Boys fetish gay porn tube Marcus Mojo And Dylan Knight

Boys fetish gay porn tube Marcus Mojo And Dylan Knight
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Every year I go hiking during the summer time, sometimes really deep into the woods. Usually a three or four day hike in one direction just to view nature and the scenery.


Being a photographer, trying to get the best capture of mountain ranges and wildlife is one of my favorite hobbies.

But one year was special. The first day's hike was just as normal as it always is. Trails and such already show you where to go. During the later part of the day I took some great pictures of a little waterfall a stream had made in the side of a rock face.

The second day was just as calming as the first. Taking out the digital cam here and there taking pictures of anything and everything interesting. The third night was when things started to get strange. It was getting dark so I found a small clearing and made camp. It was very hot out; we were still stuck in a heat wave that was constant for about a week.

The familiar sound of wolves could be herd in the distance. Some cream corn was heated on the small fire that was made. I didn't need anything big; it was already hot enough out.

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After I ate I stomped out the fire and was ready to go to bed when I herd some sticks crackling nearby. I stopped and listened for any other sounds looking around. I thought that the food that was cooking might have attracted some animals so I went back over to the fire pit to get the pot.

When I turned back around to go to the tent there was a startling surprise. A wolf was staring at me. Right between me and the tent. I went to move to try to get around him slowly to get into the tent when my knife was, but every time I went to move he would growl.

And this wasn't any pup it was quite a large wolf. I looked around to see if there was anywhere to go. Behind me was a tree that I could climb but it was quite a distance.

I slowly turned making the wolf start walking closer. Noticing this I darted toward the tree. To my surprise I didn't even get half way there before the wolf leaped on top of me and forced me down. I thought I was done for and all I could think about was the wolf biting into me.

But as I lied there for a sec, face in the ground I noticed he didn't do anything. He just stood behind me. Not taking my chances I slowly started get onto my hands and knees and began creeping toward the tree when he got on top of me.

I was expecting him to bit down or something but he didn't. Another shock came over me when I quickly found out that he didn't get on my back to attack me, he got on my back to mount me! His paws gripped my sides and he began humping motions. I froze not knowing what to do. "Is this actually happing to me?" Was going though my mind.

I tried to move again but he growled and nipped at my neck. So I just stayed there. After a minute he dismounted me, obviously apparent that nothing was happening. I still held still unsure of what he was going to do. A little later at night I woke up in a sweat. I must have pulled the covers over me in my sleep and it being so hot out it was just too much.

But worst of all was how much I needed to take a piss. I had to have drunk a gallon of water hiking. I quickly ran outside, toward, the bushed and let it flow. After I was finished I went to return to the tent and there was the wolf again. He walked up to me slowly and sniffed about a little. Smelling his sent on me. He took some extra attention at my dick and licked.

It was a little unnerving. I was hoping he wouldn't bite it off or something. I soon realized that it felt good and before I knew it I was hard. He licked under my balls and hit my ass. He stopped and walked around me.

I looked at the tent thinking of making a run for it but it wouldn't do any good.

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Once he got behind me he started licking as my asshole. The feeling was a little good and feeling that he wasn't attending to hut me I went with the moment and spread my cheeks apart. After a minute I slowly crouched over a little to allow him better access and he jumped at me. He didn't hop on me just knocked me over. I knew he was eventually going to try and mount me again and without my pants on the horror of what he might be able to do finally started to sink in.

I slowly tried to crawl back to the tent. Ever inch he was slowly following licking deep into my ass sending shivers through me. I was only a bit further away from the tent when he eventually mounted me. The first thing I noticed was his fur on my back.

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It was so soft and warm. Next were painfully his paws, scratching at my sides. Together it was a very primordial experience. And the least thing I noticed was his thing, growing, getting ready for the moment. I continued to crawl but he wasn't allowing it anymore. A deep growl came from him making me stop in my tracks. I didn't know what to do then. I was stuck beneath him and his dick was almost ready. It was a lot bigger and I could feel it whacking around behind me.

Each thrust was painfully clear as his dick pocked around my ass, getting uneasily close to my asshole with each try. I tried to lower myself to keep him from getting so close but to my avail it obviously didn't work, it just helps him out. I felt him slightly pierce my ass, just to let both of us know that he finally hit his target.

And once he knew this he rammed his entire cock right in me. I yelled out, my screams echoing through the forest. He withdrew and rammed it again sending more screams through the woods. Before I knew it he tightened his grip on my sides and began thrusting harder, each time going deeper and deeper, loosing me up for the next deeper thrust. After a few minutes the total pain started to subside.

I still couldn't believe the pain but the other sensations that I was feeling were of total ecstasy. I eventually realized that I was enjoying the moment. Since I was now just another animal being fucked by an animal, like the bitch that I now was why shouldn't I enjoy it? It was starting to become an aphrodisiac like no other, sending me into the most sexual moment that I have ever been in, in my entire life.

Before I even realized what I was doing I was pushing my ass back to allow him even deeper access with each thrust. I wanted him to go deeper and deeper and couldn't get enough of him inside me. Applying a bit more pain was a bulge that slipped into my ass then, after a few thrusts, out again.

I realized this was his know when the second time he rammed it into me it barely fit making me scream out a little, but this time is a scream of pleasure. As he tried to withdraw again it stuck, locking him inside of me. Once he was firmly inside to stay he change his position a bit more and started ramming me senseless making me dig into the ground and clench the dirt below me. I then felt something to amazing my eyes almost rolled back into me head. He began filling me up with his seed.

Trying to impregnate me with every last drop of cum he was able to get into me. The warm feeling of his semen flowing through me, filling my insides, was of pure joy, an unspeakable emotion. After a few minutes of his constant pounding like mad he slowed down a bit and stopped.

His dick continued to pulse cum inside me. After a minute of lying on me he went to get off. My ass was already immensely sore form him so this hurt like hell. I knew what he was doing. I've seen dogs have sex before and saw that when the male's finished he gets off and turns. I didn't know if it was possible with a human or not but I wasn't going to upset a wolf by trying to keep him on top of me.

After he fully turned around so we were ass to ass the pain was over. So there I was, on the ground, in the dirt, in the middle of the woods, but naked, panting like hell, tied to a wolf after he just did me! It was quite an experience and my mind was still racing. I lowered my head in relief trying to catch my breath and noticed my raging hard on, begging to be released. So I grabbed a little bit of cum that was seeping out of my ass a bit and started masturbating.

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It didn't take much though. Only after a few seconds I cumed continuously until it felt as if I had no more to release myself with, truly the most amount I've ever spent before. It created a little puddle on the soil below me. I was glad it was hot out. Being completely naked could have been quite a chill. I wiggled around a bit a few times, feeling his knot firmly imbedded in my asshole, not wanting to let go. It was still amazed with the feel of it all.

After what seemed like forever, getting use to him inside me, he began to slip out. I could tell because the pressure was starting to release and some cum was leaking.

I wasn't quite ready for it when it popped out, pain surged through me but I was quite use to it by then. The wolf walked forward.

I tried to hold it in, but it was impossible. My ass mussels weren't quite working and some of it came gushing out.

I didn't move right away. I was all cramped so I just stayed there a few minutes longer feeling his seed flow down my legs. I looked around to see if the wolf was still around but he was gone, not knowing if that was a good or bad thing. I got up slowly trying to strengthen my legs, which were so very week. My ass cheeks we slippery and slickly slid against each other as I wiggled. I crouched down a bit and reached back to feel my asshole, trying to keep most of his cum inside me.

It was very sore but wide open. I hoped I was all right after that and that it was going to be fine by morning, but some how I knew it would be and didn't worry. So I went into the tent and plopped down onto the sleeping bad, a little too hard because a squirt of cum escaped me. So I lied there on my back, feeling my ass leaking as I relaxed, letting the fragrant smell of cum help me fall into a deep sleep.

=Chapter 2= I awoke in the morning and inhaled deeply.

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Smells filled the tent as I fluffed up the sheets. I realized when I tried to get up that the sheets were stuck to me, especially around my ass. The dried cum acted like glue. Once everything was put into a corner of the tent I sat back tried to get the dried up cum out of the hair on my ass and legs, which hurt like hell in some places. I gave up after a while and went outside. I stood there feeling the morning air on my bare and used body. After taking a long cum filled shit I went to grab my clothes off the branch I through them over, but they weren't there.

The branch was broke and on the ground. The wolf must have taken his scented possessions. I stood there for a while wondering what to do next. I put on my sneakers, which had to of look really stupid without clothes. I gave up worrying about it because there wasn't much I could do.

So I broke down my tent and got ready to go. Paranoid that I might run into someone, there was no chance in hell it would happen but I was still paranoid, the sheet was readily available. So I began my walk through the woods with nothing but my shoes on my feet and a pack on my back. I took my time going back toward home. Even though I was bare-naked there wasn't anything that was going to stop me from taking some pictures of some of the scenery.

Mosquitoes were a bit annoying but surprisingly not anymore than if I had clothes on. I found a large stream and figured it'd be an all right spot to pitch up tent since it was late in the afternoon. As the sun was setting I waded in the stream for a while, just relaxing. I heard a twig crack near the clearing where my tent was.

I was about to get out when I realized my current clothing problem. I looked near my tent and just watched for a little while. I was about to settle back against the rock I was leaning against when I noticed something moving. It eventually came out of the bushes into the clearing. It was the wolf. It had to have followed me the whole way. I slowly got out of the water and walked toward my tent. The wolf sniffing around my tent noticed me and backed up.

I got down low and tried to get the wolf to come over to me. A little bit scared it might bit me I did it anyways. It just looked at me a bit puzzled. Ready for a second time I got onto my hand and knees, brushing a few things aside. I just stayed there for a bit and looked up, as the wolf was getting closer. It stopped when I turned my head to look so I turned it back and stared at the ground.

I was about to look up again when I felt him stick that cold nose of his up my ass. It made me shiver a little. I was still wet and him doing that didn't help. It felt good in some many ways when I was rewarded with that hot piss of his flowing over my back again. My cock was already throbbing hard as the piss dripped off it. The wolf eventually hopped on and began thrusting.

With my ass already really wet he slid right in. Instead of screaming out like I did last time I tried to hold it in still letting out a load moan. It felt so much better this time. The pleasure is so much better the second time around. I tried to support myself with one hand and masturbate with the other. It wasn't too long before I cum all over the ground, splattering everywhere. Being relieved of my hard on was good because it let me focus on the time at hand.

I positioned both my hands so I could arch my back so he could get deeper than he had last time. His knot pushed inside of me. I almost lost my breath when it happened and had to stay focused or I would of ended up collapsing.

His seed filled me in gushes. Being fucked senseless by a wolf up the ass is a better experience than sex could ever had accomplished. I loved it and hoped it would never end but knew it eventually would.

I clenched my teeth as he turned on me and left up ties ass to ass again. After a while being tied for a while I heard growling and look behind me to see a huge wolf come out into the clearing. It was now dark so I couldn't see fully but it scared the fuck out of me. The wolf pulled out of me. He was soft but not fully ready to dismount somewhat ripping out of me. I watered up a bit with pain. I was surprised when the wolf mounted me again.

But it wasn't the same wolf. He was heavy as hell and massive in size, obviously a huge Alfa male. With the other wolf leaving my back door completely open his dick penetrated me easily, sliding right on it. I could already tell his member was much larger than the other wolf and it hadn't even begun to grow yet.

It did real quickly though, filling the space left over and stretching my ass more to fill his girth. I once again went into my state of pure ecstasy and went along with the ride.

I even tried to get him even deeper into me. I wanted more and more and bigger and bigger. After all bigger is most defiantly better.


Being much larger than the last one his knot still locked us firmly together. I didn't even know that my ass could fill up that much. It felt like I had a gallon of cum inside of me, and still filling my insides to new extremes. The wolf turned and as he softened up I tried to hold as much of him in but my asshole just wasn't responding. It felt like it was squirting out of me. Eventually and ever so gently he popped right out.

Gushes flowed out of me making rivers down my legs. As he ran off into the woods, the other wolf already being long gone, I crawled into my tent and collapsed as cum continued to flow out of me. It took all my strength just to zip the tent back up as I crashed asleep from a joyful exhaustion.