Tamil gays bathroom sex videos first time In high school Ryan Sharp

Tamil gays bathroom sex videos first time In high school  Ryan Sharp
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you have to read my best friend part 1 to actually get it.i love licking and i like getting blow jobs, i am just here to please other.

ENJOY We spent the rest of the week end in a routine that was, in the morning after breakfast I would eat her pussy then she would return the favor and in the afternoon we would watch a movie, which we could never finish because of our renewed sexual vigor causing us to have slow sex in synch with the movie then we would have dinner and head upstairs where we would go straight to the initial sex but at least three times before we (or I) quit from exhaustion, her sex drive was so high that she would never have enough no matter how many orgasms I gave her.

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My parents arrived on Monday after we had both departed from school since her parents had allowed her to go to school from my place assuming that my parents were at home the entire weekend. They were surprised, in a good way, that we were going out now (somewhere between the foreplay and the main event I asked her).

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They also didn't seem to think much of the fact that we spent the entire weekend alone considering the other issue where we nearly fucked each other to death. Anyway, one evening they invited Becky over for dinner to spend some time with me since that seemed like the only way they could get me to stay home, I had been sneaking off with Becky a lot to satisfy both our urges, we almost got caught by the janitor once when we were fucking in the gym after school.


The basic routine was, sneaking off together to have secret sex then spending the remainder of the day in school inoperable from each others arms. Anyway, at the dinner we managed to strike up a rather interesting, and lasting, conversation and before we knew it we had finished our dinner and my parents offered to play a board game with us which we gladly accepted, it was Becky and I against my parents it was a even game and soon we called it quits since it was getting late and I had to drop Becky of at her house because her father had not allowed her to stay the night even though it was Friday, probably because he held a grudge against her for barely telling him where she was during the weekend in which we had amazing sex.

So I drove her home, for the previous reason and I just wanted to be with her as the next reason. She seemed quiet and just when we were pulling in to her driveway she said that she had something to tell me and that I wouldn't like it. "Why? What´s it about?" I asked her pulling the car to a stop. "Well, you know my dad never liked the idea of us as friends?" she said, I could tell she was stalling whatever she was supposed to say "Yeah, but he never bothered us more than he had to, so spit it out" "Well he said that I was to break up with you tonight…that was the only reason I was allowed to come over tonight" she said this so suddenly that I was caught off guard "WAIT!

He let you come over so that you could break up with me? So you already agreed?!? We weren't at least going to talk?" I was so overcome that I wasn't aware of my tone. "…well…we…uhh…its not like I wanted to" "But you will anyway?" I argued "I thought this was more than that, I thought that our relationship was stronger than the warning of any parent" "I…just need to think" she seemed like she would break into tears This made me feel more guilty, that I had made her feel like this I mean its not her fault her dad hated me "I´m sorry, I didn't mean…" but by this time she was already out of the car and running to her front door.

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I decided against going after her since that would just make things worse and I didn't want that so I left and went home.

I spent the next week just moping around the house and just barely getting through school, all I could think about was that night in the car outside her house and how bad I made her feel.

I had to move on since I didn't want her to have to deal with me, especially after the choice she had been forced to make.

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I went out with one other girl and year my junior but the sex was dry and un-interesting, so I gave up and decided to find a different distraction, the next best thing, I bought BFBC2 (google it) and installed it on my computer then spent my days on it, surprisingly it gave me the distraction I needed but even that wasn't enough. I spent my night lying in bed replaying what happened between us and what I would do next. I had been so foolish, risking our entire friendship for a weekend of sex, or so I thought… The following day while I was on a euro server on bfbc2 I hear a knock on the door, my first thought was that my parents had forgotten something since they were both out at a function but then I remembered that they had a key and would know so I regrettably left the game and came downstairs at a slow pace, but the knocking became more intense my the second and when I finally reached the door it sounded like the person would get mauled by a bear if they didn't get in, in time.

When I opened the door a shape fell in on top of me, probably because they were still knocking when I opened the door, and I couldn't believe it, it was Becky my heart skipped two beats and my crotch area twitched from its long slumber ready to cream its counterpart.

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„uhh.what are you.?"i was stunned at her appearance since we hadn't spoken since that incident outside of her house. "I m sorry, I didn't know what to do, I was scared" she reason "but recently I haven't been able to like with my decision" "…"I was speechless, all I could do was stare into her greenish grey eyes and suddenly every thing lost its meaning and I just wanted to hold her in my arms and caress her breasts and taste her and be inside of her and at the same time just be with her.

"Say something please" she said in an unsure tone breaking the silence that had overcome us. "I…its okay, I understand, I didn't make it any easier on you anyway so…" my words were lost as she pushed me back onto the floor and pulled me into a kiss deeper than any we shared before, I was light headed.

When we finally broke apart we suddenly realized that the door was still opened so we quickly shut it before anyone saw us and went inside to talk about each other before we left, some how sex was the farthest thing yet closest thing at the same time in both our heads. I learnt that she had somehow convinced her dad to let her continue seeing me without being homeless, she wouldn't discuss how she did it, but I didn't pay much attention to it at all since I was just so happy to have her back.

I called my parents and asked them if Becky could spent the night and they were kinda shocked since I hadn't spoken about her in ages, but finally agreed when I told then in would explain it to them later. As soon as I hung up we went up stairs to relieve each other of the stress that we both had been feeling.

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I wanted to taste her and eat her pussy first and she agreed after a while since she had the same thing in mind for me but only involving my cock and her mouth. As horny as we where I couldn't help but stand back and admire her body, it hadn't changed a bit and if anything it had perfected itself.

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I began my kissing her neck and caressing her left nipple between my index and thumb while I worked my was down to her right breast and the second my tongue touched her nipple I let out a hissing moan followed my smaller quicker moans as I sucked her breasts and circled the nipple with my tongue, the feel of her skin was almost enough to make me cum right there but I managed to hold out. As I moved over to her left nipple my cock was diamond hard and poking into the bed as I paid due attention to her breasts before kissing my way down her mid section until my chin rubbed against her clitoris making her grab my head in both arms and push it down, burying me in her warm folds, she was so wet I could understand her impatience and didn't want to torture her any longer.


I took one last deep breath of her musky scent before licking the length of her labia slightly entering her pussy. My tongue then made contact with her clitoris and her legs tightened around my head and I went to work in a made up rhythm where I would switch between tongue fucking her and sucking her nub then the occasional brush against her rose but, and I dare say it the best rose bud in the entire world, almost unused I noted as I increased my pace. She gave a loud moan and somewhere in between the gibberish was the words "I M CUMMING, oh god oh god YESSSSSS" she said this so fast over and over again until her jaw locked and I was nearly drowned in her juices.

I began lapping it down to avoid drowning as I couldn't move my head, not that I was complaining, she tasted damn good!

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Then it was my turn and I came in record time, she had only started to deep throat me when I exploded in her mouth filling it and over flowing out the sides of her lips. When she was done she came up and kissed me on the lips while we both rubbed each other off.

"Intense" was the only word I could say and she relied with "bloody intense". Within a minute I was rock hard and ready for round two and she was waiting for me. I slowly eased my cock onto her well lubricated hole and inch by inch disappeared inside of her. When my entire shaft was buried in her I stared thrusting in and out slowing then increasing my pace as she gyrated her pussy against me.

We were both sweating and moaning loudly as we approached our orgasm. With the speed I was going at I was lucky to have come only minutes earlier so I could make this time last, my balls were slapping against her ass and I was on the verge of orgasm and I started to slow down so I wouldn't wear out before she came again and as I decreased my speed she looked directly into my eyes and pleaded with me to continue since she was so close and I gladly obliged and sped up again.

Only seconds latter her body tensed up and her legs wrapped around my back and pulled me in to her as deep as I could go, the sensation of her orgasm running all over my cock sent me over the edge and if her legs weren't locking me in place I would have fucked her harder than ever during this orgasm.

Our juices both mixed inside of her snatch and the feeling of my cum flowing into her wave after wave was just enough to give her another orgasm only seconds after the first. Only about ten minutes later just when we were both falling off to sleep in each others arms we heard my parents car pull up and we quickly got dressed and sprayed out bodies with deodorant since we reeked of sex and went down stairs to greet my parents like nothing had happened although both our feet could barely carry our own weight.

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