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Titty amateur ebony deepthroats dick interracial hardcore
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Please rate and comment Prior: Sarah teaches Bristol Rod got up and guided Sarah to lay down.

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He straddled her chest a began to rub his cock on her breasts. Sarah moaned as he rubbed his dick head against her nipples. Her nips were as hard and erect as Rod's cock. Sarah knew exactly what he wanted. She found the baby oil and oiled up her breasts glistening in the warm light of the fire.

"Rod fuck these babies, she laughed." Rod began to slide his cock through Sarah's very firm curvaceous Breasts. He buried his cock between them. Sarah cupped her breasts with her hands. Her head was propped up so she could watch. Rod slowly pushed back and forth on Sarah's breasts. Bristol was captivated watch her parents. Rod rubbed his hands over Sarah's nipples.

Bristol couldn't believe how hard and erect they were. Bristol licked her mom's nipple and then sucked her breast in her mouth. Sarah was groaning as her breasts were excited to new levels of sensitivity. "Baby, swing your leg over me." "Mom?


"Swing it over my face. " Bristol couldn't believe what her Mom wanted but she swung her leg over her Mom straddling her face with her crotch. Mom, Dad and daughter were in a crazy three-way. Bristol felt her mother's mouth, and tongue licking, sucking. Rod was tittie fucking his wife while he kissed his daughter. The fire cast an erie glow over the family orgy. Sarah's tongue was driving Bristol crazy.

"Harder mom, harder. Bristol was crying out. Her Dad grabbed Bristol's hair and pushed his mouth hard on to hers. Her Dad's tongue was in her mouth and her Mom's was in her crotch. Sarah found Bristol's spot.

"MOM, MOM, MORE. " "AHH" "That's it, Yeah. Rod was so hot watching. Yea, eat that bitch pussy, Oh is she crazy, sexed up bitch. He thought but only groaned. Bristol screamed with pleasure she never felt before. Her Dad groaned as he shot his load over Sarah's breasts. Rod could see the sweat on his daughter's body even in the still cool cabin. "Mom, they don't call you Barracuda for nothing." "She is one hot Momma." Laughed Rod.

"Little cleanup for you Bristol." Instructed Rod. Rod stood up and guided his daughters mouth to his cock. She sucked any cum off and Rod pointed to her mother's mouth. Bristol had a little puzzled look but Sarah opened her mouth. "Come on baby, swap a little of that with me." With her mouth over Sarah's Bristol let the cum drip into her mouth. Sarah kissed her and they swapped the cum back and forth between them.

Rod went over to the fireplace to add more wood as the two girls kissed with the cum and spit between them. Sarah with her mouth full opened up so Rod could see and then closed swallowing the whole mess.

"Ok, baby, now your turn." Sarah ran her finger around the cum on her breasts and put her finger in Bristol's mouth. "Come on baby." Bristol began to lick the cum off her mom's breasts. "Baby, let it drip down and lick it up again." "OOOOOHHHH Bristol, baby, that's it, suck on that nipple. Cover it with cum and suck on it." The cum dribbled from Bristol's mouth on to Sarah's nipple and breast. Bristol sucked on the nipple and licked up the cum again, swirling it in her mouth for her dad to see.

Rod moved over from the fire and got out Sarah's wide brimmed glasses. He put them on his wife.

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"Bristol, baby, dribble some of that wad over her glasses." Bristol sucked up some cum mixed with her own spit and slowly let the mess dribble over Sarah's glasses.

Sarah and Rod exchanged glances. They had thought and planned for this for so long. They waited for the right moment.

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They worried Bristol would not respond. Boy were they wrong. ------------ All Hell broke loose as cold air entered the cabin. --------------------- "What the Fuck?" Rod scrambled to reach for his gun. "Don't even think about." Three wild looking armed men burst into cabin. Two had assault rifles and the third a hand gun.

"Look what we got here. Swiss Fucking Family Robinson." "You three don't move." Rod and Sarah wanted to go for their weapons but the intruders had them covered.

One of the mountain men walked to Rod covered by the others. He smacked him with the butt of his gun. He hit him again knocking him almost unconscious. Quickly he tied him up to a pole.

Now they turned their attention to Sarah and Bristol. Sit still where you are. They searched around the bedding looking for guns. "Well you are a well armed bunch, don't you know guns are dangerous?" Two Glocks and a little .38.

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HAH a .38 for the little girl. He grabbed Bristol by the hair. "You know how to use this Bitch?" "Bristol spit in his face." "Sarah tried to help but was smacked down." The two men shoved Sarah between them but she struck out hitting one and kicking another. As they struggled to control her she lashed out landing punch and kicks. The third man kept Bristol in his gun sights. Bloodied and bruised the two finally had Sarah strung up from the ceiling.

She kicked out at them. "Bitch you are gonna pay for that." Bristol knelt on the ground sobbing as they turned their attention to Sarah, pissed off at their struggle with her. The two men set their rifles to the side as Rod and Sarah were tied up and Bristol sat sobbing helpless on the floor. The third put his pistol in his waist band. "Pretty fine for an old cunt." "Nice big fucking Tits on this one." You will be a good fuck and then we do your little bitch.

"We are gonna party with that little young pussy. " "First we fuck you and then you get to watch while we take turns with the little cunt." "Then we are gonna cut and gut you." "Your little bitch is gonna see mommy,s guts on the floor while we fuck her." "Go to Hell You Bastards." Screamed Sarah, defiantly.


"Ha, smart mouth, stupid Bitch, you will be begging soon enough." Sarah's taut body hung from the ceiling. Rod and Bristol could only watch as they abused Sarah. Even as she kicked one of the men grabbed her hair and kissed her.

Another reached from behind her and grabbed her breasts. They had her sandwiched between them. Hands ran over her breasts and ass. Fingers pushed inside Sarah. The fingers from front and rear penetrated her. Nice cunt on this old bitch.


Fingers penetrated Sarah's ass and pussy. "Yea. will do the old bitch first." Bristol knelt sobbing. "SSMACK." Bristol took a smack to the head.

"Fucking watch, we gonna rape your Mom." One man stood behind Sarah, the other to the front. Sarah tried to fight but there was little she could do. Hands twisted her tits while fingers penetrated her. The man facing her spit in her face and slapped her. Again he smacked her. Sarah spit at him. SMAAACK. A heavy strap crossed her ass.

Again and again. The man facing her laughed. "Git that nice ass of yours ready for some fucking." Even as the strap hit her again, she yelled at them. "Bastards, rot in hell." Sarah's shoulders burned. The leather strap bit into her ass which would turn her butt into a bloody mess.

She looked at the burly, bearded mountain man with a sadistic grin. He held up an ugly pliers. "Lets have some fun with those hooters." Sarah saw the man glance to his right with an amazed look on his face BAMM BAMM. Blood and bone splattered over Sarah as her attackers head exploded in front of her as shots rang out. His head practically blew apart in front of her. More shots as the two other tried to scramble away. Both crumpled to the ground.

One lay moaning unable to move as the other tried crawling away. Bristol with Glock in one hand and knife in another cut her mother down from the ceiling in one stroke.

She cut her hands loose and tossed her the knife. The one man lay moaning from his gun shots while the other slowly was crawling toward his gun. Sarah cut Rod loose and then joined Bristol watching the man crawl. "Mom, good thing I got the big mag." "I told you that was the one you want." Sarah kicked the man crawling toward his gun in the Ribs.

"Stupid fucks thought that pea shooter .38 was yours." Sarah said laughing. Bristol stomped on the back of his knee. With her bare foot Sarah smashed his hand.

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Unable to move he lay while they stood over him. Sarah knelt on his back, pulled his head by the hair so he could see her. "You fucked with the wrong people, your time is up." Slowly but efficiently she removed his scalp as he screamed.

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She cut his throat to be sure he was finished. Sarah held the scalp up in her fist and then tossed it to Bristol. Bristol took the scalp and rubbed it in the face of the last man.

"You are gonna wish it was this easy for you." Rod joined them as they tied him up. They got dressed and put a rope on one dead man dragging him outside to a tree away from the cabin. Bristol cut off his clothes while Sarah and Rod got the other dead man. They then went back to retrieve the last man still alive. The laid him with the others and cut off all but his thermal underwear. Sarah looked at his desperate face as he begged. "Its gonna be close, the cold or the wolves. I am hoping for the wolves." Returning to the cabin Sarah, Rod and Bristol sat around the fire.

The intruders snowmobiles left a ways from the cabin would be driven down a deep ravine. Any scraps left by the wolves would be destroyed and unfortunately the cabin would burn to the ground. They sat around passing the flask of bourbon and beef jerky as the wolves howled and the screaming began. THE END