Sunny leone porn pussy fucking watch story yousex fairy tales

Sunny leone porn pussy fucking watch story yousex fairy tales
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My name is Gabriel I'm 18 and a senior in high school, I'm relatively tall at 6 foot and apparently good looking. I play varsity hockey in school so I have to stay pretty built, it's safe to say I get attention from the girls at school.

Which is all good and wonderful, I've had a girlfriend and I've had sex. But the only girl I want will never look at me that way, I could never touch her.

You see, the one I want is my little sister. She's ultimately a female version of myself, except she's very tiny like my mother. We both have dirty blond hair (mine falls in my eyes, her's falls to her waist), and grey blue eyes. But I know her eyes, delicate and feminine, circled by the black lace of her eyelashes.

She's stunning and she knows it too. She's not beautiful in they way a sports illustrated model is with big tits and ass. She's got a tiny body with delicate B cup breasts and a round firm ass atop a set of legs, the kind that go on forever.

God help me when she wears heels, It turns my brain into pudding. On those occasions I don't know how she doesn't figure out I'm crazy for her. My eyes stay glued to her ass when she's in heels, and her strong beautiful legs.

She makes my dick feel trapped, pressing hard against my jeans begging to get out and bury itself between her gorgeous legs till it hits wet and warmth. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose. She came back from a shoe shopping expedition with her friend once and pranced around the living room showing off her new shoes to me and mom. The on purpose part was when she was stretching out her leg in her cute little shorts, she had her leg all flexed and she looked at me straight in the eye and gave me the most sensuous little smirk.

She must have seen my hard on raging in my pants. I think about this as I lay in bed starring at the ceiling. God I'm thirsty. I get up and shuffle down the stairs to get a glass of water. With the fridge door open, I chug the glass of water as I lean against the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Walking up the stairs my eyes move to her door, surprisingly its open a crack. She never leaves it open she must have carelessly fallen asleep. My feet shuffle against the carpet, while I'm unconsciously drawn to the door. My hand reaches out to lightly push it open. My eyes look through the crack in the doorway to her bed.

I don't believe it, the sheets have fallen off of her as she lays on her stomach with one of her knees up to her chest.

I see a strip of thin cotton panties between her legs, and my heart beats wildly while my dick starts to twitch. I listen for any noise, all I hear is the soft hush of the air conditioner. I can't believe I'm doing this, I step into her room. I just want to get closer to look at her pussy, I haven't seen it since I we were kids taking a bath and I didn't think to look at it then.

The carpet muffles my footsteps. I tiptoe to her side of the bed and bend my knees so I'm squatting next to her, my face a foot away from her soft cotton-clad cleft. Wow, I breath in through my nose trying to smell her.

I've gone this far I wanna see it, I wanna smell it, I wanna taste it. My primal senses are on full blast, not thinking just wanting, losing control. I look at her face to check she's still sleeping. In the corner of my eye I see scissors on her bedside table and the idea forms.

I pick up the scissors and carefully move my hand to her pussy. My fingers make contact and she's warm. I rub along the length of her, feeling her pussy lips through the fabric. My dick is as hard as a rock leaking precum onto my boxers.


I pinch some of the fabric carefully and lift it off her skin, placing the scissors along one edge and slipping it across sharply cutting the fabric. I stop afraid the movement or the sound will betray me. She doesn't move or make a sound, dead asleep. I lift the cut panties away from her pussy, now exposed. The restraint I exercised not to shove my nose and mouth in that warm wet place was immense.

I couldn't stop, I had to smell, my nose an inch from her. Uhh, what a women. Would she wake up to a tongue? Maybe if I did it softly enough, lightly, just to taste her.

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I got my lips up close and stick my tongue out sliding along the length of her slit. Salty, musky, the taste of my sister.

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God, I just want to shove my dick in so far up that sweet warm hole. My little sister. Am I crazy? I think I'm crazy for it, nothings gonna stop me. I stick my tongue out for another taste of her, this time I part the lips of her pussy with my probing tongue and lick up to her clit. I hear a sharp intake of breath as I rub my tongue against it and my head pops up like a meerkat looking for intruders.

It was almost funny if I hadn't been so full of lust for her. I wait a full 3 minutes looking at her for signs she's awake. Let her drift off again. My hand goes to my hard cock and I jerk myself as I watch her. I become feverish as I get close to climax and I stop. My heart beats frantically as I get to my knees so my dick can be closer to her.

I would love to shoot my load onto her ass, dripping down to slide against her asshole and pussy. She suddenly mumbles in her sleep and moves, turning her face towards me. I thought she was going to open her eyes, I panicked. I put my big hand over her eyes and mouth and jump over her to land behind her on her bed. I press her body against mine rolling her up so I can get my arm under her holding her arms to her sides.

She screams bringing one of her hands up awkwardly to grab at my hand at her mouth. She fights against me using those long legs to kick. I trap her legs with mine, holding them down. My sisters slithering fighting body is no match for me, its almost too easy to hold her down. My erection is stiff against her ass, it feels so good to be pressed up against her I could cum.

But I don't, I've gotten this far I'm not going to waste this opportunity. I wasn't easy trying to get my dick near her pussy with her squirming.

But finally it comes up between her thighs and rubs up against her warmth there. I pull back till the head of my dick is against her hole. I pump my hips almost against my will and my dick pops in. Only the head, it feels so good. I pull out and shove it in again. Her pussy is so tight against my cock. I try to push in further but I'm too thick for her. So I hold her whole body against mine, I have complete control over her.

With my arm on her chest I start to push her down on my cock while I pump up into her. Slowly my dick sinks further into her until I'm as far as I can go. She squeals when she feels my dick head press against the end of her pussy. Her heart is beating as frantically as mine, breathing hard through her nose.

She's not screaming or crying I take that as a good sign. Filling her up so completely I'm overwhelmed and I start to fuck her like a dog, with only one thing on my mind. I realize her pussy is so wet, I just keep thrusting into her warmth. It's all I want, to fill her with my cum. She's so wet, could she be loving it too, as much as I am? I can't get enough of this, Is she moaning?

With pleasure or fear? I don't know. Shoving her tiny body like a jack hammer onto my burning hot prick, I moan almost helplessly, piteously, thrusting deep, once, twice. My cum explodes out of me, into my sister's swollen throbbing pussy. I moan and breath heavily as she moans too. My hand leaves her mouth to hold on to her hip and shove myself deeply one last time as far as I can go. She cries out loud sweetly. It scares me, I suddenly panic. What have I done?!

I pull myself out of her unceremoniously, grab my boxers off the bed and bound to the door. Running, I quickly enter my room and in one swift movement lock the door and lean against it.

Unbelievable. I look at the digital clock, 3 in the morning. Four more hours till we both get up for school. What must she be thinking? Maybe she'll think she just dreamt it, either that or I've just ruined my life and my relationship to my family. I couldn't sleep, half expecting her to knock down my door with the police or worse, my parents. Through all this guilt though, I couldn't help but smiling in complete satisfaction.

How I controlled my lovely sister, how I had forced her on my dick. My fantasy's come true, to have been inside her, claimed her as my own. My heart beat faster when I remembered her wetness, her moaning in seeming pleasure. Did she want it, did she love it as much as I did? ~ ~ ~ Too soon the alarm goes off, but I'm not tired. I'm suddenly really awake and nervous, with butterflies in my stomach.

With the light of the day bringing its sleepy rays through my window, I question my sanity. Did that really happen last night? Have I lost my mind? Whats gonna happen now? I quickly pick out some clothes and throw them on. I open my door quietly and look down the hallway. She's not in the bathroom, good. So I dash in and close the door behind me.

I splash some water on my face and brush my teeth, all the while not looking at my reflection in the eye. I suddenly had a flash back feeling her tiny form pressed up against me. That little cry she made when I shoved into her that last time. I tried to make my erection go away before I stepped out of the bathroom. As much as I'm proud of my size and girth, my hard-ons can get really obvious.

My old girlfriend used to tease me about it, it was cute then, but this moment wasn't so funny. So I opened the door and standing there was my sister in a new pair of cotton panties and a tank top with no bra. The look of shock on my face was obvious. But she just said, "Excuse me" and "What took you so long?" as she closed the door. I just stood there open mouth starring at the door.

Could she have thought it was a dream then? I didn't think so, it was so passionate. Well the good thing is she's not gonna run to our parents or the police. And she didn't look afraid of me. phew, what a relief! So I walk downstairs and into the kitchen.

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I say good morning to my mom, and she comments on my tired eyes. "You look like you've been awake all night, honey. Did you sleep well?" I mumble something about tossing and turning and a hockey match on Friday while I search for the milk. My mind drifts as my mom drones on about sleeping being essential for athletes or something like that. Who cares? I got to fuck my sister last night, violently and got away with it. Maybe, I dreamt it.

My sister joins us in the kitchen and pops a bagel in the toaster. Her and my mom talk animatedly about some sale at a clothing store, while we finish our breakfast.

I don't listen I just study her with my peripherals. She's wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt that's a little too tight for her, and white trainers. She looks good, in a casual way. There's a knock at the door, it's my friend Will. Me and my sister catch a ride with him most of the time. We play on the varsity team together, he's always making comments to the other guys about my hot little sister.

He flirts with her even, and its especially annoying when she flirts back. I grumble in my own head. Sensing my annoyance with him, he grins at me teasingly.

"Good morning to you too. You guys ready?" "Let me grab my bag." I say as my sister is flitting out the door behind me and saying "Good morning, Will." I roll my eyes, pick up my bag and join them in the car. Another one of my teammates is in the passenger seat, Jack.

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So I join my sister in the back seat. Jack turns around and says, "Hey dude, ready to get your ass handed to you after school? Coach says he's really gonna be hardcore on us today." "Yeah, yeah. I'm not worried.

The question is can you handle it? You know they call me a demon on the rink." "A demon. Ooh I'm so scared." They guys continued to laugh at my expense. They won't be laughing later. My sister was smirking, and I thought I heard the word "demon" under her breath.

American History and English went by uneventful. Honestly if it were eventful I wouldn't have noticed I just kept thinking about her smell and taste on my tongue. I worried for a moment about the fact I had cum in her, I knew she was on the pill but that wasn't always 100% safe. The only thing that was difficult was remembering math equations and hockey stats to make my dick go down before the end of class.

Lunch time came around and at our high school all the grades have lunch at the same time. We have two courtyards and the gym and track to hang out on, oh and the cafeteria. Me and alot of the guys from the team hang out by the courts, less students there behind the school, and less teachers. Making it easier for us to fuck around and not get caught. If you play hockey you play rough and some of these wimpy teachers in school don't understand that were not hurting each other. Its just a thrill, brutality, that's why we liked the game too.

My sister and her friends hang out in a field nearby behind the art studios, where all the artsy fartsy kids are. I would glance over occasionally, keep saying to myself, I fucked that girl last night. I raped my sister last night. Now that's a fuckin' thrill. Soon it was time for practice and I don't give a shit what coach says, we're ready for these girls on friday.

It'll be our last game before sectionals. I play brutally on the ice, no one was doubting my demonic title after I was done with their asses. I got home kinda late, Will and I went to go get burgers with some of the guys after practice. My mom offered me food the minute I walked in the door as usual, but I told her I already ate with the guys.

My dad was reading the newspaper and mumbled something about assholes in the government. So I went upstairs to my room, took off my smelly school cloths and in nothing but my boxers I went to go hop in the shower. In the hallway I wasn't looking and walked into my sister as she was exiting her room. She looked scared and in a rush as she bumped into me, I didn't budge on impact but she lightly fell backward against the wall and I grabbed her.

I looked down into her face and she was blushing furiously. I let her go after she was steady and saw she had a paper in her hand. She said, "Sorry" and stepped back into her room. That was defiantly not like her. Normally she would have accused me of being an ogre and to get out of her way. Worried about her unusal attitude I stepped into the shower. Is she scared of me now? Did it take a while for it to sink in what I had done to her?

God, I hope not. The shower felt good and I thought of her while I washed myself, lingering on my dick. I started to picture her face and her cute mouth. Picturing her sweet lips wrapped around my, much to wide for her, dick. My cum sprayed in the hot shower and ran down the drain as I pumped my cock rapidly. My mom knocked on the door, "You're using all the hot water boy, I want to do a load of laundry tonight." I cleared my throat and said, "K mom" I walked into my room still drying myself and flopped onto the bed.

But immediately noticed I had landed on something flat and crinkly. It was paper, a short note actually, in my sisters handwriting. My heart beating fast I read it.

I'll be waiting asleep for my demon to visit me tonight. I want him to surprise me again the same way. I wanna fight him until he takes me, however he wants to.

My dick was already hard again by the time I finished reading it. Oh, fuck yes! can this be really happening. My sister wants me to rape her again. Her demon, well thats me. I'll take control of her again and then I'll lose it. I'll lose all control while I'm making her pleasure my cock.

She liked it last night, my suspisions were true. Her pussy was so wet, she must have loved it. God, I want to fuck her right now. Time could not have moved slower.

10 pm, 12 am, 2 o'clock just staring at the clock and thinking about what I would do to her. Leaning against the wall that separated our rooms I listened hard for any noise. Sounded like everyone was asleep. Wondering if she could possibly fall asleep with this much anticipation or she was just pretending, he moved to the door. As he was leaving he picked up three scarfs he had looked for and found earlier, taking it with him for a specific purpose.


~ ~ ~ He found her door cracked open again, listening for any movement as he snuck in. The sheets were partially covering her legs but she was positioned much like the night before. In a tank and no panties, one knee up the other leg straight out. He hesitated and shuddered at the beautiful sight.

The streetlamp in the distance outside her window was the perfect amount of lighting to see her beautiful body. He brought his face close again to smell her scent, and it drove him wild. With nothing but her brothers naked form hovering above her, inspecting her pussy. She tried to stay as calm as possible. She didn't want to ruin the facade of her sleeping, but her heart was beating madly. Her pussy was so hot it was a wonder he didn't feel the heat coming off of it with his face so near.

She felt the tip of his tongue as he touch her in her most private of places. Her brother. He slowly dragged his tongue up her slit leaving a line of cool moisture there. He didn't take his tongue away, this time he forced it through her pussy lips until his tongue was almost inside her, tasting her. She couldn't help but shiver and he sensed it he moved up her body quickly and covered her mouth with a piece of cloth.

Lifting her head he tied it on the other side. She started to panic and whimper a little out of fear, he was just so much bigger than her. Thank god she had already lost her virginity before her brother decided he wanted to rape her, he was huge not just his body but everywhere.

She had always known this, they did grow up together. She had even seen the hard-on's he tried to hide from her, when she had caught him looking at her. Well now this massive dick was rubbing against her leg as grabbed her hands and put them behind her back and tied them together.

As she lay a little uncomfortably on her side as he moved down to grab her flailing legs and held them wide and open. She was screaming lightly behind the cloth when he did this, but not loud enough to wake their parents. He pressed his mouth to her pussy again and started to lick her up and down. She threw herself from side to side but couldn't get free of his exploring tongue.

He started to concentrate on her clit, rubbing his toungue against her pleasure bump. He started to suckle and lick rhythmically, and she began to blush furiously. Her whole body was on pleasurable fire, it felt so good what her brother was doing to her. He loves my pussy so much he can't get enough of it. She was on the verge of cumming harder then she ever had in her life and she new it. He started to play with her wet pussy hole, sliding his fingers in her one at a time, rubbing her on the inside deliciously.

Wiggling them around, stretching her wider all the while never stopping his tongue on her clit. She started making noises that were animalistic and she was not conscious of them. All she could think about, her whole being was concentrated on getting off.

She felt the pleasure rising in her like a torrent, a flood of pleasure about to wash over her stretched pussy. She cried out as it rocked her to her core, her hips thrusting in the air pushing against his face, rubbing against his tongue.

He never took his mouth away from her pussy, he moved with her orgasm. He licked up all her juices, making her squirm deliciously. He didn't even care that she came, he wanted to keep licking her.

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Keep on making her cry out in pleasure like that. His dick was throbbing with the need to be touched. With one last lick and one last whimper he took his tongue away and smoothed his hands down her long legs to her ankles and tied them together. She wasn't fighting back anyway, but he just liked to see her with no way to get away from him. She's mine. He looked down at her face, grabbed her jaw with his thumb and pointer finger and lifted her so she was sitting up.

With his hand still controlling her face he forced her look at him in the eye and whispered, "Don't you say a fucking word." She nodded, and he untied the scarf around her face. He straightened up so his dick was in front of her eyes. With big round eyes she stared at it. He said, "Open your mouth" and to his surprise she did and also stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of it, licking off a drop of precum. He gasped and dropped the facade and begged, "please".

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She began to lick the length of it. Suckling on the sides of it before slipping the head into her mouth. Her tongue was swirling on the underside of his dick. Moaning he grabbed her head and forced it a little further into her mouth. She gagged and tried to move away but he kept her there.

"Calm down, relax your throat." She did and she started to slowly slip her tongue around it again. "That's it. Oh that's perfect." He just looked down at his sister's face with her mouth stuffed full of his cock, marveling at how hot it was making him. She used his distraction to take her mouth off his dick with a pop and gulped in air, "I can't breath" Grabbing her hair at the back of her head he said, "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." At the look of fear on his sister's face, he warmed his icy attitude.

"Don't worry, I'll try not to hurt you. If it gets to be too much tap me on the thigh, okay?" With that she opened her mouth wide and slipped the head of his dick through her lips. Her tongue was washing him inside her mouth as her eyes moved up to look at him. He looked down at her serenely with the thought, How perfect is this.

She slipped her body through her arms that were tied behind her to bring them round the front. She took his dick in both her hands and started to jerk him off while sucking as much as she could of him in her mouth. He began to push her head in rhythm with her hand movement. Soon his dick was covered in her spit and warmth of her mouth.

He couldn't control his hips, she was being to gentle, he need to fuck something ferociously. Growling under his breath he pulled his dick from her mouth with an audible pop, grabbed her legs and yank her down the bed so she was laying down.

He lifted her legs so they were leaning against his sweating chest and shoved his dick in between her slobbering pussy lips.

This time he didn't ease it in, she was already swollen and wet so that made it easier. But the shock of suddenly being invaded was to much for her and she cried out, so he bent down to cover her mouth with his. Kissing his sister like this was a new kind of passion for him. Their tongues swirling through the hot breaths they took, passionately pressing lips and teeth together.

Biting at each others' mouths while he slipped his dick into her over and over, filling her up to the brim. Stretching her small pussy incredibly around his throbbing prick. He couldn't stand it anymore the urge to cum overwhelming, he leaned up and held her legs to his chest and started to pump into her like an uncontrollable demon.

He humped so hard he felt her cervix start to give, he could almost slip his whole dick into her dripping wet cunt. It was too much, being completely enveloped in his sisters pussy, and he felt his cum start to rise. Crying out like a wounded animal he pumped his cum directly into her womb, coating the walls of her uterus.

She felt herself filling up with her brothers spunk, her pussy was so turned on with the force of his dick so deep in her.

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She cried out as the bliss of orgasm caused her pussy to squeeze his dick uncontrollably. They humped each other lightly as their mutual orgasm subsided. He collapsed on the bed next to her with his dick still plugging her. Breathing heavy he draped his arm across her chest and she turned her face to look at him. And they both smiled at each other in the after glow and even laughed a little at the ridiculousness of it all. He pulled his dick slowly out of her relaxing cunt and a flood of cum spilled out of her.

"Oh my God, there's so much." "I take lots of zinc." and they both laughed. She got a towel that she had left in her room from showering earlier and they both cleaned up. They lay there and talked about how crazy it is what they're doing. About how bad it would be if anyone found out and how they would act to one another during the following days.

They determined that it would be best to try and act as much like they always have to one another, in front of other people that is. But when they were alone, he would be her demon and her his innocent victim. To Be Continued