Girls Try Anal Samantha Rone and Dana Vespoli

Girls Try Anal Samantha Rone and Dana Vespoli
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I woke up to my empty room and looked around at the walls. I groaned as I sat up and stretched my arms and legs. I started thinking about the past few clients, and realized that I had no idea how long I had been here. There were no clocks or windows, so it was almost impossible to judge time. That thought made me think about trying to find out some information about myself. I would have to think of a plan to get someone to talk to me. But before I could think of anything, there was the familiar green flash in the corner of the room and the nurse was there walking towards me.

I stood up to greet her.

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"Hello." I said, unable to think of anything better to say. I noticed that she was holding something behind her back. "Your next client is almost ready." she said, getting straight to the point. "Alright then." I replied and looked down at myself. I was perfectly clean, as if nothing had happened. I vaguely remembered the nurse cleaning me after the last client had drenched me in cum.

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"The client is another human Mage, and is a submissive." she continued, "which means the you do whatever you want to do with her as long as she wants it done." I nodded slowly. Then I had a thought, "What is my name?" I asked. She looked a bit surprised but soon recovered.

"I haven't the slightest idea." she said, "Nurses aren't given the history of the sex workers. You just get listed as MH 6673." I remembered that from the writing on my collar. "But the reason that I'm here is to give you this." she said, and revealed what she was holding behind her. It was a small pile of clothes.

She through them on the bed and looked me in the eye. We stare at each other for a few moments, then she spoke again, "The client has requested that you wear these, and also that your collar is temporarily removed." with that she snapped her fingers and the collar slipped off my neck and fell to the floor.

She picked it up and started to walk to the corner of the room where she had entered. "Get dressed," she said without turning around, " the client will be here soon." Then she reached the corner and vanished in a green flash. I look over at the pile of clothes. There is a red shirt and a pair of jeans. They look quite normal, like something you might wear on the weekend.

Then I notice the belt. It looks very much like the collar, and I presumed that it acted as a substitute for it. I slowly got dressed, enjoying the feeling of wearing clothes for the first time in as far as I could remember. I sat on the bed and waited for the client.

After what felt like a few minutes, there was another green flash in the corner and a woman had appeared. She was wearing what looked like black underwear and bra, through which I could see the outline of her large breasts. I could see that she had red hair, and as she drew closer I saw that she was wearing light pink lipstick. I stood up and faced her. She was slightly shorter that me and had dark brown eyes.

"Master," she said. She had an English accent, just like the first client. "I will be your submissive for the next few hours." I smiled, "sounds good to me." I said, "Go over to the table over there and lie down." I pointed to the examination table that I had been strapped into before, the one that was made of metal and had the ankle restraints coming from the roof.

She smiled and walked over to the table and lay down. I slowly strapped her arms and legs into the restraints. I tenderly kiss her legs and listen to her moan in anticipation. I slowly work my kissing over her thighs and closer to her pussy, but never close enough to stimulate it. I climbed onto the table and crouched over her, looking her in the eyes. "Do you want some more?" I asked her, in the sexiest voice I could manage."Yes master." she replied.

I was loving this. I smiled and moved down her body and undid her bra, pushing it to the side and started sucking her nipples and kissing her large breasts. She squirmed and moaned under me, and I felt my already hard cock rubbing against her thigh and stomach. I switched between her breasts every now and then, and soon she was sweating and groaning loudly.

I finally stopped fondling and sucking her and sat up. I smiled down at her and slowly moved down her body. I gently scraped my fingernails down her body as I went, and soon, my head was between her legs.

I pulled at her underwear, ripping them off her body and I looked at her pussy. It was beautiful, topped with a small strip of her red pubic hair. She was already dripping wet, her juices running down the inside of her thighs.

"God!" I exclaimed, "Look how wet you are already!" She just replied with a sexy smile, and licked her lips. I grinned back at her, "Are you ready for more?" I asked, already knowing what her reply would be.

"Go for it." she said, and rested her head back onto the table. I grinned even wider and looked back down at her pussy. I slowly caressed her thighs, working my fingers closer to were she so desperately wanted to be touched. "Do it!" she suddenly cried, and I didn't need a second invitation. I rammed two of my fingers into her as hard as I could, and she cried out in pleasure. I held my fingers deep inside her and slowly wiggled them, producing a few moans from her once again. I slowly withdrew my fingers again and rammed them back into her once more.

I repeated this, gradually picking up the pace of my finger fucking her. She was groaning and writhing around on the table. I started using my other hand to gently rub her clit, making her moan even louder. I was pumping my fingers into her as fast and as hard as I could until I could feel her tensing and she started breathing heavily.

I knew she was close.

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I pulled out my two fingers and then extended a third, and rammed all three fingers into her as hard as I could. This was all she could take and she shook as her orgasm rolled over her body. I held my fingers inside of her until her orgasm had finished, and slowly withdrew my fingers. I stood back and admired my handiwork. I now fully appreciated just how sexy this woman was. Her perfectly round ass, covered in pussy juices that had poured out of her.

Her legs were long and sexy, and she had a firm stomach, topped with those perfect breasts. Her red hair was messy, and she was breathing heavily, her chest heaving up and down. Her body was coated in her sweat, I had obviously given her a good workout.

Suddenly I couldn't wait any more, and I climbed back onto the table and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She didn't move, so I rammed my cock into her as hard as I could.

Suddenly she lifted her head and moaned loudly, as I started to pump into her as fast as possible. I hammered into her as she thrashed about on the table, pulling against the restraints. I felt my cock inside her pussy, pounding into her with almost no friction against her soft, warm inner walls.

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Soon she started her second orgasm, and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. This forced me over the edge, and we came together, as I shot several jets of cum deep into her. We stayed like that for a while, then I slowly pulled out of her and watched as my cum slowly oozed out of her and run over her thighs, dripping onto the table.

I undid her restraints and walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge.


I stayed like that for what felt like fifteen minutes, then I heard her walking towards me. I didn't look up and saw her legs standing in front of me, cum running down the inside of them.


Then she knelt down in front of me and took my now flaccid cock into her mouth, making me shiver. She ran her tongue over the underside of my penis and I felt myself slowly harden again in her warm moist mouth. Soon I was rock hard again and had one hand on the back of her head. She smiled and started bobbing her head up and down my full length. She ran her tongue around the head of my cock, then slowly lowered her head onto it and I felt my cock hit the back of her throat.

Then she would lift her head back up and repeat the process. Soon I was groaning and was ready to cum again. I pushed her off of my cock and stood up. She looked disappointed but stood up with me and I lead her over to the x-shaped device at the wall of the room.

I secured her standing to it, her legs spread and her hands above her head. I once again admired her body, then moved in and rubbed my cock over her slit, wetting it. Then I slowly aimed and pushed into her. She groaned as I drove deep inside her until I was in balls deep. Then I started pounding into her again and I felt her large breasts bouncing up and down and rubbing against my chest. This feeling was enough to drive me over the edge and I shot my load into her.

I noticed her getting tighter and realized that she had just climaxed again. I felt my cum oozing out of her pussy around my cock and dripping down both of our legs.

I stepped away, pulling out of her and my cum flooded out of her and made a small puddle on the floor. I grinned in satisfaction, then I had an idea that might help me find something out about myself.

But I wasn't going to like it. I stepped towards her and wrapped a hand around her throat, applying slight pressure. She gasped and stared wide eyed at me. "Do you know anything about me?" I asked calmly. She shook her head franticly. I tilted my head to the side and looked into her eyes.

I choked her slightly harder and glared at her, "Do you know who does?" I asked as menacingly as I could. She tried to say something but couldn't speak since I was choking her, so she just shook her head again. Then there was the familiar green flash and I heard the nurse speaking, "Let he go!" she said in a firm tone. I turned my head towards her. "I want to know who I am!" I practically screamed at her.


"The only person who knows about the sex workers before the are enlisted is the chief doctor of the clinic." she said calmly. "Get him down here!" I shouted but she just shrugged and shook her head glumly. I scowled and turned back to the woman who I was still holding by the throat. I raised my hand and was about to slap her when I felt something surge through my body.

The feeling was being emitted from the belt that I was wearing that the nurse had brought him. Is muscles spasmed and I became aware that I was being electrocuted, and my whole body was shaking as the pain from the electricity surged through me. I felt myself fall to the floor and saw the nurse running over towards me, then I spasmed once more and everything slowly faded to black as I quietly passed out.