Blonde whore fucked in studio

Blonde whore fucked in studio
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Not content to simply watch, Peter grabbed Cassie. He was much gentler than Jason had been, kissing her lovingly while gently lowering her to the ground.

He spread her legs apart, and licked at her cum covered pussy. His teeth nibbled her clit, and his tongue played a little tune on the outer edge of her cunt. Cassie moaned with pleasure, grabbing his head with her legs and forcing him down on her. At around the same time Bruno began fucking Becca, Peter came up from his dive and positioned his cock at the entrance to her vagina. Her legs immediately clamped onto his ass and pulled him in hard. He sunk into her pussy, now dripping with the cum from Jason and her own fluids.

Her pussy walls contracted around his cock, attempting to milk the cum from his balls. But Peter was known for his stamina, and after 20 minutes of pounding her pussy with gusto, he showed no sign of slowing down.

Bruno was finally starting to tire, pounding into Becca with less gusto than before. His cum was pouring from her pussy like a faucet, staining the carpet. Then, he was finished. The mastiff's knot shrunk, and with a slight sucking noise, he plopped out and collapsed onto the carpet.

Becca moaned and lay down, her pussy gaping from rough bestiality. Apparently, seeing Becca's beautiful, bronzed, teen body lying prone on the floor, leaking cum, turned on Peter immensely. His cock grew even more inside Cassie's teen pussy. He grabbed her by the waist, and shoved in one last time. Realizing he was about to cum, she pulled his naked body against hers, and contracted her pussy muscles.

His sticky sperm spewed into her snatch, and flooded her already full womb. Panting, Peter plopped down onto the carpet, his dick shrinking. For a while they all just lay there, resting up and cracking jokes at the state of their bodies. Suddenly, Jason had an incredible idea. Leaping up, his massive dick swinging between his legs, he whispered something into Mike's ear.

Mike smiled, and told him that his idea would cost another $500 each, if Peter was willing to do it. Jason smiled and nodded, confident that everyone would love what he had in mind.

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He jumped on the bed, the springs creaking under his weight, and motioned for Cassie to join him. Eager to have another taste of that amazing cock, Cassie jumped up.

Jason took her waist and spun her around so that she was facing away from him, then gently set her down on top of his raised-from-the-dead cock. It took but a second for her to realize that he wasn't aiming for her pussy. Before she could react, he pushed the head of his cock into her tight ass.

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Cassie screamed. The pain in her ass was terrible. It felt as if she was sitting on a baseball bat, one that was trying to force itself into her. Jason murmured soothing words into her ear, calming her down, and relaxing her sphincter. Slowly but surely, the massive black shaft worked it's way up into her, inch by thick inch. Since her ass didn't have a pesky cervix, she got nearly the whole thing up into her, until his black pubic hair were tickling her ass cheeks.

Just when Cassie thought that she couldn't be any more full than she already was, Peter climbed up on top of her, positioning his newly resurrected cock at the entrance to her pussy. Cassie's eyes widened as Peter's cock slammed into her, rubbing Jason's through a thin layer of pussy flesh.

Now filled to the brim with cock, the boys began alternating their thrusts, one in all the way, the other nearly out. They kept this up for fifteen minutes, but meanwhile Mike and Becca were feeling a bit left out. Mike pushed her to the ground, spread her legs and began fucking her cum filled pussy. Cassie began to climax as the two boys fucked her silly.

Her sphincter contracted with her pussy, sending both of the boys into a glorious orgasm. Their cocks pumped the last remaining cum out of their bodies, flooding the 11 year old's colon and womb. Peter pulled out of her quickly and collapsed on the bed next to them. Cassie just lay on top of Jason, reveling his hard black muscles as his cock slowly pulled out of her. They just watched as Mike and Becca made love passionately, before he too came inside Becca's pussy.

Watching the cum leak out of their pussies', Cassie remarked that if they hadn't gotten pregnant after that fuck, they never would! The boys all smiled and wondered which one of them would have a baby growing in the 11 year old's belly in just a short time. "Well, thanks for the awesome fuck girls, but I'd better get home before my little sis notices Bruno's gone," Peter said, as he climbed down to pull his clothes back on.

Jason nodded his head. Mike cocked his head to the side in thought. "How old is your sister, Pete?" Peter pulled his pants up, flapping his semi erect cock. "Well, she'll be 9 this December. Why? What've you got in mind?" Mike smiled. "She's still a virgin, isn't she?" Realization dawned on Peter's face, and he grinned back.

They made plans for a massive orgy the next Friday.

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Peter would bring Jesse, his sister, for her first fucking, while Jason would collect all his friends that could pay to fuck Cassie and Becca. The day came, and Cassie and Becca were incredibly excited.

They had spent the last few days fucking Mike's brains out every chance they could get, but even so, they were still hornier than ever. They decided to have it in their parents room. The big bed would be a great place to fuck, and there was more floor space than in any of the other rooms. As they were setting up the room, the doorbell rang, and Mike practically ran to answer it.

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At the door was Peter and his sister, Jesse, a little waif of a girl with gorgeous blue eyes and blazing red hair, an exotic combination that added immensely to her attractiveness.

"Hi guys! You two can go upstairs and get ready, I'll just be a minute." Peter smiled and hugged Jesse close before walking up the stairs to the bedroom. But Jesse suddenly turned and spoke. "Am I going to get fucked today?" she asked innocently. Mike stared widemouthed at the little girl, but Peter just grinned. "Yes dear, now come upstairs so we can get you ready, okay?" She beamed with happiness as he led her by the arm. Mike shook his head and started towards them, but was interrupted by another ring on the bell.

He opened the door and was greeted by 6 of the biggest guys he had ever seen led by Jason. "We've come for the party!" He said, and in unison all of the guys cheered and slammed their fists together. Mike led the grinning troop up to the room. The girls had set up pillows in a circle in the middle of the room, just enough for each of them to have a seat. They all sat down, and Becca explained the game.

"This is going to be a modified truth or dare. All of the men get a turn in clockwise order, starting with Jason. There will only be dares, and the only ones that can do the dares are me, Cassie and Jesse.

Me and Cassie are forced to do the dares, but Jesse gets a chance to say no. Are we clear?" All of the boys nodded yes, eager to get started with the game. The first bunch of dares were simply getting the three girls out of their clothing, but when all three sat there naked and flushed with anticipation, the dares really started heating up.

"I dare Cassie to suck my cock until I cum," one of the boys said. He was a large kid, 6 foot 2, with a cock of around 9 inches in length. Cassie happily sucked her mouth around it, licking her way to an orgasm.

He came in her mouth with a roar, spurting sperm down her throat. Becca told the next guy to continue, and he ordered her to give him a titty job. She lay down on her back, rubbed some Vaseline between her tits and beckoned him over. He thrust his hard dick over and over between her breasts, until he came with a grunt, spurting hot cum all over her face. She licked the cum off her lips, and motioned for the next guy to state his dare. It was Jason. "I dare Jesse to fuck me." They all gasped, and looked to Jesse in shock.

But contrary to their thoughts, she had a look of incredible eagerness on her face.


"Fuck me big man!" She yelled, and they all laughed in relief. Lying down on the floor, her naked ass resting on the pillow, she spread her legs and fingered her pussy as Jason rubbed Vaseline all over his cock.

He walked over to her, his prick glistening, and put the massive head at the entrance to her pussy. Pushing forward slowly, it disappeared inside the little girl's pussy, but at just 3 inches in it met resistance.

"This is going to hurt, honey. Are you sure you want to go through with this?" She answered with one simple action. She wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled, breaking her hymen and shoving him 2 inches more into her little cunt.

She screamed, but kept him inside her.


His dick stretched the walls of her pussy to the limit. Eventually, the pain subsided, and pleasure spread through her crotch. Jason started thrusting into her, gently at first, gaining speed as time went on. She started moaning with pleasure, and wrapped her arms and legs around him in a tight hug.

He picked up her tiny nude body, stood up, and bounced her up and down on top of his cock, pounding into her cervix with every thrust.

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She was the tightest pussy he had ever had, probably due to her age, and he reached his breaking point even earlier than usual. "I'm gonna cum!" he grunted, and his balls clenched, sending a fountain of cum into her prepubescent womb. Jesse screamed, and hugged his warm body close to her, tickling her nipples as she climaxed for the very first time. They plopped to the ground amidst applause. Blushing wildly, Jesse stepped off of Jason's cock with pop, her pussy streaming with his cum. She bowed, and sat down back on her pillow.

It was Peter's turn this time, and he immediately wanted to fuck Jesse. All of the guys agreed that she was the one they would be daring on, so the group of nude teens abandoned the game and just settled down for some good old fashioned fucking. By the end, Cassie and Becca had been fucked 6 times each, twice with double penetration. Jesse was easily the reigning queen, and although she only had them fuck her pussy, she had been fucked at least 13 times. Her pussy was like a gaping hole of pure cum, and Cassie and Becca took turns lapping it up, much to the pleasure of the guys.

At the end, they all bid farewell, positive that they would be coming back, hoping that it would be soon. Mike shut the door and slumped to the ground with exhaustion. The two girls laid there heads on his shoulder and sighed. It was going to be a wonderful new life.

And thus ends my first story arc. Please leave comments and suggestions!