Sexy girl loves double penetration masturbate squirting

Sexy girl loves double penetration masturbate squirting
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Public Humiliation My daughter has been a problem child ever since she hit puberty. I used to just spank her hard but that didn't seem to help much. I tried lifting her dress and spanking her panties but that didn't do it either. Then I started lowering her panties and spanking her bare ass. Now I started to enjoy that a lot more than I probably should have. Finally it was total nudist on her part, getting her bare ass spanked but good, and then having her stand in the corner for an hour afterwards, and not facing the wall either.

She was to be on full display to her mother and father for a full hour like that. My wife finally figured out that our daughter enjoyed the public humiliation that I was imposing on her. I realized that she might be right. The little bitch was getting off on being punished. I could take care of that! Terri is now almost fifteen years old.

She is quite pretty, very nicely built, and an excellent gymnast too. Terri can do back flips and Russian splits. She has nice firm tits, her nipples are usually hard, and she has a very nice patch of brown soft downy pubic hair. I should know because I see it all several times a week. Her ass if really muscular too. When she puts on her gymnast tights she usually has a camel-toe that shows and it excites the hell out of me and every man that sees her pussy in the outfit too.

One day Terri needed punishment and I was ready to really let her have it. I had her undress as usual. She then bent over my lap and I spanked her ass just as hard as I could for fifty swats on each ass cheek until my hand hurt. I could only see a single tear form in the corner of one of her eyes. As Terri walked over to stand in her corner I ordered her to go out and sit in the back seat of my car. It was parked in the driveway and the chances of anyone seeing her were nil.

She looked a little scared but did as she was told. My wife asked, "Just what to hell do you think you're doing?" I replied, "I'm punishing her!" My wife asked, "Where are you taking her?" I replied, "If you really want to know then get naked and get in the car with her! Otherwise shut to fuck up and leave me alone!" My wife was really pissed at me. She was shaking!


I was amused however when she undressed and went out to the car as I had suggested. When I said that, I only wanted to shut her up. I never actually thought that she would do it. I laughed to myself and waited a good five minutes before I finally walked out to my car.

It was dark enough to get away with what I had in mind. We live just about in the middle of the block so I started up the car and drove down to the first corner.

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I turned and drove down to the second corner. I stopped the car and said, "Terri get out! I'll see you at home!" Reluctantly Terri got out of the car and closed the door. I hit the automatic door locks so that she couldn't get back in and took off. I drove away as my wife bitched me out for what I had done to her precious daughter.

I turned that second corner and drove down to the third corner in my attempt to drive around the block. I stopped at the third corner though. I looked at my wife and said, "Now you get out too!" She wouldn't budge so I got out of my car door, walked around to open her car door, and then pulled her out of the car.

I locked her door and slammed it closed leaving her standing in the road completely naked. She didn't even have on a pair of shoes like Terri had on. I got back in my car and drove the rest of the way around the block and back to the house laughing all the way.

It was after dark so I knew that they could sneak through the backyards and probably get home without getting caught. However the chance of getting caught was what I wanted them to feel. In the old days we used to call that streaking and people did it for fun. There was even a song about streaking.

I still remember the phrase "Look out Ethel" because my wife's name is Ethel! I sat in the backyard drinking a beer and waited for my girls to return home. Terri was the first one to get back to the house. She was so excited that she could hardly sit still. I told her what I had done to her mother and she laughed. Together we waited for my wife to return.

Terri didn't even want to get dressed. She enjoyed being outdoors naked. It was a few minutes later when Ethel came into the backyard. She too was exhilarated. We all went into the house to talk about their adventures.

Terri told her story first. When I dropped her off she had just stood there expecting me to come back and get her. She watched me turn the corner and ran to watch. She saw me stop at the next corner but couldn't see what I was doing. She decided that if she were to cut through a few backyards that she could get home without getting caught by any of our neighbors. She disturbed a dog, scared a cat, and had to climb over three fences but she made it easily.

Ethel then told us about running behind old Mrs. Dawson's house and tripping over her lawn chair. Then she had to move the chair over to her fence so that she could get over it.

She got scared when she heard the dog that Terri had disturbed. She went slower so as not to trip over anymore stuff and took it easy getting over the fences naked. She wasn't as agile as Terri was. However she said that she was scared and excited all at the same time and even took a moment to give herself an orgasm. Terri said, "No way! Me too! It was one of the best!" Both girls told me that they would like to do it again.

I said, "Tonight!" To my surprise they both said, "Yes!" So I told them to go out and get in the car again. This time my wife put something on her feet. The girls got a little concerned when I drove several blocks away from our house that time.

There was a nice playground that we used to take Terri too when she was younger.

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It was about the size of three city blocks on the edge of town. I told them where I would be waiting for them and then dropped them off on the corners of one end. I just drove a block away to watch them. I could barely see them but they were moving very cautiously. I drove down another block to watch them again. Finally I went to the location that I had told them about and waited for them to arrive. When they got to me they were walking together, laughing, and chatting away.

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They seemed to really be enjoying themselves. They said that being together gave them more confidence. Being alone was more scary but being together was actually fun. Well I enjoyed it so I guess they might as well enjoy it too.

I took the girls home and told them that I wanted them nude inside the house from now on unless we had company or they were coming in or on their way out. They agreed.

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It was Terri's bedtime so I sent her up to bed. A couple of minutes later I followed her up with a screwdriver and removed her bedroom door. I did the same to my bedroom door and the bathroom door too. There was no longer any need for privacy.

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My wife came up to bed early and told me that she wanted sex. Then just before I could cum she made me promise to put some dark tint on the lower half of all the windows in the house.

She said that it was only the proper thing to do. She had blackmailed me like that a few times in the past. She knows all too well that I am very vulnerable just at that precise moment. Anyway I agreed and she let me cum. It was the best cum that I'd had in quite a while. We were both very excited that night and had trouble sleeping. Right after work I got the stuff for the windows and spent the entire evening applying the film to the inside of the windows on the lower half only.

The girls helped me out a lot. They were nude of course even before I had covered the lower part of the windows. After dark they begged me to again take them out somewhere. I had given it some thought at work. Who am I kidding that is just about all that I had thought about at work that day.

Where could I take my wife and daughter! I told them to put on some sneakers and get in the car. They were really excited. The unknown was what excited them the most. They were rubbing their pussies as I drove. I took them to the high school track field, parked my car, and told them to run around the track as many times as they could.

They took off laughing and enjoying the freedom of being naked. The first lap was easy for both of them but it was a small track. Each trip around the field was a tenth of a mile. Ten laps were a full mile. My daughter stayed strong being younger and a gymnast but my wife soon slowed down.

They were no longer running together in fact my daughter was passing my wife on almost every lap as she ran. In the end my wife only made it around the field nine times while our daughter made it around fifteen times. I told them that they would have to do better the next time and sent them to the car. The following day I brought home a treadmill for them.

I sat it up right in the living room where the television was and told my wife to use it during the day when Terri was in school. I told Terri to use it when she got home from school. That first evening I made them take turns until it was dark and then I took them out to the park again and let them walk the three blocks to me. They liked it but it sure wasn't exciting that time. The next day after work I stopped off at a year round costume store.

They do a whopping business just before Halloween but at other times of the year they are just dying to have a customer walk through the door. I bought a dozen wigs and a dozen half masks that just cover the eyes.

When I got home both my wife and daughter were sweaty from running on the treadmill. I was pleased with them both. I showed them the masks and wigs, told them to put a set on, and then get in the car.

The girls sure were excited. This was the first time I had taken them out in the daylight. I drove them to an Adult Bookstore. I handed them each a twenty-dollar bill and told them to take their time picking out a nice toy for themselves.

They did not even hesitate to get out of the car and go into the store. I gave them a minute or so and followed them in. As I entered I went down an aisle of dirty DVDs. The shelves were only about shoulder height so that I could look over them. I saw the girls over by the wall of toys. There were four men near them checking out their nude bodies. There was a clerk behind the checkout counter.

The girls took about five minutes trying to pick out a dildo that they wanted. One of the guys looked at Terri and said, "I'll buy one for you if I can fuck you!" Terri replied, "No sir! I'm saving that for my daddy! But I'll give you a blowjob!" The guy said okay and Terri got on her knees in front of him. I couldn't see from where I was so I got closer to watch her. Ethel asked if anyone wanted to buy her a toy. A guy asked if he could fuck her and my wife smiled and said yes sir you can fuck me.

The guy looked around first.

For what reason I didn't know. Then he pulled his cock out. Ethel bent over in front of him and wiggled her ass. He drove his cock right into her then fucked her like a bunny for all of maybe two whole minutes.

Ethel picked a toy off the wall and handed it him. He took the toy to the clerk, paid for it, and left it on the counter as he walked out the door. Terri got a mouthful of cum and handed her man an expensive toy. He too walked it over to the clerk, paid for it, and left it on the counter. The girls stood there naked looking at the other two men until they offered to purchase them a toy also.

They both wanted to fuck Terri but they knew that they couldn't. They flipped a coin and one got a blowjob from Terri and the other got to fuck Ethel from behind. After they finished off the two guys the girls picked more toys off the wall for them to pay for. That left just me and the clerk. I walked up to Terri and said, "I would like to fuck you!" Terri smiled and said, "It'll cost you!" I said, "Okay!" There was a sex chair in the corner that was for sale so I picked Terri up, sat her in it, and started to eat her virgin pussy like I had wanted to do for years.

I played with her tits too at the same time. As soon as she had her first orgasm I slipped my cock into my daughter's pussy. I slid in easily. I hadn't given her, her only orgasm. She was very wet from sucking those two strange cocks. I was too excited to take my time so I just plunged into her over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore. I filled my daughter's love tunnel with cum and then pulled out.

Terri whispered, "Thank you daddy!" Then she handed me a toy off the wall. As I paid for the toy the girls came up to the checkout counter with their selections and their money. I paid and left the toy on the counter like the other four guys had.


As I was going out the door I heard the clerk say, "I thought you were saving yourself for your father!" Terri said, "I did! That WAS my father!" The End Public Humiliation 99