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Sharing Cindy Chapter Two: After the experience with Rick, Cindy and I began to develop a different kind of relationship. I used to love having her wear short shorts and sexy tops, things that showed off her body to others. I loved watching other guys trying to sneak peeks down her tops or watch their mouths hang open as she walked by.

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I knew I had to take it a step further. I told her how hot it was for me and at first she didn't understand it, but then she admitted that she liked to tease other guys as well. She loved to be the center of attention. And she usually was the center of attention as we typically hung out with a group of my friends. There were 6-7 guys who were always around. Most would have a girlfriend for a month or two, but for the most part, we all hung out together, with Cindy being the sole female.

We took advantage of that all we could. One of my friends in particular, David, was known to be sort of a horndog himself. He was always the guy who had a stack of Playboys and even hung up some of the centerfolds in his room.

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On days we were hanging out at his house, Cindy was always checking out the girls in the photos and making comments. I would always tell her that she more than compared to any of them. The day that I took things to the next level, there were only the three of us, Cindy, David and myself hanging out in his room. I steered the talk to some of the pictures of the girls and commented on some of their tits.

I then told David that Cindy's were better. He said that only I would know that, but they did appear to be nice. I then had Cindy stand in front of me and then I leaned over and whispered in her ear."Do you trust me?" She leaned back and asked me what I meant.

I just slid my hands up her sides to the bottom of her breasts. I cupped her tits with my hands and asked David what he thought of them. Up until this point, showing her off had been sort of covert.

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Letting the guys think they were getting away with free peeks. This was the first time I was asking a guy to look at her tits and tell me what he thought of them. He just sort of looked at them for a second then chuckled and said "They're nice…I guess." I asked him to really look at them as I continued to squeeze and roll her nipples between my fingers. She staryed to pull my hands off but I leaned into her ear again and told her "No…just go with it.

I know you love it." She pulled her hands down and let me continue. I knew right then what I wanted to do. I slid my hands down and reached the bottom of her shirt.

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I grasped the bottom and began to pull up slowly. David's eyes got very wide and a smile broke out on his face.


I reached the bottom of her tits, stopping for a second for dramatic effect. I then slid my hands up and began to expose her naked tits to him.

Her nipples popped into view and soon her whole tits were bare and exposed to his gaze. I heard a slight whimper escape her lips and leaned over and whispered into her ear that I loved her. She closed her eyes and leaned back into me. I then asked David what he thought. He said they were the best tits he had ever seen. I then asked him if he wanted to feel them.

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He reached out a hand tentatively and lightly brushed across her nipple. I felt her shudder against me. He then took both of them in his hands and began to knead them. I could tell she was getting hot. She began to moan a little more. I leaned down and kissed her neck.

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You know, that one spot that basically strips away every bit of resistance in a woman. I then pulled her back as I sat down on his bed.


I was in the moment and was so turned on by exposing her to another guy. I knew I wanted to do more. I reached around and unsnapped her shorts and slid them down. There, right in front of my friend David, stood my girl with her boobs out and now with her pussy on display.

At the time she was nicely trimmed but still had a little tuft of hair. She was a little shocked at first and tried to cup her hand over herself. I told her to show him and pulled her hand away. I then slid my hand under her from the back. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my hand. It was so hot and when I slid a finger along her slit, I found that she was soaking wet.

I asked David what he thought and I will never forget his answer. He said she looked "delicious." I knew right then that I wanted to watch another guy with my girl.

She was nervous about David's parents walking in so she pulled her shorts back up soon. We were both so hot that we knew we had to be together right away. We told David goodbye and headed to my house where I ate her to a couple of orgasms before I rammed my cock into her and came after only a few strokes.

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We talked about it and she said she was nervous but it was also a major turn on for her. I knew then we were only just beginning on the path towards actually sharing her. Next I will tell you about how I fucked her in front of two different guys&hellip.