Softcore nudes 551 50er und 60er Jahre Szene 3

Softcore nudes 551 50er und 60er Jahre Szene 3
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Chapter 5: September was another hot one, Sean wanted to host another pool party for the band. I said I was too busy at work and wouldn't have time to set one up. But Karen, the next day approached me about a pool party at her house. I said I would drop Sean off but I couldn't stay. Truth of the matter, I had just bought a sixty nine Camaro and was just getting ready to restore it.

That Saturday, I dropped Sean off at Karen's. Lindsey's car was there. But I didn't get out of the car, I don't think I could handle seeing her in a little bikini right now.

Karen came out and was asking me about helping with a fund raiser for the band coming up. As we talked I saw Lindsey come out from the house, in a tee a towel covering her lower half.

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Soon as she seen that I was talking to Karen, she turned back and went inside. I drove home and went out to my shop in the back.

And blasted my music and tried to take my mind off of Lindsey in a bikini. I started my air compressor and started grabbing tools. I had put on some music to put Lindsey out of my mind. I had worked for about ten minutes when my wrench slipped and I punched the rear differential, gouging my hand open.

I laid trying not to scream in frustration and pain. I grit my teeth and rolled out from under the car. There was Lindsey! I don't know how long she was standing there, I stood up, and said, "hey!". She just stood there in that green bikini looking at my hand, I had started bleeding pretty bad I grabbed a shop towel and wrapped it up. "Are you alright?" She asked.

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"Yes, I'm fine." I said as my hand throbbed. "Let me help you with that!" she insisted. We went over to my shop sink, I ran it under the water, she looked afraid to get near it, but I cleaned it out and asked her to grab the antiseptic from my first aid box. She helped me bandage up, soon as I was wrapped up, she pulled me down for a kiss. I couldn't bring myself to fight it. This was no peck on the cheek. This was the kiss of two lovers reunited after years apart.

All of my guilt and misgivings about this situation had melted away in a second.

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Her breasts pushed up against me hard as she leaned into it. She lept into my arms, and wrapped her legs around my waist. The towel that wrapped around her waist hit the floor! I have a lounge in the back of my shop where I used to avoid my wife from time to time.

It was nothing more than a room with a couch some book shelfs and a radio.

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She clung to me, never breaking the kiss as I walked us over to the lounge. I closed the door behind us. She got off of me and I sat on the couch.

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She pulled my shirt off up over my head. With my arms up and eyes covered, she jumped in my lap kissing me. She held me back with my shirt and let me have it! After a few minutes she let me come up for air.

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She reached back and untied her top, and let it fall. Her breast were more beautiful than my wildest dreams! She put my hand on her breast and leaned in for more kissing. We kissed passionately for quite some time, then I heard someone calling me from my shop!

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I got up and Lindsey hid in the lounge bathroom! It was my neighbor Joe!

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I came out of my lounge with no shirt on. He looked at me questioningly. "Oh, I cut my hand and got blood all over my shirt." I explained.


He raised an eyebrow. "I came to check out your new project." He said changing the subject. I glanced at the floor, Lindsey's towel lay by his feet, it was a very girly towel and definitely looked out of place. I quickly scooped it up and and threw it in the lounge at the bathroom door and shut the door behind me. Joe didn't seem to notice. Me and Joe talked about my plans for the car. I was surprised Joe didn't ask about the BMW in my driveway! Just then Karen called me! "Lindsey left our party early, she didn't go over there did she?" Karen asked.

"No I haven't seen her." I said. "Ok, let me know if you hear from her, he parents aren't home of course so I'm worried." Karen said.


I told her I would keep an eye out and let her know. My driveway to my back shop goes far enough back that you can't see any cars parked there from the street, but to be on the safe side, I hit the remote to close my gate. Joe said he needed to get back to yard work, when I got off the phone. After Joe left, I went back in to my lounge and Lindsey had stripped down! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I wanted nothing more than to continue! But Karen was looking for Lindsey.


"So sorry! Karen is looking for you, and, this would be hard to explain." I reluctantly said. Thankfully Lindsey understood how much trouble I could get in. And she put her suit back on, gave me one last kiss and left without a word. Lindsey was mature enough to keep our encounters to her self. No bragging to her friends. That evening Sean asked to stay the night.

So I was alone for the evening. I made myself dinner, then afterwards I sat on my back deck with the days events running through my mind. I was about four beers in, when a wave of guilt washed over me. I felt completely selfish! I should have stopped this a year ago! She was young and had her whole life ahead of her! I had no right to jeopardize her future! What if someone from Stanford had found out she was having an affair with a married man!

I'm not married now, but I was when this began! I should have dismissed it as a crush and kept my distance! Then the vision of her naked in front of me wouldn't leave my mind. Her pale skin, the way her long red hair draped over her freckled shoulders, her beautiful innocence. Her budding breasts! That little tuft of red hair over her slit! It dawned on me just then. I haven't been laid in about nine months, and the last time with my wife, and it was cold and impersonal.

I convinced my self that I would be strong. Maybe if I went out and got myself a proper girlfriend, I would put an end to this flirtation with disaster. Just then a car pulled up in my driveway. I thought for sure it was Lindsey! In my state there was no way I had the ability to refuse her.

But it was Karen. "Just stopped by to see how you were doing." She said. I knew full well why she was here. To see if Lindsey was here. We made small talk and I offered her a drink. She asked for a beer.

We sat around my deck talking about band business. After she had finished her beer, she got up to leave. She handed me her empty bottle. "I have to confess, I came to see if Lindsey was here." She said I tried to act shocked. " I know, but soon as she found out you wouldn't be at the pool party she made up some excuse that she had to leave." Karen said. "Watch out for that girl." Karen cautioned. "I know." I replied. Just as a text came in from Lindsey. :"l need to see you!":