Gorgeous girlfriend loves anal pounding

Gorgeous girlfriend loves anal pounding
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"Right, love, I'll see you in the morning". I was on holiday with my mother and we were staying in a youth hostel run by a travel company. That evening she was going out for dinner with some friends we had met and then going on to some bars. I couldn't go with her of course, I was only seventeen and couldn't pass for any older.

"Okay Mum, have a good time. I'm just going to sit around here for a while". So, she left and I was there sitting alone in the bar/lounge area.

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I was never really alone though. My toned body, nicely shaped boobs and ass, pretty face and sexy blonde hair always attracted the attention of creeps sitting at the bar who would always try to hit on me and although I always had a high sex drive, I was more interested in my book than any of those idiots. I sat there for about an hour, just reading and sipping at my glass of coke, when I saw a friendly face. "Josh!" I called.

He turned round, saw me and smiled. Josh was an employee at the hostel, well, a student who was spending a season working there. I had got chatting to him the first night we had been there and had talked to him for a little while every night since. He was just a really nice guy, about 6 foot and really attractive just completely my type.

Unfortunately he had a girlfriend, Sophie, who also worked in the hostel and who he had met while working there. I didn't have anything against her though, she was lovely too and I usually talked to her at the same time as Josh. Even if Josh didn't have Sophie, I would have to stay clear.

I had a boyfriend at home, Zac, and I wasn't the cheating type. Josh came over and took a seat next to me on the couch. "Hey Karma, how you doing?" He asked. "Ohh I'm okay. Bit lonely! You working tonight?" "No" he replied, "I'm off. Was just coming to meet Sophie here for a couple of drinks." Just then the door slammed and Sophie walked in. Now I was no lesbian (or so I thought) but I appreciated a sexy looking woman.


Sophie was wearing a short red dress and striking heels to match. Her legs were perfect, her little ass wiggled as she walked, her boobs -bigger than mine- bounced gently as she waved to us. I envied her. I spent hours sitting with them that night, but they didn't mind. Eventually we got in to more and more personal conversation. They began asking me about my sex life with Zac and after some persuasion I told them that usually it was great usually we were very experimental and 'not afraid of getting our hands dirty' (if you know what I mean) but I had been away from him for a few weeks now and I had an extremely high sex drive and I needed some attention.

Josh and Sophie became more interested. They began asking what we had done, in detail, and what we hadn't done, and I told them everything. Talking about the intimate detail of sex eventually started to get me even hornier than I already was until my clit was throbbing for attention in my panties.

Desperate to get to my room to masturbate I said goodnight to the couple and went upstairs. I got in to my room and instantly climbed on to my bed, ripped down my skirt and panties and furiously began rubbing my needy little clit while plunging a finger (because it was too tight to fit 2) as far in to my soaking pussy as I could.

A few minutes later I began to moan as I could feel my orgasm building but then I heard a noise by the door and stopped abruptly. It was Josh, standing in the doorway.

I panicked and turned bright red, quickly trying to pull up my wet panties to cover myself. "Jesus, Josh!

What are you doing? How long have you been there?" He didn't reply, he didn't even smile. "shh" he wispered. He walked to the bed and pulled down my panties. "What are you doing, Josh!" He ignored me and just looked at my pussy, then, glancing up and me and smiling he slowly began to massage my clit in circular movements. "Fuckk!" I gasped. I was so close to cuming, I needed it so badly, I didn't tell him to stop. "Yeah baby" he wispered, "You going to cum?" "God yeah, just like that, keep going" Josh sensed my pussy start to tighten and by breaths get deeper.

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He stopped. "NO! I almost shouted. Please, ohh god, please. Keep going.

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I need to cum so badly. I'm so close" But Josh ignored my pleads. He sat me up and effortlessly removed my top before unclipping my bra and releasing my tits. He sighed "God, Karma. You're so fucking hot" He kissed me, and I kissed him back, letting our tongues meet.

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He began gently kissing down my neck, down my shoulders, my chest before taking my nipple in his mouth and licking, sucking and biting it. "ohh god, mmm" I moaned. He sat up, and removed his shirt, revealing a perfect body. "Still need to cue? Do you want me to make you cum?" "Fuck yes" I replied. Then. "Wait" I said, "this is wrong. We're both cheating. We shouldn't be doing this" "Say that again" "What?" I asked "Say that again, bitch!" "This is wrong, we're cheating?" "Yeah that's right, you're a cheating whore" Him talking dirty to me nearly sent me over the edge.

Josh positioned his head in front of my pussy. "Mmm, such a pretty little pussy" he said.

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He lowered his tounge on to my clit and began licking it. "Ohh god, Josh, god." I could feel my muscles tighten and my nipples get harder "fuck, I'm cumming!" I almost screamed as the most powerful orgasm of my life hit me. My body shuddered like an earth quake, but Josh didn't stop, and started rubbing my clit again. "Yeah, you cheating whore, cum for me, I love watching you cum" I swear I must have come about 4 times in a row.

Eventually, he stopped. I lay there, naked, out of breath. Josh just looked at me and smiled "Feeling better now?" I just laughed, "God, yeah! Zac has never done that for me, ever! Thank you" "Wooah hold up" he said. "Don't think this is over yet" He stood up and unzipped his jeans before sliding them down and stepping out of them. I stared at the huge bulge in his boxers. 'Christ' I thought 'It's huge!' I reached out, about to pull down his boxers when he slapped away my hand.

"I think we should make this more interesting" he said. He reached down to his jeans and removed a cell phone from their pocket. He dialled and waited. A few minutes later the door opened and in walked Sophie. I expected her to look shocked, but she looked at me lying naked on the bed and her boyfriend standing with only his underpants on and smiled.

Without a word she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing nothing underneath, her smooth pussy and perfect breasts made my juices run down my leg. She walked over to the bed, where I lay. "Have you ever been with a girl before?" she asked "no" I gulped "I'm only seventeen!" "Well there's a first time for everything" she smirked. She straddled me and began massaging my tits, pinching my hard nipples. I moaned.

I reached out my hand to do the same to her, but hesitated. "Go ahead babe" she encouraged. I started massaging her tits the same way I always did my own. Her pussy was against my leg, it was really wet. She began rubbing her clit against me. I glanced up to where Josh had been. Now he was sitting on a chair next to the bed, watching intently. His 'bulge' was extending straight out from his body now. I smiled seductively at him. He was enjoying the show. I reached down and found Sophie pussy and pushed a finger inside.

"ohh yeah" she moaned I began finger fucking her and wiggling my fingers around inside her to find her g-spot. I flipped her on to her back and got down between her legs. I wanted to taste her pussy. It was so beautiful and wet. I began sliding my tounge in and out of her little cunt while rubbing her swollen clit. "God yeah, just like that, rub my clit" I turned to Josh, he had started rubbing his cock through the material of his underpants.

"Come here!" I said to him. He did as I told him. I kissed him, making him taste his girlfriend's pussy through another girl's mouth. I pulled down his boxers to the floor as his cock jumped out from it's prison.


I kept rubbing Sophie's clit and took Josh's huge solid cock in my mouth. His pre-cum tasted good. He began thrusting his hips, fucking my throat as I sucked his dick. I looked at Sophie, she was watching her boyfriend's cock being sucked my another girl, a young girl, she loved it. She was going to cum. She started to shake. "FUCK!" she screamed. With that Josh moaned and he shot his load in to the back of my throat. I swallowed it. I fell back on to the bed. We lay there, smiling and exhausted.

Sophie smiled at me. We weren't finished yet. She reached down and started fingering her pussy as she sucked on my clit. "Shit!" I moaned. Josh was massaging my tits.

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"Yeah, you dirty slut. You like having a girl suck your clit?" "God yeah" "My cock's so hard, just watching your hot body and your pretty little cunt being pleasured my girlfriend. I need to be inside some pussy" Sophie's firm little tongue flicked over my little clit and darted inside my young pussy. Then she moaned.

I looked up. Josh was behind her, his huge cock buried inside her soaking pussy. "Ohh yeah baby" she moaned "Get in that pussy. You feel so good deep inside me. Make me scream" He did. He began thrusting hard. His whole cock disappearing inside her perfect wet cunt.

"Yeah bitch" he said to her "Scream. I love to hear you moan. I want everyone in this place to hear you. I want everyone to know that I'm going to make you cum" Sophie began shuddering again, her tongue vibrated against my clit. I started to shake. We both moaned as me and Sophie came together.

Josh pulled out of his girlfriend's pussy. She looked at him. "I want you to fuck Karma. I want to see your cock fuck another girl's cunt" I didn't have a choice, but I didn't mind. I pushed Josh down, straddling him, and lowered my pussy on to his cock. "Ohh god" he moaned " God, you're so tight" "Yeah, you like that? You like my tight little pussy" "Yeah you dirty cheating whore. Fuck me" I bounced up and down his cock as it filled my pussy.

Sophie started rubbing my clit. "Jesus! It looks so good, you rubbing her clit. Yes, you little whore. Bounce on my cock" He couldn't stand it anymore.

His cock exploded inside me, his cum filling my tight little cunt. We collapsed on the bed, satisfied. We were finished.