Army hunk fucked in tight ass outdoors

Army hunk fucked in tight ass outdoors
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"Rebecca" by Gail Holmes Rebecca and her father were very close, she'd could never remember her mother, she and her father had separated when she was very young, but it never bothered her not having a mum about, her father seemed to be well educated in all aspects of the female.

Although as far as Rebecca was concerned she'd never known her father to date or even see another woman. They'd lived in the Cotswold, a part of England that was much loved but tourists and holidaymakers. Her College years had been trying, mainly because of her shyness with the opposite sex, at College she couldn't get on with the boy's at all, okay she was very beautiful, admired by all, the beauty of Rebecca was her colour, being that her father was born and bred in the Caribbean, his skin was fairly dark, but her mother was born in England, needless to say, Rebecca's own skin was of a lovely bronzed effect, with blonde hair matched with her brown eye's most of the girls envied her for her colouring and looks.

Baccas, her father was a kindly person, Rebecca had wanted for nothing over the years, she had great respect for her father Friends who were asked to her home, never regarded Baccas as her father, many thought of him as her step father, her own colouring was nowhere near as dark as his own. It wasn't until she'd left college that she took a liking to Jerry, they'd met at the gym she was one for workouts, her body honed to perfection, as a young woman, many a man lusted after her and her body.

Jerry and her father got on well together, even went fishing, a fellow fisherman was just what her father needed, although it did become a problem to Rebecca from time to time, especially if she wanted to go out.

Fishing was completely taboo to her, although she had gone with her father in her younger years. Jerry had popped the question at the nightclub a couple of weeks ago, sex to Rebecca was out of the question, to many of her friends had informed her as to how painful it could be, having never had it, she was adamant, that she'd stay a virgin until much later in time, even until she married, her friendship with Jerry was close, but never had she allowed him sex, yes they'd petted but that was as far as it went.

Never did she realise just as to how Jerry suffered; a finger that's as far as she'd let him go, needless, when he got home he'd have a dam good pull on his cock. However she did enjoy his petting, it's just that she felt she wasn't ready yet to take it further. Baccas was planning ahead, a surprise party for Rebecca was his prime idea, he'd invited some of her friends including Jerry, so far no one had let it leak out, Rebecca knew nothing of it.

Jerry did speculate if this would be the time that she'd give in to him. The morning of her birthday arrived, Rebecca had had a lie in, being her birthday and Saturday as well she considered it to be her right. "Hi Dad, you didn't mind me having a lay in did you?" Rebecca smiled sitting down in an armchair opposite Baccas.


Baccas looked up from over his paper easing his glasses down his nose. "Not at all sweetheart, big day for you today then, what are your plans?" "Non really, I'm meeting up with Jerry at three this afternoon, I don't know for certain as to what plans his made" "I'll get you a cuppa, it will freshen you up!" Baccas stood as he spoke placing his paper onto the coffee table in front of him.

Rebecca picked up the mail, which was lying on the table to the right of her, sorting out her own from them. "Nice lot of cards!" Baccas inferred as he came back into the room, donning a tray with two cups of tea on it "More than I'd expected?" he implied, setting the tray down then easing himself back into his chair.

"It's nice to think I'm so popular!" Rebecca smiled toward him. "There's even one from Elaine, she's in the states at present.

"I did wonder on that one, being as it was airmail!" "It has a lovely verse in it!" Rebecca stood and walked over to his armchair sitting on its arm.

"Here see what you think?" She handed him the card, whilst going through others. Baccas read the words and was about to hand the card back, but as he turned toward her he couldn't but help noticing the front of her housecoat had opened, he'd full view of her firm breast.

It wasn't as if he'd not seen them before as he had, but today she was of age. He did wonder if she'd give herself to Jerry today, the thought sent pulsations through his dormant cock. Suddenly Rebecca looked up from her card, noting that her father had not spoken, and he seemed transfixed. It was then she realised as to why. "I'm sorry Dad, I didn't realise!" Rebecca alleged apologetically pulling the flaps of the housecoat together as she spoke.

"Don't be sorry sweetheart, it was a pleasure! You've grown into a beautiful young woman" Baccas crossed his legs as he spoke, in the hope that his erection had not been visible to her. "Dad!" "I mean it, you are. I'm sure your mother would be proud of your looks! The world is your oyster now, you're of the age were you can take decisions for yourself" "What your saying is that I'm of the age of consent?" Rebecca smiled.

"Well that as well; but I didn't like to say!" "To hell with that Dad, I'm not going on the pill to alter my lifestyle, just because I'm of age as you put it!" "Haven't you thought about it, I mean you're a very attractive young woman?" Rebecca did think for a few moments before she replied, her thoughts went back to her college days and some of her girlfriends, they'd often informed her that sex was good, especially when a guy blew his load, the sensation was out of this world she'd been told.

But she wasn't going to go on the pill just for that. "What girl doesn't Dad, but as I said I'm not going on the pill just so a guy can take his pleasure from me!" "You don't have to go on the pill, there's always condoms!" Her father suggested.

"From what I've heard, you only get half the pleasure with those. Most girls like to think they'd have the real thing!" "I'm not with you, how say you the real thing?" Baccas hadn't heard of this remark before. "Come on Dad, the real thing, that's when a guy cums, and does it inside a girl, that's what's meant by the real thing. If I have it that's what I want!" "Your saying that if you could have a guy cum up you without being on the pill, that would suit you?" "T'would suit me fine, as long as I didn't have to go on the pill, but to do that I'd have to make sure that the boy was unproductive before I started, and how would I know that?" "I'll agree with you there, but if you could have an infertile one, for the real thing as you call it, and use another with a condom; how would you feel then?" "Dad, come on how can I do that, I mean who am I going to ask.

No boy is going to tell a girl that are they?" "Perhaps not, but there is another way!" Rebecca looked into her fathers eyes, did he know something that she didn't, how could this be possible, you'd have to find out someway, and how could you be sure, she contemplated.

If a boy wanted her bad enough he'd say he was unproductive just to get into her knickers. "Another way? I'm not with you?" "Well it stands to reason, you've to find a fellow who's had a vasectomy!" "I'd still have to ask, wouldn't I. You really think a guy would tell me that?" "Well I would; to be honest, a lot of girls who are in the same mind as your own have gone for this alternative. They know their safe so to speak!" "How do I find that out?

D'you know of anyone?" "As a matter of fact I do!" "Dad, I can't just pick anyone, I'd have to have some feelings toward him; even if it was for just once in a while! Who is this guy then?" "You say it would have to be someone you'd feelings for?" "Don't beat about the bush; yes I'd have to feel that way of course!" "Then I'm your man!" Rebecca was somewhat taken a back by his proposal, yes of course she'd feeling for him he was her father, but sex with your father.

However, who would know!" "You're telling me you've had the vasectomy?" "Why yes, a matter of fact I have!" "But why, I mean you and mother haven't been together for years, why would you have that done?" "T'was your mothers idea, she'd wanted but one child and that was you!" Rebecca thought over his words, in some way the idea appealed to her, nevertheless she'd always been told that black men have to a large extent oversized cocks.

She knew he wouldn't lie to her, she remembered her friends telling her of their escapades with boyfriends or even just men, and as to the feeling waiting for them to cum, readying themselves for the spray as it hit their womb. "Still you have Jerry!" Baccas looked at his daughter awaiting her response. "So you've really had the vasectomy!" Rebecca quizzed, ignoring his last remark. "Would I lie to you, no way!" She knew she'd wanted to try sex, but the idea of the pill always put her off, she'd heard of some of her friends had had problems with it, she wanted to stay natural, if she was going to get fucked she wanted the real thing without the need of the pill and being able to feel the explosion as some girls had referred to it.

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But dare she ask as to how well endowed her father was, this was the frightening part, she wasn't ready to be split in half with her first cock. "Could I ask you a very personal question Dad?" "Fire away sweetheart!" "Is it a whim, or is it true; do all black men have large cocks?" "I take it that bothers you does it?" "I'm not saying that!" "Believe me, big or small you could take them all, but if a man is big; normally he'll make sure that his fancy is ready for him.

I take it that you're not against the idea then?" Baccas smiled.

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"I'm not to sure as to what I think Dad, yes it is appealing!" "Let me put it this way, if you have me when you feel you want the real thing for the use of the word, then have Jerry…only he wears the condom?" "It's not as if Jerry hasn't pressured me from time to time I know he'd be up for it!" "Well there you have it, your wishes all in one and you'd get double the pleasure.

He takes you out, you get fucked by him meeting his needs, then when you come home, slip into my room and we'll put a head on it, you can have the full load that you'd have wanted in the first place, that way everyone is happy, Jerry thinks he's the only one fucking you, the last thing he'll think of is that your at home climbing into my bed for the full pleasure of it!" Baccas was hoping she'd say yes, his cock could be felt pulsating within his trousers as he spoke.

"I take it by the way you've been talking that your still a virgin. What a better day to lose you're virginity than your birthday?" He was hoping this would finalise her thoughts.

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Rebecca smiled at him. "You really want this don't you? You do realise I'm you're daughter?" "From your point of view what could be better, you'll have as much as you like, and no one will be any the wiser!" "Then I can take it your response is yes then?" Rebecca leaned from the arm on the armchair kissing him on the cheek.

"Well I'm sure you'll say yes! How long has it been for you?" "About 15 of your 18 years!" He smiled pulling her across onto his lap.

"At least I can assure you of a full load!" Easing her arm around his neck Rebecca kissed him on the lips. This was a moment in time that she'd long waited for, not only was she going to lose her virginity, but also get a handsome load, what's more she'd not have to go onto the pill to get it.

The added bonus would be that the man that was going to take her virginity wouldn't say anything to anyone; it would be their secret. Her father tongue could be felt in her mouth, it sent an ambience of sensations throughout her young body; she'd nothing under her housecoat as she'd just got out of the bath before coming downstairs.

Baccas eased his hand inside the flap of her housecoat, searching for her firm breast; Rebecca gave a light sigh as he clutched it gently into his determined hand, manipulating it soothingly.

Her body was going wild, this time it was for real, she was actually going to have an orgasm with the aid of cock, she'd done it before with Jerry's fingers but now it would be for real. Baccas didn't want it to be improper; this was something that had to be done in a more soothing way, on an armchair this wasn't to be, his daughter should lose her virginity in the most charismatic way as possible, the bedroom was the rightful place and his bedroom, as this is where she'd come when she found herself in need of sexual stimulation.

Not forgetting this was the place of her mother becoming pregnant in the first place. He eased her forward lifting her into his arms, slowly walking toward the staircase, their lips still caressing each others, Rebecca was grateful of her fathers intention, with Jerry it had always been in the back of his car, this time she would have the comfort of a bed. Baccas lay her the full length of his bed, steadily undoing the ties of her housecoat, opening it, folding it back onto the bed, the vision before him excited his manhood, but he knew couldn't reveal himself; knowing that he was well built in that region, and to exposed his manhood at this stage would only disturb her, she'd view it after their lovemaking, looking down over her body he couldn't envisage that this, this was his daughter, even her soft mound was a tantalisingly blonde.

His cock ached for the want of pussy; leaning forward he took her breast into his mouth, sucking it lightly whist his hand with fingers trembling made their way down her body.

Rebecca opened her legs slightly as she sensed his fingers running through her soft hair then down over her pussy lips, he rubbed gently, then slowly he hooked one finger inserting it into her as he drew his fingers backwards, the finger slither in then withdrew, sliding over her tiny erect clitoris. Rebecca let out a low moan as his finger went back into her pussy on the forward motion. Her mind was full of cock; she envisaged her father's cock leisurely sliding up inside her, would it be thick, or perhaps just long.

She'd often felt Jerry's but only through his trousers or jeans. Baccas couldn't believe her wetness; his finger felt as if it was in a jar of grease, she was so wet. His cock pounded at the thought of her pussy, he knew she'd not take too much to get her moistened, but he wanted taste first.

Licking his way down her body, Rebecca had not had this from Jerry, when he reached her pussy her hormones went wild, his tongue dwindled over her clitoris, sucking and licking, his finger was still gyrating in her inner passageway. Her scent sent him crazy; the aroma was similar to her mothers, perhaps a little milder. Baccas reached down to his cock releasing it from its confinement, even to him it felt gigantic. With the taste of her juices on his tongue and the aroma of her pussy filling his nostrils his mind was racing.

His hand left his cock slowly travelling slowly up the inside of her slender leg, on reaching her pussy he inserted one finger, it slid in to her as a knife would butter, he withdrew it placing another next to it, slowly easing them up inside her; it was then that he sensed the restriction of her hymen; his heart missed a beat. Not many men can state they'd deflowered a virgin, its almost as if there weren't enough to go around, in all his years never had he even felt a virgin let alone fucked one.

And this beautiful daughter was allowing him the pleasure. Rebecca heaved in a slight breath feeling his fingers within her maidenhead, she'd felt this before with Jerry, be it that her father's fingers were thicker she didn't know for sure, but she did know it felt enjoyable.

The tightness told him she'd not be a pushover, this she'd remember for life; it had to be done with carefulness or she'd never permit him or any other to her private parts again, this could mean pussy for the rest of his life.

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He knew it could be done with fingers alone, but his cock told him different, he started to finger her at a speeded pace only allowing his fingers to enter her little at a time, just enough to stretch her hymen; allowing her juices to flow evenly within her pussy. Rebecca started a multitude of orgasms, never had Jerry taken her through this kind of pleasure, she reached up pulling her father down to her lips kissing him passionately.

Baccas withdrew his fingers wiping her juices along his shaft, then back to her pussy to collect more, three or more times he did this their lips still together, he then clasped his cock funnelling it up to her pussy lips, wiping his helmet in her juices. Rebecca eye's opened wide when she sensed his cock enter her inner lips, she gently pushed Baccas face away from her looking him straight in the eyes.

"No Dad, that miles to large. You can't expect me to take that!" Baccas took her face into his hands, smiling down to her. "You remind me of your mother, those were her exact words, but I have you as proof that it is possible. Relax sweetheart, all will be well!" But in his mind he knew her mother wasn't a virgin, but his words did comfort her.

Slowly he eased himself in and out of her, gradually she was succumbing to the pressure of his thickness, he was now at her hymen, he knew the opening was far to small to get the head of his helmet in. Rebecca eased up the bed slightly, sensing the strain within.

"Dad, I don't think I'm ready for this, not at the moment at any rate!" She told him sympathetically. "Perhaps our timing is wrong!" Baccas knew to throw the towel in now he'd never get a second chance. He had to take the bull by the horns and thrust into her breaking through the obstruction, he placed his hands under her arms pulling himself into position, then lent over her kissing her on the lips passionately, she responded to his kiss, it was then that he took the opportunity.

Rebecca screamed out, but it was all over. Baccas sensed the tear as his cock inched through, never had he perceived anything like this feeling, slowly he eased forward allowing his cock access, the sensation was out of this world, her pussy adhered to every inch of his cock as it travelled up inside, her inner walls extended allocating him freedom of his approach.

She pulled his face down to her own, once again kissing him. To her the feeling was not only as she expected only better, her inner walls were now consenting him full entry, his cock felt enormous, which in theory it actually was. Never had she had anything of this magnitude up inside her, the only thing that had passed this deep was the handle of her toothbrush, but it was nowhere near as comfy, her pussy still stung from the tearing of her hymen but was surmounted by the pleasure of the new sensations.

Once he'd got the whole of his cock up inside her he stopped and held, taking in the pleasures of her taut virgin pussy.

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"Well sweetheart you can now consider yourself a woman. Lets see how you respond to a the fuck that you'll never forget!" Baccas lean forward kissing her once more, but this time he was working his cock in and out of her. Rebecca senses went wild, the feeling as his cock pumped up inside her was orgasmic it seemed to be touching every nerve in her body.

She placed her hand down between them as to feel the organ inside her, she was mesmerised by the girth of her fathers cock. Baccas sensed her finger nipping his cock then her fingers being wrapped around it.

"Feel good?" Baccas smiled down to her. "I don't think good is the right word, it feels huge inside me!" "As I said sweetheart, big or small you'll take them all!" With this Baccas started to fuck her hard, Rebecca moved her hands up to the headboard clutching at the rail, her eyes were closed as if to shut out anything that could deter her mind. Try as she could; she couldn't open her legs any wider, she wanted every last inch, Baccas reached down lifting her legs up between them, Rebecca let out a moan as she acquired at least another inch of his manhood.

She was now working with him, his cock fully inside on each inward thrust, orgasm came it was not unlike clap of thunder, even her ears seemed to be blocked. Baccas rode high lifting himself into her now, Rebecca thought she might even pass out, her legs felt numb, her body tense and her heart was pounding, never would she have believed sex could be so gratifying.

Again orgasm took her this time her mind went blank, although she still sensed the enormous cock thrusting, dipping and diving. Baccas was at his ebb, he knew he'd cum soon, not that he wanted to, but the sensations were over coming him, yes he'd masturbated, he'd almost forgotten as to what a actual pussy felt like, it was like a silken glove after his fist, he lowered his body over her pushing his hands under her arms again, the gripped her shoulders pulling himself deep, his speed was now increased, he nibbled her ear as he spoke.

"Ready yourself sweetheart here it comes!" He lifted his head, his back arched, he held deep. His stream of cum was never ending, his moan was deep, and the velocity even surprised him.

Rebecca sensed the engorgement; her inner pussy was as it she'd a fireman's hose stuck up her, she could feel every rivulet of his thickened fluid as was pumped up inside her, she tried to lift herself, allowing more cock, but she had it all, her hand went down over her tummy stroking her mound of Venus as if to show her appreciation.

Baccas slowly withdrew, his huge cock swaying from side to side, Rebecca looked down as he lifted above her, and globules of his cum were still oozing from his helmet. The size of which she would never have believed, her hand was still down near her pussy, she moved it down, the wetness surprised her, she didn't realise it was overspill from her father large download.

Try as she may, her legs were to numb to push them down onto the bed; she gave out an amused giggle. "What for do you laugh?" Baccas queried.

"My legs, I can't move them!" Baccas could see the funny side of her predicament, reaching across her aiding her legs down the bed. "I take it you found that enjoyable!" He grinned toward her. "Dad, that was out of this world, but you…how are you, you sound out of breath?" "It's been a long time sweetheart I'd almost forgotten as to what it was like!" "Dad, anytime.just ask!" Rebecca leaned over him kissing him firmly on the lips "God, that was good!


I can't wait for the next time!" "That will be up to Jerry; but make sure he wears a condom!" "Will I get the same feeling at the end thought?" "No but at least you won't get pregnant" Baccas laughed. "And we don't want that do we, for the real thing you'll have to come back to dear old dad!" "God, look at the time I must get dressed!" Rebecca chuckled. "I didn't think it had lasted that long!" "I'd go to the bathroom first, or you'll end up in a right mess, that's something you don't get with a condom!" Baccas smiled.

At lunchtime Baccas took Rebecca down to the local pub to meet Jerry whom he'd rang beforehand, he was pleased to see them both. "Get any surprise presents?" He inquired kissing her on the cheek. "One, that was a women's thing though!" Rebecca smiled with a wink, knowing that he was in for his own surprise later that day. The pub was pretty packed at lunchtime, but before they left Baccas went into the toilet getting condoms, he knew that his daughter was going to offer Jerry his treat for the day.

He secretly gave them to Rebecca when they got back home; she thanked him reaching up giving him a peck on the cheek. It must have been around three o'clock, Baccas knew that there was a party that evening, and knowing only to well that his daughter wanted more cock.

"I'm off out for a while, I take it you two will be alright, should be about an hour or so!" He winked at his daughter as he left the room. Rebecca got up from the chair following her father to the door. "Are you doing this purposely Dad?" "Of course I am, when I'm gone show him a condom!

He'll jump at the chance, see you in about an hour!" Baccas kissed her on the lips and left. "Like a cuppa?" Rebecca asked poking her head around the door. Jerry looked up with a smile. "T'would be fine" Rebecca knew this was her chance, she didn't want waste any time, Dad would be back in an hour, and she quickly made the tea, placing a condom in the saucer. "There we go, milk two sugars!" Rebecca placed the cup onto the coffee table to the front of him. "Thanks!" Jerry replied, picking up the cup, but not noticing the condom laying in the saucer, it wasn't until he put the cup down that he realised it was there, "I don't believe this, are you trying to tell me something?" "Well it's what you've always wanted!" Rebecca smiled.

"You really mean it don't you?" "Bring your tea, we'll go up to the bedroom!" Jerry had never been in her bedroom, the thought of sex really appealed to him, and to now have the chance held out on a plate to him, or a saucer should I say, immediately he rose from his chair following Rebecca up the stairway. "You sure about this!" Jerry mused, placing the condom onto the bedside cabinet.

"As sure as I can be, well at least I'm old enough now!" Rebecca said with a grin, sitting herself down on the edge of the bed. She did wonder as to what he'd be like after her father.

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"One thing…I'll never turn you down!" Jerry laughed. "So what's brought this on then?" "Well why not!" Rebecca laid full length of the bed allowing him room next to her. Jerry wasn't going to question her, he knew what he wanted, he'd wanted it for long enough. He was in a mite of a hurry just in case she changed her mind, he lie down beside his hand going straight up under her skirt, Rebecca felt his fingers tugging at the side of her panties.

"Would you like them off?" "Would you mind?" Rebecca reached down pulling her panties down over her knees; his finger was in her before she'd got them over her feet.

"God, you're eager!" "Sorry, I don't want you to say no!" "Don't worry I'm yours!" Rebecca chuckled.

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His fingers didn't seem to have the same sensations as her fathers; suddenly he stopped. "Something is different!" "Different?" Rebecca quizzed, "How?" "Well, normally you're tight, my fingers go straight in?" Rebecca was stuck for words, she knew last time he'd fingered her she was a virgin, now as he said his fingers went in easy.

"Well I've waited all morning for you, I'm bound to be a bit worked up, please don't stop! You'll take me off the boil" She laughed, pulling his face down to her kissing him firmly on the lips.

Jerry started to finger her roughly, it felt good but nothing like her fathers technique, she hugged him around the neck lifting her hips, as if to take more of his fingers. Jerry knew she was a virgin; he couldn't make out her stance, before she'd always grabbed his wrist, as if to pull his fingers out. Rebecca did wonder if she'd still got some of her father's juices inside her, she was awfully wet. "Jerry do it!" she stuttered She knew she had to make it look as if she was in pain when he put his cock in, he was nothing like her father, he never thought to go down on her like he had.

Jerry quickly put the condom on then clambered in between her legs, Rebecca couldn't help but notice the size of his cock it was nowhere near the size of her fathers. He offered his cock up to her pussy, Rebecca sensed it nudge into her pussy spreading her lips. "Please take care!" Knowing she had to do something or he'd know her virginity had been taken, remembering that when she wanted to go to the toilet, if she crimped herself she could hold it back.

Rebecca put as much pressure on her pussy as she could, all she hoped was that the sensation would be the same. She knew she was restricting his entry; she tensed as he tried to push his cock in. "I don't think I'm ready!" she grasped, hoping he'd take heed. "I'm sorry, I'll be as gentle as I can!" Jerry apologised, taking some of the weight off his cock. But didn't remove it. Rebecca waited until he tried again, allowing him some headway, then suddenly she relaxed her pussy muscles, his cock went straight in.

She let out a loud grasp, as if it was painful. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you!" "I never realised it would be like that!" Rebecca said with a sigh.

"Never mind it's over now, but I would like to thank you for offering me your virginity, would you like me to stop!" "No, I'll be alight now, it was just the initial pain, I didn't think it would be like that, I'm alright now.

Jerry started to fuck her in long even strokes, but Rebecca realised she was still very wet, it must be some of her fathers cum, she had to grip her muscles slightly just to get feeling from him. Jerry was very worried at this stage thinking that it was blood that was making her so moist, he'd always considered his cock to be big, but he never realised that he could do so much damage to a virgin, he continued to fuck her as gently as he could, this was frustrating to Rebecca she wanted it like her father had done, he couldn't have realised that she to had waited for this moment.

Was he going to be such a let down to her, not that she minded, she knew she could get the real thing anytime, but this was her so called boyfriend, perhaps he just didn't have it in him. "I'm sorry Rebecca I think I'm going to cum!" He did increase his tempo somewhat at this stage, Rebecca waited for the bulge at the end of the condom, he moaned loudly as he came, but there was no swelling whatsoever, there was nothing, not even a hint of feeling from his ejaculation.

Rebecca a kissed him passionately. "God that felt wonderful she murmured, kissing him on the cheek. "I'd better take that and get rid of it in the bathroom before Dad gets back!" picking up the condom, she left for the bathroom. "Hell that was wonderful Rebecca, I'd waited so long but it was well worth it!" Jerry smiled up to her as she returned "We'd better get downstairs before Dad gets back " She implied, slipping her clothes back on, Jerry had already put his trousers back on.

Rebecca had just but put the kettle on as her father came back. He looked at Jerry, his looked a mite flushed. "Are you alright lad?" Baccas inquired. What Rebecca and her father hadn't realise was that he'd cum more in his trousers afterwards than he'd cum up Rebecca, at this moment he was feeling somewhat of a mess, he knew he'd to go home and get himself cleaned up. Once he'd left; Baccas quizzed Rebecca as to his performance.

"It was terrible dad, I had to pretend I was still a virgin, I don't know if I done it to soon after you, but I was awfully wet, I could hardly feel him, and when he came, well…I felt nothing.

To think I'd waited all this time for him. I feel so frustrated. "You mean you want some more?" Baccas chuckled. Rebecca could but smile, "You mean it Dad?" "Of course I mean it, didn't I tell you whenever you felt the need!" Rebecca took hold of his arm taking him upstairs; he stopped at the bathroom. "A quick wee and I'll be with you!" Rebecca went straight into his bedroom and undressed, laying ready for him.

Baccas came back in the room holding the condom, no wonder you never felt anything lass, my cum has never been that diminutive." He put the condom onto a tissue and climbed on the bed beside her.

"Don't worry about foreplay Dad, straight in, God, do I need cock!" She could have done with a little foreplay, not realising just as to how much bigger her father's was, he fucked her for over an hour before he came, and hell he made up for Jerry's mean load. As she stood, it poured out from her pussy. "I've come to deem there's nothing better than raw cock, and a black one at that!" Rebecca smiled looking at the mess on the floor beside her father's bed where she'd stood.

"Dad, you're my Pride and joy! Would you mind if I slept in your bed tonight, I haven't done this since I was a little girl, I promise I wont cry out in the night, there's nothing to frighten me now" "If you're sure this is what you want sweetheart!

I'm likely to be quite rampant in the morning" "That's just what I'm hopeful for!" Rebecca smiled kissing him once more before she left for the bathroom. Thank you for your interest Gail