Massaged stud strips and enjoys handjob

Massaged stud strips and enjoys handjob
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As the young married couple sat on the back deck of the bar listing to the local artist play his guitar and sing, they drank beer and wine and enjoyed the cool night air in the summer. Katy wore a blue dress that accentuated her large round boobs that spilt over the top and clung to her wide hips.

The skirt of the dress ended just below her large round ass and under that was nothing but the cool air against her skin. Nathan stared at his wife still unbelieving that such a beautiful woman could want him in any way, but tonight he could see by the look of fiery lust in her eyes that she wanted him in the worst way. They had been apart for a full week, and it had been the longest they had been apart sense they moved in together.

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They both were ravenous with lust but they were staying with her parents for the weekend and had nowhere to go.

They left the bar and walked down to along the river where the park was, and held each other, kissing and teasing each other. The beer coursed through them only putting fuel on the fire they both felt in the want and need for sexual release.


Katy was a shy girl most nights and enjoyed the intimate moments in the bedroom, and liked to keep them there, but she was horny in the worst way and needed her husband. They came across the public bathroom and because no one was around they walked into the family stall together. Katy lifted her dress, sat down and pissed while Nathan watched, growing harder inside his pants at the sight of her.

He opened his pants and pulled his cock out, breathing a sigh of relief as the pressure of his penis pushing against his pants all night was released. Katy smiled at him before grabbing it and shoving it into her mouth and sucking and stroking him as hard and fast as she could manage. Her pussy grew more and more wet as she felt his hot rod in her hand and heard his moans grow louder as she swallowed more and more of his cock.

He pulled her up pushed her against the wall while pushing his pants down around his ankles and lifting her dress. He reached his hand down between her legs and felt how wet she was before he positioned himself behind her. She reached between her legs, shaking with want and anticipation as she grabbed his member and guided him to her wet hole.

He thrusted inside of her hard and fast and she moaned with the pain and pleasure that it created. He didn't waste time was pounding her as hard and fast as he could making her moan with ecstasy as he pulled her hair.

Then they heard a noise outside the stall and quickly dressed before laughing as they walked out into the fresh air. They looked around and saw nothing, so Nathan didn't waste any time pulling her back into the small bathroom and was back inside of her before she could even start to protest.

Her body ached for him so once he was inside all she could do was surrender and enjoy the fucking she so desperately wanted. He reached up pulling her top down and allowed her large tits to bounce as he pushed into her. Both of their faces were red with the fight to keep their screams of pleasure down, as they got into the rhythm of each other's movements, with her pussy sliding up and down the entire length of his shaft. He grabbed her hips and really started slamming in and out of her causing her to push him back as she orgasmed, squirting her fluid all over the bathroom floor.

She shook as the orgasm racked her body, but he didn't wait for it to completely pass before he grabbed her and shoved himself back inside. She let out a loud moan as she fucked her like an animal from behind shoving deep and hard into her as he let go and unloaded into her.

He continued to pump in and out of her as he shot load after load of his cum deep into her hot snatch.

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Only after he went limp did he pull out and watch a large amount of cum fall from her mixing on the ground with her juices.

She turned around and kissed him hard and he pulled up his pants and they exited the bathroom. They walked along the side of the river and it wasn't long before they were kissing and teasing each other again. She slid his hand up her skirt to feel her cum filled pussy which was still soaking wet with want. "I can't believe you let me fuck you in a bathroom you dirty little slut, what did you do with my wife?" "The look on your face when you realized that it was going to actually happen was worth everything." "Oh yeah, because this obviously didn't benefit you in any other way." "Oh no, I enjoyed the hell out of that orgasm, but don't think for a moment that we are done for the night." As she grabbed his cock and stroked it through his pants.

He was already hard again and she pushed him down onto a park bench and unbuttoned his pants. She reached in an pulled his cock out and then turned around and sat down, sliding him into her again. She rocked back and forth for a while before slowly picking up speed as she bounced up and down on his hard member. She moaned quietly as he felt her pussy clamp down hard onto his cock as another orgasm ran through her body.

She shook with pleasure as his hands slowly caressed her hips and inner thighs just under the dress. When the orgasm finished she got up and helped him put his hard cock back away.

"I'm want to do this all over the place so don't worry, you will cum again tonight." "I hope more than one more time." "Good, I really want to be raw tomorrow, I've missed you" "You've just missed my cock" "That too, I love you" "I love you" They walked along until they came to a statue that was in a raised flower bed but had a path up to it. They climbed up to the statue and Nathan sat down at the base and pulled Katy down with him.

He laid her on her back and climbed on top of her, pushing inside and quickly trusting in and out of her before backing back out again. "There, no you can say we have fucked here too" "Let's find some place private enough to fully fuck, I'm so horny right now." She said looking around. They walked over closer to the river and into the woods that lay between the parking lot to the park and the water. They walked into the woods and walked along the small trail until they came upon a bench, they tried to finish their but they couldn't get good leverage so they continued on until they came to the bridge for the highway.

They walked down closer to the water where some concrete barriers were being stored.

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Nathan quickly lifted Katy onto a barrier and spread her legs with one hand as he freed his cock with the other. He pushed himself into her again, this time feeling just as amazing as the first time, and kissed her and his hips burned as he pumped his hard cock inside of her.

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They kissed passionately and didn't hold back their moans and screams of pleasure. Katy wrapped her arms around Nathan's waste pulling him deeper into her as she let go another explosion of an orgasm. She squirted even harder but Nathan held himself inside her enjoying the feeling of her juices flowing around his hard cock as her pussy contracted with wave after wave of pleasure.

As soon as she started to come down off her orgasm, he pounded her hard, sending her right back into another orgasm. The ground was soaked around Nathans feet from Katy squirting so much, he finally let her finish the orgasm before slowly pushing into her.

He tenderly kissed her and caressed her breasts and hips as he slowly moved in and out of her. She couldn't even moan anymore and as he came into her hot mess of a pussy, she collapsed into his arms. "I haven't cum like that sense we used to get hotel rooms." "So are you done for the night then?" Nathan smiled as he climbed up beside her and lay down.

"No, but I do want to start the walk home." "Okay, we have about a mile and a half, do you want to rest a bit?" "I'll be okay" They hoped down from the barriers and started walking the rest of the way home. It was about a forty-five minutes later when they came across another smaller park with a bathroom and they both had to pee. Nathan tried to open the door but it was late and these had time set locks on them so no one could enter them at night. So Nathan walked to the side of the building and relieved himself, Katy walked over to a small wall hoped onto it, spread her legs and started peeing.

Nathan watched as she sprayed all over the ground, his cock growing hard at the sight of her relieving herself.

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He loved to watch his wife pee, because it reminded him of how he made her squirt when she orgasmed with him.

After she finished he pulled her down and walked her over to the park tables under the pavilion and sat her up on the table. He spread her legs, and knelt down and started licking her pussy, it tasted like the sex they had been having all night and her clit was hard with excitement still.

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He sucked and licked and flicked her clit until he felt her hands grip his hard and she squeezed with her legs as a small amount of fluid left her. "Okay, okay, let's go home, and if my parents are asleep, I will blow you, or fuck you, I will make you cum before we go to sleep." "Okay, let's go" Fifteen minutes later we walked into the house which was completely dark and quite, so we walked to our room and she pushed me onto the ground next to the bed.


She pulled my cock form my pants and started stroking it while she kissed him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She then moved down his body with her lips and slowly licked up one side and down the other of his hard shaft, tasting the events of the night on him. She then took him into her mouth and sucked him down deep into her throat before sliding back up. After a few minutes of sucking on his cock she climbed up and slid him into her pussy and started bouncing.

He pulled her top down again and began playing with her hard nipples as she used every ounce of her strength to bounce hard and fast on his cock. More than once she had to use his hand to bite down on to keep from waking anyone up with her moans and Nathan had to fight to keep quite as well.

As he felt the pressure build that he knew would be his finally orgasm for the night he started thrusting deeper into her. As he released his load into her again she felt the cum shoot deep inside of her and she released a hard squirting orgasm that almost pushed a moan from her lips.

She collapsed on top of him with him still inside of her and her pussy still twitching with the last few waves of pleasure passing through her.