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Big tits lovely big tits tube porn
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I saw her when she walked into my store, her smile let out this gentle playful laugh. I decided then I wanted her. I imagined clutching her short dark brown in my fingers and push her head in my crotch. I looked her down as she walked past me. I saw her drool falling down her neck and disappearing into her bountiful cleavage. I watched her make herself a coffee and politely cleaned up her mess.

Looking me straight in the eye with that wonderful smile she says hello. "Just the coffee?" "And twenty on pump two." I told her the coffee is on me and smiled as she hands me a twenty and thanks me as she walks out, her ass bouncing away toward a familiar green pick up. Outside fueling was my cousin Tim. I don't think he was dating her, he likes the skinnier ones.

I watched them drive away letting my mind run wild thinking of my new beauty. After my shift was over I called up Tim and asked if he hand anything going on, hoping she would be there. He told me to come over, he was home watching movies with is bud. I picked up beer then headed to his place.

When I walked through the door I saw her.

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I couldn't help but smile. "Hey Brad." I'm shocked she until I remembered I still had my name tag on. "How unfair" I responded, "I don't know your." "Kailey." "Nice to m." "Hey dude! Thanks for the beer." Interrupted Tim I emptied the case in the fridge and got one out for the three of us.

Tim took the chair leaving a spot open on the other end of the couch Kailey sat on. I handed her a beer then stepped close to her to hand Tim his. I noticed her looking toward my crotch, the image of her face closer made my penis tingle slightly.

We watched the movie and a few times I tried to steal glances but never saw her took at me when she finished her beer she turned toward me and asked if she could have another. I told her have as many as you like. I wondered what her tolerance is. Tim didn't seem to have any interest in her. He and I were similar, we both grew up in the woods, didn't mind getting dirty. We both worked out but he more then I. My phone received a test, it was from Tim 'hey can you get Kailey out? this sweet piece of ass is coming over' 'you're not dating her?' 'no just a friend' "Kailey, are you hungry?" I asked when the movie finished.

"Sure, lets go." She responds getting up and walking out with me to my truck. "Anywhere you want to go?" She responds with anywhere. So, I went to a drive thru burger, we both ordered cheese burgers with fries and Dr. P. I drove my truck to a nearby empty parking lot and she handed me my half.

I watched as her teeth dug into the juicy food, not caring how she looked eating. She finished the bite then while going in for the second her head moved toward me. "What? I'm hungry ha." "You look amazing." She smiled back and I smiled picturing her mouth full of my cock. She finished and laid back, together we started up a conversation.

She was easy to talk to. I told her I've lived out here all my life. I live in my family home in the wooded area. She moved out here a few months ago and met Tim at the store she now manages. She doesn't like to get muddy but that will change. After chatting for an hour, she asked to be driven home. Together we talked until we arrived at her place. I walked up with her and as she opened the door she said her good nights and I the same. As I laid in my bed I imagined all the ways to fuck her.

The next morning, I get a call from Tim, he wanted to have a party at my place. I agreed and asked how many people would be over. Only a few he responded. I set up my beer pong table and some cards on the table. After about two hours I heard the cars pull up on my dirt path. I went to open the door and Tim was the first to walk though followed by Carl, his girlfriend Stacy, then my bud Joe and finally Kailey.

She handed me a bag and inside held rum vodka and a two liter of Dr. P. this will be a good party. It was. She loosened up after her second high rummed drink, getting into the beer pong game. I was teamed up with her, we were in the lead.

I'd shoot first then she would playfully move me away with her ass. I would purposefully make it harder for her to move me and easier to touch her ass. She didn't mind which made me hard. Everyone slowly started to leave, soon Kailey was the only one left. I asked if she would be ok to drive, hoping she would take my offer and stay in my spare bedroom. She agreed and asked if I wanted to do anything. I smiled and told her to wait where she stood.

I went into my room and set aside handcuffs and cloth scissors then placed them on my end table. "Kailey want to come in?" I yelled down the stairs. She didn't reply but I heard her walk up the stairs, moving closer to my room.

As she walked through the door I gave her a surprise kiss letting my fingers move in her hair, she enjoyed the feeling. I walked her to my bed and pushed her head face down on the bed. She did little to resist as I handcuffed her wrists together and started to cut her shirt from the bottom to the top leaving her bra intact.

I muffled her voice with her shirt. Turing her on her back I keep my body between her legs forcing them open for my needs. Pressing my hand down more on her neck I move my mouth close to her ear I whisper "I'll make you beg for it." while softly nibbling on her ear my hand moves slowly and deliberately toward her breast.

Aggressively shoving her bra down, I expose one pink nipple. I move my thumb and for finger between the hardening nipple. At the same time, I press my fingers down and bite down on her ear. She moans in pleasure. I tease her by twisting and pulling; my mouth increases her need as I travel down her neck biting along the way.

Suddenly I stop and look in her eyes. "Do you want it yet?" Her head shakes no and I smile. Grabbing her pants and panties at the waist I pull lifting her up and shoving my knees underneath, leaving her exposed and lifted. I have no problem keeping her open to my wondering hand. Careful to not touch her wet pussy, light slapping, grabbing, and nail digging keep her on her toes.

I see her getting wetter. I use one finger to get some of her shame and transfer it to her lips. I move my finger back and with no problems two fingers glide into her tight pussy. "How about now?" Still head shakes no. I move my fingers with expertise bringing her close to an orgasm. Before she could get relief, I stopped. "Now?" With a slight pause, she slowly moves her head up and down. I get up and stand next to her face. I tell her to look me in the eyes and I take down my pants my dick point straight toward her face.

I lift my leg and position myself on her chest. Removing her gag, I open her mouth as wide as it could and slide my member inside.

In as far as she'd let me I release her mouth and force her to let me further in, pulling her head closer. I love the feeling in her hot mouth.

Moving her head up and down I make her give me what I want. When I get tired of her mouth I move back to her legs and shove right in her soaking pussy. A loud moan escapes her lips. I shut her up quickly grabbing her neck.

I pound with no mercy. Her orgasm rises with her chest and I bring her over the edge with my mouth on her exposed breast. Body shaking, I push her neck up and kept her orgasm going. I feel her body calming down and air moving back to her lungs. With only a bit to catch a breath I move back up her chest and push into her open mouth.

"I want it clean." I tell her as I fuck her mouth. I'm unsatisfied with her work so I teach her a lesson.

Grabbing her hair, I pull her head off the side of the bed as I get off. I push her head down and slam inside her mouth. As I enjoy her tongue desperately trying to clean me up I rip off her bra and play with her soft breast. Twisting and grabbing with no remorse both become red with bruises sure to come. Finally satisfied with her clean up job I keep her where she lays, return the gag inside her mouth and move back to her legs. I open them up excited she can't see what I'm going to do next.

I can smell her juices; she wants me though she doesn't know it yet. I stick my tongue out and as I lightly touch her I feel her jump with shock. I move back and pause. Taking my time, I use two fingers and push back the lips. Watching the ecstasy building inside her I gradually push two fingers inside. I move in and out shamefully she produce more juice. I'm able to scoop a glob out and reach toward one exposed breast. I use one finger and circle it around her hardening nipple. Using my other soaked finger, I repeat on the other soft globe.

I continue the shame by wiping the remaining juices on her stomach as I travel them back down. Pushing open her legs I keep my full accessed pussy open.

Tongue out I softly touch. Her body tells me more and with no hesitation I aggressively taste her. Wanting to taste more my expert tongue and teeth bring another orgasm.

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I'm not ready to let her orgasm stop I step up my game and ram my two fingers inside and out. Screaming moans loud enough for me to hear put me over the edge and I sit up and quickly pull her legs toward me.

I look into her eyes as I easily penetrate.


I drive in and out with no care to how it feels to her. As my orgasm approaches I want her to orgasm with me. I speed up and abuse her breast with slaps and pinches.

Within seconds we release at the same time. I stay inside her while I catch my breath. I get up and move to the side of the bed. Using her head, I guide it off the side. Sliding the gag down I move toward her open mouth. Although she is still catching her breath she lets me in and cleans me up. Satisfied with her work I moved her comfortably on the bed and leave her alone in the dark room.

I go into my kitchen and grab a drink. Picking up my phone I text Joe to get his ass over. Taking him only 10 minutes to walk into my apartment we move into my room. Lights turned on I walk over to my sleeping beauty. "Don't wake her yet." I tell Joe. I open a cold bottle of rum and pour slowly onto her breast.

Joe instantly drops down and licks up the rum. I see her wake up and pour the rum onto her shirt gag. With no choice, she drinks the rum that dribbled through her gag. Joe keeps licking up the rum as I pour up and down her body. Half the bottle gone I back away, and let Joe play. As he positions her on her knees and ass up I drink from the bottle.

Pulling my clothes off I walk toward her keeping my eyes locked on hers. I sit on her head, dick lying across her face. The cold bottle spout sits on the top of her ass; Joe drinks up the rum and her juices.

His hands roughly grip her cheeks open as he licking as much of her as he could. Few ounce left I stop pouring and Joe lifts himself up and thrusts quickly all the way in. Slamming him in and slapping her ass my whole bed rocks with him. Moving at such speed and force he pops out of her leaving with a sore dripping pussy, her cum moving down her legs and a bright red ass.

We switch sides and flip her on her back. Bottle in his hand, Joe pours a little rum into her open mouth while he sits on her face. Her last swallow follows with his member down her throat. As he fucks her face I softly play with her soar pussy. Her body starts to shake and I tease her by stopping. Giving her little time to breathe, he continues his assault while slapping her breast adding to her pain.

She starts getting frustrated moving her hips hoping I won't stop. I decide to give her release and her cum drips down some landing on my legs. Joe fills her mouth after watching her body release.

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His hot cum drips out the corners of her mouth. She manages to swallow it all and Joe moves to her side. "Hope you had fun." I hear him say to her.

"Thanks dude." He says to me, as he puts on his clothes back on and walking out the door. Leaving me with her I lay her on my chest and still laying down I grab the rest of the rum and open her mouth with my fingers.

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I make sure she doesn't let any escape her mouth as I pour the rest of the rum into her mouth. After it's all gone I untie her hands and push her head to my cock. Watching her I notice the alcohol hitting her system. Slight stumbling and barley able to keep her balance I watch as she picks up my soft cock. I slap her ass hard making her hurry up. After getting back up from falling I feel her mouth cover my dick.

As she works I harden, with a reward I lift slightly so my fingers hook inside her still wet pussy. I guide her closer to me so I can relax my head. I drive her drunken ass crazy circling two fingers inside.

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I slap her ass again making her work harder. I go back in and roughly shove three fingers inside. Her knees buckle from the force, and I slap her for not staying up.

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Fingers back in I smile as I watch her try to balance from my assault. Rock hard I smack her ass hard and she falls on her face giving me the ability to climb on tops her thighs. Finding her hole, I slam right in aggressively pounding her with no mercy making her scream with pain. Her ass lifts giving me more access.


Using that to my advantage I lie across her back and open her mouth as far as I can let her scream as she releases her juice on me. I roll onto my back keeping inside her. I lift her back telling her to stay up reaching her arms back behind her. She moves her legs putting her feet on the bed. Balanced I fuck her some more rubbing her clip with one hand and pinching a nipple with my other. Her pleasure builds and I stop before she can release. "Ride me bitch." I tell her as I push her off and watch her try to climb back on.

I make her put my cock in, having to bend down to get it in. Once she slides down all the way I take my feet, cross them and push them down on her neck. Balanced lost but still inside I pound away and smack her ass back to red. Loving the way she is dominated I can no longer hold it in and my load fills her up. Fresh cum dripping down her thighs I unhook my ankles and shove her off and walked to the bathroom.

I started the shower and got a towel ready for my new cum slut. I walked backed to her and helped her up to the shower. She has a hard time taking a shower as I enjoyed rubbing soap all over her body. I received small kisses on my cheeks and lips when she could reach me, thanking me. Both now clean and towel dried I took her to the spare bedroom and laid with her within the sheets.