Amazing gay scene Who nicer to break a new bareback fellow in than

Amazing gay scene Who nicer to break a new bareback fellow in than
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She came to still groggy and confused. She looked around her, where was she? She tried to move but found her arms and legs had been tied down to the vast four poster bed she lay in. A red silk sash strapped her tightly to each corner. She was spread eagled on the bed, and covered only in her bra and panties, helpless.

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As she struggled against her bonds, he entered the room. She froze in fear as he moved over to her. Who was he, her captor? He was stripped to the waist and wore a pair of loose fitting linen trousers although they did nothing to conceal his growing erection.

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His sculpted ebony torso glistened in the pale candlelight that flickered around the room. She eyed his biceps and knew that she would never be able to struggle against him. He climbed onto the bed, eyeing her bulging 34 DD chest. He straddled her waist and took out a knife from a pouch on his trousers.


She went rigid with fear, but instead of cutting her he simply sliced through the thin material of her bra, exposing her breasts. Her nipples stiffened in the cool air and the darkness of her areolas contrasted brilliantly with her pale milky skin.

His dick now sprang to its full length and he quickly removed his trousers. She gasped at what stood out before him. He must have been a full 12 inches long and easily 4 thick. He saw the fear in her eyes and this turned him on all the more.

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He moved down to kiss her, but she turned her head away resisting him. "She will succumb" he thought, ".they all succumb" He pushed himself off her and grasped the knife.

He tore through the cotton of the knickers easily and removed them to reveal a thin strip of pubic hair leading down to her mound.

She struggled trying to conceal herself, but the bonds made that impossible. He cupped her pussy with one hand and grabbed a fleshy tit with the other. As he began to work his hands she moaned at him to stop, bucking against her restraints trying to free herself. But as he continued she began to get wetter and soon stopped trying to escape but fell into his touch, rocking her hips against his hand, opening up for his big black hands to probe.

He slipped two fingers in to tap against her g-spot. He moved up towards her head, his massive dick in the other hand. He forced her lips apart and shoved it in against the back of her throat. "bite me and I will cut you" he said as he forced it still further down her throat. She began to gag and choke on him. She'd never had anyone this big inside of her before.


Her eyes began to stream but she was loving it, writhing against he tough and swallowing as much as she could manage. He took his dick out of her mouth and moved back down between her legs. He positioned his cock wet with her saliva against her twat and rubbed the head against the opening.

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With one move he thrust his whole length into her. She cried out as twelve inches of big black dick split her apart. She could feel him all the way to her stomach.

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Her fucked her hard and fast and within seconds she was screaming. Waves of pleasure cascaded over her and she was cumming, gushing over his dick. She subsided moaning softly as he withdrew.

Again he took the knife and slashed the bonds holding her legs. Moving his head between her legs he lapped softly against her sex. Tasting the juices she had released from her now trembling pussy.

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She was hot and moist all the way down her thighs and he kissed her softly. She wrapped her legs around his neck inviting him to tastse more. Turning her over he spread her arsecheeks and lapped gently at the hole.

She squirmed slightly uncomfortable it wasn't unpleasant she thought. Suddenly he sat up, and taking his dick in his hand he smeared some of her love juices from her pussy onto her waiting arsehole.

She knew what was coming and screamed at him to stop.

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She had never been penetrated anally before and she didn't want a man so big to enter her there. But he cupped a hand over her mouth to shut her up.

He slowly squeezed the head of his dick into her tight ring, Ignoring her struggles beneath him. With one hard push he breached her arsehole, filling her to the hilt.

She screamed and bucked against him but his muscular physique kept her in check. He fucked her slowly in the arse until the screaming diminished and was replaced by her soft moans. The hand covering her mouth now went down to her clit, he circled it with his forefinger and she responded by bucking hard against him. She began to ride against him harder until her pussy clamped around his dick as she spasmed into another mind-blowing orgasm. This was enough to send him over the edge and he pulled out from her and shoved his cock in her mouth once more releasing thick jets of cum into her throat, he pulled out and splashed her face and tits with a generous helping of his seed.

Lying exhausted flat on the bed he reached once more for the knife and cut her remaining bonds. "you are free" he said "go" She wiped some his cum onto her fingers and lifting them it to her mouth she licked it off saying, "and what if i want to stay?"