The army man dancing strip and gripping cheeks showing them huge cock

The army man dancing strip and gripping cheeks showing them huge cock
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The phone rang and Michael went to answer it. Silk relaxed as much as she could at that moment. She heard him speaking but could not really tell what he was saying. He sounded like it was a friendly conversation Silk noted however so she didn't worry too much.

She knew she deserved the punishment she was receiving but she felt at times Michael was being rather harsh. While she was never really hurt in anyway, Michael had pushed her limits this past week.

Finally Michael came back to where Silk hung. He didn't actually speak to her, but it was for her benefit all the same. "Slaves," Michael started, "While you two are out tonight with Sir Alec, this whore and I are going to Barons. He is having us over for dinner, so if you need me call my cell." Silk flinched at the new name he had started calling her. She hoped it was just part of her punishment but she didn't know.

He had never called her that before. Slave or slut was his usual word for his slaves. Sometimes he called them pet or little one but never whore.

She hoped that once the punishment was over he would stop using it. "Yes Master," The other two answered. Sir Alec was Michael's protégée of sorts. Michael was training him to become a Dom so as such, he was afforded the title of Sir with Michael's slaves. Silk wasn't sure she liked him very well as he was harsh in her eyes, but the other two seem to like him just fine.

Michael allowed him to take Syndee and Stacey out to the club tonight for some dancing as a reward for all three. Michael noticed Silk was lost in thought. He had thoughts of his own too. He hated having to punish Silk but it was the only way in their world and everyone knew it.

Michael decided that since there was nothing to be done about the way he felt, it was time for Silk to see the error of her ways some more. Michael walked over to where she hung and slapped her breast hard to get her attention. "Am I boring you whore?" He asked with a sadist grin. Silk jumped more from the pain then being startled, "No Master. I was thinking on how best to please you," She fibbed.

Michael looked in her eyes and knew differently. "Really, well we'll just see about that wont we?" He told her as he released her hands, "Kneel." Once her hands were free, she dropped smoothly to her knees and placed her hands behind her back as he had instructed her to do since her punishment started. She was to link her fingers together and push her chest out when kneeling. She rather liked the new position as it pleased Michael greatly.

Silk was correct as Michael really did like this new position. He was glad that Alec had brought it up to him so much so he tried it out on Silk first as part of her punishment. The way it caused her breasts to push forward was wonderful. It allowed for easy access to a slave's breasts for all sorts of fun. Michael pinched her nipples just to prove this point. This caused Silk to moan so Michael rewarded her with a ball gag.

He also made her kneel up and stay in this position. Next he took the flogger and teased her with it. Silk moaned around the gag each time the flogger struck her skin.

As she knelt there Sir Alec came in the room. "Greetings all," Alec greeted. "Hey Alec, what's up?" Michael responded back as he flogged Silk.

"Hello Sir Alec," both girls greeted.

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"Not much. What's new with you? Are you girls ready to have some fun tonight?" He asked. Both girls responded with a hearty yes Sir. Michael explained that he and Silk would be at Baron's for dinner and that if they needed anything, just call his cell. Then Michael told the other two that they better go get ready to go out. As they both ran off after a yes Master, Michael told Alec some important last minute details he might need to know about the club.

Soon Michael told Alec that he would be back in a little bit as he needed to get a shower and get ready to go also. Once he left the room Silk was at Alec's mercy. Alec walked up to where she knelt; laughing at the fear he knew she felt, he said, "So whore, we are all alone." As he spoke he removed the gag from her mouth. Next he pushed his thumb into her mouth and jerked her face up to look at him, "Look at me whore, I like to see the fear and contempt in your eyes. Guess what I want from you." Next he opened his fly and forced his cock into her mouth.

Silk put her all into it so that he would cum quick. She really didn't like him and resented even more that Michael allowed him free rein with her body. She wouldn't have minded anyone else but she didn't like Alec and she could tell he didn't like her either.

Alec could tell she was trying really hard to make him cum. He knew she didn't care much for him. That was fine the feeling was mutual. He felt she thought she was too good for him and so he made it his personal duty to show her she was nothing but a whore. He knew that soon her punishment would be over but until then he wanted her to know that he thought she was a whore no matter what her status in Michael's eyes.

As she sucked him off, he forced her too look at him. He loved to see the hatred in her eyes for him. Made him all the more hot for her. He hoped soon that Michael would let him fuck her lovely body. He really wanted her ass. He had something special in mind for her when he got that special treat. He would show her just what a whore she really was.

Soon he was close and instead of cumming in her mouth and allowing her to swallow; he pulled out and came all over her face and hair. Once he was done, he grabbed her by her hair and jerked her head back forcing her to look at him once more, "Whores don't get the privilege of swallowing their Sir's cum.

They get to wear it like a good whore," He told her as he wiped his cock on her face to clean it off, then letting go of her hair he ordered, "Down." Silk dropped her lower half to the floor as gracefully as she could. She turned her head toward the door as she did. She saw Michael come in the room in a towel and sighed with relief. Alec wasn't nearly as mean to her in Michael's presence. Michael saw the mess on Silk's face and hair, "Damn it whore.

Now look at you, you're a mess," He came up to where she was, grabbed the crop and swatted her ass a few times, "Get up and get a shower," He told her as he swatted her a few more times. Silk jumped up, glad to be free of Alec for the time being, she ran from the room after a yes Master. Into the bathroom she ran. She saw that Michael had left towels down and wondered if he planned her shower after all. As she showered she wondered what the plan was for tonight at Barons. It couldn't be a big party because it was too short notice and Michael had said dinner.

Silk hoped it would be a break from the last week. Every moment that she was not in school was punishment for her. Even some times while she was in school there was punishment. Silk was starting to get sore from it all and the lack of orgasm verses the stimulation was really getting to her.

Just cleaning herself was pure torture now, but to please Michael she cleaned herself anyway and controlled her orgasm. Finally she was done so she got out of the shower and dried off.

After wrapping the towel around her hair she walked back into the dungeon to find Michael and Alec. Michael was now dressed in leather pants and a silk button down shirt. Silk could smell his cologne from the door was as she awaited his next order. Damn he smelled like heaven. Michael noticed her when she enter but ignored her till he was done speaking to Alec. Finally he acknowledged her, "I've laid your clothes out on my bed.

Go put them on and come back here when you're ready," He told her and dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

Silk went to his bedroom and found clothing on the bed. It consisted of stockings, a garter belt, a very short skirt and a scrap of a top.

He had also included 3 inch heels for her to wear. Michael made her look like a whore out in public when he took her out now. Silk laughed at this because she really didn't mind. She knew she looked hot and that it made Michael proud no matter how he felt about her at this moment.

Silk finished dressing and noticed that the shirt was rather thin and since Michael didn't provide a bra, her nipples were visible. They were also hard from the continual stimulation and abuse they had received this last week. Just the shirt touching them was stimulating in their present state. Once dressed and ready to go, Silk went back to the dungeon and knelt at Michael's feet once more.

Sir Alec and the other two were leaving. Michael walked them out and then returned to the room. Silk was still kneeling where he left her. Michael often wondered over the last week as to what Silk was thinking about all this. He wanted to ask her but at the same time, he didn't want to hear her say she was unhappy. He had to punish her and caring about her feelings wasn't part of that. Finally he couldn't resist any more. "Kneel up and look at me Silk," He told her in a soft tone.

Silk did as he ordered, shocked at his tone and the use of her name. She looked in his eyes and saw love. Michael watched her eyes also and saw that she was fairing rather well. "Tell me, how are you at this point," He asked. Silk didn't really know what to say so she just said, "I'm okay Master, a little sore but okay." Michael watched her eyes and face to be sure of the truth.

He saw that she was honest so he glanced down and noticed her outfit and hard nipples. The outfit made her look very slutty. He liked the effect so he told her so, "You look so slutty in that outfit. I like the way your nipples stick out and show." Silk purred at the comment, "Thank you Master. I am glad I please you." She really purred out that last part. Michael liked the fact that no matter what she still wanted to please him. He knew that the punishment wasn't too hard if she still desired to please her Master.

He looked at his watch and saw it was time to go so he told her so. She stood up and as he walked away she followed. They went to the garage and Silk remembered that Michael had given the truck to Sir Alec to take because his car was only a two-seater. She wondered what they were going to take then she saw Michael grab the keys to his bike. As she climbed on behind him, she was glad it wasn't cold yet but hoped it would still be warm when they came home.

Michael handed her, her bike glasses as he raised the garage door. Then he started the bike and as they pulled out of the garage Silk saw the door shut again. As they rode through town Silk noticed people looking at them, being dressed as she was Silk was sure it was more her they looked at.

Soon they pulled up at the gates that led to Baron's housing development. The guard stepped out to find out who they were. Michael told him who he was where they were going and that Baron was expecting them. He also noticed that the guard was eyeing Silk so he turned and told her to lean back and give the man a show. Silk laughed and grabbed the back of the seat. She also arched her body so that she looked like a model for the bike like you see in the magazines.

The guys jaw dropped and as he opened the gates, he practically fell over himself trying to catch a last glimpse of Silk as they rode away. All too soon they pulled up in front of Baron's house.

Michael parked the bike, put their glasses away and then helped Silk off the bike. Once she was clear of the bike Michael brought her up close and pressed her against his chest. Silk felt the heat of his body through their clothes and it caused a reaction in her instantly. Michael could sense her reaction and gave a small laugh, "What's the matter little one?

Do I make you hot?" "More then you know Master," She told him with a voice more a moan. Michael knew if he grabbed her pussy that he would find her dripping but he also knew that it would make her cum and he felt this wouldn't be fair so he reached up and pinched her nipple, "Good I like you hot.

I like it when you want me," He told her then kissed her deeply. All too quickly his body was betraying him so he had to pull away. He wanted her also. He hadn't had her like he was used to since they started her punishment last week. He wanted to send everyone home and just spend hours making love to her. His body ached for hers, but she still had one more week of punishment and he had to see it through. He thought of it as punishment for himself also for letting things get to the point they had.

This helped ease his suffering some. Silk was confused when he stopped the kiss. She didn't understand why he would kiss her like that then just pull away. It worried her that he might not love her as he did before, however before she could think on it he pushed her toward the door.

The door was opened by Baron's male slave who was dressed as a woman. Silk was used to him/her at this point so she just greeted him/her like an old friend. The slave announced Michael and her. Baron and Dyna came to greet them and usher them into the living room. Michael took a seat on the couch. Silk knelt as his feet as Dyna did the same at Baron's feet. She also linked her hands behind her back even though she noticed that Dyna didn't.

The three of them spoke to each other as Silk listened. She wasn't sure if she should speak since she was under punishment. She didn't want to anger Michael as he seemed in a good mood tonight. As they talked Michael noticed Silk's hands behind her back, he hadn't meant for her to sit like that but since she did, he felt it best to let her as it showed that she took her punishment seriously.

He was proud that she took it so well. After a time he also noticed that she didn't speak either. He knew that she thought she wasn't allowed to unless addressed. Baron also noticed she didn't speak and finally he had to ask, "So slave, how is your punishment going?" Silk jumped at the words directed at her, "It's going good I guess. I am trying hard to follow all Master's rules. I think I'm doing well," She stuttered out. "Don't be afraid little one, I won't bite," Baron told her, "Unless you want me to that is." Silk smiled at him finally, "Sorry Sir, you startled me." They all laughed at this and Michael told her that she could relax her arms and place them on her thighs.

He also placed his hand on her shoulder and caressed her neck with his hand for a moment. Silk leaned into his touch. He smiled at her then continued. He knew it was a big tease for her. After that they all talked about various things. Soon dinner was ready and they were served in the living room. Silk and Dyna ate on the floor as was normal for slaves. While they ate Dyna and Silk talked back and forth about different things. Silk really liked Dyna and valued her friendship highly. She knew this also pleased Michael as Baron was one of Michael's closest friends.

The maid served wine with their dinner and soon Silk was feeling the warmth brought on by wine. Dyna seemed to feel it too as they both started to get giggly. Michael and Baron soon were laughing at the girls. Michael loved it when Silk got like this. He kept telling them jokes just to keep them laughing. As he watched them he knew that he was right in thinking Silk needed a break.

This was what they both needed. After dinner, Michael and Baron moved to the bar and Baron brought out a special bottle of Tequila that looked like a bong to Silk. There was a bottle inside the bottle that contained a darker liquid.

Baron explained that white part was Patron and the dark part was Mescal Tequila. He went on to tell them that you were supposed to pour both together but that you could also drink each separately. He began to pour himself and Michael shots. While he did this, Dyna got up and grabbed some Tequila Rose out of the freezer and two shot glasses. She sat down and poured Silk a shot then herself one also. They toasted to each other and proceeded to have a little picnic on the floor while the men drank at the bar.

After about four shots Silk noticed that Michael and Baron had consumed about half the bottle of Tequila. Silk wondered just how drunk Michael was at this point. She didn't have to wonder long as Michael; who was very much buzzed at this point, turned to watch her. She smiled up at him and he groaned out loud.

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The vixen, he thought was teasing him. Baron heard his groan and laughed. Michael turned away from Silk and explained that she still had that power over him, the power to turn him on with just a flirty smile.

Baron reassured him that it was normal when you where in love. After another two shots Michael knew he was to drunk to drive. Baron noticed too and told him to stay and take one of the guess rooms. Michael thought about arguing then looked at Silk and told Baron he would stay.

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He might risk his own life but he would not risk Silks'. Silk and Dyna were getting pretty drunk themselves and soon they were talking of things that interested them. Dyna mentioned she liked wrestling on TV and Silk told her that she loved it also.

Soon they were comparing their favorites and playfully arguing over who was the better wrestler and who had the best moves. Dyna stated that she liked to wrestle also but the Baron wasn't much for the sport. Silk told her that she had mostly brothers and since Michael liked wrestling also, she loved to get physical too. This brought them to a playful banter of challenging each other. Soon Michael and Baron joined in the conversation. Michael had been half listening to the girls anyway so when they started talking about wrestling he tuned in more.

Soon they were challenging each other and Michael had to laugh. What a sight it would be to see these two wrestling on the floor. "I'd like to see you two go at it," Michael interrupted their banter. "What do you say Baron, shall we have a slave wrestling match?" Baron had also picked up on their conversation, "Why not. I do like to see my pet get tough," he said with a laugh. Silk and Dyna looked at each other. Neither meant their banter for real but at the challenge of their Master's they couldn't let it go.

They both wanted to please. "Okay, I'm game if you are," Dyna told Silk. Silk looked at Michael and saw he really wanted her to do this. Looking down at her attire she asked, "Naked or clothed?" Baron laughed and Michael swallowed hard. If they wrestled naked, the men might loose it so they both said after looking at each other, "Clothed is fine." Dyna laughed knowing their thoughts. She could also tell they were both drunk. She looked at Silk hair and said, "Okay but first we need to braid our hair.

It would get in the way." Silk agreed and they both ran off to take care of their hair. Michael and Baron had a shot then decided to move stuff out of the way to open up the area the girls would wrestle in.

When they waited for the girls to return they had another shot and laughed about how funny this would be. They both knew the girls where drunk also.

Soon the girls came back.

Dyna had braided Silks hair into a long rope while Silk had returned the favor of a French braid out of Dyna's equally long hair.

Silk had removed her stockings and garter so they would not get ruined and they had also removed their heels and opted to do this barefoot. The men had set up themselves up so the girls had a corner to go to of sorts. Michael was by the bar. He motioned Silk over to him and they discussed strategy while Dyna and Baron did the same.

As an after thought Michael gave Silk a shot of patron and tequila. Silk looked up at him before taking the shot. "Drink it, you know what tequila does to you," He told her with a wicked grin. Baron saw Michael give Silk the shot, "Hey no fair. She gets strange when she has tequila." Michael stuck out his tongue at them and laughed. Baron had the maid come into call the match and he/she made a real spectacle out of it.

Michael and Baron had each told him/her what to say and it had both girls laughing so hard. "First in this corner, at 5 foot 6 and weighing in at 125 pounds, the challenger, Slave Silk of Master Michael's house, Cheerleader and slut extraordinaire," He/she said pointing to Silk. Silk jumped up and down and did a little cheer. "Next in this corner, at 5 foot 4 and weighing in at 110 pounds, the champion, Slave Dyna of Master Baron's House, Exotic Dancer and Alpha Slut to us," He/she said pointing next to Dyna.

Dyna did a little dance and gyration down Baron's body then sucked her finger like a sexy sucker. "Hey no fair teasing like that," Michael laughed. They all laughed and the maid finished calling the match, "This match is by pin fall and each girl knows the rules.

Now shake hands and let's get ready to rumble," He/she said in the exaggerated fashion that was true wrestling. Silk and Dyna shook hands and waited for the maid to clear the area. Michael banged his shot glass against the bottle to sound the bell and Silk grabbed Dyna and leg swept her to the floor. She followed her down and landed on top neatly straddling Dyna.

Dyna was caught off guard by Silk's sudden movement. Once Silk was straddling her, she lifted her legs and grabbed Silk. Next she flipped them both over and landed neatly on with Silk on her back. Silk forced her way up and tossed Dyna off. Dyna grabbed her legs and tried to roll her into a pin. Silk was too agile for that and avoided her. This back and forth went on for five minutes as Baron and Michael cheered them on.

Soon they saw that the girls were equally matched. Wrestling was hot work and the girls soon were panting. Calling a truce for a drink they called halt. The maid went to get them both a bottle of water while Dyna got another shot of Tequila Rose. Michael made Silk take another shot of the patron/tequila with him and Baron.

Once they had some water they went back to wrestling and soon it was clear that the shots Michael made Silk have were clearly affecting her. Finally she pinned Dyna in a small package. Dyna tapped and Silk rolled away toward Michael who was standing by this point. Silk wrapped her legs around him and flipped him to the ground. Next she took advantage and straddled his chest with her knees on his shoulders. Michael was first startled then laughing to hard to react in time to not get pinned.

After Silk landed on his chest and he finished laughing, he showed her who the boss was. He simply sat up in Undertaker fashion and then when Silk slid down his chest to the floor, landing on her back he pinned her in much the same fashion that she had pinned Dyna.

Then he pushed her knees to the floor and paddled her ass as it was sticking up. Finally Silk tapped and Michael let her up, but he didn't let go. Instead he pulled her into his lap. Dyna crawled over to where they sat and Baron grabbed the shot glasses and booze and joined them and they all shared a few more shots. They laughed over the match and talked some more while they sat on the floor. Dyna had crawled into Baron's lap and all seemed normal.

Michael almost hated to remember that Silk still had another week of punishment to go so he finally pushed it from his mind and enjoyed the evening. Baron had the maid turn on the radio and Silk begged him to turn it to a country station since they were too drunk to dance.

Baron allowed and soon they were all singing. Silk started and Dyna who liked to sing also joined in. Soon the men were singing too. They were also all laughing and having a good time. Baron and Michael had a few more shots but the girls begged off as they were too drunk. Finally the men having decided between them that they were smashed announced that it was time for bed.

Baron showed Michael and Silk to the guestroom while Dyna got towels, toiletries and some robes for their guests, which she placed in the private bath in the guestroom. Then Baron and Dyna bid them a good night. As Michael shut the door Baron added, "Go easy on her Pup. She needs love too." In a rare show of respect for his mentor Michael simply said, "Yes Sir," and with a nod of his head he shut the door.

Silk had heard what they both said but didn't comment. Michael stood at the door with his back to her for what seemed like minutes. Then he turned and Silk could see lust in his eyes but she wasn't sure what it meant. Suddenly Michael turned into a sleek cat, his moves graceful as he stalked her. Silk was standing near the bed but as Michael came near her, she backed up toward a window. Michael caught her arm as she backed away and pulled her to his chest.

Once close he kissed her deeply. When Michael came at her, she backed up. She wasn't scared of him; she was just stunned at the look in his eyes and his actions. When he caught her and pulled in for a kiss she melted. Michael continued to kiss her. His hands found the curve of her ass and he pulled her into him. He wanted to be closer, so close that they became one. When Silk broke the kiss he found her neck.

There he sucked, bit and kissed her till she was senseless. He pulled back and saw her hard nipple through her shirt so he dipped his head and nipped at them, then not liking the cloth in his way he pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor.

Once free he sucked first one nipple into his mouth and when she moaned in delight, he gave the other the same attention. Silk thrashed her head back and forth. Part of her wanted this immensely and part of her wanted to push him away. She knew if he didn't stop she would cum which was against the rules but she couldn't find the strength to stop him.

Michael was back at her neck and his hands were on her ass pressing her into his erection. As he ground her into him he sucked her neck. He knew she would lose it this way, but he couldn't stop himself.

Suddenly she pushed on his chest, "No Michael. Please stop, you'll make me cum." Michael pushed back, "Yes Silk," He told her as he claimed her mouth to keep her from talking back having decided he wanted her to cum.

The kiss stole her soul but she still fought him. She was so close and controlling it at this point was sheer madness. Michael turned them so his back was to the window. As he took a seat, he turned so her back was to him and pulled her onto his leather clad leg. He had already pulled up her skirt so her bare pussy was in direct contact with the leather.

Silk could feel the muscles in his leg and the heat from his body. Michael then pulled her head back to kiss her neck again while his hands found her breasts. He needed them and pinched on her nipples so she would squirm. Squirming caused her bare pussy to rub against his leg and the leather really added to the sensation. Silk tired to hold still but Michael wasn't playing fair.

He kissed her neck the way she loved which also caused her hips to move slightly. Still she wasn't giving in, so Michael reached down and unzipped her skirt. He was glad that he had chosen the ones that zipped from bottom to top. Easy access he thought at the time and he was now rewarded in his thinking as the skirt was free from her body.

Michael pulled it out from behind her and it joined her shirt on the floor.


Naked he tired harder. He leaned her back and kissed her once more. He wrapped one arm around her just under her breasts to hold her in place. As he did this his other hand found her wet pussy. He stroked three fingers down her lips.

Two pulled the lips apart and the middle found her clit. Silk started to struggle with him again as he stroked her.

"No veto slave," He hissed in her mouth. As Michael stroked her, she fought him and her orgasm harder. Please stop she begged in her mind. When he told her no veto she stopped all movement but still she fought the sensations and orgasm that was building in her.

Michael was proud that she was fighting it so well but since he wanted her to cum, to loose control, he kept up. Finally when she wouldn't cum he pushed her away and stood up. She turned to look at him as he stripped his shirt off. He had already removed his shoes hours ago so all that was left was his pants and under shorts. He made short work of these as he dropped them from his hips with the briefs, all in one smooth movement.

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Next he came at Silk and once again she backed away. This time he caught her near the table that was in the room. He caught her by her arms and turned her so that her back was to him again. As he pushed her toward the table, he pinned her arms behind her back and held them with one hand while he pressed her over the table.

As he lifted her leg to enter her Silk knew that she couldn't fight her orgasm this way said, "No please." "Yes," was all he said as he slid into her deeply. He thrust into her and Silk fought him still. Michael wouldn't be deterred and kept thrusting till finally Silk gave in. His thrusts hit her core. She thrashed her head back and forth fighting it sure he would stop any moment proving it was part of her punishment and all a big tease. When he didn't stop, she couldn't control it and finally she threw back her head and screamed with her orgasm.

It was long over due and the power of it shook her. Michael was shocked at the intensity of her orgasm but kept thrusting into her. When she came down he stopped and pulled out, "On the bed now," He growled. Silk thought she was in for it now. She ran to the bed and jumped on it. She was mad because he got the best of her. As he approached the bed she saw proof of her orgasm on his cock as he was soaked. Michael saw her eyes drop to his crotch and he looked down and saw what she saw.

Seeing it wet like that gave him an idea and he walked to the side of the bed. Snapping his fingers he said, "Suck me slave," as pointed to his cock.

Silk did as ordered and quickly sucked his hard member deep into her mouth. She gave him a mind blowing blowjob till he stopped her by pushing her away. "Lay down," He told her as he climbed on the bed. Silk did as ordered and lay back in the middle of the bed. Michael climbed over her and started kissing her again. This time she moaned into his mouth and Michael growled in response.

They lay like that kissing and caressing for minutes before the need to be one over came them once more. Shifting his hips, he found her wet center and entered her once more. Silk moaned in response and raked his back with her nails. This made Michael's head swim and he pressed deeper.

He began a slow rhythm till sheer need for more over took him. Getting up on his knees he grabbed her ankles and pressed them over her head. Next he thrust deep and hard into her at a fast pace. No longer being able to reach his back Silk found his thighs and raked them as she did his back.

Within moments she felt the urge to cum again. "Stop Master, please," She begged. Michael heard her pleas, "No Veto," He reminded her. Silk couldn't stop and so she came once more. She moaned in release thinking it wasn't as strong at the first but it was still intense. She also clawed Michaels's legs where she could reach him. Michael waited till she done before stopping then he let go of her legs. Lying down on up of her, he rolled them both over so that Silk was riding.

Clapping his hands together, he said, "Ride me slave now." Silk did as he ordered. Placing her hands on his chest she began to rub her middle against him in the way she knew he liked.

This also gave direct contact to her clit. Now that she had enjoyed the orgasms that only Michael could give she wanted more before he remembered her punishment and stopped her. Michael loved it when she rode him like that. He noticed something was missing however and it took minutes for his drunken mind to figure it out.

When she tossed her head back he realized that her hair was braided. He liked her to ride him with free hair so it would caress his thighs and balls. Grabbing her hips he stopped her movements. Silk thought he was going to stop her so she couldn't cum but instead he said, "Unbraid your hair." Silk did as he ordered and once her hair was free she tossed her head back and resumed riding.

Soon she was moving at a rapid rate and she could feel another orgasm coming. Michael also knew she was close but he still didn't care. He liked her when she enjoyed herself as much as he liked her when she submitted.

He also loved her hair and when she threw her head back, her hair slapped his balls lightly. This delighted him greatly. Michael allowed her another orgasm then decided to flip them over again so that Silk was on her back once more.

Now it was his turn to cum so he lifted up so he could thrust into her the way that best pleased him. Within minutes he was close but he couldn't go over the edge. Then he grabbed her hands in his, interlinking their fingers as he pressed them over her head. "Look at me Silk," He growled low. Silk looked at him briefly them started to close her eyes to concentrate on her own orgasm.

Michael growled again, "Look at me and don't look away." Silk opened her eyes and saw such intensity in Michael's eyes that she grasped.

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Michael was driving them both higher and higher and Silk felt sure when they came they would both shatter. Soon she found out. Michael was indeed driving them both higher and higher. Soon he crested the top and he felt Silk right with him as he exploded. It was so strong, so intense that he passed out but not before he said, "I love you Silk." When they came Silk was looking in Michael's eyes and knew the moment when he lost conscience.

She knew it before he fell on her like dead weight. She also heard him say he loved her. Silk lay there for a moment hoping he'd waken and move off her but when he didn't she realized the Tequila had gotten the best of him. Gathering her strength she pushed him over off her. He mumbled something about mine in his sleep and Silk smiled knowing it was she who the mine was meant for. Once he was off her, she turned over and got up off the bed to turn the lights off then she returned to bed and cuddled up to Michael for some much needed sleep.` They both slept very well, cuddled up all night.

About eight thirty Michael awoke and needed to piss so he got up and went to the bathroom. After he relieved himself he decided a shower was in order. While he showered last nights events came back to him and he mentally kicked himself for breaking his own rules. He thought to himself that he had made love to Silk like that and allowed her to cum out of selfishness.

He did it simply because he wanted to and his drunken mind would not tell him no. Once he was clean he got out and wrapped a towel around his middle and went to wake Silk. They needed to talk. Silk was awake and sitting up when he walked in the bedroom. She looked down when she saw him. Then she remembered the terms of her punishment and jumped up to give him a blowjob. Michael stopped her and sat on the edge of the bed, "No Silk.

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Not now, you are excused from that this morning. We need to talk," He told her, "Come kneel at my feet." Silk did as ordered. Once she was there she linked her arms behind her back and looked down. Michael was glad she obeyed. He half expected her to think things were all better now after last night. This made him all the more to blame so he told her, "Silk about last night. I was wrong to push you like that. I should have not done that. It was pure selfishness on my part." Silk looked up and said, "No Master it is my fault.

I should have controlled myself. I got selfish also." Michael admired her need to please by taking the blame on herself but he knew that he was more to blame then she was because he told her no veto. He simply didn't allow her to have any say in it whatsoever.

He told her this also and she tired to argue once more till he silenced her. Taking a deep breath, he knew what he had to do, "Silk since you want to take some of the blame I have a punishment in mind that will punish us both.

I feel its unfair to extend your time because I was to blame here also so I think this will work best," He paused and thought about changing his mind for a moment but then rational won out and he spoke again even thought it broke his heart, "On Tuesday when I have my late class, you will spend the evening with Alec.

You will be with him alone." Her heart hit her throat and she looked up at him, "No please Master not that. Extend my time however long you want but not that. Please don't' leave me alone with Alec," She begged. Michael hated it when she argued even thought he was happy to hear that she didn't want to be alone with Alec either, still he gave her an order and she hadn't properly address Alec.

Hooking his finger under her collar he pulled close, "That's Sir Alec whore. Also you don't argue with me," He told her then pulled her over his lap.

Silk didn't have time to think as she was pulled over Michael's lap. She knew what was coming but she didn't care.

She was mad that Michael would subject her to Alec alone. As Michael paddled her ass, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of letting him know it hurt.


She counted without thinking or caring. Michael could tell she didn't care that he was spanking her. After giving her twenty swats he pushed her off his lap and told her to get cleaned up and dressed. Silk jumped to do his bidding and while she was in the shower Michael went and retrieved her stockings, garter belt and shoes.

He was informed by the maid that Baron slept late on Sundays so he told the maid the he and Silk would be leaving and to tell Baron that they'd had an enjoyable evening and to give his thanks to them both. The maid agreed with a yes Sir. Michael went back to the room to find Silk dressing. He tossed the rest of her stuff to her then took a seat and waited. Once she was dressed he stood up and left the room expecting her to follow. Silk quickly got dressed. She could tell Michael was pissed but she didn't care.

When she was done he stood up and walked out of the room so she followed. As they walked to the front door Silk said goodbye to the maid. Once outside Michael got on the bike and waited for Silk to get on before starting it. He handed her, her bike glasses and put his own on. Once she was set and grabbed him around the middle he pulled out of the driveway.

They rode back to the house without a word and when they pulled in the driveway the door was already up. Michael pulled in and hit the door button on his bike. He parked the bike and helped Silk off. He started to walk away and then had a second thought so he turned and grabbed Silk up close and presses her against the wall, "No one is to know what happened last night," He told her in a low voice.

"Yes Master," She said. She looked so dejected that Michael couldn't resist kissing her again, so he did. Silk was surprised by the kiss but returned it with passion. Once again the kiss sucked at her very soul and she couldn't help but to press up against Michael.

When she pressed up against him, he was quickly aroused. As he explored her mouth, he also marveled at the power she had over him. Somehow his hands found there way under her skirt just as he heard the door open.

Quickly he ended the kiss and thanked his lucky stars that the door opened towards them. By the time Syndee looked around the door they were in the clear.

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"Thought we heard the bike but when you didn't come in we wondered," Syndee said then turned to yell back in the house, "It's them." She then went back in a shut the door. Michael looked at Silk and pressed his finger to his lips and then turned and went in the house. Silk followed. Once they were in the house Michael ordered Silk to get him some coffee. Silk did as ordered then brought it back to him where they all sat in the dinning room. Next she knelt at his feet and assumed the position.

Michael talked to the others about their night. It seemed they had a good time with very little mishap. Soon Alec asked about their night and Michael quickly explained it went well. He told of the wrestling match but left most everything else out. Alec asked why they stayed the night and Michael explained that he and Baron had gotten really drunk, too drunk to drive. Alec listened to Michael's version of their events last night but felt he had left something out. Silk looked different this morning, more in control of herself.

Alec knew he couldn't question Michael as that would be disrespectful but he was certain more had gone on then Michael was telling. Somehow he just knew that Silk had broken her punishment. Michael soon changed the subject and asked if anyone else was hungry. It seemed everyone was so he suggested breakfast.

He noticed that Silk hadn't answered. Nudging her between the legs with his foot he asked, "Don't you feel you have to answer slave?" Without looking up Silk responded, "I'm sorry Master I didn't realize you were speaking to me. Please forgive me." "Well then answer the question," He told her. "Yes, I am hungry Master," She told him. Satisfied with her answer Michael stood up and went to put on clean clothes. He also picked out Silk some clean clothes also.

This time it was a pair of short shorts and a mid drif t-shirt that would show the bottoms of her breasts very easily. Once he was dressed he took the clothes out to Silk and dropped them before her on the floor. "Strip and change whore," He told her when he dropped the clothing then he walked away into the kitchen.

Silk stood up and stripped off her clothes in front of everyone. Next she dressed. Once she was fully clothed she asked, "Master may I take my dirty clothes to the laundry room?" Michael told her yes and off she went.

Michael also noticed Alec watching Silk while she dressed. He wondered what Alec found so fascinating. Alec was indeed watching Silk as she changed. He noticed a few suck marks on her neck and body. This aided his suspicion that she had broken her punishment last night but he wondered why she didn't seem to be in anymore trouble. Michael seemed almost loving toward her as opposed to the last week in which he was hard and cold. Alec would have to ask Michael about this. Personally he still wanted to punish her but he knew that Michael had the final say as these were his slaves, especially Silk.

Silk came back upstairs and Michael got everyone ready to go. They went out the front door since his truck was parked in front of the house.

Michael ordered Stacey and Syndee into the back seat and Silk next to him. When he said this, he saw Alec frown. They all went and had breakfast. Once that was done they headed back to the house where once there the two girls took off for home to do their own things. Michael sent Silk to the living room to do her homework while he took Alec to the dungeon to talk.

Once they were alone Alec asked, "What's on your mind Michael?" "First why do I feel like you disapprove of the way I'm treating Silk today," Michael asked not pulling any punches.

Put on the spot Alec paused before speaking, "I'm probably out of line but you seem softer toward her today. I worry that she broke her punishment last night and I just want to know what's happening so I can act correctly." Michael looked at him, studying him wondering why Silk seemed almost fearful to spend an evening with him; finally he spoke again, "Yes you are out of line, boy." Michael knew the term boy hit Alec where it mattered as boy was his slave name, "First off, Silk didn't break her punishment last night.

Second off, how I act is of no concern to you nor is how I choose to treat my slave," He told him stressing the word my.

"Lastly you will proceed in the same manner as always. Got it?" Alec swallowed hard before speaking; the word boy had definitely set him in his place, "Yes Michael I got it. I'm sorry for questioning you. Forgive me." "No problem, just don't let it happen again," Michael told him coldly. They talked some more about Alec's night with the girls. Finally Michael got around to telling Alec of his plans for Tuesday night. He left out the part about this being a new punishment.

"Okay here's the plan for this week. Monday you can take a break, the girls don't usually come over on Monday's so they can catch up on stuff they missed over the weekend so I'm not planning anything special. Tuesday however I have my late class so I have decided to send Silk home. You are in charge of her till I get home around eleven. She is at your will totally to do as you please, within the limits," Michael told him trying to control his voice. Alec almost jumped for joy at Michael's words but managed to control himself, "Okay.

That's fine. Is there anything I can't do with her as far as a limit you are imposing?" He asked tasting success. Michael could see that Alec was very excited about this even thought he tried to hide it, "No not really. Only one rule, you better not hurt her. You will obey all the limits we have. If I find one mark on her that I feel is from you being too rough or any cuts I will strip your rank and give you the same punishment three fold. Am I understood?" "Yes Sir," Alec said with a gulp.

Michael dismissed him and then remembered something more, "Also Alec if you take her anally," Michael started hating to even say it because saying it gave Alec the idea and permission, "You will use lube. She's very tight and I will not have her torn up." Alex had started to leave then turned when Michael spoke, "Yes Sir," He said then turned to leave. As he walked by Silk laying on the floor in the living room he quietly told her with an evil sound in his voice, "See you Tuesday night whore.

You're all mine that night." Silk looked at him for a moment the remembered her place, "Yes Sir," she said coldly. Alec laughed at her as he left and his laugh caused Silk to shiver.