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Tamil actors gay sex fakes xxx Roxy Red and Kyler Moss get some alone
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Quick note: hey there guys, I am not the creator of this storie so all cradit goes to a Fanfiction.net site member Undefined7. If you wish to see more of his work, just go to https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5287108/ Warning: This story contains futanari on female. In other words - girls with dicks having sex with females.

If the continent offends, you are advised to leave Eyes in the sky Quinn returned to the ladies' locker room after suffering a crushing defeat. As she removed her heavy pieces of armor she overheard the murmurs of her allies. "God, why can't people just summon Vayne or Caitlyn?" Katarina whispered. "Even Urgot would be a better choice, at least that… thing can initiate." Shyvana fired back.

Miss Fortune poked her head out from her locker. "What's the point of having less than 550 range in the first place? When does that ever work out?" Though her face remained calm and stoic, her allies' words pierced Quinn straight through the heart. She was always eager to test her skills and put showcase the fruits of her training, and yet nobody wanted to see her on their team. If she performed well and led her team to victory, someone else would take credit.

If she performed well and lost, she would take the blame. "Hey can you just stick to top lane or something and let real marksmen do the whole "carrying" thing?" Katarina shouted from across the room. "Why? So she can feed somewhere else?" Shyvana added on. The rest of the girls laughed. The whole room seemed to be against her. She stared at her crossbow in her hands and bit her lip.

She didn't want to be there. She wanted to be out with Valor, hunting in the cold northern forests of Demacia, or even exploring in Freljord.

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Though she enjoyed being summoned by a competent summoner, Quinn was more than happy to be off on her own where she could enjoy the fresh air with only Valor at her side. She removed her ornate golden helmet and placed it in her locker, scratching her short purple hair.

She looked over her shoulder to the showers and could see they were already starting to fill. Quinn preferred to shower by herself. She sighed and wrapped a towel around her waist before slipping out of her brown, armored leggings from beneath. Most of the ladies in the League had no trouble changing out in the open. Their sizeable breasts, feminine curves and long beautiful hair gave them the confidence to prance around in the nude.

But Quinn was different. She was shorter than most of the women, her breasts were small, her body was toned and muscular and she didn't do anything fancy with her hair.

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Her most admirable feature was her perfectly round ass, the result of a strict workout regiment and proper diet. Still, she did whatever she could to remain covered when in the presence of others. She wrapped her towel tighter above her chest and walked over to a small hallway at the end of the lockers.


Five small saunas were installed at the request of a few of the more influential female champions, though they didn't see much use aside from the odd occasion. Quinn seemed to be the only one who used them lately.

She walked to the last sauna in the row and peered through the window, double- checking to see if anyone was there, then entered the room. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the warm sauna air and her nose with the scent of cedar.

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She disrobed of her towel and placed it on a hook near the door. The saunas were meant to be used after the showers as a way to dry off and relax the muscles. However Quinn used them as a way to hide until the rest of the girls left so she could shower in peace. She sat down on the lower level of the sauna and stretched out her arms and legs, revealing the other thing that separated her from the ladies in the league.

A soft, modest dick wiggled between her thighs, atop a pair of appropriately sized testicles. She had sprouted the uncharacteristic appendage after an unfortunate encounter with a carnivorous plant while on an excursion in the Plague Jungles. She reached over and picked up a wooden ladle on the bench, dipped it into a bucket of water, and poured the water over the rocks in the center of the floor.

The room quickly filled with a steamy haze and Quinn let out a satisfied sigh. As she got more comfortable in the room her mind began to wander. She thought about what mistakes she had made during the previous match. She could hear the voices of her frustrated allies and their insults. She then began to imagine their naked bodies as they ridiculed her.

Oh no, don't think about that. She thought. Not now, wait until we get home. No matter how hard she tried to quell her thoughts, she couldn't shake the images from her head, and she felt her cock begin to twitch.

She squeezed it tightly in her palm. Please, not now. It continued to grow in her hand until it stuck out at an impressive six inches. She began to lightly stroke it between her fingers, cursing the appendage that seemed to have a mind of its own.

Why do you keep doing this to me? She wiped the sweat forming on her forehead and between her B cup breasts and brushed it off on the bench.

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Her breathing became more labored as she struggled to inhale the hot sauna air. Just hurry up and finish.

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She thought. Her grip tightened and she stroked harder and faster. She stood up in preparation to shoot her load over the sauna rocks when she heard a knock on the door. What?! Who the hell wants in? She thought. She sat back down on the bench and squeezed her lady boner between her legs.

If it weren't for her rock hard thighs it would have simply shot straight back up. She fidgeted in her seat and tried to remain quiet; hoping the person at the door would leave. She heard another knock, this time followed by a voice. "Is someone in there?" The voice asked. Quinn didn't reply. Please go. Please don't come in.

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Please, please, please… Creak. The door opened slightly. "Is someone in here?" Ashe asked through the crack in the door. Well shit, I've got no choice now.


"Yeah i- it's me." Quinn spoke in a hushed voice. "Oh, hello Quinn." Ashe poked her head through the door. "Do you mind if I join you?" Quinn scratched her head nervously.

"Uhh… s-sure." The pale frost archer squeezed through the crack in the door. As Quinn would have expected, Ashe was fully nude.

Her long, snow white hair highlighted her beautiful lady-like curves on her front and back. Her large, beautiful bust swayed and bounced slightly with her step. Her long, pale legs seemed to glow amidst the darkness of the room. She truly was a queen. Quinn could feel her loins stirring between her thighs. Ashe walked over to Quinn and sat down beside her on the upper level of the sauna.

"I was looking for you." She leaned backward over the top step of the sauna bench, her gorgeous breasts jutting out atop her ribcage and tilting slightly outward. "I'm sorry you had to hear those nasty things." Quinn knew it was rude to stare, but she couldn't help but peek every now and then at the goddess laying next to her. She swallowed hard. "Don't apologize for them." She sighed.

"I'm used to hearing stuff like that." "But you shouldn't be. They should respect your talents and treat you as equal." Quinn wiped the sweat from her face again. "I'm not equal." "You have strengths that they don't. You and your bird are a formidable duo. I know what the two of you are capable of. You brought light to the growing turmoil in the Freljord. You enlightened the southern nations of a very serious matter. If not for your assistance we would not have received Demacian reinforcements.

That alone is worthy of praise." Quinn sighed. "Ashe, why did you come here?" Ashe sat up and looked down at Quinn. "I could tell you were upset. I wanted to remind you that you are a hero to both the Freljord and Demacia. You must never forget that your actions brought peace to a nation." Quinn stared at her toes and wiggled them.

"Thanks, I guess." The Frost Archer stood up from her seat and sat downward on the same bench as Quinn. "I never properly thanked you for what you did." Quinn looked away shyly. "There's no need for thanks. Knowing the Freljord is now at peace is thanks enough." Ashe smiled and gently placed her left hand on Quinn's thigh.

"As Queen it is my duty to reward those who helped my people prosper." She slid her hand upward to the V between Quinn's thighs. Quinn gripped Ashe's wrist before she could go any further. "Ashe, please, stop." She pushed the hand away and finally looked her in the eyes. "Look, I'm honoured that my efforts were of use to you, truly, I am. Please, just, know that I accept your thanks. That's all I ask. You don't need to do me any favours or anything.

It's not necessary." Ashe frowned and leaned back again, arching her back over the seat behind her. "Alright, if you insist." Quinn sighed again. "Thank you." The two ladies sat in silence. Quinn awkwardly scratched her head and wiggled her toes, hoping Ashe would hurry up and leave so that she herself could finish. She thought about jerking off in front of Ashe and closed her eyes tightly.

No! Why would you even think about such a thing!? Despite her best efforts, she could feel herself getting harder once again. She fidgeted in her seat in an attempt to stifle the growing hardness.

She moaned silently. Ohhh.

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The sensation of her thighs rubbing against her cock elicited an incredible pleasure. Oh god, please don't do this. She could feel her heart beat quicken. Well, maybe I can just cum like this and run to the shower once Ashe leaves.

She quickly glanced at Ashe from the corner of her eyes to make sure she was still resting, then began to roll her thighs slightly from side to side. She could feel her head rubbing against her tight thighs and imagined it was another girl she was thrusting around inside. The image in her mind changed from a plain, brown-haired mystery woman to Ashe.

Quinn bit her lip. No! Not her! Don't think of her. Though despite her best efforts, she couldn't shake the image of her penetrating Ashe from behind. It was beginning to drive her crazy.

Okay we really need to hurry up with this, she's going to open her eyes any moment now. Quinn looked beside her for a quick peek at Ashe's naked body, in hopes of speeding things up. She watched as the queen's breasts heaved up and down gently with her breathing.

Quinn had never been so close to them before. She felt her throbbing cock tighten even harder, causing her to moan slightly. Oh shit, was that out loud? Oh god I hope she didn't hear that. Maybe if I can just… She looked over at Ashe one last time and saved the image in her mind. Okay, it'll only take a couple seconds, then we can relax.

Quinn placed her hand over her crotch and slowly spread her legs. Her cock sprang upward, flinging a drop of pre-cum that had been dangling from her head into the hot stones at the centre of the room.

A loud hiss erupted and Quinn froze in terror. Ashe looked up from her rest, first at the stones, then at Quinn. Quinn was a statue. Her mouth froze in shock and her hands hovered over her throbbing erection. Ashe giggled. "I've never seen it like that before." Quinn slammed her hands down on her cock and looked over to Ashe, breathing heavily. "Before? You've seen it… before?" Ashe nodded.

"Once or twice. I do have the eyes of a hawk after all." Quinn sulked, her hands still working to keep her stiffness down. "Does… anyone else know?" "Not to my knowledge, no." Quinn sighed again. "Please, please don't tell anyone about this." Her Face was bright red. Ashe grinned and shuffled closer to Quinn.

"Yes it… it would be a shame if anyone found out wouldn't it?" She placed her hand on the woman's leg again and slowly inched toward the stiff member. "Please… don't do this." Quinn's cock twitched in anticipation. Ashe looked up again. "I've been married for four years. I know how to help when it gets like this." Quinn blushed and wiped the sweat from her brow with both hands.

"No, I mean. It's just, I don't know… it's embarrassing… having someone else do it." "Then you can do it." Ashe smiled warmly. "I simply don't want to see you in pain." Quinn laughed nervously. "So what will it be?" Quinn swallowed again and bit her lip. She slowly gripped the shaft of her cock with her right hand and began to move it up and down. It was incredibly difficult for her to ignore the fact that Ashe was watching her. "Do you always do it so slow?" Ashe piped up.

"Uh… only w-when I'm getting ready." "Ah." Ashe stood up and sat down on the adjacent bench. Though she didn't want to admit it, Ashe wanted Quinn to look at her while jerking off. She sprawled out across the bench, fondling her breasts and tracing her fingers across her legs, drawing attention to the pink slit between her thighs Quinn gulped and began to stroke faster.

Ashe moaned. "Mmm yes, like that." Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened as Quinn stared, hypnotized by Ashe's beauty. Her back arched and she pulled the skin of her dick back as far as it would stretch.

She instinctively stood up as she shot six decent spurts of her hot cum into the coals. The coals hissed and steamed and Quinn fell down to her seat once again, breathing heavily. "All better?" Ashe inquired. Quinn opened one eye and nodded, her tongue hanging from her mouth as she desperately tried to return her breathing to normal. "I must say that was quite impressive, the way it shot with such velocity to reach the coals." Quinn didn't reply.

"Shouldn't it be returning to normal now?" Quinn opened one eye and looked downward. Though it no longer stood on its own, her cock lay fully grown against her stomach, twitching occasionally. Why aren't you shrinking? Don't do this to me… She gripped the shaft with a tired hand and flicked it downward in hopes that it would sink down in between her legs.

The cock bobbed and bounced against her thighs but refused to yield. "Looks like you still have more in you." Ashe joked. Quinn sat up, looking noticeably irritated. "It's… never… done this… before." As if the steam in the room was not enough, Quinn's arousal made it that much more difficult for her to catch her breath. "Perhaps I may give you a hand?" Ashe stood up and bounced toward Quinn, sitting at her side once more. Quinn wanted to refuse but couldn't find the energy to speak.

She nodded lightly and closed her eyes. Ashe curled her delicate fingers around the shaft of Quinn's semi-erect dick and gently rubbed her fingers up and down.

"Interesting things, aren't they?" Quinn opened her eyes briefly, but couldn't keep them open. With her other hand, Ashe caressed Quinn's abdomen. "Your physique is your most admirable feature my dear. You must work out quite often." Quinn continued to ignore Ashe's questions. She was completely focused on the arousing pleasure below her waist.

Ashe stopped for a moment as Quinn exhaled deeply. "Should I open the vent? It may be too hot for you." Quinn shook her head slowly. "No…" She placed her hands behind her head and stretched backward, her abdominal muscles outlined below her chest.

"Very impressive." Ashe leaned forward and placed her cheek against the girl's stomach. "Very fit indeed." She whispered. She continued to stroke the once-again throbbing cock in her hand. Quinn could feel her heartbeat in her temples. She never imagined a stunningly beautiful queen would be servicing her like this. She closed her eyes and reveled in the pleasure when she suddenly felt a new sensation against the tip of her penis. Her eyes opened and she leaned forward.

Ashe gently flicked her tongue across the sensitive tip, giggling as Quinn twitched and cringed in delight. "You've never been sucked before have you?" Ashe looked up and Quinn shook her head. The Frost Archer delicately kissed the smooth round head and slipped it between her lips.

Quinn exhaled loudly and let out a slight moan as she felt the woman's ice cold lips against her warm cock. Inch by inch, she enveloped the generous dick with her mouth, licking and coating the shaft with her saliva. Quinn writhed and ached with each movement, still sensitive from her previous orgasm.

As Ashe bobbed her head up and down over the shaft, Quinn dug her nails into the bench, splintering the red cedar. She could feel her orgasm approaching quickly. "Keep… keep going." She finally found the effort to speak. Ashe removed her lips from Quinn's girl cock and exhaled. "Hold on, I want to savour this." The Freljordian Queen stood up and climbed on to the bench where Quinn was seated and sat on her knees above Quinn's throbbing cock. She reached her hands back towards the girl.

"Please." Quinn gripped the queen's wrists as Ashe sat down on her lap, forcing her cock into her cold, damp pussy. Ashe purred at the sharp difference in temperature she could feel inside her; her ice-cold pussy against Quinn's hot cock. Quinn moaned rhythmically as Ashe slowly bounced her hips on her lap.

A light slapping echoed as Ashe's soft buns smacked against Quinn's hard thighs. Through the space between her arms and torso, Quinn could see the edges of Ashe's breasts as they bounced up and down with each of her thrusts. The sight was enough to send her over the edge.


With a sudden surge of energy that completely caught Ashe off guard, Quinn released Ashe's hands and grabbed her below the knees, raising the taller woman in the air. Quinn stood up and pressed her cheek against the woman's bare back as she thrust one final time into her cold flesh. Her ass tightened and her face contorted as she pumped the frost archer with her seed, holding the woman tightly in her arms.

As she felt the last drop squirt from her head, Quinn sat back down and let go of Ashe's legs. For a moment Ashe sat still in amazement at Quinn's strength, the girl's dick still inside her. "Goodness. I wasn't anticipating that." Ashe exhaled.

Quinn panted then swallowed hard.

"I'm… sorry. I-I hope. I didn't hurt you." Ashe turned her upper body and smiled at the purple-haired woman beneath her. "Not at all." Ashe finally stood up, Quinn's cock slipping out from her pussy and landing against the girl's thigh, finally at rest.

Ashe stepped over to the coals and spread her legs. She placed two fingers between her pussy lips and spread them. A short stream of warm, white liquid oozed out from her and landed on the hot coals. A pillar of steam erupted out in response, warming Ashe's legs. She stepped back and sat down at Quinn's side once again. "I think the showers are free now." She leaned over and kissed the small woman on her cheek. "Promise me we'll do this again?" Quinn nodded and closed her eyes.