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Title: Alandra Naked in School - Thursday (29,883 words) Author: Tenyari Part: 4 Universe: Naked in School Keywords: NiS, exhib, voy, naked, ff, mf, Mf, viol Summary: School troublemaker Alandra Cabrera finds herself forced to attend school naked after she is drafted into a new sweeping social program. Copyright: May 22, 2004 - all rights reversed.

THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR ADULT READING ONLY This story is based around the Naked in School series. See the Monday chapter for information on finding previous episodes in the series.

Archived at: If you find this elsewhere, check above to get the most current version. Special author note: I mean it about the adult reading. If you are what your local area defines as a minor, get your punk ass out of here.

This story is a fantasy about teens, but it's NOT meant to be read by those of them who are under the age of consent. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I must've really tossed and turned when I slept last night. My sheets were on the floor, the vibrator had rolled off the bed and was by the door, and my favorite teddy bear was under my left foot.

I'd had him since I was three, he was missing an eye, I'd glued on a new mouth when I was in Kindergarten, and added a clip-on fastener to his back in middle school. An idea hit me, I took the little 'cartoon pussy cat' charm I'd bought and held it up to Teddy's missing eye. A little big, but it would sorta fit.

Getting a needle out of my desk I quickly sewed it in place, kissed it, and then clipped Teddy to my bag. Maybe later I'd sew a clip there, so I could take it off and 'wear Teddy's eye' on my pussy. That gave me a fit of giggles, and I heard Pa call out "You up Alandra?" "Yeah!" I yelled back. I yawned; fuck I was tired. There'd been a lot of shit to deal with yesterday.

I stretched and stepped out into the hallway. The twins weren't up yet, from the sounds of things, so I took a morning piss, brushed my teeth, and went into the kitchen. "Alandra." Pa began, then looking up from his morning coffee; "where are your clothes?" "Oh!" I hadn't even noticed I was nude.

Fuck it I figured, "I dunno, what's the point?" "Well you should consider putting something on." He said. "Take your pills Pa." I went over and kissed him on the forehead, got a bowl of cereal and sat down.

"You gonna put milk on that?" He asked. "Oh, yeah." I said, going to the fridge. He followed me with a look. "So how's this Program been for you?" He asked. I shrugged. "Fine enough. It's pretty wild shit." I said. "Don't swear hon." He gathered up the proper pills, I handed over a glass of water, then sat down with my milk. I counted them all out as he took them. "No trouble then?" "Nothing really. Just a lot of sex." I waited for a reaction. "They've got me fucking like a mad bunny." Still no reaction.

"I got fucked." I started counting off fingers, still no reaction. I poured the milk, spilling a little onto my tits. How rudely appropriate. I looked up, and just stared at him for a moment. Finally he put his cup down and said "Alandra you've been sexually active for, what, three years now? I'm well aware of what this Program does." "Yeah. well, you could try giving a.

never mind." I sighed and ate a little, looking down at my shaved cunt and wondering. "Hey, why'd you put me in that sex seminar anyway, if you think the Program is. well, whatever." "It seemed wise, you're gonna explore anyway, find your sexuality. Perhaps it'll give you some guidance, especially in light of the Program." He said.

"As if." I said. "She's just got us fu- having sex. We talk about it a little, but it's mostly just gett'n off in class." "Well, perhaps. It might develop more.

Give it patience." He said. I stood, my bowl finished. He looked up and focused in on my pussy. "Why ­did- you get that?" "I dunno." I said. "Just because." I briefly touched my clit ring. Put where it was, it left my clit exposed and on permanent display. If I didn't know better about Pa, it probably woulda made me nervous having him stare at it like that. "It seemed fun at the time." "You got it because you knew people would object, didn't you?" He said.

I didn't answer, so he said; "Alandra, you need to focus your energy ­ find a purpose for yourself. Rebellion is a good thing, but not if it doesn't go anywhere." Who was he to talk?

I put my bowl in the sink, and heard the door to the twin's room open. "Yeah well, I been thinking. Maybe that's a good thing about this Program, it's got me thinking on sh- stuff." "You still acting like some naked slut?" Rosa said from behind me. I caught her hand just before she was about to pinch my ass. "Shut up Rosa." I said. Then to Pa "We've got an appointment with Samantha tonight. Don't be late Pa." "What time?" "4:30, she's coming here." I said.

"Read the mail." I gave him the stack from yesterday. "It's on the calendar too." I pointed to the calendar we kept by the fridge. I started to leave for the bathroom, but Manuel came out.

"Damn Alani; you giving up clothes or what?" Hmm. Was I? "Fuck off Manuel" I said as I passed him. "She's such a bitch." I heard him say as I got to the shower. "Don't talk like that about your sister." Pa said. I showered, listening to the radio. They said it'd be a little warmer today, and then it was all music.

I sat on the edge of the tub and shaved off a little pubic stubble. Rosa came in as I was toweling off. I guess she figured I didn't need privacy anymore. "Hey Alani? What'd you think of Cindy?" She asked. "She seemed cool. You like her?" I asked with a grin. Rosa stopped cold for a second, half undressed for her own shower. "Ew! Not like that." "Hey you're the one who fucked her, not me." I said.

"Did not! She just sucked on my pussy. Manuel fucked her." she said. "Rosa. How do you think girls fuck each other?" I said as I walked away leaving her standing there.

In my room I clipped my dildo onto the waist chain. I put a leather belt into my bag though, for after school. I figured they'd call that clothing if I tried to wear it. I got a silly idea and put my sandy blond hair into two pig tails then otherwise naked and barefoot I grabbed my shoulder bag and walked out. I passed Rosa in the hall on my way out. She whispered to me "Does that make me a lezzie?" "No.

I don't think so." She looked relieved. "You like boys?" She nodded ­ she was 15, the same age I'd been when I had my virginity forced from me. "Consider it an experiment." I said, walking on. "But. I want her to do it again." she whispered to my back, before going into her and Manuel's room.

The place was too small for us to each have a room, so Pa sorted us out by age ­ the twins got stuck together. They never objected, even when they hit puberty, so it just kind of stayed that way. Personally I always thought it was a little too close to incest, but I also didn't want to give half my room to the little bitch next door.

Rosa was still naked when she went in from the shower, but that didn't stop Manuel from following her in to get dressed. Whatever ­ twins. On the other hand, I'd been showing my stuff all week anyway, so who was I to question it. "See you later Pa." I yelled from the doorway. He called something back but it met the door. A block down I looked to the end of the cul-de-sac, wondering who'd be coming out of that door. They'd probably wait for me here if they came out first, rather than our usual spot.

So I stood waiting. "Hey mamacita! Give me some of that loving!" some guy called out from a car as he passed by honking his horn. "Fuck off!" I yelled back, and they slowed down to a stop looking for trouble.

"You talking back to me bitch?" he called out. They looked maybe college age ­ two guys, probably students at the junior college across town.

I pulled my knife from my bag. "You wanna know what's it like to be a woman?" I called back. "Get out of that car and I'll kick your ass white boy!" "Hey come on Ray, it's not worth it. We're gonna be late." The guy in the passenger seat called over.

"Fuck that Jim. Damn naked bitches need to get what they got coming." He opened his door, but I heard the sound of a shotgun getting cocked behind me, and he stopped cold. "You punks get out of here!" some old lady called out, pointing her gun at the car. Shit, I could'a taken them, but I guess that put a stop to it.

They sped off. "Young lady, you should put something on." She called out to me. "I'm in the Pro-" but her door slammed shut on my words. Whatever lady. Thanks anyway. My gaze followed past her corner house, and at the end of the block I saw first May, and then Melinda step out of Melinda's house. They held hands as they came walking up.

When they got to me they were freshly showered, with matching ribbons in their hair. They were both naked, but May had a new t-shirt on. "She insisted" Melinda said, tugging on the shirt. "I gave her one of my crop tops." May shrugged and smiled at me. Their pussies were swollen and red. "You guys just finish fucking or what?" I said, looking down at them. May got weak in the knees, squirming down and sighing out "Yeah." Melinda just blushed, so that her cheeks and chest matched her cunt ­ which was redder than the light bush above it.

They split and each took me by one arm as we marched off towards school - three bottomless barefoot girls giggling down the sidewalk. "So.?" I asked. "Yeah?" May said. Melinda's hand strayed to my butt. "Are you fuck'n gonna tell me about it or what?" I said "May's an even better fuck than Rick." Melinda said.

Hmm. I looked over at May, who was beaming with pride and a sexual after glow. "May's fuck'd a lot more." "I know what I'm doing." May said, like she was telling you the time of day. "May's the best little mother-fucker I know." I said, causing Melinda to giggle. "Hey! I'll fuck a lot of people, but I don't fuck my mom!" May said, leaving us all in laughter.

Then she whispered in my ear; "You should try her out." Melinda whispered into my other ear; "I want you." I stopped ­blushing hard- causing them to stumble. "Slow down guys, too fast for me. I'm not ready to fuck another girl." Melinda looked disappointed, so I kissed her.

I'd meant it for the cheek, but the little bitch turned and got me lip locked. I was snared and helpless. Her tongue was in me, softly strolling through my mouth. Her lips were full, soft and sensual. May and Kevin were the only people I knew with fuller lips, but I doubt either of them could kiss like this. I felt my arms drop, and my knees go weak. Then she broke away and I gasped. "I'll say she's ready." May called out to Melinda's giggles.

No shit, they had me, I was just too scared to try. What if this shit ran in the family? I didn't want to be a lezzie. "Fuck me." I sighed, not meaning it literally. But I grabbed her head and pulled her to me, going for another one. We kissed again. It was pure bliss, I never imagined a kiss could be like that ­ guys always just sort of rampaged around in there like it was a fight then moved on.

Somebody put fingers in my cunt, and when my mind said 'hey, that's a girl doing that' I told it to fuck off.

But the hand left anyway, and I whimpered into the kiss, until it came back, traveling up my stomach soft and slow to cup my breast. Then a car horn honked, and I was back on the street looking around while May and Melinda giggled. "I was looking for pussy, but I guess you three'll do!" Kevin called out from inside his car.

What was he doing driving it anyway? Kevin almost never drove. "Yo Kev!" May called out, running around the car to claim shotgun. "A.C.?" He asked. "You. You gotta." I stammered out, pointing to Melinda. She walked over to the window, leaned in, took his face and kissed him. I had a straight on view of her ass and vulva sticking up and pointing back at me. What the heck, as I walked up to the car door I poked her in the pussy, giggled, and got in. "Hey!" she bumped her head up in the car.

"Ow!" She looked around with a grin, then got in and scooted me over. "Well good morning to you too." Kevin said to Melinda. "What's got you all fuck'd up A.C.?" He asked. I just shrugged as Melinda kept scooting me over till she was in the middle. She spread her legs so he'd see her pussy if he checked the mirror. Was I the only one who noticed how good she kissed? What the fuck was that about? "Hey Kev, what's up with the car?" I asked.

"Had to get some shit out of it last night after we split. Just wanna drop it back at school." He said. I wondered what that was about. We got to school pretty early. Kevin parked his car across the street; we stashed our knives in the usual spot. He had a few extra boxes in the trunk today, but I didn't ask about it. Melinda paused for a second, then took a skirt out of her bag and tossed it in with the rest of our stash. We shared a smoke off campus until the rest of the gang arrived, then made our way through the metal detectors, down the alley, and towards south gate.

Ricky Montico was there on the steps outside the entrance, with a crowd of boys around him. Boys? What was that about? I and my gang approached to figure out the deal. He was getting twenty questions, and more, on just why the girls kept coming to him to get him to make 'requests'.

"Well it's easy," I said; "Ricky's got magic hands." "What the fuck does that mean?" a younger looking boy asked ­ freshman most likely. Ricky was trying to explain how to touch a girl, how to get her going and wanting to come back for more.

The guys around him though, they just didn't seem to be getting it, most of them were getting distracted by the site of naked May, Melinda, and me ­ even though May still had Melinda's shirt on. "Hey Ricky, how about a demonstration?" I said as I kicked his legs apart and sat between them. I tossed my bag to May, stuck my tongue out at Melinda ­ why did I do that? - and leaned back into Ricky. I took my legs, spread them, and dropped them up over and around Ricky's.

"Morning A.C. Gentleman, pay attention." Ricky began. Guys always had to act like they were putting on a show. He went to work on me.

Ricky started by brushing up my arms. "We've got time right?" He asked. "Ten, fifteen minutes." May said, standing to the side. Ricky brushed me softly, moved up to my cheeks, and down to my neck ­ petting me like a favored pussy cat.

"Meow." I called out before giggling. "Fuck man, do her cunt." Some boy called out. I glared at him. "Watch and learn." Melinda said. "But he's supposed to get her off." The boy said. She just rolled her eyes, some guys were hopeless. "Shut up Jay." A boy next to him said.

Ricky massaged my neck and then moved slowly down. He brushed my sides, skipping my breasts to come in at my belly and move up. I closed my eyes as he cupped my breasts. I heard Melinda sigh ­ right then, she wanted to be me. Well I got here first, so 'nyah'. Funny how someone like Ricky can do that. He ran circles around my breasts, slowly moving in, then away before he got too close. "Oh Ricky, get on with it will you?" I begged, not really wanting him to listen to me.

He continued for another minute or more, before moving in. He ran another few circles around my areola before deciding my nipples needed pampering. "Oooh!" I gasped out, when he'd finally gone for the kill with a gentle squeeze. He was giving some kind of speech "Notice, gentlemen, how I waited till she was 'just right' before." Some sort of bullshit like that, with his 'gentlemen' thing.

Ricky may be a natural, but he was still a stupid kid with an overgrown idea of himself. "Oh shut up already." I said in a whisper. Truth is his dumb speech was probably doing me and every other girl in this school a favor. If even one of these guys got it, things might be a lot better around here. His hands left my breasts and I gave a pleading sigh as they moved up to my neck, then down my sides.

He came in around my belly, and ran a circle over my navel before traveling down. Then the little bastard skipped where he belonged and went for the insides of my thighs.

"You little fuck." I said in a low growl. "Hey man, she wants it already." The boy from before said. "Shut the fuck up Jay." His friend said. Yeah Jay, shut up ­ what do you know? If I could have spread my legs more I would have. He moved up my inner thighs and around my pubic mound, but kept clear of the target. I was raining puddles on the front of his jeans, or at least, with my eyes shut I knew I sure had to be. "You see gentlemen, a girl makes love with her mind, not her body ­ you have to build her up." Ricky said.

How right he was I thought, at least for me. But this was hardly love. That was when he finally went in. I gasped, and my eyes popped open as he ran a finger up my slit. One tiny finger, one brush, and it set me on fire from the anticipation. I saw Melinda with her eyes locked on my cunt, along with a pack of boys I didn't know.

My crew wasn't there ­ they'd given me space. Rick and Rubin were by the bins, but I didn't see anyone else. I thought I heard May grunt from somewhere behind Melinda, which wouldn't surprise me. I closed my eyes again. He waited a full second ­ have you ever noticed how long a second really is? ­ before touching me again.

Both hands, running up and down my slit a few times, then one down below cupping me as the other brushed through my clit and tugged on the ring.

"I can't believe how smooth you are A.C." He said as he gently spread my labia apart. "I touched it up this morning." I said as he brushed along the inside. "Heh. I bet she's not a natural blond." Jay said. I wondered if I should put a face to that voice, so I'd know whose ass to kick later on. He's was probably a freshman though, maybe he'd learn something if I gave him a little slack. "Jay." the same kid as before began. "Yeah Jay, shut up." I finished.

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Shaking my hair I added "It's all real." People often thought it was fake, cause I was so tanned. If not for my hair they'd all think I was Arab and not Spanish ­ a Spanish beauty was how Pa put it once, when he was trying to make me feel good about not being like the other girls in kindergarten. Ricky's fingers were in me then out again. "Hey." I muttered. He went in again, with one more finger. This time he didn't come out, rather he started up a pumping rhythm broken every now and then by his other hand on my clit.

A moment of that and then he took his hands out and cupped my mound, tugging it around in circles before penetrating again. Ricky kept up an irregular pattern. Thanks to the Program I'd seen enough guys jack off to know they usually just found something and kept at it till they came, but Ricky varied when he did me ­ seeming to guess just what my body needed at any one moment.

When I got really hot and heavy I started to buck back on his hand, and he took that as a sign to pick up the speed and strength of the three fingers in me. I remembered something from yesterday morning, were he'd rammed his fingers into a freshman girl so hard it almost looked like he was hitting her.

But it's a whole different thing when you're building up to your peak, and that's where we were. I screamed out, gasped, and rocked my hips wildly as he brought me up, held me there, and then sent me over.

Then he was running his hands along my side, over my chest, down my breasts, and finally hugging me over my belly. He rocked gently side to side as I regained my breath and slowly opened my eyes. I looked at a crowd of boys, all of them clearly in need of some kind of relief. "That boys, is how you make a girl cum." I said, getting up, turning around and bending at the waist to give a Ricky a thankful kiss on the lips.

"My pleasure." Ricky said. I knew he was hard, but he didn't ask for anything. "Need help with this?" I asked, rubbing the front of his jeans. "Can I?" Melinda said from behind me as she put a hand on my ass.

I looked back and thought about it. "Sure." I said and then turned back to Ricky, "if it's ok with you?" He just smiled and shrugged.

I moved out of the way as she got in my space. Melinda unzipped him, and together they managed to get his jeans down. She turned to face the crowd as she sat down upon him ­ going straight for the kill and not spending any time on foreplay. The bell would ring soon, and there really wasn't a moment to lose. She looked at me with an odd look in her eyes, as if she wanted something.

"A.C.?" She asked. I didn't understand, so I just said "I gotta find May." I left her there, hearing behind me the sounds of sex. May wasn't far, only the other end of the steps where she was sitting on the step-post at the end of the cement railing with her hands behind her holding her up as she leaned back.

There was a senior I knew as Tom. something or other, in front of her. He was one of the boys in the Program this week; I hadn't given those boys much attention, and barely knew who they were. But there he was ­ holding her legs up around him as he rammed his cock into her to a small audience of mostly boys.

It figures I guess ­ with May around, this whole scene took on a different nature, though I guess I started it today.

May was blinking and gasping in time to his thrusts, making little 'o's with her mouth. I'm sure it was really getting the guys going ­ a few of them were even going at it by themselves.

If I'd stayed there, I would have been a target to their 'RR's, so I looked around for the rest of the gang. Kevin and Marcy were out by the fence across the alley, keeping an eye on the scene. Rick and Rubin must've been lost in the bins still; hassling somebody.

"Damn A.C., what the fuck's that all about?" Marcy asked. "You'll see when you get picked." I said. "I need a smoke. Ricky's got damn good hands." Kevin looked off to the gate. "No time." He said.

"Yeah, well fuck, guess I'll get by." I saw Cindy come up, dressed in a long brown and yellow stripped frilly skirt with a matching yellow blouse.

"Hey!" I called out as she started to pass. She looked over, smiled, and walked up to me with a morning hug. "Where's Manuel and Rosa?" she asked, looking around. "Fuck if I know." I said. "I left early." She opened her bag, showing me a bikini. "I did what you said, my mom made me, but I managed to talk her down to this." I laughed at the outfit, it was a pretty nice thong affair ­ it was just funny that this is what amounted to well dressed.

"Well, you only gotta wear it if you wanna." I said. "Better strip, bell's gonna ring soon." Then to Kevin "Check her out, not bad." Kevin watched, as did I, while she pulled away the blouse, handed it to me, than dropped the skirt.

She was naked and barefoot underneath. I gave her blouse back, and she bounced off to drop it all in the bin. When she came back she said; "It's a hand-me-down. If those jerks take it it'll be on my mom." "Hey." I said, seeing the twins come up the alley. I pointed them out and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before running off. "Yeah I'd fuck her.

She got a thing for Manuel?" Kevin asked. "I dunno, I'm not sure which one of them she's got a thing for." I said. "Ew." Marcy said. She let out a long breath and looked around before saying "What the fuck? What's with all this lezzie shit? Program's messing shit up." "I don't know Marcy." I thought about Melinda and her kisses. "I don't fucking know." The bell rang and we started in. I saw Rick and Rubin come out of a crowd near the bins.

They waved as they went in. Melinda showed up out of nowhere. "How was Ricky?" I asked. She looked like she was about to cry, shook her head, then grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss. I tried to pull back, seeing people stop to look. "Hey." I started, but she had me the moment we made contact. I melted again as her tongue made love to my lips. "What the." I began dizzily when she let me loose. She had a teary smile on her face as she said; "See you in gym." She poked a finger in me below, licked it, and ran off.S "A.C.?" I heard May say nervously to my left.

She looked freshly fucked. "Something's up." We walked together towards Study, ignoring a few boys who asked to stop us for an 'RR.' I heard Kevin tell one of them they'd missed their chance outside, but he left to make his own way to class.

I pulled May into a restroom just before class. "You need to wash up." I said. "You too." She said, pointing down to my crotch. We cleaned off without saying much, then left. When I asked why Melinda was sad May just looked at me and shook her head. In study Rubin and Fatima were already there. We joined them. Fatima looked very different ­ she had jeans and a t-shirt like yesterday, but for her head she'd gone down to a bandana tied over her hair, which was long, black, and flowing out behind.

"Wow!" May said. "You've got lovely hair." It went well with Fatima's dark skin ­ she was darker than Kevin. "Hey." I said. "How'd it go last night?" "Father was very angry to learn about my friends." She said.

"But uncle said he trusted you." Well her uncle was a fool. "He said we had to accept those who accepted us ­ even if they were different." "Yeah well, I guess that makes sense." Rubin said. Don came in and took roll. He had two extra cups of coffee, which he dropped on my desk. "Thanks Mr. Jackson." I said, passing one over to May. "I was thinking about the other day. Nice pig tails." He said. May scooted down in her desk and spread her legs ­ to give him a good view.

Some kind of reward I guess. We kept talking. A few of the other kids had groups of their own, but about half of them just sat through study trying to find something to do. Halfway through the period May leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I think Melinda likes you." What? "Yeah well, I like her too." I said. "No. That's not what I mean." She said back, keeping her voice real quite. She sighed, then said "But I think.

I, well, I think I like her." Oh shit. "Yeah well, like, it'll figure itself out." I said. "What about you?" She asked. "Um. May, it's just, well. You know. I'm just not like that May." Even if I could deal with other girls, even if I did try sex with them, I'm just not sure I could really get into one.

May sat there for a bit thinking, so I said; "May, we hardly know her. She's fun yeah, and maybe you think she's a good fuck. But, well ­ you're both new to this." "Yeah." She said after a minute. "We were lezzie virgins." Were, that was the key word there. May was on something new, just as she was spinning out of control with sex. It wasn't the best time for all this. For the rest of the class I had visions of May and Melinda fucking all night long stuck in my head. I found myself absent mindedly stroking away with the dildo.

Just before bell, Rubin called out "Smells like fuck'n pussy around here. You guys are driving me fuck'n nuts." Fatima just looked confused, not quite getting what was going on. "See you at lunch?" I asked her as we left. "Ok." She said; seemingly glad to have people to be around. I walked through the halls after study on my way to spook class. Civics, the class that was driving me nuts with all the shit I was learning. I wondered for a second; if I'd taken that my freshman year would I have been a different kind of student ­ more like those college track kids?

I wasn't stupid after all; I just didn't give a shit. This place had always felt like a waste of my time. I saw a boy ahead of me who was in the Program getting inspected. Two girls had him in the position and one of them was fondling his goods. He was pretty hard and looked proud of himself. As I passed them I leaned over and whispered to the second girl "Give it a taste." Her eyes got big, then feral.

"Oh shit yeah!" I heard behind me from the boy. I giggled as I moved on. "Hey Alandra!" It was Calvin, I finally remembered his name.

I turned to say hi. At the beginning of the week this punk had really ticked me off. Now he was clean, polite, and seemed to have picked up a girl. The same one from yesterday, only her outfit was even wilder than before. It consisted of stockings, low heels, and a shelf top corset - leaving her breasts and waist bare. Her pussy was shaved like mine. "Hey you two." I looked to the girl "Love the outfit ­ real sexy. Did you try my idea?" I asked. "Yeah. Calvin and Paul came over and we all had a blast." She said.

"Her pussy is so beautiful." Calvin said; putting a finger right into her like it was the most normal thing to.

These days, it almost was. "Hal and I shaved it for her." "Oooo. it felt so good." She said squirming down, pulling Calvin's finger out of her. "Hey I never got your name?" I asked her.

"Sandy, like your hair." She said. "I can't wait till my week in the Program!" "It looks like you're almost there already." I said. "They don't mind?" I asked. She shrugged. "I'll keep pushing it till they push back. 'sides; I got panties and a bra in my bag, in case they make me change. Or I'll just strip." "My kinda girl." I said, giving her a hug. "I'll see you kids later." Those two would'a been virgins till they were twenty or more if not for this Program.

She giggled, but Calvin said "Kids? We're fifteen." "Why's everybody call her a bitch anyway?" I heard Sandy say as I walked away. I turned around and called back "People get what they expect!" When I turned back around I saw Mr. Harrison standing in the hall, watching me. Something was different about his look today ­ like he was checking me out. I sashayed my hips past him, stuck out my tongue then looked down and said "Yo Mr.

H, how's it hanging?" He just shook his head and turned to go. I thought I saw a bulge in his trousers, and I remembered something from my reading last night as I wondered how long it might be before he got a naked secretary. One with extra duties. I guess that's how the world was going. I let a boy feel my tits for a minute then stepped into Civics class. About half the kids were there.

Kevin gave me a nod as I went up to the front. "You still need me up here?" I asked. "Yes, that would be nice Ms. Cabrera." She said. She looked to the dildo for a moment.

"It's dry today." I said with a light giggle. "I'm sorry about yesterday." She said in a whisper once I was up on her desk. As the rest of the class filed in I saw Max. He gave me the once over before sitting next to Kevin. I heard him say "That May's one fine fuck." as he gestured rudely with his right hand. "Mrs. Jacobs?" I asked, getting her to turn towards me. In a flash Kevin slapped Max from behind his head ­ hard.

"Ow! What the fuck?" Max called out. "We told you to leave her alone." Kevin said. Mrs. Jacobs turned around to look, but only saw Max rubbing the back of his head. Everyone else was eyes forward. She turned back to me, rolling her eyes.

"I don't suppose you had a question?" She asked. I shrugged. She looked over to a stack of papers, and I drew a finger across my throat as I stared hard at Max. If May couldn't control herself, we'd do it for her as best we could. "So did everyone do the reading?" Mrs. Jacobs asked. Most of the class nodded, said yeah, or whatever. "Good, then let's begin." She used a pointer to get me to spread my legs then told the class there might come a day when all the women might face dress codes like this at work.

"If you'll recall from the reading, many public service jobs are requiring female employees to 'show some skin' under the guise of 'professional appearances' and 'creating a friendly customer environment'.

I imagine you've all been to the mall lately?" "Yeah, it's like hella wild these days." A boy in the back said. "I saw a woman dressed in a jacket with a tear-drop open bust and no bottom, only stockings on her legs and high heels." One of the girls said. "I could never dress like that." "Well, what about this?" Mrs. Jacobs said, pointing her chalk pointer right at my crotch.

"The Program will make you wear a lot less." "Yeah, but she looked more naked than nude." The girl said. "It made you look." We talked about the new fashions and the new spin on the law. Mrs. Jacobs noted that fashion had long had two goals ­ make you look ready for work or ready to fuck. She didn't exactly say it like that, but that's what it boiled down to.

With women going nude, fashion had to find a purpose or die. So it was changing to draw you in even more, as well as make you look ready to fuck at work. "How does that go with the school dress code?" I asked. "We can be nude, or we can be clothed, but how wild of fashions can we wear?" "Like this?" She said, picking up my dildo. She ran it along my slit for a second before putting it down.

"This obviously has only one purpose." "Yeah, but I was thinking more like actual clothes, like that lady at the mall. There's a few girls dressing like that at school now too." I said.

In my freshman year they'd let you wear most street clothes, but a skirt too high or a shirt too low might've got you sent home. Last year they started stripping some of us, but it wasn't till this year that we started seeing the wild stuff.

"That's a good question." Mrs. Jacobs said. We talked for a bit about wearing stuff like lingerie to school, or maybe a bathing suit, or just bottomless like May did off campus. Some kids thought it was worse than being nude, others didn't see why anyone would care with someone like me running around in my birthday suit.

Eventually Mrs. Jacobs noted that someday, even she might have to go nude. "Several of my teachers already are." I said. "But they don't have to yet, and the men can't." She said "Except for some PE classes." Then she tried to shift it over to sex.

"On Monday I said 'Free love is the law of the land now', but it's not exactly that is it?" She held up last night's reading. "It's more like sex has been accepted into the economy." I said. "Sex has always driven the economy." She said. "But I know what you meant." She took the dildo and placed it at the entrance to my vagina. "Is it ok?" She asked, "If I use you to demonstrate something?" "Sure." I said; just don't get me off I mentally added.

What with the way May, Melinda, and Jenny were acting I was close enough to being accused of being a lezzie as it was. She started to rub it along my slit, picking up a little of the wetness I'd built thinking about those new clothes, then she put it right into me, all the way up to the handle. She flipped the little vibrate switch, and I bucked on the table. "Whoa!" A boy called out.

"Now class, I have Ms. Cabrera's permission, but think of a world where I didn't need to ask. Or imagine if she worked for me, and I'd put this little activity on her contract. Or maybe I worked for her, and had to do this to her whenever she asked me to." Mrs. Jacobs said as she pumped the dildo in and out of my pussy in a smooth casual motion. "No fucking way." Brenda who'd spoken up yesterday said.

"I'd never do that." "You might have to soon, if you want a job." Mrs. Jacobs said. "Prostitution's legal now in over half the states and it could go all the way soon. Remember the reading." "But that's only for whores." Brenda said. "I ain't no whore." "But what is a 'whore' young lady? What does that mean anymore?" Mrs. Jacobs asked. "If you're a secretary and it's your job to make sure the executives are comfortable, in a world where sex is casual might it be included?

If Max here could go on the street and buy a woman's services for a few hours, why not let him hire her full time for his office?" Mrs. Jacobs said. "Yeah. That's what I'm going for!" Max said. "Give me some pussy." "Or maybe I'll hire Max, to service my office. Or maybe we'll get him for the lady's of the bridge club in the retirement home." Mrs. Jacobs said, causing him to shut up and look worried. "Oh nurse?" She said, batting her eyelashes at him.

The class broke out in laughter, I would have too, but that dildo was still vibrating in my cunt, and she was still stroking it in and out. "That's fucked up." Max said.

"But it makes my point." She said. "It's not that love is free, or that's its part of the economy, it's that it could very well be on your job description someday." She made a sweeping gesture over the entire class. "What I'm doing to Alandra here." She pulled it out of me, and I instinctively pushed up to keep it from getting away before realizing where I was.

"What I'm doing, could be something you see everyday in the office of the future. The Program's changing us; the world you young people inherit will be very different from the one I was raised to occupy." Just then I noticed Ms. Magante standing in the doorway, watching us.

"She right." Magante said. "Yasmine. Can I help you?" Mrs. Jacobs said. "No that's ok. Mind if I observe?" Magante said walking into the room.

"Go right ahead." Mrs. Jacobs said as she gestured over the room. "Poor girl, you were getting close weren't you?" Magante said to me before moving to the back of the class, half the boys turned to watch her naked ass sashay away from them. The other half were still locked on the site of my open cunt.

I whimpered a little in frustration at the lack of the dildo, and then sighed. "Oh!" Mrs. Jacobs said. "Sorry about that." "Next time don't turn it on, unless you mean to do me." I said. She looked a little flustered as she laid it down next to me, still on its chain.

Then she went back to the lecture. She filled us in on that woman who was suing her state for the right to use her body as she wanted. How it got to the Supreme Court on appeal, and how we'd know the result by summer, if not sooner.

The woman had claimed her right as an extension of privacy, property, and something called 'liberty of contract' that Mrs. Jacobs said used to be a big thing after the Civil War, but was mostly not used anymore.

"It makes a lot of sense when you put it that way." Kevin said. "Yeah." A girl in the back said. "But," she started, and I noticed Magante sit up "People often ignore the larger consequences of the choices that support their side." Mrs.

Jacobs looked at Ms. Magante. "And do you think there are negative consequences?" Ms. Magante said. "I'll let the class make up their own minds on that. On the surface, sure; she should be able to use her body as she wants.

It's long been said that prostitution is a victimless activity." A girl I didn't know raised her hand and said "But what about the families? Of the guys I mean. What about his wife?" "If you think the government cares about the family, why is adultery legal?" Mrs.

Jacobs said. "Uh. Hmm." the girl said. She didn't have an answer for that, nor did I actually, I don't think I'd ever thought of that. "No, prostitution has traditionally been illegal because it represents economic power in something women have that men don't, something they want. Men have been trying to control pussy since the day they realized they didn't have one.

It's power over them." Mrs. Jacobs said. Ms. Magante smiled at that, and it left me thinking, but I could see Kevin frown.

"You might say adultery gives men power over the sexual relationship, as a converse." "What about wives who cheat?" I asked. "That still gives a man sex without making an investment." She said. Maybe if I thought about it I could answer that, but I didn't have any ideas just then. "But the Program frees us from all of that." Magante said, as she got up to leave. "Well I have rounds to make, other Program kids to check on. See you at lunch." She said the last part to Mrs.

Jacobs. "Well, that's the intention." Mrs. Jacobs said. When Ms. Magante left she added "and the road to hell is paved with good intentions." I gave a chuckle at that. I looked around the room, idly holding the dildo in my hands despite it being wet with my own juices.

At least I wasn't the only one getting spooked by this class from the looks of it. "She's got a point though." I said. "It's been getting easier to just 'go with it' over sex stuff lately." Easier for me at least. Of course I wasn't college bound, so I'd already begun to accept that I was going to end up as somebody's whore.

"Perhaps." Mrs. Jacobs said as I licked a finger. So that's what I tasted like, strange. "Class, keep reading, and I'll see you all tomorrow. As for consequences, think about how legal prostitution could affect your future careers.

Especially today, there's a lot more at stake than the job of a street girl." A few seconds later the bell rang. In the halls I watched some of the other kids, they looked spooked.

"Man that class is some fucked up shit." Kevin said. "Like yeah." I said. "I think of it as 'spook class'. Mrs. Jacobs has some wild ideas." "I dunno." Kevin said. "Most of what she's said is true." Maybe he was right. Either way, we soon split and I found myself standing in the hall, all worked up from when Mrs.

Jacobs had gone after me with my dildo. I looked around, nobody was coming up to me at that moment so I just sat down against a hallway wall, spread my legs, turned on the dildo, and went to getting my relief.

Now last year if I'd seen one of the Program kids ­ even another girl ­ jacking off in the hallway, I would'a probably bust out laughing at her.

Fuck that, year before last I probably would'a given her shit for it. But there I was. I guess I understood it now; this Program can get you seriously worked up after all. "Is she allowed to do that?" I heard an adult voice say down the hall. "Isn't relief for boys only?" I looked over to see two teachers talking between classroom doors. "She's between classes." The woman of the pair said. "Yasmine was talking about this yesterday, you should'a been in the teacher's lounge at lunch." "I heard about that.

She used one of those too didn't she?" the man said. I didn't know those two. "She keeps it on a belt at her waist. Oh, looks like my kids are coming in; catch you at lunch?" The woman said. I sped up my pumping with the dildo, and stuck my tongue out at them. "Sure Krista. Hey, she's got a belt like Yasmine's." The man said. "Yeah, I've got a Chinese girl fourth period that wears one of those." The woman finished, stepping into her classroom behind a pack of kids.

I sighed and picked up my pace. "Hey can I help?" A boy said. I waved him down to me. "Take this." I said, handing over the dildo. "And fuck me with it." "Stand up." He said. "It'll be easier." He helped me back up, then stepped in close and put the dildo back into me. "I'm Reggie by the way." He added. I smiled at him and he added "Yeah. it's short for Reginald, my parents thought they were being classy. Go figure." "Faster." I said. He picked up the pace. "Turn that little knob up." He set the dildo on 'maximum', and the vibrations shook me mad while he rammed it in and out.

"Harder! Ooooh." He gave it to me fast and hard, I stumbled, caught myself on his shoulders, and came. "Damn." He said. "You're pretty hot." He took out the dildo, turned it off and let it drop to my side after wiping off some the wetness. "Thanks." I said. He licked his fingers where he'd wiped it. "I got worked up good last class. demonstration." "Too bad I missed it." He said.

He put his fingers in my pussy, wiping up more of my wetness before licking it off. "I love the taste of pussy," he said; "but there's no naked girls in my classes." "Oh. Use your tongue next time." I said, kissing him on the cheek and heading off for writing class. I had to make a path around a small gathering of mostly boys. Ray was already up at the front of the class when I walked in just as the bell rang.

Sandra was just getting ready to sit in his lap, and was facing the class. "I got him today." She whispered icily to me. I took my seat, only a foot or two in front of them. The bell rang, and Mr. Turner just said "Five minutes, then we have to get down to the real reason the state sends you all here." Or what used to be the reason I guessed.

Sandra descended upon Ray's cock, then grabbed his hands and pulled them up to her breasts. "Oh yeah!" she called out as she started to bob up and down on him. She wrapped her arms up and around the back of his neck as she looked straight at me and stuck out her tongue ­ rocking back and forth. Ray grunted, and bucked up into her. The kids to my sides reached over under my desk and touched my thighs. They both jumped when their hands met as they tried to go down for my pussy, but then they worked something out and my labia where being spread apart from both sides.

I just spread my legs and stuck my tongue back out at Sandra ­ who could see almost as much of my game as I could of hers. It felt very strange having two hands on my cunt ­ their rhythms didn't match ­ still it was good, and soothing after my cum in the hall. I watched Sandra fuck Ray, and let the boys to my sides get me off. One of them was where Ray usually sat, so I'd miss that in a little bit. Whatever.

There was something strange about Ray until I figured it out and suddenly yelled "Hey! You shaved your balls!" Several kids cracked up and Ray got beat red for a second. His cock popped out of Sandra.

"Fuck, Alandra." She said angrily as she reached down, grabbed his cock, and stuffed it back inside herself. I giggled back "Running out of time Sandra." Actually she had plenty of time. "At least I can give him staying power." She said as she pulled up. I watched her pussy try to cling on him ­ it was only the second time I'd watched someone else fucking up this close, and it was pretty intense. "Yeah well, maybe he just can't get off with you." I said.

Mr. Turner passed down the aisle to my right, causing the boy who was fingering my clit to pull away. "Looks like you have your own problems. A.C." she said. "Keep it cool you two." Mr. Turner said. "Girls." he muttered as he passed back. "You know, when I fuck, I at least get into it.

Ooo, Uh, gasp. that kind of shit." I said. "Ms. Cabrera." Mr. Turner said. "Sor." I began, but he cut me off. "Aht! Not a word more out of you young lady." Mr. Turner said. So I stuck my tongue out instead. Then I let out a gasp, as the boy on my right went for my clit again right as the boy on my left found that special spot on the inside of my vagina. I gave Sandra a dirty grin. Mr. Turner gave me a look, but then my eyes shut as the boys in me got busy. Mr. Turner pulled away the hand of one of them "Relief, according to this pamphlet, is for boys." I opened my eyes to see him glaring at the other kid, who pulled his fingers out of my pussy.

"It's already enough of a class disruption." He said, looking at Ray and Sandra. Sandra let out a gasp, as Ray grunted. She started panting ­ the little bitch was cumming, while I was stuck there boiling on the edge.

I saw Ray thrust up hard into her, then hold it. He was cumming too. Sandra reached down and popped out his cock, pointing it at me.

Ray spurted his mess all over me and my desk. He missed my bag, but only because it was under the seat. Good thing I hadn't taken anything out yet. When she let go his cock bounced up and spurted her in the face, neck, and down her breasts.

"Uh. Sorry about that." Ray said. Mr. Turner grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up off of him. "You two clean up, then come back and get into your groups." We left as he assigned everyone into discussion groups, but not the same one's we'd had before.

I got up and went for the restroom, Sandra in tow. "Bitch." she said, when she got in the hall, beating me to saying it. In the restroom I grabbed a pack of those hard paper towels they use, wetted them down to make em softer, and wiped myself off. I felt a little gross ­ cause it was her work that put it all there. She did the same, only she used her tissues to rub it in.

"Why didn't you just use Mr. Turner's tissues?" I asked. "Fuck off." She said. I got the feeling she only came in here to pick a fight. She could blame me and get me suspended. I took some more tissues, got them wet, and made for the door. She was wiping out the drippage on her leg. "You are like, so not worth it bitch." I said, stepping back out. She made to push me, but I sidestepped and she got the door. "If you want a fight, you'll get it, but not now." I said behind me.

When I got back to class the chairs had been moved into groups. Mr. Turner pointed to one and told me it was mine before saying; "Wipe up your desk first." My desk was empty, and still up at the front. "She should have to do it." I said. "You provoked her Ms. Cabrera." He said. "As if." I muttered, wiping up the mess.

I dropped the wet paper towels into his wastebasket, got my bag, and joined the group I was assigned to. Sandra came back in and he pointed her over to another group.

Neither of the boys who'd been working me over were in my group. In fact he'd sat them with Ray. I only got one boy, and he was pretty geeky looking, timid, and kept sneaking leering looks at my naked body before chuckling away. All the girls gave him space. I looked over and noticed Sandra got two boys ­ the little bitch ­ but hers were both fat and seemed to be passing each other notes.

We had to talk about story ideas. The boy at my table kept talking about naked cartoon women from Japan being attacked by strange monsters. I was ready to kick his ass, and I figured the other girls'd join me. His binder had all kinds of anime shit on it, so I figured he was one of those. "You know Saul Peterson?" I asked. "Oh yeah, we game together." He said. Game? Whatever. "Listen Carl, toss that shit, clean up, and act nice. Maybe you'll get some of this from somebody." I spread my legs a little.

I wasn't gonna bother fixing him, but maybe I could get him to not be such a pain to sit next to. A girl on my right rolled her eyes. Yeah, ok, so it was hopeless. A lot of the stories were kind of erotic, though most of us had romance ideas. I had something I'd dreamed up last night ­ something about a naked girl on a psychedelic journey with her philosophical teddy bear.

I held up my teddy bear that I'd clipped to my bag. "That sounds weird, any idea what you'll do with it?" Mary said. She'd been in my group Tuesday, and it was good to keep her. "I dunno, it just hit me last night." I said. "Oh he's got a little pussy cat for a left eye." Kirsten, to my left, noted.

"Just don't name your character Alice." "Yeah, I sewed it on this morning. It was a charm I bought to wear on my clit ring." I said.

She'd been handling it, and when I said that she snapped her hand back. I smiled and said "I'm gonna make it clip on later, so I can change it out." Alice huh?

I guess she had a point, my idea sounded a little like that story. Carl just said something about the teddy bear growing tentacles, then snorted out a rude laugh. Yeah, he needed an ass kicking. We continued talking and exchanging ideas. There was a goth chick, Briana, who was working on an idea with hanging ghosts following the people who refused to love them in life.

Weird. Kirsten wanted to write about her first experience "I wonder what Joe will think?" She asked. "Change the names." Mary said. She was going to write something about a southern gentlemen and his mistress in a land where everybody was nude.

I figured she'd read too many romance books. At the end of class Mr. Turner told us we had a week to write a paragraph on our idea, and that we'd spend the time from now till then talking about getting organized. I walked out, with Sandra behind me. The little bitch got stopped by two boys with an RR who started finger fucking her. She was way too loud about it, especially when I looked back.

I passed Ricky on my way into the gym, and pulled him with me to the wall by the south entrance. "Do me quick!" I demanded. "Little bitch left me all worked up." Ricky didn't waste any time, he looked me up and down before glancing up at the clock and saying "Damn." then he pulled his right hand away from his fly and put it where I needed it ­ pumping two fingers in and out in rapid motions as his thumb somehow managed my clit.

"Oh! Fuck. thanks Ricky, you're an angel." I said, coming on his hand. I gave him a kiss, promised to return the favor, and ran for the gym as the first bell rang. I ran into Melinda ­ in the literal sense, smacking right into the poor girl as I came around the lockers. "Ow!" we both cried out.

I lost my anger the moment I realized who it was, and gave her the dildo and chain "Put that in your locker." I said. "Hi A.C." She was beaming with sunshine in her eyes as she took it from me, licked it down, tossed it in her bag, and threw it all in a gym locker.

She put her own combination lock over it "Last year the janitor ripped me off at my old school ­ stole a cross my grandmother brought over from Poland and my mother's earrings." "He got away with it right?" I said. "Yeah." She said, before moving in to hug me in a kiss. There was something about this girl's kissing I just couldn't explain ­ I was lost in a strange bliss until a series of catcalls erupted around us, along with a few comments about 'lezzie bitches'.

"Fuck off guys." I said. "We're just girls." Yeah, sure girls touch more than boys, but not like that. But maybe these idiots would fall for it, if she'd just stop squeezing my ass. "We got wrestling today." Melinda said with a mean grin, pounding her fists together as we walked into the gym. "Maybe we'll get paired up again. I owe you one" She said, licking her lips. Owe me one? For what? Oh. I blushed deep red remembering what I'd done on Tuesday.

Ms. Moore came out in the altogether ­ she'd shaved down there, like me. "Wrestling today class. You boys will have to put your straps on." She addressed the last part to a group of boys who were fully nude, holding their jock straps in their hands.

One of them raised his hand "I thought we could go without them if we wanted." He said. "That has to be mutual ­ between you and your partner." She said "You can work that out once I assign you for today." She pulled up her clipboard and looked over something.

"I'm going to be pairing you off in groups of two for twenty minutes before switching you out. We'll do that most wrestling days." She called roll, pairing us off as she did. The two boys from wrestling who'd missed Tuesday were still out; in fact they'd been cut from the class.

The girl was back though ­ one Cassie Martin ­ and she was all muscle and nearly no tits. Henry got her and she pulled off his jock strap and told him to lose it. Melinda got stuck with Sandra "Oh shit." she told me as Sandra drew a line across her throat staring at us. "She's gonna get an ass kicking," I said, "If she fucks with you." "I wouldn't mind if she'd fuck with me, it's the rest of it that worries me." Melinda whispered in my ear.

Then I got paired off with some kid named Alan Capp. Sandra laughed at the similarity in our names. "Hey." I told him, as we sat down on our mat. He looked frightened, I think he was a junior ­ around long enough to know my rep. "Hey uh." he began.

Uncut european studs playing with themselves

"Relax, it's class, I got no shit with you." I said. I tugged on his strap, thinking of the guys in the locker. I'd show em I wasn't a lezzie. "You can lose this." I said. He smiled then pulled it off to reveal his eagerness. He might be scared of me, but I was still a naked chick telling him to roll around with me. Ms. Moore had us get into a starting position of our choice. She told us we'd spar on our own today, to get a basic hang on things.

She'd walk around and check us, blowing the whistle every two minutes to time the periods of the matches. She wanted to get an idea on how to shape her lesson plan ­ see what we needed to learn. She told us to try and pin, and hold for three, then get back into a new starting position with a switch of the bottom / top.

Even the language of wrestling was kinky. I held out my hand in a fist "Rock, Scissors, Paper?" We tossed for it, and I won with scissors to his paper. "You're on top first. Offensive." I said, winning wasn't my goal. "Funny, that's what I was gonna pick if I won." He said as he got into the optional position that reminded me a lot of doing it doggie style ­ he was behind me with his hands on the small of my back, I could feel his cock pressing up against me.

I looked over to Melinda ­ she and Sandra were in the neutral position. Neither of them planned to give any ground, they were working on causing trouble.

"Ok class when I blow the whistle begin." She blew, and Alan slammed his cock into me. I gasped out in shock, but not surprise. That was exactly what I'd wanted. I went down and he pinned, his cock buried to the end in my cunt.

"Pin me too fast, and you'll miss all the fun." I said. He pulled back, then rammed back in. "Uh!" He called out, "Yeah, guess so." Ms. Moore looked over and shook her head with a smile. "Put up a fight girls." She said. Girls? I looked around and saw Henry doing the same thing to the new girl across the room. A couple kids had paused to look. Melinda took her opening when Sandra looked at Henry. In a second she'd slammed the girl to the ground ­ hard, even this far away I heard the wind knocked out of her.

Remind me not to wrestle that girl when she was mad. Alan started pounding my pussy, calling out the count of the pin a lot slower than he was supposed to. I wasn't gonna stop him either. When he hit three he pulled out. "Hey!" I called. "Sorry." He said. "We gotta keep it going." Good point, I didn't need him cumming to fast.

Or maybe he meant something else. "Guess I'm on top now." I said. I tried the standard offensive position ­ to his side with my arm loosely around him. The better to flip him with, if he was smart. "We supposed to wait for the next whistle?" I asked. "Like, I dunno." He said. I looked around for Ms. Moore; she was helping two kids figure out a position of some kind. Beyond her I saw Sandra locked in a very uncomfortable looking pin by Melinda.

With her wirey muscles and speed, Melinda knew her game ­ maybe she'd be able to hold her own with the gang after all. Sandra didn't look happy. Ms. Moore saw me looking and came over. "I see you two are having fun." She said. I felt something dripping down my leg, making it obvious just how much fun I was having. "What's up?" "Do we need to wait for the whistle?" Alan asked. "Normally yes, but you can free spar if you finish early." She said.

"Don't you dare finish early." I said, causing them both to laugh. "I mean a match. Just restart anytime I blow the whistle." She blew it then and wandered off, and I flipped Alan before he could get his bearing.

I jumped on him and pinned his arms down, then rode his cock, counting off as slow as I thought I could get away with. Looking over to Melinda and Sandra I saw a bruise on Melinda's leg. Sandra must've kicked her when they had to start over.

They were circling around, looking for openings. And not the kind Alan had found on me. Suddenly Cassie screamed out and then started panting. I looked over to see Henry pull out from a pin and shoot his load all over her back. Was this PE or an orgy? Whatever it was, it was freaking strange. I managed to ride Alan through to my own cum, and let him shoot it deep inside me, before we got paired away at the twenty minute break.

The next guy I had kept his strap on and played mean. I had a feeling he didn't like all these girls and Program shit messing with his sport ­ or maybe he was gay. Then I got Melinda. She kept trying to pin me in a sixty nine. Sandra and she had pretty much come inches from beating the shit out of each other ­ doing everything they could get away with to have a fight without hitting.

"She is a bitch." Melinda said when we paired up. She'd just finished getting fucked by Mark, but I knew those bruises weren't from him. "She got you pretty good here." I said, brushing along her thigh. "She kicked me. But I slammed her and twisted that bitch all out of sorts." Melinda said. I looked over and saw Sandra ­ I didn't see any bruises or cuts, but she was in pain, and she kept holding her side. "Made her pull a muscle by pinning her wrong." Melinda noted. "Now stop moving, so I can get you." "As if!" I said, making to get out from under her.

I don't know how, but she kept me down even though we both knew I was stronger. "How you do it?" I asked. "Girl you got no sense of how to hold yourself.

Let me pin you, and I'll show you." She said. "What? If you can't pin me, what the fuck can you show me?" I said, but I knew what she meant ­ she could pin me easy, but she wanted to pin me a certain way, and that I wasn't letting her do. "Come on A.C." she begged. "Not in front of everybody." I said.

"Ok, after school, but only for a minute." She pulled back, sitting on her legs with her hands on her knees. I got up. "Ok, you gotta go like this." She began, as she started to talk to me about how to get someone where you wanted them ­ how to turn their body against them. Ms. Moore came over and asked us why we'd stopped sparring. "She's teaching me shit." I said. She had me reaching around her in a way she said would always let me flip her, like she'd done to me earlier. Ms. Moore observed for a second before letting us continue ­ telling Melinda she might need her help on later lessons.

"I think she's glad to have another girl that knows this stuff." I said. "Where'd you learn?" "I was on the team at my old school back in Boston." Melinda said.

We heard Sandra sigh, Henry had pinned her in a sixty nine and he definitely wasn't keeping his head up. But the class didn't last much longer than that. It was a little more subdued in the showers ­ since so many of us in the middle had had our release wrestling. As usual nearly all the boys from the original wrestling class stayed on one end, along with about half the gymnastics boys.

They were busy showing off their muscles ­ I figured about half of them would end up gay. All told only eight of us mixed together, and that did include Sandra, as well as the new girl Cassie. I did make Alan soap me up ­ he owed me that. Melinda tried to do it, but I pushed her off onto Henry and told him to "Wash my spare pussy." Not sure where that came from, but it sounded funny at the time.

Henry was almost as good as Ricky Montico, but it was clear to me he wasn't what Melinda really wanted. We got our shit at the locker, and I put my chain back on. "Maybe I should get one of those." Melinda said about my dildo. "Yeah, all the sluts have them." Sandra said in passing. She left before I could say anything back. "Such a bitch, what's she got against you anyway?" Melinda asked.

"Fuck if I know, she volunteered and thinks she's gotta show me up." I said. "Not a smart game to play." Melinda said. I just shrugged as we walked off to lunch. The gang was all there, even Fatima. Marcy and her were laughing about something and pointing at Rubin when I walked up. "What?" Rubin said. "What?" They just giggled off behind me as Rubin said "Women. can't live with em, can't live without em." "I dunno Rube; you do pretty fine living with them." I said. He just grinned at me.

We got in line, more of that healthy shit ­ some kind of fried vegetable and tofu dish with a choice of no carb noodles or brown rice on the side. "What is this shit?" Melinda asked May. "Fuck if I know. It almost looks Chinese, but not like anything mom makes." May said. They were holding hands in line behind me. For drinks we had milk, OJ, or cranberry juice. I took the cranberries and the noodles.

Samantha once told me cranberries were good for keeping out infections, and that seemed wise given the Program. May and Melinda took one of each side, and mixed them when we all got to the table.

"Hey isn't there a rule on how many kids can be naked together?" Marcy asked. "Uh. I think so." I said. "It's three, but only if you're in the Program ­ so we've only got one." May said, lightly squeezing my left tit. "No I think it's three, Program or not." Rick said. "Well fuck me. what if we all wanted to get naked, we couldn't hang out?" Melinda said, picking up a noodle that'd dropped in May's lap and sucking it in seductively. May squealed at the sight and tried to bite the last of the noodle before it went down, causing them to kiss.

"Ew, stop that you two." Marcy said. May just pouted at her. "She's got a point May." I said. "Yeah, well you kissed her too." May said. Melinda stuck her tongue out at me. "Well. Just keep it cool, don't let it go too far where they can see you." I pointed across the quad, where some of the jocks tended to hang.

They're the most likely to be gay; but also most likely to gay bash because they couldn't deal with their own feelings ­ like those wrestling punks in gym. Thing about jocks ­ they didn't fight often, but when they did it just made no fucking sense.

We might fight and get rough a lot, but we did it for reasons. They were just mean, we were just watching out for our own. Ms. Magante passed by and I called her over. "Yo Ms. M, how's that rule of three work?" I asked. "Rule of three?" She said.

"Like, you know; how many naked kids can be in a group?" Marcy said. "If they ain't all in the Program." "Oh. Well, we want the Program kids to mix around. But I don't think it applies to kids who just go naked." She said. "What about volunteers like me? I mean, I get signed off and I get Program credit, so do I count or not?" May asked.

"You know. I don't know. Let me check on that. Tell you what; don't worry about it for now." She said. "Well there's only three of us anyway." I said. "And she ain't in the Program no ways anyhow." I pointed at Melinda. I also looked close at Magante's arms, and sure enough I saw the faint scarring that stays behind when you get tattoos removed. I wondered what they used to look like. Magante looked down at her dildo, and then noticed the matching set May and I had.

She smiled and said "You kids stay out of trouble" as she twirled her dildo's chain in one hand and walked away. She went across the quad and I saw her stop by the twins. They had Cindy between them, and another naked girl next to Manuel.

Her butt looked familiar, though it was red like she'd been spanked ­ I think she was the girl they hassled at lunch yesterday. Magante said something to the two naked girls, looked back to me, said something else, and walked on. Manuel had his hand down the front of the lap of the girl I didn't know, and she was rocking back and forth with her hands on the table. It seemed better not to watch my brother getting it on, so I looked back to my gang.

May got up and went over to the twins, she bent over at their table ­ with one knee bent and her hips swaying from side to side as she chatted about something.

You could see everything poking out from behind. It was kinda funny, I got to thinking about cats ­ how they always lift their tails and put their asshole right in your face.

I guess I looked like that too this week. "What's she up to?" Melinda quietly said. "The twins." I said. "My little brother Manuel and my sister Rosa." I pointed them out. "The two in clothes." I added. "Oh, yeah. I remember them." She said. I guess I'd introduced them at some point, but I didn't recall when. May pointed at Cindy, said something with a laugh to Rosa, and then kept chatting.

When I looked back to the gang I saw Kevin staring right at May's behind. "What up Kev?" I asked. "I was just thinking." He said. "I'll bet you were." Melinda said, jabbing him in the ribs. "No. Well, actually, yeah." He said, looking at me. "Yeah." I said. "I've been thinking about that too." "Maybe we should. you know. At least on our own terms?" Kevin said "What the fuck are you two talking about?" Marcy said, causing Fatima to look away from her and up at us.

Melinda just shrugged and pointed back and forth between us. Rick said "I think they're talking 'bout their Bio class. Right?" "Yeah." Kevin said. "That's some fucked up shit." Marcy said with a shake of her head.

"No shit." Rubin said, though he had more of a wishful look to his eyes. "What?" Fatima asked. Marcy leaned over to whisper to her, and she got a shocked look in her eyes as she darted her vision back and forth between Kevin, me, and attempts to not look at May's anus. "So." I said. "Yeah. On our terms at least." I took Kevin's hand and put it in my lap. "No. No fucking way." Marcy said. "Shit we talked about this last night, but I figured we could wait." Rubin said.

"Talked about what?" Rick asked. "When we was fucking, they had a talk." Melinda said, causing Rick to blush. "May told me 'bout it last night." Marcy had a puzzled look in her eyes so I said "May slept over at Melinda's." "Yeah." Melinda said, beaming with pride.

"Sorry Rick, but she's a better lay than you." "Ew, fuck." Marcy said. Then she looked at Kevin's hand in my lap as I spread my legs just a little wider. "Wait, what the fuck are you two doing? Now?" "I'd rather not have Lippmann set the terms." I said. "Yeah." Kevin said. I looked at him and said "Just feel around, get to know it.

I'm not just your 'hommie' anymore; I'm a girl too now." Then I reached over and unzipped his fly. Sure Marcy had jacked him off on Tuesday at lunch, but that was different ­ it was just a random thing. Still, I guess she did start it. "Aw fuck." Marcy said. "Well, you did start it." Rubin said, echoing my thoughts.

"Oh. well." She shrugged, unable to explain why Tuesday had happened. I ran my hand up the length of Kevin's shaft. Not bad I thought. I knew he was a decent fuck ­ word of that shit spread in its own way.

Now I guess I'd really know. "Guess I'm not just your 'hommie' either." Kevin said. "Yeah, now you've got one of these handy things." I said, trying to make humor of an uncomfortable moment. "What the fuck?" May said from right beside me. My hand jerked away and I looked up. Kevin's hand left my pussy, where it was just beginning to explore. "Bio." I said. I saw Magante across the quad watching us.

She had Lippmann with her and was saying something. Shit. even if we might've gotten lucky before, I figured it was rigged now.

I nodded, and May looked back. "Fuck." She said. "Oh well." She sat on Kevin's other side, scooting Marcy out of the way. Kevin looked between us both, wondering what to do next. May's hand took his cock where I'd been moments before.

"Well." she said, looking down at her pussy. Kevin put a hand on her and put his other hand back on me.

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I grabbed his balls, brushing May's hand above me. "Fuck." Rick said. "Let's get out of here." He looked over the rest of the gang.

"No!" I called out. "Stay. Together." I took his hand in my free hand, and nodded to everyone else. They all held hands and made to block anyone from outside. "You too Fatima." She looked scared, but then joined hands with Marcy and Rubin.

Melinda was next, and after her Rick completing the circle. It was weird, not really erotic and only Kevin ever got off ­ guys cum easy. But it was us, on our terms. We set the rules, not some fucking teacher, and we stayed together. Even when Kevin spurted not one of us let go. He got all over Melinda and even splattered Rubin's shoes.

May and I were sweating when we stopped, but we let ourselves calm down ­ fanning it away with our hands. Then we all did the most fucked up hippie bullshit and had a group hug. People were watching us like we'd gone nuts. More than one kids said we musta been on drugs.

But things were changing on us, and we had to deal. But we had to do it on our terms. "So it's true after all. The little slut and her gang do fuck all over the place." Sandra said from behind me. She was on the steps to A building with a friend or two I didn't know.

What a stupid bitch, she was standing there asking me to kick her ass. "Fuck off Sandra. I don't wanna fuck you over, but I will if I have to." I said. "What? A spic slut like you? You couldn't do shit to me if you wanted bitch." Sandra said. "Who the fuck is this?" Marcy asked. "Some little bitch - got it in her head to start talking smack." I said. "Fuck you 'AC', or is it EZ?" Sandra took a step forward, but then I heard Harrison. "Young ladies." He said.

I turned around and looked in front of me; he was coming up from across the quad. "There's no fighting - on school grounds." That was an interesting way of putting it. He looked between us, then passed Sandra and her group on his way into the building. She turned around and followed him in. "What a bitch." May said. "I don't get it." I said. "She knows I could kick her ass. Melinda tossed her around good in PE. It's like she wants to get hurt." "Or she's just trying to get you to start it." Rick said.

"So they can bust you." "Say May, what was up with the twins?" I asked, changing the subject. "I wanted to know who their new friends were." She said. "Well the one on the right's Cindy, but the girl on the left, she's just stupid." I said. "Kitten" May said. "Why'd you say stupid?" "Manuel's just messing with her." I said. "What the fuck kinda name is 'Kitten'?" "Fuck if I know. Her ass ­was- kinda red." May said. "Maybe she likes it that way." Rick said. "Nobody knows what they like at that age." I said, and I looked at Fatima, who was that age.

She looked at me with a curious expression. Lunch was over, and I had to split from the gang and head to Metal with that freak Carson.

"What's gonna happen A.C.?" Marcy asked me as we walked together. Her class, English, wasn't far from mine. "Huh? Oh. We'll figure it out. Don't worry Marce. It'll all be good." I said, I wasn't so sure, but I said it anyway. "We've been together so long though, and now this. Plus Fatima and Melinda." She said. Yeah, I'd met May when I was eight, Marcy and Rick in middle school, Kevin and Rubin since the beginning of freshman year. No sexual tension till this week; despite May.

Well, last night the guys did admit she'd been getting them worked up. "You know, sooner or later they're gonna strip you too." I said. "You wanna deal with all this shit during your week?" I figured I could handle it best of anybody. Marcy'd go nuts if she was in my place right now. "Yeah." She said. "See you after school." We split at the door to Metal shop; she made her way up the stairs.

"Well, glad to see you managed to grace us with your presence on time today young lady." Mr. Carson said. He pointed to a stool next to his nephew. "Let's see if you can learn to be a proper Program participant today.

I hear that's been getting around these last two days." He pointed right at my pussy, not even bothering to be subtle. I gave him a mean look and sat down.

"Don't roll your eyes at me young lady, or we'll be having a talk with Mr. Harrison." He said. This little shit was asking to be done in. "Yo babe." Raymond said as I sat down, but then started up fast. He'd put his finger on my seat after I'd turned around ­ so he could poke me in the ass. He almost got me a little closer up front. "Cool it." I said. We started off working on some kind of box contraption. Mr. Carson passed out plans that showed how to work the metal into shape, build a hinge for the lid, and make it all look real nice.

It's too bad this guy was such a jerk, because I loved working with tools, I loved shop work. Way I figured it, becoming a mechanic might be my only way of not getting stuck as a rent-a-pussy someday - especially after that shit in civics. But if Mr. Carson got his way, it would be my path to getting pimped out. Raymond tried to take charge of everything, and took every chance he could to brush up against me.

Ten minutes into the class he stopped and told me "Hey, I got a request. Put this in your cunt and do it till you cum ­ I wanna see you cum." "What the fuck?" I said. He was holding a rather cold looking metal rod, fashioned into a crude dildo like shape.

At least it was ­ hopefully ­ smooth. Glancing beyond him I saw the door to the class slightly ajar. Jennifer was over there with her work partner laughing at some comment he'd just made. He was holding a hammer like he was gonna hit himself in the head with it, and had his tongue out like a goofball.

"I seen you do it with that." He said; pointing to the dildo I kept on my waist chain. "Now get to it. I'm gonna cum on your tits." He started to pull his cock out.

"No fucking way jerk." I said. "Hey, it's a request, and I gotta right to make you do it. You're in The Program." He said. "Bullshit." I said, "It's called a Reasonable Request ­ as in what I feel ok doing. And I don't want that shit in me." "Well then take this shit in you." He said, holding his cock out. "You get that thing one step closer to me and I'll hack it off." I said, grabbing the only tool on the table ­ a screwdriver.

Lot of good that would do. "What's the meaning of this?" Mr. Carson said, coming over. Several kids stopped what they were doing. Jennifer glanced over ­ a mix of eagerness to see me getting it on and fear over seeing me forced battling it out in her look. He grabbed me by the arm, taking the screwdriver away.

"Do as your told Ms. Cabrera. Or I'll report you for a Program violation. I can do that you know." "That's quite enough!" the sudden voice of Ms. Magante said. "You, hallway" she said, pointing to Mr. Carson. "It's about time." He said. "I trust you got my memo." They stepped outside. The door slammed shut, and the initial calm speech suddenly turned into a shouting match ­ obscured by the low hum of idle power tools in the shop.

"Well, now it's time for you to get busy." Raymond said. "I don't think so." I said. "Lay off man." A kid I didn't know said, trying to put himself between us. Raymond raised his hands and stepped back. "I can take him." I said.

The kid just snorted. "You're a girl, and look how big he is." I rolled my eyes. Jennifer came over "You ok?" she asked. "Yeah, it's all good." I said. Everybody stood around, not knowing what to do. I looked at the plans on my table ­ it would've been a fun assignment, but either Mr.

Carson or me wasn't coming back. I started to walk over to the doorway but it opened before I got there. Ms. Magante stood there. "Class dismissed for today." She said. "Be here tomorrow though." What, she was just gonna let us wander the halls?

"You, you and you, shut everything down." One of the kids she picked was Raymond.

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"The rest of you hang out in the quad until the bell rings. If I hear any of you missed your next class your asses will be mine." She actually swore. "Well fuck." I said, in the hallway.

"You wanna talk?" Jennifer asked. "I called you last night, did you get my message?" "Look Jenny." I said, then shook my head and changed direction, walking not to the quad but over to C building. "Just leave me alone ok." I could't deal with her, not with this shit, not with what I had going on with my crew, Melinda, the Program. Not with what her brothers were like. Can't these bitches figure out I'm not a lezzie? I heard her sob as I walked away, and when I looked back I could see a tear running down her cheek.

Damn. I needed a shower. I felt dirty, but I wasn't sure why ­ I wasn't the one who started that shit. I went in the gym, whoever's class it was they were out on the field, pools, or whatever right then. I got under a nozzle and just let the water run ­ just let it wash away all the anger and confusion. What was going on anyway? May'd been nearly naked all summer and it hadn't bothered us. She'd never made any passes on me and I knew she was bi. What about Jennifer, had she ever done or said anything back when I was dating Anthony?

Why now? Maybe it was the Program, I don't think she'd ever seen me naked before it, and certainly she must've seen me this week getting worked over by somebody at some point. Melinda. she was just chance I guess ­ odd timing, with me in the Program on the first week of school. I wonder if Melinda would've ever talked to me if I hadn't been in it? Probably, we had 'naked gym' together after all. And I guess it was me who started it with her. Shit was just getting too complicated.

At least I still had control, not like May. What the fuck was I gonna do about May? I was sitting on the floor of the shower with my head in my hands when he showed up. "Ms. Cabrera, what are you doing in here?" Mr. Harrison said. "Huh. Mr. H." I muttered without looking up.

"Didn't Yasmine, Ms. Magante tell you to wait in the quad?" He asked. I got up, water still running down my naked body, I gave him a look. "I ever do what people tell me?" I said. "Not as long as I've known you. Not since you were ten.

Alandra." He said, taking a step forward. We first met when I was ten, in his bedroom where I was trying to find something valuable after breaking in. I got a long lecture from Pa and the beginning of my time with Samantha ­ our social worker. "I don't feel too good Mr. H." I said with my eyes downcast. "I know, Yasmine told me. Rest assured Mr.

Carson is out of here." He said, grabbing my shoulder. Something about the look in his eyes. "You've been watching me Mr. H." I accused, stepping into his space. What the fuck I was doing, I had no idea. "Alandra." He said, but then he grabbed me and pushed me back against the shower wall, causing the water to spray across his suit. "You fucking asshole!" I said, clawing at his back. He pulled his cock out of his pants. Old guy cock. and then it was in me.

"Shit!" He said, the first time I ever heard him cuss. "You little bitch." "Shut up and fuck." I said, and he slammed into me ­ hard. I grunted from getting tossed against the wall, but I wrapped my legs around him.

It felt really strange fucking a guy with clothes on. Not just a guy, but Mr. H. At least the suit was soft like silk. It didn't take long; he came in me and I unwrapped myself. He put me down gently, muttering "What." to himself. I looked at him, trying to figure out the same thing.

He put his cock back in his pants, and said "I never." "Shit Mr. H." I said, straightening my hair then brushing my sides as if I had clothes to fix. He took my arm gently. "Alandra." He started, looking as confused as I. "Well, this changes shit." I said. "Get to your Algebra class Alandra, the bell's gonna ring soon." He said, not even pausing to guess at my schedule in a school with so many students. I grabbed my bag and we walked out of the gym together, me in front of him.

I heard somebody say "Did you see who that was?" from the other end of the gym as we left. Outside the gym we stopped and looked at each other. He had water all over his shirt, and I was still wet from the shower. I could feel his cum trying to escape down my leg. Insurance. He made to say something, I did likewise, but the bell rang. I turned and ran into the building, even though it was just the bell to let out the last period.

Nothing happened on the way to Algebra. I kept all hands clear. I stopped in a bathroom just before going in and wiped up my pussy. Then I put the tissue in my bag.

Insurance. I still wasn't sure what had just happened. Mr. Dennison was his usual cheery self. He patted his desk as I walked in, unaware of the events of my day. "Hi." I said. "I don't know why they say you're trouble Ms. Cabrera; you've been a perfectly wonderful participant so far.

I'd just like to thank you for going along with all this. It really helps the kids keep eyes forward with you up here." "Yeah. but do they even know there's a chalkboard up here?" I said. He chuckled. "Probably not. Got me there I guess." Then he took a second look at me.

"You ok?" "Yeah. I guess so. Rough week" I said. No fucking way was I gonna tell him what just happened. "Program hard on you?" He asked. "Yeah, and no. It's just stuff. Program put it all on the same page if you know what I mean." I said. "Well hang in there or out there or whatever." He said, smiling at me. "I won't lie and say I don't mind seeing you up here naked ­ it's quite a thrill actually, but I want it to be fun and engaging for you as well as the class. If you need to talk to someone, I'm here for you." "No, that's ok." I said.

I got my gang. It's funny, in a way Mr. Dennison was just as much a pervert as Mr. Carson, but the way he presented it made it cute. He was harmless, and cared about me being comfortable with it.

I got up and gave him a light hug saying "You're really sweet Mr. D." The rest of the class was sitting down by then, so I just went for the board.

Fatima, Marcy, and Rick all sat up front ­ usually me and my gang went to the back so we could do shit, but they were there for me now. When the bell rang he had me write up a bunch of equations. People always had to pause when he asked them to read one, and even more when he asked them to explain it. I smiled at him and he grinned back. I was right ­ unless they had to understand the board they spent the whole class looking at it, but never seeing it.

They just saw me. Maybe I was even getting in the way of learning, or maybe not. It made it fun, even for me. When people are being fun about checking you out.

well, it's kind of a thrill. Like it made class a game or something. I started getting chalk on me, the board and the erasers were just too dirty. I made the mistake of dropping one of them on the chalk-rail, and a cloud of chalk blew up in my face. When I turned around everybody burst out laughing, so I just smiled and did a curtsey. Marcy held up her tits through her sweater, Fatima just gasped. Looking down I could see it all over my breasts, arms, and legs. My face was probably just as bad.

I made sure to do it again a few minutes later. This time I slapped one of them against my thigh as if I was just shifting my weight and forgetting it was there. Rick coughed. I spun around and said "Oops." "Yeah right." He said, reaching over to wipe a line of chalk off my belly. "Alandra. You're a mess." Mr. Dennison chuckled after telling me to write up a bunch of 'x' and 'y's with numbers around them.

I did it up high, so that I had to reach up on my tiptoes. When I came down my tits had left two lines along the board going up and then down like some strangely written 'M' with a lot of wiggle on top. I turned around and everyone laughed, including me. I needed that after Metal shop and Mr.

Harrison. I needed to get silly to calm down. Five minutes before class was over Mr. Dennison told me to go clean up. "Thanks for today's lesson." He said as I left. Didn't he mean for helping with the lesson? Showers again? Fuck no, not after last period.


I hit a restroom not far from class, took one look in the mirror, and burst out laughing. A hall monitor popped her head in and said; "Only five minutes for you." I rinsed my face then poured the water down me as much as I could. No towels to dry off, I tried the paper stuff but it didn't do much good for my hair.

I think I got most of it off before I left, but I was cold when I hit the hall. I shivered my way down towards Bio as the bell rang and kids flooded the hallway. I ran into May on the way to class, she was getting felt up by some kid I don't think either of us knew while two of his friends watched. "Is that all you guys got?" I asked. "Hey, it's another one." The boy whose hand was going down her ass said. "Hey A.C." May said.

"Hey." I said. I looked at the two boys standing there and said; "Well?" They just looked down at the floor and stepped back. "Don't be so shy." I said. "Yeah" May said. The boy feeling her up had reached under her from behind and had his hand coming up to the crossed arrow cut of her bush. "Oh! Give her a try." I waved a hand in front of the floor where one of the boys was looking.

"Hello. wet naked chick here. wake up." He got spooked and stepped back then looked up with a weak smile. "I. uh. It's just." He shrugged. I leaned in and whispered "Would you rather he was naked?" I jerked a thumb over to his fellow shy friend ­ who had that clean cut look I knew gay guys went for.

"Huh? No. Fuck no. I just." He said. "Then give me that." I said, taking his hand and putting on my boob. "Learn something." I said. He looked like I'd given him an electric shock as his hand jerked back then slowly came down on me again. "Is it. is it ok?" He said. "Is it fucking ok? Fuck yeah, I put it there." I said. Friend three was still looking at the floor so I said "Up here" and reached under his chin to lightly pull him up. "You guys are freshmen aren't you?" They nodded.

"It was Bud's idea to touch her." Number three said. Bud was fingering May's pussy from behind, and grinning. "This is fun." He said, in that stupid way boys talk sometimes.

"Damn straight." May said. "Geez May; where'd you get these three?" I asked. "Bud's in my last class." She said. The first bell for class rang so I said "Ok boys ­ homework: grab some Program girl and fuck the shit out of her. I'll find you tomorrow and if you haven't I'll kick your asses. And I'll make sure the girl admits to it too." "What about you or May?" Bud asked. "Yeah well, if you find me first before this time tomorrow, I'm game." I said.

We left them as we ran for class. "Think that'll work?" May said. "I dunno, but maybe they'll be more afraid of me than they are shy." I said. "Cute guys like that shouldn't be allowed to be so shy." "Yeah. fucking cunt teases." She said and we laughed. Orgy class with Ms. Lippmann, or Biology or something. Kevin came up behind us as we got to the door, giving May and I a quick slap on the butt before stepping between and through us. We grabbed him and started to tackle him before realizing we were in the middle of the classroom not more than three feet from the teacher.

"Cut out that horseplay you three." Ms. Lippmann said. I bumped against Kevin while straightening out my bag, noticing he was rock hard. May and I sat down where we guessed the circle would form as everyone else stripped.

Once Kevin was naked he sat between us. "Think it'll be today?" He asked. "If not today - definitely tomorrow." May said. "Yeah." I said. "And you can be sure she'll sick you on whichever of us you miss this week next week. I saw her and Magante talking at lunch when we was." "Oh." He said. "Well, no hard feelings?" May and I giggled, getting the same idea together as we looked to his lap. "I dunno, looks like you're already feeling hard." I said. May flicked it with her hand. "Hey!" Kevin said, putting on a fake hurt face." "I mean it on the horseplay you three." Ms.


Lippmann said, but the look in her eyes was good natured. "So uh, yeah. No hard feelings, no jealousy." May said. I put out my hand and she took it, then Kevin held both our hands.

We all exchanged a look, then let go. "What's up with you guys?" Nancy, after Jake on May's right said. "We got business." I said. "Personal." She just nodded and looked around the room for something else to pay attention to. "Why don't we start with a quickie?" Ms. Lippmann said to the class, taking a seat along the circle across from me. She had a way of sitting that was very lewd, and I was getting an eyeful. She flipped a coin and then said "Girls, turn to the person on your right." I could swear she looked right at me and Kevin with a feral look in her eyes.

"Shit." I said. Kevin and May exchanged looks before she shrugged and turned to Jake. "We gonna do this?" He said to me. "We got a choice?" I said. "I could leave; go to the regular class - me or the both of you." He said. "Stay." May called out over her shoulder. "It was gonna happen eventually." It was? I guess so with the Program, or did she mean just as a matter of life? Ms. Lippmann didn't interrupt our little chat. She actually waited, then announced; "I want the boys to enter the girl with you from behind ­ what you know as 'Doggie style'.

You've got 5 minutes, and then we're going to discuss the three positions I've put you all in, before we move on to some serious discussion about STDs.

If you cum, and you can still go, switch position." I got on my hands and knees and put my butt in the air ­ in Kevin's face. I felt the tip of Kevin's cock at my entrance as he put his hands on my butt. It was similar to what happened in gym, but oh so different. This time it meant something and I was scared shitless. In fact I started to shake from a case of nerves.

"You ok A.C.? Kevin asked. Its cool girlfriend, it's all cool." The word was used as a friend, not something romantic. He petted my behind, like soothing down a cat's fur. Calming a pussy. I gave a nervous chuckle. I Heard Jake say "Hey, what're you doing?" beside me. I looked to see May leave him and come over to us. "I'll do it." She said, and I felt her hand come up under me and take Kevin's cock.

She pushed it into the lips of my entrance and said "Calm down guys. Ready?" "Yeah." I said, looking down between my legs. She had her other hand on Kevin's butt, and she shoved him slowly forward and into me.

Kevin took control of himself, letting his cock get buried in all the way. May went back to Jake, feeling as if she'd been a part of it - part of the 'virginity' of our friendship being taken. I can't say it was like any other fuck I'd ever had.

Just like with Mr. Harrison it felt completely wrong, horribly frightening, and yet deliciously pleasurable and somehow maturing all in the same moment. It felt. as if this was the second time in my - adult - life that I'd been fucked, as opposed to all the shit I'd done as a kid, as some wild teenage girl. Kevin began to pump into me with a slow steady rhythm ­ trying for all he could to do me right. Ms. Lippmann was watching us, making mental notes from the looks of it.

They'd finally done it, finally found something to put in between our gang, and now they wanted to see what would happen. I tried not to pant; I tried not to enjoy it. I tried to act like Kevin and I were just hanging out. I could tell he was torn between trying to be casual, and wanting to make sure he did his duty for me as a man.

I gave in to the pleasure, letting out a long sigh as my head dropped down. "Kevin, just go with it man." I said. "Let it happen." He grunted into a thrust then said on his pull back "Just. trying to keep it real A.C." "It's already too fucking real Kev." Involuntarily the walls of my vagina clamped down on him ­ trying to keep that cock from escaping. She had her own plans.

"Just fuck me Kevin. Just fuck me like I was some bitch." We could deal later. He picked up the pace, and the pleasure started to blind out everything else. Yeah, I could tell, a part of me had wanted this for three years. That same sense told me he was no different.

We'd all played at just being friends, but when you put three girls together with three boys ­ well, there's bound to be shit even if it stays buried. I lifted my head and looked back at Kevin, watching him pound into me. His own gaze was across to May, watching her get fucked by Jake.

After a spell he caught my look and glanced down with a sheepish grin. His hands came off my butt and patted me on the small of my back. "Damn A.C., you feel good." He said. I let out a gasp right as he finished that, my eyes wincing shut and my mouth going into a little 'o'. He had a funny look on his face when I looked back. It was that look guys gave me when they got into what I was doing on the end of their cocks.

"Don't get any ideas." I said. "It's just classwork." "I can't help it A.C., you just. shit. you look so cute when you fuck." Kevin said. He pumped into me a little faster. I brought a hand up and over to my clit, then caught myself when I realized it. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to cum on the end of his dick.

I grunted from his thrust and said "Say that again and I'll kick your ass." But I took that hand and starting doing my clit, even though it left me unsteady. He started to slam into me, and I fell. Kevin popped out, so we had to pause and get it all out worked out again.

"Do my clit." I said, keeping both hands on the ground. He tried to, but he had trouble keeping it going against his desire to pound my pussy. After a little bit he gave up and just started slamming me as hard and fast as he could. We were both panting and grunting like it was a fight.

It almost was. Years ago I kicked his ass, now he was pounding mine. He even spanked me a few times, enough that I could feel the heat of it. It sent me over the edge and I came with an incoherent scream. Then I just held my ground panting and nearly crying in pleasure for as long as I could hold my peak.

Finally I felt it ­ I felt his cum shoot up into me, deep into my belly. He let out a loud growl and pushed me down flat on my stomach before lying on top of me and fading down to slow steady strokes as his manhood softened up. At least he'd lasted long enough to get me off. Eventually he stopped thrusting. Into my ear he whispered "You ok A.C.?" "Fuck if I know." I said back and then sighed, letting my whole body relax as I felt his weight on top of me.

I looked over to see May taking it missionary style. They must've finished up their first fuck a while ago. Kevin and I just relaxed for a bit. Ms. Lippmann came over, about to say something, but she thought better of it when he gave her a look.

I could see her juices dripping down her leg, and her right hand looked wet. Kevin didn't get off me though. He brushed my hair lightly and said "Shit." After that we just stayed there in silence enjoying the weight of our bodies - thinking about it. "Ok class." Ms.

Lippmann said. "Now that you're all well and goodly fucked. I want everyone to sit up and get back into the circle." We did, looking around me people looked sleepy, that or just very relaxed. Some of them took a little time, trying to get in one last cum. May and Jake were the last of those, and she kept fingering herself after they were done.

Most of the class actually were idly playing with themselves ­ not in any hurried manner, more it seemed, to keep the feeling from going away. Mostly girls though - a lot of guys seem to lose interest after they cum. Lippmann went over the positions we'd tried. She asked people what they liked most. The guys mostly liked doggie style.

The girls seem to like it only when they didn't know the guy so well ­ it put a block on false intimacy. "I like missionary or on top with my boyfriends." Nancy said.

Kind of the difference between a hard fuck and making love I guess. I didn't know how I liked it just yet; I guess it varied for me too. "From behind is great, but I cum too fast that way." Jake said. A couple guys agreed with him. Lippmann asked us about satisfaction ­ had these fucks been good for us? "Not really." I said, looking to Kevin to make sure I didn't insult, I added; "it's just too rushed, too physical." "But sex is just fucking anyway ­ it's just physical." Joe said.

"No it's not." Nancy said, and most of the girls agreed with her. I noticed several boys who looked really confused at that. "That class; has been the basic problem of the sexes for as long as we've been in this world. But we'll consider that tomorrow" Lippmann said. "Now you have your experience to use in judging what will come next." After a little more discussion Ms.

Lippmann pulled out some papers and passed them around. "We're going to talk about sexual health ­ specifically the issues behind STDs." Ms. Lippmann gave a brief introduction on several of the things that used to plague sexual freedom. She told us vaccines for nearly everything known were commonly available today in the western world, but not always everywhere else. "A friend of mine said they didn't give the shots back in her home country." May said.

Ms. Lippmann noted that some places couldn't afford it, but most who refused did it for moral reasons. Much like early opposition to birth control in the USA ­ they felt that making the consequences of sex go away would just make people have more of it. "Which is probably true" She said.

She told us it was important to keep our immunization shots up to date, especially if we ever did any international travel, or had sex with recent immigrants or foreign tourists. "They don't have to get shots at the airport?" A boy asked. "No, and not everyone comes in by plane, or even legally." Ms. Lippmann said. "But they have to get them when they go to school. Right?" I said, thinking of Fatima. "Yes, but it takes about a week for everything to run through the system. If your friend had shots Monday, she could have sex safely by next Monday." Ms.

Lippmann said. She knew I was talking about Fatima ­ though I doubt that girl would be losing her virginity anytime soon. Then she talked about cure rates. If you somehow did manage to catch one of the STDS, most of it could be cured.

But not all of it, and I started to get worried when she paused at me while looking around the room. She told us about Herpes, saying most but not all strains could be cured, thus why it was important to stay immune. She mentioned the history there, how it had taken so long to find a cure; and it was likely a lot of people without medical insurance still had it. Everyone in the public school was vaccinated though.

That was when things got really uncomfortable. My family has a secret, and it was nobody's fucking business but ours. She moved on to AIDS.

She simply said; "Then we have AIDS, one of the worst health crises in modern history, it still plagues many parts of the third world ­ especially where traditional religion plays a strong role. We have an immunity shot for it, and every child attending school in America ­ public or private ­ has to get the shot. But there's still no cure, there are still thousands of people right here in the USA living with AIDS.

People like." I tensed, and May and Kevin's mouths dropped. We all knew exactly what she was about to say. I started to open my mouth to stop her, but it was too late.

"People like Alandra's father professor Cabrera." She said. It was out. Now everyone knew. My father had AIDS, and now the whole fucking school would know. The kid on my left visibly scooted away from me.

Kevin started to get up, a look of pure murder in his eyes. I grabbed his hand. He was going for Lippmann. I got up, tried to say something and found myself speechless. I shook; Ms. Lippmann had the look that said she knew she'd made a mistake. "You fucking bitch!" I yelled out then stormed out of the classroom.

I ran actually. I sat down in the hall, crouched up in ball, and cried. It was only the second time I'd ever cried at school ­ where somebody could see me.

The first was after the rape in freshman year. Only May and Marcy had seen that. I couldn't stop myself; I just let it rush out of me, sobbing and shaking on the floor of the hallway.

"A.C. ." I heard Kevin say before he started brushing my hair. "We got your back A.C." May said. They were on opposite sides of me, Kevin still naked from Bio. I looked up and went into May's arms in a hug. It wasn't just being outed that got me.

It was the whole fucking day with its ups and downs, it was the fear I always held inside ­ the fear that my Pa would just die someday. That he'd forget his meds and become immune to them, and I'd have to watch him waste away.

Mr. Harrison came by. He looked down at us. Kevin looked up at him and said "What the fuck's your problem?" Mr.

H. just looked back for a minute, shook his head, and went into Ms. Lippmann's class. "Let's get out of here." I said. We got up and walked off campus ­ hopping the fence. Kevin was still naked, and I felt strange seeing the mix of our juices drying in his pubes. He gave me a look, but couldn't meet my eyes. We stopped at his car. "Shit man. No keys." He said.

He banged his fist against the rear passenger door and it popped open. He got in and got out cigarettes. We smoked in silence for a few minutes; finally May said "It'll be ok A.C." She looked back at the school. "Fuck this place man." "Too much shit today." I said. A few minutes later I saw Lippmann and Harrison go into Magante's bungalow. She had a bundle of clothes in her hands ­ probably Kevin's. "You might be in the Program." I said, poking him in the arm and pointing.

"Shit." He said. "Nice package by the way." May said, looking down at his cock. Kevin just shrugged and took a drag on his cigarette, but his flaccid cock twitched and started to grow just a little. May and I both just stood there watching it rise, smoking and not saying anything. "Shit." Kevin said. "Don't look at me like that." "Sorry." I said. "Hard not to now." Now that I know what it can do. "Fuck." May said, dropping her cigarette. "Sorry Kev." She said. She squatted down in front of him and took his dick in her mouth, giving him a blow job right there in the street without saying another word.

"You look good like this." I said to him. "You should try it more often." He gave me a strange look. "I mean naked, not that." I pointed to May's silent bobbing head. She was working up quite a rhythm on his dick ­ pulling out to lick it every now and then, then going back down deep.

"Well. I suppose that's good for you too." I said. Ms. Lippmann walked off campus with Ms. Magante. They came up to us. She had Kevin's clothes in her hands. "I. I'm sorry Alandra. I wasn't thinking." Lippmann said. "Yeah well." I let it drop; figuring my angry look was enough. If I hadn't been so conditioned I probably would'a done to her what May did to me the day before ­ punch her hard in the gut. But there was just something about teachers that made it impossible to deal with them like normal people.

She put Kevin's clothes into the back seat, where the door was still open. Both of the women made good to ignore May giving him a blow job. May just kept at it, creating for me a zone of privacy in her own special way. "We should talk." Magante said. "Later." I said; curling and uncurling my fist.

I took a cig from off the hood of the car and lit it, my last one done. "That's really not good for." Lippmann started, but Magante jabbed her in the side. "Yeah well, whatever." I said. "Like it matters." "Later then. when it's cooler." Magante said. She tugged Ms. Lippmann away and they went back on campus. May pulled her mouth off Kevin and jacked him off for a bit, then she went back in and a moment later he grunted, sighed, and came into her throat.

She got up, didn't say a word, and took another cigarette. There was gravel from the road stuck to her knees. Ten minutes later we watched everyone come out of the building after the bell rang. I could see the twins way down by the south entrance, on the other side of the fence, waiting for somebody. I saw Fatima too, but she didn't see us. Kevin started looking at his clothes, so I gave May a look and we started edging away - around the sides of the car.

He caught on, so we made a mad dash. I tackled him as May ran for the door and jumped in. She grabbed his jeans, shirt, and underpants and ran out into the street. Kevin was all over me, trying to get loose. So I grabbed him by the dick and started tugging ­ which really distracted things. "Hey!" He called out, "What're you guys doing?" "I've been like this all week." I said, "Your turn now!" I grinned at him, so he grabbed my tits, getting me to jump and let go of his dick.

He ran after May. She laughed and started running down the street. Then we heard the single blurt of a police siren. You know how they let off just one beep to get your attention. The car was about a block down, turning onto the street alongside the west side of campus ­where we were. From here I guessed all they saw was a big black naked guy chasing after a small Asian woman.

Visions of Abner Louima flashed through my head as both May and Kevin stopped stone cold. The car slowly advanced ­ that slow crawl cops use to freak the shit out of you. Like gang-bangers cruising for a drive by. May got between Kevin and the cop car, I looked in Kevin's car, trying to see if that gun was around anywhere anybody could see - not sure if I wanted it where I could reach it, or wanted it far away where they'd never find it.

But then a cop leaned his head out the passenger window and called out "Mei Hua, is that you? How's your dad doing?" The tension dropped in an instant; May brightened up and moved up to the car window.

I could see a bunch of the kids near the gate to school watching us. Probably expecting trouble still. "Cletus!" May said, leaning in to give him a naked hug. Cletus? Talk about a hick name. I thought I remembered her saying something about her dad's fishing buddy being a pig. talk about luck. Then she got that look in her eyes. "Um, Cletus? I need to report a theft. Somebody stole his clothes." She pointed at Kevin, who opened his mouth in surprise. Cletus grinned at May, in on some joke the two of them knew better than me and Kevin.

"You'll need to take this into evidence." She said. "So, any witnesses?" Cletus asked. "I saw her." May said. "She was about this tall." She put her hand on her head, "And Chinese I think." She giggled, "And she's very cute." May spread out her arms "And she's completely, and I mean completely, unarmed. But very dangerous." She smiled at the cop and gave the kind of pose you just don't give to a friend of your Pa.

May you are so stuck on yourself. "Hey!" Kevin said, "That's my stuff." "I'm sorry son, I'm afraid I'll have to take this as evidence." The cop grinned at us. "Mei Hua, tell your dad I said hi. Stay out of trouble." He took Kevin's clothes from May and tossed them in the back, after that they drove off. I could see them laughing as they went. "Shit May!" Kevin said. "I got you good." May said, tackling him and then punching his arm.

"That was fucked up." I said. "Damn May - that was too fucking good." "I liked those jeans." Kevin said in a sigh. "Here." May said, handing him his wallet and keys.

Sie will so schlecht geplagt werden

"Now you have to be naked like us." "Naked out of School." I laughed. "Hey look on the bright side, now the cops don't have any reason to frisk you." Kevin rolled his eyes. "You guys are too much." Then he looked at me, and then at May. A long sort of very male look. "I dunno May, looks to me like he's still armed and dangerous." I pointed at his cock, which was hard again. Kevin wasn't used to being naked, so I guess it was too much for him.

"Looks like." She said. "Somebody might have to disarm that again." "Well if I'm naked, then no more shirts for you." Kevin said to May. "What? Oh shit, I gotta get Melinda's shirt." She said, she started to turn to go back to campus, but then I smiled at her and she paused.

"What?" Somebody grabbed her from behind by the tits, clamping down and giving them a nice good squeeze. May looked down at a pair of female hands covering her breasts.

She squealed in delight as Melinda said from behind her "This shirt enough for you? Damn I love these tits." May turned her head as Melinda began to massage her breasts. Melinda was still naked ­ I remembered she'd tossed her skirt in Kevin's car. "I was standing out there wondering where you guys were. Then I saw the cops. What'd they want?" "They know May's dad." I said. Melinda got a surprised look so I added "Fishing buddies or some shit." "She's right May; you got the finest tits I've ever seen." Kevin added, apparently not keeping up with the conversation.

"Naw-uh!" May said in an almost childish way. "Look at hers." She pointed at me. "Mine are too small." "Yeah but look at these." Melinda said, taking May by the nipples. "These are fucking huge!" The rest of the gang came up, with Fatima in tow, and the twins hanging with a naked Cindy on the edge. "Hey! Doesn't she have the best tits you've ever seen?" Melinda asked tugging on May's nipples.

"Ew." Marcy said. Rick looked flustered, not wanting to answer the question about one of his friends. "Perfect shape, great bounce. May, they're perfect." Rubin said. "But you always take the big girls, like Marcy." May said.

"Shit I take whatever's easy." Rubin said. Which definitely wasn't Marcy. "If you weren't my friend, I'd fuck the shit out you as much as I could." May got the wrong look in her eyes, the hungry sort of look. but she smiled. "Ok. Ok. I'll leave the shirt. But you guys are just fucking with me and I know it. My tits are ugly." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever May.

I'll bet even Marcy likes em." I looked at Marcy, hoping she'd get past her hang-ups with girls for a just a second and say the right thing. "They are nice." She said. "May you make me jealous, guys are always checking you out. And not just cause you're so wild." "Whatever." May said. "Hey. Kevin. Where're your clothes?" Rick asked. "Evidence." May said, leaving her and I busting up laughing. Kevin just sighed.

"I've been robbed." He said. "Did they take your bags too?" Fatima asked, trying very hard to look at anything but Kevin. "Oh Shit!" I said, stopping my laughter. "We gotta go back and get em." May said. "I ain't fucking going in there" I said. May and Kevin looked at me and shrugged. End of discussion. "Hey Alani, we got an appointment with Samantha." Rosa said.

"Yeah stop fucking around, she's gonna be at the house soon." Manuel said. "Oh, yeah. Look guys, I'll see you later." "We're going to the mall 'round 5 or 6." Marcy said, tugging on Fatima's arm. "She seriously needs a fashion makeover." "Ok. I'll meet you guys at Albatross?" I said. "Sure." May said. "Uh." Cindy said, looking at Manuel and Rosa. "Come by later?" Rosa asked, putting a finger into Cindy's vagina and pumping it a few times.

"Oh I'll definitely cum." Cindy said. "Hey where's that skirt you had?" I asked her. She just pointed back to school, where I saw it hanging from a wire, and shrugged. "Maybe 6" Manuel said to Cindy, pinching her butt.

"Come on guys." I said to the twins. "Don't want Samantha around Pa without us there." She'd get nosy. "Maybe I can find Kitten." Cindy said, turning back to the school. My gang turned to head away from me. Melinda grabbed May in one arm, Kevin in the other, and said "Let's go fuck." Fatima stumbled, but managed to catch herself and fall in with Marcy.

Rubin just laughed and Rick smiled and didn't say anything. "See you guys in a bit." I said. "Wanna hit the park?" Rubin asked. "That works." Melinda said, and they took off as the twins and I started walking. I was thinking about what I'd say to Samantha so I was completely surprised when Sandra came up on me, several of her friends in tow. I couldn't read the looks they gave me, but Manuel got edgy, sensing trouble. Sandra just stood there and looked at me for a second, then she said; "I heard about your father." After that she just turned around and walked away.

I guess she decided it was time to make peace. I didn't say anything; I just watched her walk away. "What was that about?" Rosa asked. "My bio teacher, Ms. Lippmann; she told the class about Pa. It'll be all over school by tomorrow." "Aw fuck!" Manuel said.

We walked home in silence. We managed to beat Samantha there, but it was close. We were only home five minutes - helping Pa clean up - when the doorbell rang. Samantha came by about once every three months, give or take.

Social Services wanted to make sure we were doing ok in light of Pa's condition. Not the AIDS, the other condition, the one he took his other pills for. It was also part of the terms I'd been stuck with after breaking into Harrison's place seven years ago, being suspected of knifing that rapist in the theater ­ I didn't do it, but nobody believed me ­ and a couple other fights I'd been in. She didn't know about the shit May had gotten me into at the mall over summer.

Last time she'd shown up, she'd had on a business skirt, but been topless outside of a light open jacket. At 30 something she still had decent breasts and seemed glad to let the world know about it. This time she was a picture of something wild. She had a little white hat, kind of like a fisherman's hat with the wavy brim all around it.

From there to her hips she was nude. Covering her bottom she had on little white skin tight mini shorts ­ so tight they left a camel toe at her cunt, and garter straps were clipped to them. They were pink, going down to match her pink stockings that went all the way down her long legs to her white platform pumps.

Her hair was dyed pinkish white like an albino and cut to shoulder length, and I'd swear she'd had work done on her tits to lift them and make them perkier. That or I'd never noticed it before ­ they didn't look fake. I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh, touch her all over, or shut the door on her. Manuel made the choice for me. "Fuck'n eh." He said, grabbing her by the arm and dragging her into the house.

Pa just looked out from the kitchen at her briefly and said "Coffee?" I think he was the only one of us not somewhat turned on by her, and it was kinda bothering me that I wasn't on his side of things. "Sure. You have cream?" She said. Manuel looked right at her nipples and didn't bother trying to hide it. I stepped on his foot before he said something stupid and juvenile.

"Uh. Samantha. Can you wear that to work?" I said. She looked at me in my nakedness. Oops. "Are you sure you're the right one to ask?" Then she smiled "I'm actually overdressed if you ask my boss. But he doesn't object as long as I keep it sexy. They're not pushing it on your teachers as much yet, but the state's trying to get all female employees 'into' the new way of thinking." "Yeah May's mom works nude." I said.

"What about older people?" "Well, any woman can go nude, but our supervisor isn't so keen on that. If you don't look good, they tell you to dress up to keep it professional." That just didn't sound right to me. Anyway Samantha took a small notepad out of her purse, then turned to the twins and asked "So how's high school?" "Oh Man." Manuel said. "So much fucking pussy." "Mani." Rosa said. "Yeah, it's a blast with the Program. We made a new friend, Cindy.

And there's Kitten" "She likes getting spanked." Manuel said. I wondered what Kitten's deal was. "She's in the Program too." Rosa said. "Her and Cindy both." "No boys?" Samantha asked, looking at Rosa. "Boys just want me to give em relief." Rosa said. "Many young women would love the opportunity." Samantha said. I wondered if Rosa was going lezzie, or if she was just doing it to keep up with Manuel.

Pa came back in, handing over coffee to Samantha and me before sitting down with his own. "I noticed you're not doing the outreach part of the Program." She said to him.

"I don't agree with it. I think they're up to something." Pa said. Shut up Pa, we don't need you going on one of your trips in front of her. "You know I'm in the Program?" I asked. "I called the school this afternoon, to see how you three were doing." She said. "Ms. what's her name.?" "Magante?" I said. "Yeah, that was her. She had a lot to say, about all three of you." Samantha said. Really? So it wasn't just me being watched. "I'm surprised." Pa said.

"Why do my kids warrant so much extra attention? School's only been in for a week." "Oh. Well I gathered she's a busy sort, keeping track of all the families in the Program, not just you." Samantha said. "So that's how it is." Pa said. "So yeah. School's ok. I haven't been cutting class this year. I even did my homework." I said, shifting subjects. "Yes, I heard you've been able to keep up so far.

That's not just because you're on extra display is it?" Well, yes, it was. "No." I said. Samantha looked at the box to the video game on the coffee table next to her cup. Tenyari's Tale, that naked 3D fantasy thing the twins were into. She raised her eyebrows at it and idly pushed the box around.

"Well, from everything I hear you've managed to stay out of trouble, even where it's tried to track you down." She said. What did she mean by that? I just took a sip of my coffee. She spilled a little on her left tit and said "Ooh." Manuel was locked on the site of her wiping it away with a finger, and then licking the finger clean.

She used my bedroom to talk to each one of us one by one, lasting until 20 to 6. She got to me last, right after Manuel. The first thing she said was "You just had sex." "Huh?" "Before coming home, there's cum on your thigh, and I know the smell." She said, casual reaching for my pussy.

"Well. yeah. That was hours ago." I said, crossing my legs and noticing a bit of cum dangling on her left tit. "Who with? Was it consensual?" She said, looking at my crotch and making a note on her pad. "None of your business. and yes, I guess." I said. "That Manuel's?" I pointed to her tit. "You guess.?" She said, ignoring my second question, but wiping it off. "Program." I said. "Oh." She jotted something down again. "Well how are you on birth control?" She asked.

"I take the tri-monthlies. I'm due in a week." I said. "Not the annuals? Most girls your age take the yearly shot." She said. "Yeah well, Pa wouldn't have it. And yeah, I know it's my choice, but I like keeping the peace. He says the annuals were made to sterilize poor women and women in prison." I said. "Hmm." She jotted something down again. "Well, he's actually right.

Look up Norplant implants on your computer. The annual we use today is a mild form of that ­ a small dose of Levonorgestrel." The problem with people like Pa is they were right just often enough to make em think they were always right. I looked around the room in a rhetorical manner "What computer?" I said.

"You still don't have a computer?" She jotted down more notes. "What're you writing?" I asked. "You can't expect me to not note down such a discrepancy." She said. "Yeah well, Pa believes they watch you if you use Computers." I said. "I can use the library at school." If I could find it.

Not sure I'd ever been over there. "Well, if you're on the tri-monthly you better get a pregnancy test. Likewise if you ever switch to daily or monthly pills - keep up with those tests." She said.

"We've got two kits in the bathroom. I bought an extra one." I glanced out the doorway, down towards the twin's room. "Rosa's coming into her own now." "Well good." She made another note. She went on like that for a little while, asking me about the family, about school, about my fighting, whether I was smoking pot or anything else, and how I thought things were going.

I did my best keeping my cool and covering where I had to. She also asked me a bit on the changes at school and in society. "So how do you feel about being naked?" I sort of shrugged and said "it don't really bother me. Feels kinda nice long as it's warm. And it makes it easy to get fucked." "Well it's good to see you adapting well. I've had a little trouble with some of my charges." She said, noting my comments in her pad.

After she left Manuel said to Rosa as they set up their video game; "She got fine tits. she let me cum all over them." "You got all the fun." was Rosa's reply. I just shook my head. What the fuck kind of social worker was that?

I checked in my room to make sure she hadn't found my stash. Pa's was legal so I didn't worry about that. I had to go meet up with the gang, and it was running late. "I'm heading out Pa!" I called as I took off, naked. He said something as the door shut, but I didn't catch it.

A few catcalls and twenty minutes later and I was on my way into Albatross. It was open mic night, but that didn't kick off until eight. The gang was all there, with Melinda and Marcy engaged in a conversation with Fatima. "No fucking way!" Melinda said, following it up with a giggle, in response to something Fatima had just said with a gesture.

May was at the 'bar', if you could call it that, talking to Bill. Kevin was standing next to her still nude, and Rick and Rubin where watching some girls sitting up by what passed for a window.

"What up Kev?" I asked, coming up to him and May and looking down at his quickly rising erection. He smiled back at me. "No clothes yet?" "So I was, like, 'and she's completely unarmed.'" May said to Bill, causing him to laugh.

"No chance to go home. You?" He said. "It grows on you." I said. "Yeah. Kinda nice though ­ feeling a breeze all over." He looked down. "Man A.C. I usually don't like being around a bitch after I.

Well. you know." "Hi A.C." May said, kissing my cheek. I kissed her back "Hi." Then I looked to Kevin "Yeah." I started, then he touched my pussy and came away sniffing. "Hm." He said. "Something I should know about?" Bill asked, handing me an Americano and some half n' half. "Bio class." May said, pointing to me and Kevin.

"Shit they never had anything like that when I was in school." Bill said. "Crazy world." A girl came in and sat with the two by the window. All she wore was a pink hat, a matching thin sarong ­ so thin you could see her pussy peeking out below - and a set of high heels.

They giggled a bit and pointed at Rubin and Rick, who lifted up cups of coffee, but then the new one pointed at Kevin. "Well, that's that." Kevin said, going over to join the guys. "Oh man, get that thing out of my face!" Rick said to the sight of Kevin's dick.

May and I went over to join Marcy and the others. "So we going shopping?" I asked. "It looks like I'm not the only one needing new clothes." Fatima said, looking at May and I. She seemed to be getting comfortable with us being nude, but I wondered how she was handling Kevin.

"Oh I'm fine." I said. "I could use." May began, rubbing her tits. "Not for you. No bitch of mine is wearing anything!" Melinda said busting out laughing. May dropped down into her lap and they started kissing ­ it was all tongues, and I was not having an easy time keeping my eyes off them. "Ew, not around here guys." Marcy said. Fatima kind of lost her cool, looking at her coffee, then me, them, and around the place trying to figure out what to think.

Melinda caught me looking, and waved a little finger at me. I tried to find something else to look at, but I keep feeling her kiss in my mind. "So. Uh, Fatima." ". Yeah?" Fatima said.

"Um. any idea what you'd like?" I asked. Her eyes darted between Kevin and Melinda. "Oh. no. I mean clothes." I said. She blushed. "I. I dunno." She said, I found myself getting up, and dropping into the big easy chair May and Melinda where sharing. Marcy darted over to where I'd been before, but swapped the chair out after she caught something in it.

Ok. so I was wet. "Oh." Melinda said. "Hey our outfits match!" May said, and even Fatima laughed. What was I doing sitting over here anyway? The front door opened and I heard Harrison say "So you've been here before?" Then he looked inside as he came through and stopped short at the sight of us ­ looking at me.

Magante bumped into him from behind then stepped around ­ naked as always. Bill up at the counter gave him a look. "Hey Bill." He said. We all went dead silent. They knew each other? "No fucking way." May whispered. I noticed Harrison and Magante were holding some familiar looking backpacks. Harrison got himself together and went up to Bill, they started talking. Magante looked at us before joining them at the 'bar'.

We were all still just sitting there watching. The girls by the window looked like they were trying to figure out why the guys they'd been flirting with suddenly started ignoring them. See, we'd been coming here since freshman year two years ago. Now as high school seniors Albatross was our safe spot, and we'd just learned it had a connection to Harrison. I was thinking I knew why Bill had dragged us in that first day, and maybe why Kevin and I never got busted for that fight.

Like maybe Bill had just been helping Mr. H. with his new job as principal at the school. ".want to make sure the Program goes off well. Excuse me." Magante said over her shoulder as she took the bags and started walking towards us. She caught my gaze and followed it to Harrison who was still watching me in shifting glances. Now why was she looking at me like that? "Brought your bags." she said, sitting across me in the chair I'd been in, next to Marcy.

The guys decided to move over near the girls by the window, and struck up a low conversation. "What's up with them?" Marcy asked, pointing to Harrison. "Cousins." Magante said. Then she gave me a really deep look.

"Was it.?" She started, then stopped and looked back to the 'bar' before watching me. I nodded, looking at my gang. "Was it consensual?" I thought for a moment, unclipping Teddy from my bag and holding him in my lap. Marcy looked at Mr. H and her jaw dropped. May crossed her legs as I said; "Yeah. How.?" "The way you looked at each other." She said. "Fuck." Marcy said. "When I was your age, he would go to jail for this, consent or not.

Now, he could lose his job." Magante said. "Um." I said, taking my belt out of my bag and putting it on. I liked the look, so I clipped the dildo to it and tossed the thin chain in my bag. "You'll be ok, don't worry." She said. "No. don't report him, please. I know it seems like we hate each other. maybe we do. but it's more complicated than that." I said. "Shit A.C. He's old. What the fuck were you thinking?" May said. I didn't answer - what the fuck had I been thinking?

"Still, he's in a position of authority, he's violated the trust of that." Magante said. "It just wasn't like that. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like him, but now we can be adult about it. And I don't get that much." I said. "Hmm." she said. "You know, I first met Mr. H. when I was only ten, breaking into his house. He had me arrested. We've been on bad terms ever since.

This kind of balances it." I said. "I read that in your file. You sure?" Magante said. "Yeah, something's different now.

Just. let it go please. Trust me; I fix my own issues." I said. She just nodded and sipped her coffee. We let it drop and the table fell into silence. Melinda was brushing my hair while May twirled her pubes. Fatima and Marcy just exchanged looks and then waited. Before Magante left she said "There's a lot more to you than you think Alandra." What did that mean? "Well at least you got your bags back." Melinda said. Up at the 'bar' Magante gathered Harrison and they left, waving to Bill.

Cousins huh? I checked my bag as soon as they were gone; the tissue with Mr. H's cum was still in there. I had my insurance.

We sat around chatting for a little bit, the guys went and hit on those girls, and a few minutes later they all got up together. "Hey guys, see you later." Rubin called over as they made for the door. The girl in the sarong was jacking Kevin off as they walked out. "Have fun." May called back with a laugh. "Looks like Kevin's already started." Melinda said. "Yeah no shit." Marcy said. "I. just can't believe it." Fatima said.

"I keep seeing it, but I can't believe it. You're all crazy." "Yeah, but it's fun ain't it?" I said, and she blushed before looking down. We were going to drive that poor girl over the edge eventually.

People started coming in and settling around. It was a little after seven and open mic started in an hour. "You kids can stay." Bill said "But keep cool." He served beer during open mic, and we knew better than to sneak some and get him busted. Better to do that elsewhere ­ 'never piss in your own backyard' or something was how they put it.

Sometimes open mic was fun ­ get to see all the soccer moms and office dads come out and try to be somebody, try to forget who they were for a night and fake at cool with some really funky poems and usually bad music. Sometimes one or two of them were pretty good. When it was all good we'd help out Bill with keeping the place flowing. He had a lady named Janice who came in to run the mic ­ one of those liberal types in the African clothes and tie dyed skirts despite being a middle aged white woman.

I wondered how she'd dress now, with all this nudity going around. Last week she'd gone topless for half the show. Melinda slowly ran her finger along my slit and then diddled my clit a few times as she whispered in my ear "Remember your promise?" I sat up, a little surprised, then said "Yeah, but here?

Now?" "Why not? Teddy can watch" she said, giving me a kiss on the neck. I guess I shouldn't have sat in her lap alongside May. She took my teddy bear off my knee. I was about to melt, when Marcy said "Ew." I mean, she was kissing my neck. I looked up and saw Bill; he was wiping that cup he always wiped when he wanted to look busy. He thought it made the place look like one of those bars in movies ­ keep the lights low and sit there wiping the same cup clean over and over.

That had to be the cleanest cup in the world by now. What it really meant was 'I'm busy, no I'm not sneaking peeks at you, I'm the big guy over here who's doing something else.' "Not in front of Bill." I said.

"Why? May tells me she always." Melinda began. "Yeah, but that's." I started. "What?" May said, a little angry. "That's just May? Like I'm crazy or something?" May looked down at the floor, not meeting anyone's gaze. She was probably watching the same coffee stain I was. "Let's get a refill." Fatima said to Marcy, and they got up. "No May." I said. "I. I'm sorry. I. Aw shit." May said. She wasn't talking to me though. I think she was talking to herself. She took Teddy and hugged him to herself, her eyes a little wet.

"Maybe later would be best." Melinda said. "Yeah." I said. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but I did promise, and I suppose I ought to try it someday.

We were silent for a bit. Fatima and Marcy came back after taking way too long to pour half n' half. They smiled at us when they got back. "We gotta go." May said. "Fashion makeover." She tugged on Fatima's jeans. "Well have fun." Bill said as we hit the door.

"He really your cousin?" I asked. "Yep. He went to college, and I came here. We weren't that close till he took the job at your school." Bill said. Hmm. "Well, catch you later." I said, stepping outside. We passed Janice on her way in. Her outfit was the normal routine, save that her skirt opened in the front to reveal an aging somewhat chubby pussy. Whatever gets you going I guess.

We said hi and bye before heading off. As usual, Fatima looked scandalized. The mall wasn't too busy, only a little more than Tuesday. No guys in the lot to hassle us this time ­ which was good, cause it'd been one of those days where any one of us could have made a real mistake if given the reason.

"Hey is that the place?" Melinda asked, pointing to the door of Purrfect Pussy. Nancy was in the display window, where they had those two chairs, doing something to get one of them ready. I guess peak hours where coming up. That or they were making sure they were ready for the weekend. "Yeah" I said. "I wanna get a heart design shaved in." She said. Then she reached for and touched my clit-ring, adding "Maybe one of these too." May whispered something in her ear.

"Oh. well nevermind. Maybe later." "What?" I asked, shifting my stance to deal with a sudden feeling of being wet. "No sex for a month." May said. Fatima looked up from doing her best to ignore the store in front of us, and Marcy rolled her eyes. "Oh. Get it during finals." I said.

"Hey, good idea." Melinda said, perking up. "We can come back for the shave, let's find something for her to wear." Marcy said. "Yeah." I said. "Those jeans will never do Fatima." We hit one of those teen places with designs from all over.

Half the place looked like skateboard and music t-shirts for the guys; the other half had some good shit though. But I doubt Fatima could ever wear some of it ­ a lot of open bust shirts, crotchless bottoms, and so on. The girls working the shop looked even more nude than us, and three of us didn't have a stitch on.

They were all lace, latex, or fake silk, and all designed to show them off- to make you look. Two guys were on shift as well, wearing low jeans and leather 'X' harnesses with pockets into which they had store shit ­ like those price tagging things.

Not much eye-candy for the girls I guess. I found something like a lacy ankle length cloakish gown ­two buttons up on the neck collar and it fanned out to almost expose the nipples, but not quite, by your waist it was more on your hips than anywhere else ­ open front. The sleeves where long and also fanned out at the cuff.

With the lace though, it didn't matter ­ you could see right through anyway. "Hey Marce, this one's for you." I gave it to her. "As if." She said, putting it down and picking up a pink blouse. "Here, try this on." She gave it to Fatima, along with some hip-hugging bell bottoms. It took us an hour, but we found three affordable outfits that would get Fatima, if not somewhat nude, at least fashionable. Three years ago this shit would have been wild, now it was what the bible-girls wore.

I guess that was sort of fitting. When you put her in those tight hip-huggers, a half-top, smart sneakers, and pig tails like mine Fatima was actually pretty sexy in a dark South Asian sort of way. She looked happy, though she wouldn't keep the pig tails. She took them down and put her bandana back in, so we ended up buying a full set of scarves in different designs.

I wasn't gonna make a point about her showing so much waist and still insisting on a covered head, if she could 'forget it' I would too. Oh, I bought that cloak thing, not sure why though. We went back to Purrfect Pussy, and got Melinda signed up for a shave. Fatima wouldn't enter the store, nor would Marcy, so they agreed to meet us in the food court. Nancy looked a little jealous to see Melinda with May, but she handled it professionally ­ I don't think anyone but me picked up on it.

Besides, she had to be at least 20, old maid territory. I guess you had to be at least bi to work in a place like this without going nuts. I know if you asked a bunch of guys to shave each other's balls there'd be a fight in there somewhere.

And Marcy would faint if she saw what went on in here and I'm not talking about the extra service Marylyn gave ­ the shaves alone would do her in. Melinda got her heart, and only 'had' to cum two times to get it. May got a little jealous, and sat there fucking herself with her dildo. On a whim I bought a second dildo ­ non electric, just a slight curve to the semi soft plastic and a lot of ribbing. I put it in the bag with my cloak. I had a plan, but I wasn't really sure it was a good idea.

I had them gift wrap it and I put a little card in there saying 'consider it a safety'. On our way to the food court I saw one of those knicker-girls again ­ in a halter top with her panties down at the knees. Not the one getting fucked last time, but one that had been with her. She had a boy toy on her arm. His fly was open and she was stroking him when she saw us. She stopped and came over; "you know Mitch?" She asked.

"What's it to you?" I said. May looked guarded, but Melinda just looked confused. "Hey, ease up, I'm just asking. I think he was talking about you guys at school today." She said.

"Yeah we know him, what'd he say?" May asked. "He said, and this is how he said it, not me. He said 'I'm gonna put a cap in that nigger they got with them'" she said. "You guys watch out, I hear he owns a gun, and people say he's fucked up." Her eyes searched us to see if we got it, to see if we understood. It was no different than what they say about us though. "Thanks for the warning." I said, and we walked on. Why is it everyone always wants to go for the black guy? Kevin once said that anytime something bad happened and there was a black guy on the scene it was assumed to be him, but if anything good happened they assumed he'd been given an unfair hand by somebody else.

-We're only responsible for ourselves when we fuck up- Something like that. We got Chinese and met Marcy and Fatima out on the food court. Fatima was saying something about it being a sin to eat pork "It's in the bible, trust me." She said. Marcy was finishing off a hotdog with a guilty look on her face. "Leviticus 11:7." I said between bites of Chow Mein. "Pa went off on a trip once, thinking the pork industry was a communist conspiracy." Till I found his meds.

"Yeah, that's the part all you freaks got ­ the Old Testament right?" May said, pushing some eggplants around disappointedly. "Mom makes better." "Hah." I said.

"Something like that. We could ask those freaks outside about it." The bible crowd from Tuesday was still out in the lot. Malls are private property, so you had to protest outside. "Here try some of mine." We swapped plates; I wasn't in the mood for stir fried beef anymore anyway.

"Like they know shit." Melinda said, getting rice on her tits. "Most of those guys can't quote shit that's actually in there." Yeah. she'd do fine with us with that attitude. "How do you use these anyway?" she held up her chopsticks and looked at May. May gave her a fork.

"Not bad girl." Marcy said, looking at Melinda's new pubic-cut. "I. I didn't know you liked." Melinda began, dropping the fork. "Ew. No, I just mean I like the design, but they cut it too low, it." Marcy said, sipping her soda down to the bottom.

"Oh. Yeah. I wanted the heart to end with my clit." Melinda said, spreading her labia to show it off and getting Marcy to find something else to look at. "Hey those knicker-girls are back." She said, tossing her head to look behind us.

They were passing on the walkway across from the food court and didn't see us. "A little bird told me Mitch is gunning for Kevin." I said, looking across at the girl who'd spoken to us. Fatima looked confused, but Marcy got it. "He got something against Kevin?" Melinda asked, finally getting her rice down.

I gave her a tissue to wipe up her tits. "They always go for him." May said. "People think if we're a gang, of course Kevin's behind it all." She paused. "They call this shit Chinese?" Melinda slouched down and looked out over the mall for a minute.

Then she asked; "So. are you guys a gang?" I shrugged. "If that's what you call friends." If you looked up gang in a real dictionary, one that said what words really meant, it would probably say any group of poor kids that hang out together. Pa once said a gang was a 'mini political economic something or other without state sanc.

Edgar takes it in the butt

approval or. whatever." He'd been reading one of those books of his again. "Everyone at school says you are." Melinda said.

"Missy in Geometry said, like; I'd get in trouble if I kept with you guys." "Yeah well. You probably will." I said. May gave me a warning look. "Well." Melinda shrugged. "Nobody's gonna tell me who my friends are." "You're not half bad." Marcy said. Even Fatima smiled. It's good to have friends after all. We left the mall, heading back to Albatross to get our bags. When I got a chance I slipped my little gift into Fatima's shopping bag.

I wasn't sure, but I had a feeling she'd need that if she was gonna keep true to her faith and still hang with us. Unless she wasn't allowed self relief. I had no idea. Things were still going with the mic when we got there. Some people had our spot so we hassled Bill behind the counter. When you hang at a place as much as we did, you sort of end up getting to do what you want. We tossed our shopping next to our school bags in the back and settled in.

"How'd it go?" Bill asked. So we filled him in on our shopping trip. He got a little distracted when Melinda hopped up on the counter and spread herself out to show her new 'hairstyle', and I used that to make sure Fatima didn't find her gift too early. I managed to slip it back in there before we were done though. There was a lot of distraction after all ­ with all the old people hanging around reading poems about the woes of driving a minivan, their cat, bad latte, or some shit like that.

It always seemed pretty meaningless. "Everybody's gotta have an out." Bill once said. We were sitting around working on sodas and watching people make fools of themselves when May got a look on her face and jumped up running to the restroom saying "Aw shit." "What.?" Melinda said. "May always comes on sudden like that." I said, looking at the calendar Bill kept by his events board.

Melinda thought for a second then said "Oh. oh wow. that sudden?" "Yeah. she's been irregular since summer." Marcy said. "Since the whole bottomless trip." I said, looking down at my own bare body. "When do you guys get it?" Melinda asked. "Usually next week." Marcy said.

"We used to all go off together." She looked toward the restroom. "Two weeks away for me." Fatima said. "Mine ended Sunday." Melinda said, following Marcy's gaze. "Well that fucks up our plans." Marcy gave her a look, trying to figure out that last bit. "May'll be ok. She doesn't cramp much at least." I said. Bill was just figuring it out. At least he was back to cleaning that cup of his, so I imagined he'd managed to find something about us to make him nervous.

Men. May chose that moment to return. "Fuck." She said, holding a hand over her belly. Bill got a clean towel ­ more of a rag actually ­ and passed it over without a word, just an odd blush.

"Thanks." She said, looking down. "You're not gonna put anything on?" Melinda asked. "I don't own anything to put on." May said, rifling through her bag.

She came out with a tampon, putting it in behind the counter to keep the poetry crowd from getting bothered up. "I don't know how you do it May." Marcy said. May just gave a weak grin. "No guy's gonna wanna fuck me now." She put the rag on a stool and sat on it. "You could use a break May." I said. "And there's always these." I held up my dildo. "Or these." Melinda held up her fingers. "Ew." Marcy said. "Isn't that unclean?" Fatima asked.

This time it was May's turn to look confused ­ I don't think she understood the idea that any woman could think anything coming out of her pussy would be anything but wonderful. On the other hand she'd gotten used to guys steering clear during that time. One of the teachers from the school recognized us, I didn't know her though.

She was sitting in our spot, with a sheer panel gown on ­ only the front panel was pulled aside leaving her open. When she saw us she came up to Fatima and said something I missed. Fatima said her piece back and the woman went away shaking her head. Turned out she was one of her teachers, wanting to know why Fatima was with us. After that we stayed around till things died down. Marcy and Fatima left not long after ten.

The last of the crowds probably cleared out a little later. Melinda'd made a call home, so things were cool for her. The three of us took off, waving goodbye to Bill. He used to worry about us girls going home late, but not much anymore.

Guess he figured we could handle trouble. Fortunately we didn't have to. We all went to my place. I walked in on Manuel spanking a naked girl in his lap on the couch as Rosa and a naked Cindy where playing video games. It was pretty crowded here. "Ow!" The girl cried out. Rosa and Cindy giggled. The poor girl's bottom looked pretty red, but she wasn't struggling, just panting. "Is that Kitten?" May asked. "Hey A.C., May. I know you?" Manuel asked a shocked looking Melinda. I introduced her, and found out the girl was indeed Kitten ­ whose butt I'd seen next to the twins at lunch.

I still couldn't get over that name. I hope she really liked sex. "Don't you guys need to go home?" I asked. Cindy looked up at the clock and said "Oh shit! I was supposed to call and hour ago." I gave her the phone and after a bunch of 'but mom!'s she seemed to have it sorted out. Her mom was on the way and would give Kitten a ride as well.

"Better put that bikini on." I said. Cindy gave me a hopeful look and said "Shower first?" I blushed as May jabbed me in the ribs. "Uh. no. I'm busy." I said, so she grabbed Kitten away from Manuel and they hit the bathroom. "Wait a sec" Kitten said, getting her stuff ready. Strange girl, she still hadn't said a word to me.

"You guys fucking around pretty good?" May said. "Naw, she's a virgin." Manuel said. "Kitten?" Melinda asked, and he nodded. That wouldn't last, with a name like that.

"Hey me too." Rosa said. Not to girls I thought. "That girl called again. It's on the machine." I hit the button, May and Melinda standing around me. It was Jenny all right. "Alandra? A.C.?

Um. I'm sorry. I. I want to talk to you. I. I just want to see you. I just. I dunno. I hope your ok. I. Oh damn it. Don't be mad at me, please. Don't hate me. I just don't understand. Can you call me?" She was sobbing through the whole thing. "Who's that?" May asked. "Anthony's sister." I said. "Oh. Oh man." May actually crossed her legs.

I'd told her about that great dane of theirs and what her brothers had wanted me to do. Melinda looked confused, but figured it wasn't her place to say anything; she just grabbed May's hand and gave it a squeeze with a concerned look at the machine.

"I dunno, I gotta figure out some way to deal with her." I said. "Yeah." May said. "She not bi. She's all lezzie, in a family of rude boys." I said to Melinda. May took Melinda to my room. As I followed I saw Manuel enter the bathroom. "Your Pa out?" May asked when I hit the room. "Fuck if I know." I said.

"He might be crashed out." Melinda sat on my bed. "Kinda small for three." She said before smiling. "Guess we'll have to get cozy." "You're gonna collect on that promise aren't you?" I asked, knowing full well I was about to lose my lezzie virginity.

I might as well see if I could enjoy it - should'a never licked her pussy on Tuesday during wrestling. But I guess if I hadn't, we wouldn't have all hooked up with her later. She patted the bed next to her and smiled at me. "Relax" she said. I looked between her and May, took off my belt and the dildo hooked to it ­ all I'd had on - set down my bag in the usual spot, and sat by Melinda. May tossed her pack and dildo down as well, by Melinda's bag.

She stretched out ­ causing Melinda to pause and watch ­ then sat down on my chair with a yawn. "Sorry A.C." She said, rubbing her belly "It's a little sore. You got any weed?" "Sorry?" Oh. "That's ok; two of you might be too much for me right now." I said, handing her my stash. So she wanted to do me too. I'd wondered. She looked at it for a minute then put it on the nightstand.

Melinda pulled me in for a kiss. I stained my bed, but didn't care. I felt her push my legs apart and brush along my thighs.


I heard May get up and leave. A minute later I heard her say "Get lost kid" from the bathroom. "Ew, that's gross." I heard Manuel say, which broke me and Melinda out of the kiss in a fit of laughter. "Hey I warned him." She said when she got back. "Little perv was watching his girlfriends shower behind the screen." "I'm not sure if they're his, or Rosas, or what." I said. Melinda looked at me, the hand in my thighs stopping. "Oh. Ooh." She smiled in a feral way. "Hey don't even think that." I said.

"You wanna tap this ass then you ain't gonna be doing my sister. She still needs to figure shit out." "A lot like you." May said. I gave her an annoyed look - cause she was right. "Yeah well she ain't gonna figure shit out just talking." Melinda said, and then her lips were on my boob. May sat down on the other side and took my hand in hers. She started brushing my hair to take away the fear of what was coming. I squeezed her hand, then suddenly tighter when I felt a hand on my pussy.

It was good to have friends. "I don't get guys." I said. "Huh?" May asked, brushing my hair out of my eyes and giving me a puzzled look. "Guys. They're never scared, they just jump right in." I said. "Maybe." May said. Who the fuck was I talking to? May jumped in to. But I knew better, I knew she was still scared. "It's ok sweatie." Melinda said, coming up for a quick kiss on the lips again.

Sweatie? Did she call -me- that? Better hide the knives and guns. May giggled. The pressure on my pussy started moving. She just took to pushing down and making slow circles at first, while she kissed me up and down. Somehow I ended up lying down on the bed with them on each side of me. You know, it really did feel good. She was soft, gentle, and slow.

She worked me up with tender kisses from head to toe. She only stopped a few times to kiss May ­ who kept running her fingers through my hair the whole time. Melinda's fingers, magic that they were, kept working along the outside of my pussy.

When I couldn't stand it anymore she slowly spread my labia and lowered her head down for one quick yet gentle kiss upon the opening of my vagina. Then she backed off and lowered her hand into my slit ­ running along the length of my inner labia up to my clit and down again. "Oh. Oh yeah." I gasped out.

Then it was "Oh! Oh no no." as her tongue hit me down there. "Oh no." I giggled; then gasped out "Oh yes. Fuck yes." I opened my eyes to see May grinning down at me. "You're loving this aren't you, you little bitch." I said up to her. She just stuck out her tongue and pulled down an eyelid, then went back to my hair. Melinda's tongue was all over me. I'd had guys down there before, but high school guys barely know how to use their cocks, let alone their tongues.

Every now and then, at just the right moment, her fingers would brush over my clit, squeeze her, or give a nice little tug. Then she switched, tongue on clit, and fingers in my cunt - fingers that went deep into me searching around. "Oh!" I screamed out, and heard a thump outside the door. I opened my eyes to see May getting off the bed.

The fingers in me sped up and as I looked over May peered outside and said "Get lost twerp." Then she came back to bed with a big grin saying "Rosa. you should'a seen the look on her face." "Shit. Oh. oh yeah." It was hard to focus on anything beyond my vagina. "Uh-huh." I gasped out. Melinda found whatever it was she was looking for in there, and started working it over good. "Oh yeah." She said with a laugh. "I got her spot all right." Then she clamped her lips back down on my clit.

I was whimpering. Then I was cumming. Fuck was I cumming. Whatever she found down there, I sure liked it. "Is that her G-spot?" May said. "What?" I asked, only half there. Melinda was working me over good ­ fingers ramming into me hard, and then finding that spot, then back to ramming.

All the while she was sucking and licking at my clit. "You don't know?" Melinda said. "That's what you get for fucking boys." "No I know." I tried to say, but then suddenly it felt like I was peeing, and Melinda bounced back, laughed, and jumped in. It was only for a second. "Ooops" I said. "What?" May asked, looking down at my pussy. "She's a squirter." Melinda said before licking me up and down my slit.

"Oh that sounds gross." I said. Squirting piss when I cum? I'd never done that before. "It's not like its piss or anything." May said. "Hers tastes pretty good." She nodded at Melinda, who was working to build me up to a second ride on the miracle bus. "You'd know." I panted out to May. Melinda popped her head up.

"Hey!" I called out. "Damn straight." She said. Then she started shifting around, and next thing I knew I was dealing with a face full of pussy. "Your turn" She said. That wasn't part of the promise. And wasn't this promise only supposed to last a minute?

Pau gozando gostoso leite quente

But, it didn't stop me, and yeah ­ hers did taste pretty good, strange, but not bad. Or maybe I was just worked up. We must've gone on like that for an hour before collapsing in exhaustion. The last thing anyone said was Melinda; "Shit, I forgot my homework." Later that night the door opened a crack and I saw Pa peek in.

He started to turn away but stopped, spun around and took a second look, counting the three girl heads sticking out from the blanket.

We were all wrapped up nice and tight in my twin bed, and it was wonderful. I was barely conscious, but I saw him shake his head and walk away.

I slid my stash of weed back into the drawer. I guess I wasn't scared anymore, but if that was true, why did I cry myself to sleep? [To be continued.]