did my Kegel exercises properly, as using these muscles would keep me very tight and had the added effect of enhancing a man's orgasm when I squeezed those muscles at the right time.

With my hips now filled out my ass wiggled as I walked without even thinking about it and with this flimsy bra and light dress, my breasts also swayed a little with each step. the feeling was intoxicating. It was about noon when Bud came down the stairs and we headed off to the travel office to book our overseas trip. it sounded exciting. We were going to Thailand, Japan, France and Great Britain. We would be leaving in about six weeks. On the way home, Bud told me he had some surprises for me on the trip.

He had some very interesting clients that he had told about me and they were quite anxious to meet me. "I will be leaving tomorrow for two weeks", he said, "and have left some instructions for Mary. Frank and Tom will probably be stopping by once or twice and I want you to know how important it is to us that they are kept very happy.

Mary will make sure you are OK as they can sometimes get a little carried away with passion and I do not want my little darling to get hurt." "My wonderful man", I said, "You know that I would do anything for you. rank and Tom are very sexy men and I will do my best to keep them satisfied.

Will we be using the playroom?" Bud laughed and told me we would. "There is much down there that will bring you great pleasure and I can assure you that they know how to use the devices that are there". With that said, Bud put his hand on my thigh and told me that he would miss me a great deal, but on his return he would have a little something for me.

About a week after Bud had gone, Mary came up to my room as I was getting ready for bed. "I need to take some measurements of your body so I can properly adjust the shots I am giving you.


You are so well filled out that I may cut back a little on the hormones", she explained. She put the tape measure around my breasts, under my breasts, around my waist and around my hips. "You have reached the perfect dimensions I was looking for", said Mary, "You are a perfect 38C bra size with a 25" waist and 37" hips. It is no wonder that everyone finds you so desirable." Then she gave me a hard deep kiss. Her tongue probing my open mouth as I sucked on it. She dropped to her knees and pulled my panties down and took my clit between her lips.

My legs almost gave out as she sucked hard on my clit and suddenly pushed two fingers into me. I had to grab onto the bed frame to stay up as her expert lips were wrapped around me and she began deep throating me while fucking me expertly with her fingers. It was all so unexpected that I could hardly control myself.

Within just a few minutes I began cumming very hard as she greedily sucked down every last drop. I collapsed back onto the bed as she quickly stood up and straightened her hair while licking her lips.

"You have become such a hot sexy female that I just could not resist", she explained, "I wanted to see for myself if you really tasted as good as all of your admirers claim. You certainly do my dear, but I need to let you know that this was an act of lust on my part and will not be regular thing. You are my pupil and my friend and when we have sex it will be me that initiates it." I nodded my head and told her how thankful I was for this.

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She told me that now that I had reached the proper proportions she could change the serum I was being injected with. "By the way", she sayd as she was leaving, "you know that I have always been a lesbian. Working with you and being with you has me re-thinking what I really like. You do have a fantastic 'clit' and the taste of your cum is wonderful'. With that she turned and shut the door. I fell asleep wondering when she would want to use me again. end of part 5