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Sweet lovely babe paisley brooks wanted to get fucked smalltits and hardcore
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I turned 13 years old today. Brice and I asked Daddy and Mom to take us to the beach for our birthday. We love it there, we have a beach house, and our birthday being on summer has us right on vacations. We drove there and got installed for the week. The cool thing about our parents is that they work at odd hours and pretty much control their schedule, that leaves them with plenty time to spend with us. That night we sang happy birthday and Daddy and Mom gave us our present, the newest iPods.

I was so happy; I was going to start downloading songs the moment we got back to the city. When I was about to go to bed that night, Daddy was waiting outside my room to wish me good night. "Well I guess you're not my little girl any more…" "Daddy I stopped being your little girl a long time ago!" I said giggling.

"That's not true for me you will always be my little girl" He then hugged me and kiss me on my head and said good night. "Oh! And tomorrow I'm going to give you a surprise of my own" That left me intrigued. What could Daddy give me that was just from him? Well it was ok. I would find out soon enough.


I really loved my Daddy he was a great man. He had fell in love with mommy, when she was really young, 21 at the time and he was 63. Mommy said that it was lust at first sight, she can be so crazy sometimes. It was cool to have a really young mom but also good to have an older Daddy. He knew many things, was always patient with Brice and me and didn't loose his temper.

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When you get his age you get wise, thats what Mom always said. What I liked the most was that even though he was older than most of the dad's of kids my age, he was really handsome, and he and Mommy behaved like teenage kids around each other, always flirting and kissing. Mommy kept him young at heart he said, always winking at her when he did.

That was good, I had not envied any other kid and their parents, mine are the best. The only thing that had made me concerned about Dad, was one day when I was 10 and he showed me his cock.

Since then nothing had happen, but sometimes I had seen how he looked at me.

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Now I was more developed, having inherit my moms body, I had wide hips and round ass for a girl my age, and my breasts, I love them they were 32B really nice and my nipples were small and dusty brown. I had started to grow hair down there on my pussy. It was all pretty exciting. The day after our birthday, I woke up to find the house empty. I looked around and didn't find a soul, I decided to go to the locked room where my parents wouldn't let us go in to see if it was open.

I found a note in the kitchen table from mom saying that Brice and she had gone to town to get some stuff, for the house, and then go bike ridding. My mom and Brice were pretty tight, just as I was very close with Brice too. Nevertheless, sometimes he liked spending time with mom only and I respected that.

I ate some cereal and then went to the locked room to see if I found Dad. The door in the room was slightly open so I came in and realized it was a basement. I walked down the stairs when I heard load moans. I started to go back up, but decided to go all the way. When I got down, I realized that the moaning was coming from a woman that was being licked in her pussy by another woman. Daddy was sitting down in front of the TV his cock out and he was masturbating. I turned to leave but he said, "Come on in Julia sit down here besides me" I wanted to leave; I didn't felt comfortable with Daddy having his dick out.

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That day he came in my hand when I was ten he told me he did that because he loved me so much. I knew that but still it was all kind of scary. I came and sat down beside Daddy trying to look somewhere else beside the TV or his cock. He didn't say anything but he put his cock back inside his pants, after pinching it. Then he changed the movie to one that was showing a young girl like me with an older man.

The guy was pushing his dick inside the girl and she was whimpering. Why did men like this, why did woman did too?


We kept watching the movie in silence and soon I started getting wet between my legs, I was feeling all warm and tingly. I think Dad realized some how because he then said. "Take of your shirt and your shorts." "Daddy look I don't think…" "Do it Julia" I stood up and did as I was told. I was wearing a white bra and white panties. Daddy then turned to look at me. "You've turned into a fine young lady Julia" "Thanks Daddy" I blushed as his eyes lowered to my wet panty.

"I see you like the movie" "Uhh…" "That's ok baby, I know its all new and confusing right now, but I just want to show you my love" "Daddy there are other ways of showing" "Shhh" "Come here and take my cock of my pants, I'm getting impatient" I sat down in front of him and took his cock out and it jumped to attention.

He was wearing no underwear underneath his shorts. "Now stroke it" I removed my hand but he grab it and he showed me how he wanted to be touched. "Mmmm yes like that baby girl" He suddenly stood up making me stumble back. He took his shorts off and the t-shirt he was wearing. There was my Dad naked in front of me.

His cock jutting out between his legs. I wanted to run back to my room and stay there until this madness ended. This was not the Daddy I knew and loved. He took my hand and made me stand up, then he sat down again and pulled me near him. He took my bra off and stared at my breasts. After a little while he ran his thumb across my left nipple and it got hard.

"Daddy please…" "Shhhh" He then took his other thumb and did the same thing making the other one stand hard too. I knew I shouldn't like it but I did. He then put his hands over my breasts and started massaging them slowly. He kept massaging one and then he lifted his hand from the left one and brought his tongue to it. He licked my nipple and a let out a little moan.

This was good; maybe being with Daddy was not so bad after all. He loved me so it was better him than any boy. He started sucking my tittie and I liked it, he would run his tongue all over my nipple and around it, and then got my nipple in his mouth and sucked hard.

I started getting wet again and started moaning, and breathing hard. He then changed to the other tittie and did the same thing. When he was done, my titties were wet with his saliva. He kept massaging one, "Little Girl your tits are delicious, your going to grow big tits like you mother" He then cupped my pussy and I jumped. He just laughed and took my panties off to reveal my pussy to him. "Oh yes, you have a beautiful pussy, and you have hair there already, that makes it even more beautiful" I like how Daddy was complementing my body so I stood still so he could see me.

He then told me to lay down on the couch with my legs open. I hesitated, think we had gone too far, but he did not like I did that. "Julia! Lay down now!" I did as I was told and laid down and exposed my pussy to him.

He bent over and started kissing me there, first I tried closing my legs but he push them aside again and started licking my pussy. My dad's tongue felt good there and I started wetting his mouth with my juices. He then inserted one finger inside my little hole and I gasped. It felt weird, but a good weird. When he noticed I like that he got another one in, this time it hurt.

"Daddy that hurts!" "Its ok that it hurts now, it will go away soon. Soon came fast as he started fingering my hole and licking my pussy. "Ohhh yes Daddy like that mmmm yess" I felt his fingers leave my hole and I complained, then I felt his tongue replace them and it was even better. His tongue went in my hole time and time again and soon I started shaking, something building up inside me that I didn't know how to control or reach. "ohhh gosh Daddy yesss im im im cummming" My pussy gushed my cum and Daddy lapped it all eagerly, I was shaking with the force of my orgasm as he brought his head up "Mmmm my little girl tastes so damn good!" He then kneeled down between my legs and I felt his cock pushing at my entrance.

"Are you ready for Daddy's big cock?" I did not have time to answer when he pushed inside me, I felt pain like no other as his cock starting stretching my virgin pussy. I tear came out of my eye as the pain started to subside and Daddy was all in. "Daddy please lets stop this hurts" "Oh no little girl, Im going to cum inside you" He then started thrusting slowly at first, and I started to like the feeling.

His cock was stretching my pussy but it was a good pain, soon Daddy was thrusting hard and moaning "Ughh you're so tight, you little slut, your Daddy's little slut aren't you?" "Oh yes Daddy yes keep fucking me" He was pumping hard inside me when I felt I was cuming again, my pussy started squeezing his cock "Yes Daddy ohhhhh im cuming again!" and with that Daddy started groaning and cuming inside my pussy, his cum feeling my little virgin pussy.

"OHhhhh yes now your mine, you little cunt!" He collapse on top of me and held me tight, kissing my mouth his tongue kissing passionately. "Little girl I have a lot to teach you" Julia and I turned thirteen and we went to the beach as a family outing.

I was happy to be able to spend some time on the beach because that meant Mom and I could have some quality time together.

I loved my mom very much and I had started to see her as a woman, not just my mom after I found her one day, sitting in her bed, without any shirt or bra, and her tits oozing milk. That's every man's fantasy.

Large tits with milk. Mom was reluctant after that day to nurse me again but from time to time I got to convince her to let me do it for her.

I love sucking her tits and soon I realized she like it too, even though she was so concerned. When I turned twelve, I had my first wet dream and the star front and center was my mom. I mean I am a lucky guy my mom is a porn star. It does not get any better than this. I had planned to spend most of my time with my mom, but still I had to be careful because Julia and I were pretty close, and she could get hurt if she saw I was hanging out with mom more than her.

But strangely, after the second day there Julia kept avoiding me and spending more time with Dad. One night Dad came to tell me that he and Julia were going to have dinner at her favorite place, and I was welcome to come. Mom had a headache so she was going to stay. I decided to stay. They left and I went to mom's room. She was not there; she was in her bathroom taking a shower. I was going to turn around when I notice that the door was not properly closed and I could see inside.

I peeked in and saw her in all her naked glory, her wide hips, perfect ass, all wet. I knew how she looked like naked, I had every movie mom had started on, but she didn't know. Still seeing it right in front of my eyes was more I could take. I took out my cock and started jerking off as she took her shower. I came rather quickly, being excited and afraid she would see me. I heard her turn the water off and I went to my room to get cleaned.

When I came back, I heard her in the kitchen. I came downstairs to find her in a white little dress, and it looked like she had nothing beneath.

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She was looking for something in the refrigerator and she bend down, and I was rewarded with a clear view of her pussy and ass. I stood there growing hard again when she realized I was there. "Oh! B you scared me, I though you left with your Father and sister" "Nah, I decided to keep you company." "That's wonderful kid, what you want for dinner?

Grill Cheese?" "Sure!" She took the bread out and the cheese and while she made the sandwiches I would place them on the pan.

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We then sat down and ate quietly. She kept looking at me when she though I was not looking. She was acting kind of weird now that I think about it. She had been acting like this since we left home. "Mom is everything all right?" "Well now that you ask that…the other day I was cleaning your room and I found your porn" Uh oh… "Well mom you see…" "Its ok baby, I know you're a healthy boy of 13, its normal you want to see this but baby boy, jerking off by seeing your mom get fuck is hardly healthy, you should lust after girls your age." "But mom girls my age are not as hot as you!

I mean come on you have great tits, and always full of sweet milk, you have a great round ass, and wonderful hips, your face, I mean it can get any beautiful. Besides your only 33" "That's old for you young man, but I got to say Im flatter that you find me hot, but this has to stop, I made a mistake by nursing you that day you found me it has to stop now" "So you're saying that you don't like it when I suck your tits?" "Its not that its just not…" "Cause I've seen and smelled how wet you get mom" "Fair" she finished.

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"Fine I've tried to be understanding but its over, I don't care what you say, and I'm going to take away your porn, I'll get you really good ones with girls that are not your mom!" She stood up and went to the sink, she was standing against it trying to cover her face from me, she was sobbing.

Her body like that, slightly bent over still showed a glimpse of her beautiful ass. That did it for me I stood up and went to her. I was already taller than she was, me being 5'10 and her just 5'3. I stood up behind her and my hard cock came to rest on the top of her ass. "Mom don't cry…I know you are attracted to me too, I guess it's kinky and dirty, but it is what it is. You know it feels weird for me too, I cannot even tell my friends, but I cannot stop thinking about you either.

She sobbed and my hand gently came to cup her breast. She was full and heavy so that meant she had to be pumped soon. I turned her around and kissed her gently on her mouth. She moaned a little but let me kiss her, then she opened her mouth and her tongue touched my lips, I gasped in surprise and soon she was kissing me.

It was all I had dreamed off and more. Her warm tongue kissing me, my cock hard against her belly.

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I stopped kissing her and I took her dress strap and brought it down to reveal a breast, I massage it gently, playing with her nipple grazing it with my thumbs. She pushed her chest out to me, inviting me. I took her nipple and pinch it and a little white liquid pearl came out. I lowered my tongue and licked her milk. She moaned and I took her in my mouth and started sucking. I loved the taste of her milk it was so good.

I was hard against her and her hand snaked down to touch me over my pants, I pushed my hard on against her hand. Without stopping I fumbled and brought my pants down. I was hard against her hand now, flesh to flesh, I moaned when she started to stroke slowly.

My hips started moving trying to get her to move her hand faster. "Shhhh, slowly son, I don't want you to come yet" "Oh mom I can't hold it any longer, Im going to come soon" I said pushing her nipple out of my mouth. [/b] She lowered herself and kneeled in front of me, I could not believe it when I saw my cock disappear inside of her mouth, she licked the head lovingly and she ran her tongue to the very sensitive side, making my cock grow even harder.

She then started sucking my cock and I was getting crazy, I started breathing hard, her hot mouth enclosing my rod, making my legs weak Soon I couldn't hold it any longer and started cuming inside her mouth, I grabbed her head and pushed it all the way down as I came, and she quickly opened up more to let me in, load after load came in my mom's mouth.

She licked my cock clean and looked up to smile at me. Seeing this got me hard again, and she saw this and licked the cock to get it really hard. She stood up smiling and I kissed her, my tounge entwined with hers, tasting myself in her kiss.

Still shaking a bit, I took her by the shoulders and turned her around, she bend over knowing what I wanted. She spread her legs wide and I brought my cock to the entrance of her pussy. This was, it, I was about to loose my virginity with my mom. My dream come true. She took my cock in her hand and guided me to her entrance. With one strong push I was all inside her, her wet and hot pussy engulfed my cock and I almost lost it right there. She started squeezing my cock and I wanted to scream.

She then pushed back and started grinding and squeezing at the same time, "Ohhh God!

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Mom that's soo good, yes !" She kept doing this grinding my cock and working it. She started moaning too, "Ohh yes Brice your cock feels good in my pussy, fuck me baby" Hearing her voice I started pumping inside her, forceful trusts that were met each time by mom. My hand came to rest on her tits and I started squeezing them, the milk started to drip down the sink. Holding her like that I could fuck her really hard, soon she was screaming, cursing and then her pussy contracted around my cock like a vice and she arched her back "Immmmm cumminggggggg!!!!!""""" I could not take it any more, my cock got swollen inside her tight pussy, and I shot my load inside her cum load after cum load until my balls were empty.

All this time her pussy kept contracting around my cock milking for all its worth. She slumped on the sink and me on top of her, we laid like this for a couple of minutes regaining our breath as my cock softened and her pussy pushed it out.

She lifted a little bit so I would stand up. She kissed me sweetly, like a son, like we had just not fuck and then she drew back she said "Well now I have to teach you to clean your mess&hellip.with you mouth"