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Buff hung hunk rides dick
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Patty awoke looking over at the clock on the nightstand. It was 6:20 am and almost time for the alarm to go off.

It is Saturday and the kids had a soccer game at 10 am. She looked over at her husband who was still sleeping, thinking he could turn off the alarm while she showered.

Patty got up and went in and started the shower wondering if her husband was going to join them at the soccer game this weekend, or go off and play golf with his buddies or go fishing.

She sighed, knowing he would have some excuse why he couldn't. He would say he had something else he had to do. She finished her shower and got out pausing to take a look at herself in the mirror. As looked at herself she thought she looked pretty damn good for a 31-year-old mother of two. Her tummy was flat thanks to working out at the gym on a regular basis and watching what she ate. Her breasts were nice and firm, her nipples looked hard as she gave them a tweak and a twist as she looked in the mirror.

She turned and ran her hands down her flat tummy, looking at her full yet neatly trimmed bush. She liked how the girl at the salon kept it full, yet tapered her bush so it framed her labia quite nicely. She managed to keep her pussy lips free of hair as well as around her clit. She did it at the urging of the girl at the salon, a cute little 20-year old that told her having her lips bare would make having someone go down on her all that more intense. She wasn't sure why she went along with her suggestion, the last time her husband ever went down on her was a long time ago.

Still, it would be very sensitive when she touched herself as well. She liked how she looked, even after having given birth to two kids she still looked pretty damn good.

As she looked at her pussy in the mirror she ran her fingertip over her clit. Her touch felt good as she moved her fingertip over her clit only now she was getting horny.

Thinking she had time, she continued teasing her pussy lips closing her eyes and moaning ever so quietly. She could feel her pussy moistening as she moved her finger over her bare lips sending even more erotic chills through her.

She moved her finger between her wet lips, slowly moving it up and down. Damn, she was really getting wet now. She parted her folds and slid her finger between her pussy lips, moving it up and down her moist pussy. With her heart beating faster now, she eased her finger into her pussy, followed by another and soon she was working her fingers deep into her pussy.

She looked at the countertop and saw her hairbrush laying there. It had a thick handle, with a tapered end. That gave her an idea as she reached down and picked it up, dipping the end into an open jar of petroleum jelly sitting on the counter.

She turned and quickly locked the bathroom door. Once that was done, she raised her right foot, placing it on the counter as she eased the small end of the hairbrush into her asshole. She gasped as she slowly slid the handle into her asshole, fuck it felt so good.

Once it was in far enough, Patty started sliding it in and out of her asshole while she fingered her pussy furiously in her pussy.

It felt so good she wanted to scream out but she couldn't very well do that. She was getting so close to cumming when she nearly jumped out of her skin as her husband jiggled the doorknob asking if she was done in the bathroom yet. She snapped at him, "Gimmie a minute will you, I'm just about done." That was it, he'd even managed to fuck up another orgasm for her. She tried getting off one last time but it was no good. She felt rushed now and that killed any chance of getting off.

That, and the fact that she needed to get moving or risk being late. She quickly washed off the end of her hairbrush and put her robe and before going back out and looking at her husband how she wanted to kick in the ass for his lousy timing.

She went back into the bedroom finding her husband standing there, scratching his head with one hand and his balls with the other. She gently reminded him there was a soccer game this morning and was he going to join them?

He grunted saying that he had a tee time at 10 and wouldn't be able to join them, maybe next week. Of course, she knew that was coming but she figured it would hurt to ask, who knows, he might just surprise her one of these days. Patty smiled saying, "Of course Honey, have a nice game."Asshole," she thought to herself as she headed to the kid's room to wake them and get them going.

It took a little doing but she finally got them up and dressed after which she went down and made breakfast for them. She made them breakfast and poured herself some coffee as her best friend Linda pulled into the driveway with her two kids. She waved to her telling Linda she would be out in a minute. Patty and Linda have been friends for a couple of years now, their husbands work together at the same company. Linda is a really pretty blonde with short blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and a great personality.

Linda shares a lot with Patty although she doesn't say much about her husband Charlie. Patty used to complain about her husband but when Linda didn't share things about Charlie, her husband, Patty stopped complaining about hers. She didn't want Linda to think that she was always complaining. Instead, they talked about their kids and mundane things like that. Still, Linda has started opening up a little more which is nice. She scooted the kids out the door and they all piled into Patty's big SUV.

They headed over to the soccer field for the game. Once there, Patty and Linda unloaded the car while the kids ran over to join their teammates.

Patty and Linda made their way to the stands, sitting at the top so they would have a good view of the filed. As they sat watching the game start, Linda was talking about something but Patty wasn't listening, mainly because her pussy was starting to tingle again.

She was still horny from last night and play with herself in the bathroom after her shower. How stupid it was for her to do that she thought, now she was hornier than ever.

Patty tried concentrating on the game but the burning between her legs was getting to be too much. She had to do something she thought or she was going to scream.

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Even Linda noticed her acting funny asking if she were alright. Patty said she was and that she needed to go to the SUV and she would be right back. Patty hurried down the stairs and practically ran to the SUV. She opened the driver side back door and got in shutting the door behind her. She quickly slid her shorts off along with her panties and tilted the seat back. She was so glad she had the tilt option and that the middle seats were so wide.

That's why she insisted on the big Ford Expedition. She began moving her fingers over her pussy finding her pussy was awash in her juices.

She eased her middle finger into her pussy sliding it as deep as she could get it. She began working it deep into her pussy followed by a second finger. She jumped when the door passenger side door opened and standing there, looking like a deer staring into oncoming headlights.


Neither woman said anything for what seemed like an eternity when Patty snapped at Linda, "Either shut the fucking door or get in.I don't want everyone in the stands seeing me!" Linda was still standing there gawking at her when Patty said again, "Are you fucking deaf? Get in or go away!" Linda started stuttering and apologizing as she stared at Patty, her fingers deep in her pussy, still working them in and out of her pussy. Finally, Linda managed to find her voice asking, "What.what are you doing Patty?" "What does it look like I'm doing Linda?

I'm trying to get off because my fucking husband did like usual last night. He got on top of me, spent three minutes screwing me, came, and then rolled over and went to sleep like always leaving me hanging like always.

Then when I tried getting myself off after my shower, the asshole came in and interrupted me again, just as it was getting good. Once again he fucked up another opportunity for me to get off.any questions?

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Now, if you aren't going to join me, at least give me the courtesy of leaving me alone so I can get off!" "I'm sorry Patty, I thought I was the only one with that problem. If you don't mind, I'd love to join you." Patty looked over at Linda who was pulling her shorts down, along with her panties.

She couldn't help noticing her pretty blonde bush and her bare pussy lips making her wonder if the went to the same salon and had the same girl. Linda looked over at Patty and smiled when she saw Patty looking at her. She started running her finger up and down her slit and soon had it inside her pussy. She added a second finger saying, "I hope you don't mind my saying Patty, but you have a really pretty pussy." "So do you, Linda, now let's get off, we don't have much time, people are going to miss us." Both women were soon working their fingers deep into their pussies while caressing their breasts and tugging at their nipples with their free hand.

They would look over at one another and watch for a few seconds. Patty had fantasized about being with another woman sexually in the past, although she had never really thought it would happen until now. She liked seeing Linda's pussy and thought about the time she had a female lover back in college.

Nothing ever came of it, but it was pretty intense while it lasted. She shrugged it off as just another college fling and didn't pursue it. Now here she is, married, with two kids, masturbating in her SUV with her good friend and fellow soccer Mom, what could be wrong with that? Her thoughts were interrupted when Linda started gasping and squealed. She looked over to see Linda was cumming, her body tense, her breasts heaving up and down as she frantically rubbed her clit.

Patty found herself really aroused watching another woman cumming. It made her so hot that she started cumming along with Linda. Now Linda was watching Patty as the orgasms washed over her. Once she finished Patty pulled her fingers from her pussy and slid them into her mouth, not even thinking about Linda seeing her sucking the cum from her fingers. When she finished she looked over at Linda asking, "What.what are you looking at?" "You, you licked the cum from your fingers." "Oh, that, well ya, doesn't everyone?

Look, you need to get back to the stands. I'll go after you so it won't look suspicious. Now, get dressed and get going." Linda pulled her panties up and then her shorts. She reached for the door when she paused and looked back saying, "Thank you for letting me join you Patty.it was fun." "Yes, yes, now get going will you, someone is going to miss us and start asking questions if they haven't already." Linda closed the door to the SUV and headed back to the stand while Patty got dressed and did the same after giving her some time to get back and into her seat.

They didn't talk much after that, or after the game ended. Once she got home, Patty couldn't stop thinking about what happened at the game. She found herself excited about what she had done with Linda, she hadn't gotten off that well in ages. She found herself thinking it would be fun to do it again. A couple of hours later her husband was back from his golf game and drinking afterward. She could smell it on his breath. As she was getting ready to fix dinner the phone rang and it was Linda.

She asked Patty if she could talk and she told her Linda couldn't that Frank was home and she was getting ready to fix dinner. Linda paused saying that she had enjoyed their time together and was wondering if. Patty cut her short saying, "I can't really talk about that now for obvious reasons, we can talk next week, alright?" Linda agreed and hung up.

Patty felt bad for cutting her off but she couldn't very well talk about masturbating in the SUV with her kids and husband around. He was already grumbling about dinner when Patty told him to just hold on, it would be ready soon enough. During dinner, Frank informed Patty that he was going to have to leave on a business trip starting Monday and it would be a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, she was not happy. He had waited until the last minute to tell her about his trip. She didn't say much of anything to save an argument. He knew well enough how she hated being told at the last minute, it was as if he did it on purpose. That evening Patty went to bed without even telling him goodnight.

Sunday Patty worked around the house while Frank packed for his trip. Monday morning, Patty was up early to get her husband off on his trip. She made breakfast and saw him off thinking in a way she a glad he was gone. At least she would have some peace and quiet. As she sat sipping her coffee she sent Linda a text asking her if she wanted to stop over and have coffee after she dropped the kids off at school.

Linda didn't reply making Patty think she might be mad at her for being so short with her the other day. Patty gathered her kids together and dropped them on at school. When she got home Linda sent her a text saying if the invitation was still open she would be over as soon as she heard from her.

Patty smiled and sent her a text telling her to come on over. Linda was there within ten minutes, "Hi Patty, are you still angry with me?" "No, Hon, I was never angry. I was busy getting dinner ready for Frank and he was pestering me asking when it would be ready. He is such a pain in my ass.

Then he sprung on me at the last minute that he was going on a two-week business trip stating today." "So, how's the love life, any better?" "Love life?

You must have me confused with someone that has a love life." Linda sighed saying, "You know what Charlie asked me to do the other night. He wanted me to masturbate while he watched me and jacked off. Then he wanted to cum on my tits. I couldn't believe my ears. I asked him what porn site had he seen that on? What a fucking jerk. I told him he could go jerk off by himself in another room. Needless to say, he got all defensive and went to bed." "Geez, where do these men find this shit.

I'd just settle for good sex where I got to get off as well instead of having to take care of myself." "I hear ya, Patty, I don't know what their problem is. Anyway, that was my weekend." As they sat drinking their coffee Patty noticed Linda was wearing cute little tennis outfit. She could feel her pussy starting to tingle thinking back to Saturday when she and Linda masturbated in her SUV. Her heart was racing as she wondered if Linda was as turned on as she appeared to be.

The curiosity was getting the better of her as was her arousal when she asked Linda, "Not to change the subject but do you have any regrets about what happened Saturday?" Linda paused looking down at the table.

Then she said, "I thought a lot about it. I knew I should have been sorry for what I did but I wasn't. I found that after thinking about it and trying to put myself through a guilt trip, I just couldn't feel like I'd done anything wrong. Does that make me a slut or worse, a lesbian?" "No, don't be ridiculous, it means you are a woman who is sick and tired of being left wanting by a man who doesn't give a shit about getting you off just like me.

We're in the same boat you and I. We're married to selfish men who only care about getting themselves off. They don't give a shit if you or I get off. That nonsense has to come to an end and it's up to us to figure it out." Patty got up to pour herself another cup of coffee. She looked over at Linda asking her, "You want some more coffee?" "Sure, let me come get it." Linda to up and walked over and stood next to Patty as she poured her coffee.

Both women stood there looking at one another, the sexual tension building between them. As Patty set the pot down she looked at Linda wondering if she should make a move or should she just leave it alone. Still, she was horny, she and Linda did masturbate together when Linda asked her, "Have you ever thought about doing something wild, something totally out of character?" "Sure, why do you ask?

Are you thinking of doing something totally out of character? Something like sitting in an SUV and masturbating with your best friend?" "Maybe, I don't know. All I know is I'm not happy where I'm at and I want something more than being frustrated sexually.

Is that so wrong?" "No, I think it makes total sense. In fact, it makes so much sense that maybe it's time to take action and do something not only out of character but something wild a crazy." Then Patty reached down and moved closer to her best friend and slipped her hand under Linda's short little tennis skirt and ran her middle finger along the length of her pussy.

The only thing between her pussy and Patty's finger was Linda's thin panties. Linda gasped loudly as Patty continued moving her finger up and down her pussy, applying a little more pressure each time. She opened her eyes staring at Patty, her eyes glazed over with arousal.

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Patty continued as she cupped Linda's pussy in her hand, squeezing her friends pussy and then easing the pressure as Linda parted her legs more giving Patty better access. As she continued squeezing Linda's pussy she pulled her closer to her, placing her lips to Linda's waiting to see her reaction.

Linda parted her lips slightly allowing Patty to slid her tongue into her mouth. It was as if Linda lost any urge to resist, melting into Patty's arms. Their kiss became more passionate as Patty reached around and pulled Linda's panties down over her hips, letting them fall down around her ankles. Linda lifted her feet out of her panties, kicking them aside as Patty moved her hand back between Linda's legs.

Her pussy was awash in her juices now, as Patty began sliding her finger between Linda's folds working it up and down her drenched pussy. Their kisses were increasing with passion and lust as Patty eased her middle finger into Linda's pussy, followed back a second finger. The two women were kissing passionately as Patty worked her fingers deep into Linda's pussy, exploring her inner depths as Linda began to shake a shudder.

She was already cumming from Patty's attention. She pulled her fingers from Linda's pussy, holding them up for Linda to see. They were glistening with her juices as Patty asked, "Have you ever tasted your own juices, Linda?" Linda shook her head no.

Patty smiled at her asking, "Would you like to taste your own pussy and see what it tastes like?" She looked at Patty not saying anything prompting Patty to place her fingers on Linda's lips. The second her fingers touch Linda's lips, she parted them as Patty slipped her fingers into her mouth. Linda closed her eyes and began sucking her own cum from Patty's fingers. After several seconds, Patty put her fingers back inside Linda's pussy, working her fingers deep inside her.

Then she placed her fingers on Linda's lips once more. Just like before, Linda sucked her own juices from Patty's fingers. This time Patty slipped her fingers back in Linda's pussy for a third time, only this time she removed her fingers from Linda's pussy and placed her fingers in her own mouth as Linda watched.

Patty noisily sucked Linda's juices from her fingertips as her friend watched.


Then she kissed Linda, the two of them sharing a cum filled kiss. Once they broke their kiss, Patty pulled Linda's top over her head and removed her bra taking her breasts in her hands. Linda gasped as Patty started caressing her breasts and running her thumbs over her nipples.

Never had Linda felt anything so good or so erotic. She loved Patty's touch, the way she caressed her breast and toyed with her nipples. She found herself totally submitting to Patty, wanting her to touch her and kiss her. Patty kissed her way down Linda's neck as she pushed her back against the kitchen counter, where she began moving her tongue over Linda's aureoles. Linda gasped, it all felt so good. Her husband never made her feel so good or make her pussy tingle like Patty was doing. Her nipples were hard and tingling as Patty licked and then sucked them into her mouth, sending erotic chills through her body.

Patty caressed Linda's breasts and sucked her nipples making her cum again just from sucking her nipples. Then Patty placed her hands on Linda's hips as she knelt down taking in the aroma of her friends pussy. It brought Patty back to her days in college where she had a brief but intense fling with her college roommate. It happened quite by accident. Both were drunk and had been stood up by their boyfriends.

It started out innocent enough, taking a dare to kiss her roommate. One thing led to another and before either of them knew it they were naked and in bed, kissing and making love. It blossomed into a love affair that lasted until graduation. Patty smiled as she decided that it was time to take the next step. She began nuzzling Linda's blonde bush, feeling how soft it was against her face. to her surprise, Linda was not resisting, rather she felt Linda's hands on her head, caressing her face, almost guiding her to where she wanted her mouth.

Now, who was the aggressor as Linda guided Patty's mouth to her pussy. Patty ran her tongue over Linda's bare pussy lips, hearing Linda as she gasped saying, "Yes, oh fuck yes, lick it Patty, lick my fucking pussy!" Patty smiled, she rarely heard Linda use anything close to that kind of language. She continued licking her friends pussy as Linda gasped and squealed.

She pushed herself up onto the kitchen counter, one hand on a kitchen cupboard, her legs spread wide begging Patty to lick her pussy. The inside of her pussy was bright red from arousal as she knelt down and began licking her best friends pussy. Her juices were soon flowing from her pussy down onto Patty's tongue as she found her opening and began tongue fucking her.

Linda was beside herself, gasping and squealing as Patty worked her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could. She tongue fucked her until she had to move up. She spied something on the kitchen countertop, a utensil with a plastic rounded edge. It brought back how good it felt when she eased the end of her hairbrush into her asshole. She grabbed it, looking frantically for something to lube the end with. She found what she was looking for and placed it on the end.

Then she slowly eased the end of the utensil into Linda's ass, as Linda gasped and squealed asking what the fuck she was doing.

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Patty reassured her telling her to concentrate on how good it felt. Soon Linda was smiling moaning and agreeing that it felt amazing. As Patty worked the utensil into Linda's ass, Patty took Linda's clit into her mouth and soon she was sucking her clit and fucking her asshole.

Linda was beside herself, squealing and moaning and begging Patty to make her cum. Before long Linda was cumming over and over again, pulling Patty's face hard against her hot pussy.

When she finally stopped cumming, Patty tossed the cooking utensil into the sink and pulled Linda to her kissing her as she pulled her from the counter.

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Once they broke their kiss Patty asked Linda, "So, my horny little slut, did you like having your ass fucked and your pussy licked?" "Oh fuck yes Patty, where did you learn all of that from?" "Well, I'd had a female lover, my roommate in college so I just drew on that. As for the ass play, you can say I like to experiment when I masturbate. When did you become such a big slut, looks to me like this isn't your first encounter with another woman either.Hmm?" "Well, I experimented with a female cousin when I was in high school.

She had a pretty good imagination too, but nothing like you." "I see, so how do you feel about having another woman lick your pussy? Any regrets about what we just did?" "No, and I want to do more. As far as I'm concerned to hell with our husbands. If they won't satisfy us then we'll just have to satisfy ourselves. I just don't have much experience like I said." "You don't need any Sweetie, I think you'll know exactly what to do. Just use your imagination and enjoy yourself.

Now. let's go up to my bedroom and have some sexy fun." Once in the bedroom, Linda and Patty move onto the bed. Patty told Linda to start whenever she was ready and not to worry about anything. She was not being judged so just relax and have at it.

Hearing that put Linda totally at ease as she snuggled up to Patty, kissing her and caressing her. The more they kissed and caressed the more at ease Linda became.

She was soon fondling her best friends breasts, doing things to Patty that she herself enjoyed. It was such a pleasant feeling and hearing someone enjoying what she was doing. She began kissing Patty's nipples, alternating between kissing them and sucking them as she listened to the soft moans coming from her friend. She never imagined that kissing another woman's nipples would turn her on so. But just hearing another woman cooing and moaning as she pleasured her, was turning Linda on all the more.

Linda was soon totally into her sucking Patty's nipples, reluctantly leaving them and making her way down between Patty's legs. She had never touched another woman's pussy and here she was not only going to touch another woman but planned to go down on her as well. As she neared Patty's pussy, her legs spread wide and her pussy in clear view, Linda found she enjoyed the scent of her pussy. Just seeing how pink her pussy was in the inside, how her swollen lips glistened from the dampness brought on by her arousal was turning Linda on all the more.

She found herself wanting to touch her and more. She began running her fingers through Patty's lush bush, thinking how soft it felt as she dragged her fingers over her wet, swollen lips. She jumped when Patty moaned from her touch, making her smile thinking she was turning her on. With desire building inside her, Linda lowered her head and ran her tongue over another woman's pussy for the first time in her life. She loved hearing Patty's moans of pleasure as well as the taste of her pussy.

Anxious to pleasure her, Linda continued licking Patty's pussy, working her tongue up and down her lips, then slipping her tongue between her folds as Patty's juices flowed down onto her tongue. "Soon, Linda was lost in her own lusty passion and the lust of her friend as she licked her pussy up and down while working her tongue into her opening and tongue fucking her.

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Patty had been right, it all seemed so natural, so freeing and made her feel so passionate. Linda worked her fingers deep into her friends pussy while taking her clit into her mouth, sucking it as Patty squirmed on the bed. Patty was thrusting her hips upward, driving her hips into Linda's face as she sucked her clit until Patty was gasping as the orgasms consumed her. When she finished cumming, the two women kissed and cuddled before Patty showed her friend another position.

She showed Linda how to entwine their legs so their pussies were touching, then as they held hands they ground their pussies together until they were both cumming over and over again. When they finished Linda said, "This is better than I could ever have imagined. I don't know if I can have sex with Charlie again, not after this." "Yes, you will only because it's something we need to do no matter how much it doesn't satisfy us. We simply wait until one or both of them are gone, then while the kids are in school we have fun together.

We won't ever have to be satisfied with them again when it comes to sex, we have one another now." "Yes, I get it. We put up with them so we don't rock the boat. Then while they are gone we have each other. What could be more perfect than that?" "See, now you get it, you and I will be satisfied and they won't have a clue as to what's going on. Now, let's have some more fun. I'm going to show you just how erotic and sexy your ass can be. Are you ready to find out?" "OH yes, show me, Hon, make me cum again." Patty reached over and brought out a vibrator from her dresser drawer and showed it to Linda.

She took it in her hand and started examining it. She couldn't wait to see what Patty was going to do with it. Still, it was first things first. The two started kissing and caressing again when Patty rolled over onto her back having Linda straddled her face so she could go down on her.

With Linda's face between her legs, Patty took her vibrator and turned it on. Linda was too busy licking Patty's pussy to hear the vibrator. That all changed when she felt Patty moving the vibrator over her pussy lips and then slowly insert it into her pussy. She squealed out loud, raising her head from between Patty's legs. Patty began working the vibrator deep into her pussy as Linda continued squealing and wiggling from side to side.

The sensation was incredible but nothing compared to the sensation she felt when Patty moved the vibrator from her pussy to her ass. Patty started moving the tip of the vibrator along her ass crack, paying special attention to her asshole.

Linda squealed loudly when Patty would concentrate on her asshole, pushing it gently into her asshole ever so slightly and then pull it free. Then she would hold the tip again her asshole, varying the speed of the vibrations, further changing the sensation Linda felt.

She was beside herself, begging Patty to fuck her ass with the vibrator. Patty finally gave in to her begging, sliding the vibrator ever so slowly into her asshole until it was in as far as it would go.

Then Patty started fucking Linda's ass with the vibrator, varying the speed of the vibrations and the speed she fucked her ass with it, all of which sent incredible sensations through Linda's body.

Finally, Linda couldn't hold back any longer and started cumming over and over again almost to the point of passing out her orgasm was so intesnse. Afterward, when Linda had recovered enough, she found another vibrator and performed the same scenario on Patty. She brought Patty to a crushing orgasm doing the same thing, fucking Patty's asshole using the vibrator on her. Since that day, Patty and Linda no longer worry about boring sex with their husbands. They have one another to make love to and satisfy each other.

As for their husbands, they are totally clueless and the girls are fine more than happy to keep them in the dark.