Novinha ficou nervosa e pediu pra gozar rapido a ninfeta

Novinha ficou nervosa e pediu pra gozar rapido a ninfeta
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Giada fidgeting with her short dress, clearing her throat uneasily as I sat at the bar. Men were staring at her. The dress I sent her is very short and the sharp, lethal looking stilettos made her look sharp and very sexy. Giada looks like a lethal femme fatale and even though she didn't dress like this, often, she knew that she looked incredible beautiful and hot. The music in the club is hot and heavy, and the dance floor is at her back as she sat at the bar, in the corner stool.

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She stirred her drink, glancing up to look around and peering at the door. People have been coming and going, and she already been here for thirty minutes." J-John?" She whispers in question, her heart racing.

I turn my piercing eyes at her and her racing heart nearly skids to a halt. My voice and face may have been cold, my eyes are blazing with heat. Giada closes her gaping mouth, my hand on her arm suddenly seems too warm. " I'm pleased to see the dress fits." My voice changed dramatically from the cold, commanding tone, now, it writhes with a sensual heat that nearly put her back on the floor.

She swallows and blushes lightly. " You were worried?" Giada purrs, clearing her throat and shaking her head. Attempting to sound seductive and had failed miserably. I smile kindly leading her to a private table near the back.

There are curtains that I pull closed and the music pumping from the dance floor is far less obtrusive in this little cove. I guided Giada to her seat in the large booth and she knew better than to argue as she sat down I gave a satisfied nod. I slide gracefully into the side opposite her, my eyes digging into hers as I slide my gaze up and down her body. I might have well just ripped off the dress of mine then and there for all the subtlety my gaze provided.

Giada decides to fight fire with fire and fully takes in the enigma that is me. My suit is crisp, clearly very expensive and most likely Armani, the subtly pink shirt underneath surprises her with color choice, but taking it all in she realizes nothing else would have worked as well.

I didn't wear a tie, but instead the shirt casually left a few buttons undone at the neck. She can't see my shoes without peering under the table, she took the educated guess that they are expensive as well. M gray hair is the only unruly part about me - while the suit and shirt are crisp, my hair is almost wild. It is short, but long enough that the tips came down to my jaw like jagged teeth. I stared at her, one hand drummed lightly on the tabletop.

" To answer your question." My voice slides over her like silk, " I was worried, yes. After filing for divorce after 11 years of marriage." Giada opens her mouth with a defiant expression, almost insulted I hadn't believed her when she told me. I held up my hand, silencing her with a cold look.

" Before you get offended, I'll tell you why. When someone expresses.interest.into my world.I take it seriously. As you've noticed, I have the money to buy anything I want and I'm not shy about it." My voice is calm and barely holds any inflection other than cynicism.

I lean back, lifting a finger to gesture to someone outside the curtains, draping my other arm across the back of the curved booth. " That dress you're wearing, it was made especially for you. As strange as my measurement requests might have been, you gave them to me.

Most don't. When I requested you wear it, here, I didn't expect to find anyone here. You're the first one to come full circle. Think of the process as a filter." I smirk and look over to the woman standing with an attentive expression. " She'll have another martini, and I'll have my usual." I looked back at Giada, " I'd have ordered a different drink for you, but I don't want you mixing your alcohol." Giada blinks.

I smile, leaning forward to place my elbows on the table, " I'm quite pleased you did show up, Giada." She blushed looking down to her hands, picking at her nails nervously. " I almost didn't." " I know." She looks up and met my intense gaze. She reminded herself to take deep, steadying breaths.

Giada still can't believe she is here, meeting me again. Perhaps it is because I'd turned out to be far more than she had expected and even dreamed about. She hadn't known me very long.only as an investor in her Las Vegas restaurant and having had two sexual trysts with me, it had all remained a mystery.

" I like what you've done with your hair." I murmur leaning back again as the drinks arrived. I didn't say a single word to the waitress who disappeared just as silently.

Giada brought a hand up to her hair subconsciously. " Thank you." She smiles shyly. " Tell me about yourself, Giada." I clinked the ice in my scotch once or twice before taking a small sip. She met my gaze with a smirk.

" What don't you already know?" She asked sarcastically. My gaze darkened but the smile curving onto my lips changed the expression from frightening to well.a completely different type of frightening that she found she liked. It made her stomach clench in the most exciting way. " That. That right there is what I don't know." I smiled wolfishly, " I don't know the real Giada, what makes you tick." " Well aside from ripping me apart to peer at my insides, which I assure you doesn't whir and tick like a clock, there isn't much to say." She shrugs with a blush.

My smile can't have gotten wider. " And who says that's not what I'm already planning?" My voice is barely above a whisper but nonetheless, it made her quiver. " I would hope you aren't a rapist." She sips her drink, raising an eyebrow.

She laughs, a genuine smile meeting my eyes for the first time. It is a wonderful sound that made her toes curl. She half smiles back at me, still hesitant and shy. The corner of my mouth turns up in a smile as I shook my head, " Giada, you are a breath of fresh air." " What? You're telling me women don't normally talk back to you? Or are they all as deathly silent as that waitress earlier?" Giada smiles and leans forward, " You are a wolf, sir." My eyes sparking as a wicked grin curves onto my lips at the word 'sir'.

Giada smiles back, remembering the times she has chatted online with me, role playing in an erotic chat room, pretending to be submissive. She crosses her legs under the table bouncing her foot slightly with a half-smile. " Most of them are afraid of me." I purr, placing my elbows back on the table. " Hmmm.I have a hard time wondering why." She mused dryly.

I grin; I know full well that everyone in this club is terrified of me, especially the women. I also know that over half of them would drop their skirts in the middle of the dance floor for me. She shook her head stirring her martini. " Giada, you showed a lot of courage coming here." My voice is all business again. As she looks up at me, my face has gone cold as I pull out my Iphone tapping a few things before putting it away again.

I look back at her, " That means you're genuinely interested in my lifestyle and business expertise. Those 'games' we played online.they aren't just games in my life. I can tell, just by looking at you, that you aren't experienced.

You blush at the simplest comments and you carry yourself like you're afraid of what you could do." Giada gaped at me slightly, frowning and almost cutting me off when I called her inexperienced. But this time, I didn't have to hold up a hand to bring her to heel. " I'm interested in you, Giada. I'm sure even you can see that. But there are a few things that you need to understand before we take another step to becoming serious. I'm a businessman, and this relationship will be as strict as the way I run my businesses.

If I call you and tell you to come over, there will be no arguing, no excuses, unless your mother is dying or your child is sick: You. Will. Be. There. You also need to understand that this is not the relationship you read about in romance novels.

This isn't anything more than what's been written out; there will be no romantic relationship, despite our two trysts - this is a testing of limits. Is that clear?" My eyes are ice and Giada shivers at my harsh words. Is that what I had been looking for? With my past, this seemed like foolish and stupid idea, but every relationship I'd been in had failed miserably.

Giada nods slowly, unable to breathe enough to form words. " It's obvious you've been hurt by your husband, and I'm not sure how or why. But before we start, the past must no longer be the past - it must come out and be known.

I won't tolerate illegal substances, illegal activities or interference in my business decisions and activities. Should the time come that I deem this relationship over, then that's the end of it. Am I clear?" This time, Giada nods with more confidence. " Giada." I sigh closing my eyes a moment, when I open them again, the heat is back.

" You need to understand that I'm not a decent man - I'm not the wine and roses type and I never will be. This is your last chance to back out. I won't give you another." Giada took a deep breath and bit her lower lip. She knew what she was signing up for when she came to this club wearing my dress and my heels.

Giada also knew that nothing moved her more; nothing made her hotter than being submissive to a wealthy powerful older man. Her heart racing as I watch her struggle internally.

I'm surprisingly patient; but then again, most women don't just sign their sexual life away like this every day. Anger flares up inside her briefly and clenching her jaw, she looks me in the eye. " I'm not backing out of this." Giada growls.

Surprise flitted across my eyes momentarily and then a hint of respect followed. I sat back again nodding once, " Then tell me. Why are you choosing this?" Giada took a deep breath, shutting her eyes for one painful moment, before looking steadily at the table in front of her, her hands gripping the seat on either side of her as she unclenched her jaw, " I didn't have the greatest marriage.

My fashion designer husband thought I should support him. He works as a freelance fashion designer." Giada can't look up at me, I'm so silent.she prayed I wouldn't call this off. " After taking a few deep breaths, she looked up at me. My eyes are chilling. " There's something else, Giada." My voice sounded slightly strained. Giada looks down at her hands, " Yes." " Tell me, now." I ordered. Giada swallows, " I've been with other men; certain desires somehow manage to survive.

Call it human nature or whatever you like, but every relationship I've ever been in has failed more miserably than you can possibly imagine. I've had the wine and roses type, I've had the kind and caring.I." Giada fought back tears, " I don't know why.I accepted your loan offer.I.I wanted my own restaurant in Vegas and knew you had a venture capital company. I saw you chatting with that other woman, role playing with her and I nearly came right then and there.

I'd never felt that way anywhere else, with anyone else. I wanted to be used like that and." " Giada." " Come sit next to me." I asked. Giada hesitated a moment too long and with a growl I glared, " Should I have said now, Giada?" She slides around the table and sat a few inches from me, her breath catching in her lungs just from being close to me again.

My hand slides to the inside of her thigh as her eyes went wide, I pull her close she is practically on top of me. " I said 'next to' did I not?" I hiss in her ear. She shivers and nods. " I can't hear nods, Giada." " Y-yes you did." She whispers; her voice strained.

Giada isn't sure if she liked me better as the playful friend or the terrifyingly real, deliciously strict man, I am now. She nods and corrected herself. I slide my hand back to the inside of her thigh, right below the bottom of her dress and she gasps. Shock waves are running up her body, from my hand, making her body quiver. She bits her bottom lip as my fingers lightly trace circles, tapping here and there on her thigh.

My hand slides upwards ever so slightly, pulling her dress up a fraction of an inch as she moans slightly, biting her bottom lip. After a few more seconds of heart pounding, sweet torture I remove my hand leaving her aroused.

The waitress appears a few seconds after, an attentive look on her face again. " Do you come here often?" Giada asks casually. " I own this establishment." I smirk, " They carry what I want." She knew it! She shifts in her seat, hoping to hide the heat between her legs. My eyes slide over her body as the heat liquefies in her stomach, travelling lower and lower with my gaze.

" You have a magnificent figure, Giada." I admire softly, sliding my hand to her leg again. I stay on the top, sliding up and down her smooth skin. I smirk as I look down at my hand but whatever thought ran through my mind I didn't share it.

" Thank you." Giada licks her dry lips and bits her bottom lip. "'ll need to eat all your steak, Giada." My lips curve up into a half-smile as I finish my scotch. " You'll need your strength tonight." Giada nearly melts at the thought.

She wants to say something witty that made me feel like she did but anything she may have said is drowned by my hand between her legs. She moans softly as my pinky brushes up against the very thin material of her lace panties.

Her hands clench the edge of the table and the seat under her. My arm twists as I cup her hot pussy with my hand, squeezing very lightly and releasing.


Giada nearly bits through her bottom lip, gasping and peering out through the open curtains - no one is looking but that didn't mean they wouldn't.

The food came quickly and I released her. Giada sighs in relief and frustration - for the first time in her life she wants more. She makes an impatient sound sliding her hand onto my leg but I caught her wrist in a steely grasp fixing her with a dangerous glare.

Her heart pounding in her ears as she realizes her boundaries. " Eat your dinner, Giada." I growl in a low warning. She looks at the steak; it looks mouthwatering but I look better. She sighs and picks up her fork and knife - I promised her, she will need her strength and from the expression on my face she didn't want to push her luck on her first full night with me. Our other two trysts were two or three hours together. Tonight will be the first time together all night at my place.

Besides, she really didn't know what to expect. Her stomach flips all through dinner and the food is incredible, she barely tasted it. Her mouth is too dry and through dinner she feels my gaze on her, lighting her skin on fire. When I finished, she only had a few bites left and she ate them slowly, small little pieces of juicy steak, dainty, and melting on her tongue.

She glances up at me seeing me watching her with a little half-smile and a raised eyebrow. I know exactly what she is doing - lingering on her fork with a contemplative look. She is stalling and trying so hard to be seductive all at the same time.

Are you quite finished, Giada?" I ask in a low purr. She immediately places her fork down, a small smile spreading across her face nodding. We left the restaurant through the back entrance, I took Giada to my penthouse. We entered the penthouse " Follow me," I said as I turned back towards the bedroom. She follows a few steps behind, as I waved her into a room off the hall. " You can change here," I said.

" I'll be back in a sec to get your clothes." She glances around the bedroom. It obviously isn't the master bedroom, because the bed is small and is sparsely decorated. There is a Monet print on the wall, and a clock on the desk, and nothing else to indicate the room is used frequently. As she shrugs the dress off her shoulders she glances down at the clothes that I had laid out for her. It isn't clothes at all. A nice thin cotton robe lay on the bed. Giada wonders if it is mine. She knows that she will be naked underneath the robe, unless she wanted to wear her wet panties.

So she strips off her clothes and wraps the soft cotton robe around her lush form. Tying the robe around her waist, she bends over and begins to gather the clothes that she has dropped on the floor. " Damn!" she hears me exclaim behind her. She quickly stood up and turns around, giving me a quizzical look.

" Sorry," I said with a laugh. " You've just got an incredible ass." Giada blushes. I'm not being overly aggressive, she feels a tingle in her crotch as she wonders just how forceful I will be.

" Thanks," she said with a smile. She brushes pass me as I stood in the doorway, sliding her near-naked backside along my crotch. She feels me throbbing as her ass cheeks graze my cock. " Oh my God," she thought to herself. " He feels so hard and thick!" She lets her ass sway back and forth a bit as she walks down the hall. " So you live alone?" she asks. " Yes," I replied. After six divorces, it's nice to have space to myself. It does get kind of lonely though, so I can use my black book to call a beautiful woman to show up on my doorstep." By now she has reached the master bedroom, and bent down to place her clothes on a chair.

As she stood up and leaned over the edge of the bed, she feels my hands on her hips. " What are you doing?" she asks. " Just getting a little closer," I whisper in her ear. Giada feels my cock against her ass again, a hard steel bar in my pants. " I think you should back up, John. I'm sorry I'm having second thoughts." I spin her around, pressing her ass against the bed.

I hold on to her shoulders and look down into her eyes. " Fuck that. Your chance to back out was at the restaurant. You want this as much as I do.

A friend and business partner, a night of raw sex? You know you want this." " I can't," she protested, as my lips met hers. She resists, getting her hands up to my chest to push me away.

I'm strong though, much stronger than she is. My hands went to the tie of her bathrobe, and before she knew it I had undone the strip of fabric, leaving her lush body open to my eyes and hands. This isn't foreplay like before. This is animalistic. A prelude, not to sex, but to primal fucking.

Primal fucking she has never experienced in her life, her marriage or in our trysts. One of my hands kneaded her breasts as the other wraps itself in her hair. She feels her head being pulled to one side, her neck exposed to my teeth. She feels the rasp of my whiskers on her sensitive skin, and then she feels my hot breath on the nape of her neck. She can't help but moan deep in her throat as I attack her neck. Her hands weakly push at my chest, but my hand caught her forearm moving her hand across my belly and down to my trousers.

As she touches my hard cock she gives up the pretense of resistance letting herself go.

She lewdly strokes me through my pants as my mouth devours her neck and my hands slide between her legs. She is disappointed when she feels me pull away, but a moment later she lets out a squeal of surprise as I pick her up and set her on the edge of the bed. I spread her legs until she feels her thigh muscles burning, without preamble press my face between her thighs and begin to lick her pussy. I wasn't licking at all.

I'm treating her pussy just like I treated her neck. My teeth nipping at her vaginal lips, my tongue sliding inside her like a smaller cock.

My face is drenched with her juices, but I hold her steady beneath my hands. She is writhing now, moaning and gasping loudly (which is uncharacteristic of her) while the assault on her pussy continues. She feels her orgasm within reach, but I stop and stood up.

I roughly threw her to the middle of the bed, and she turns around trying to crawl across the bed away from me. My hand grasps her ankle and I pull her back towards me. Before she realizes what is happening I have her robe up around her waist and have delivered a shockingly hard slap to her buttocks. " Stop moving!" I growled, and Giada immediately complied. The anger in my voice frightened her. She is back to not being sure if I'm playing or not, but at this point she didn't know if it mattered.

Despite the small kernel of fear in her chest, she has to admit that her nipples are achingly hard and she feels the moistness on her thighs. She feels me place my thigh between hers, spreading her legs as she lay face down across the bed, her feet on the floor and her head on the mattress. I kick her legs apart further, and then she feels another slap to her buttocks.

She moans again when she hears the rustle of my pants falling to the floor, then the tearing of what she assumes is a condom wrapper. A quick look back reveals that is the case.

As my hands descended again to her shoulders, she feels me press against her opening. She has never gotten a good look at my cock, but she knew it was big from her previous groping and from our previous trysts. As I push inside of her, she realizes it is a monster cock. There is no tenderness in my thrusts, no murmurs of endearment as I slam my thick shaft back and forth. There is only raw power and lust in every push of my hips. With my hands on her shoulders, I'm lying on top of her thrusting in rough and hard from behind.

She finds it hard to catch her breath, and can barely respond when I ask, " Do you like this?" She shook her head no, as she feels me stand up straight. As my cock continues to slam into her, she feels the stinging slap of a hard spanking delivered to both of her butt cheeks. " Do you like this?" I ask again, and again she shook her head.

" Then I'll stop," I responded, and pull almost all the way out of her pussy. The tip of my shaft nestled between her pussy lips, as she groans out loud.

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" Do you want it?" I ask. She remains silent. I very slowly thrust in, less than an inch, then pull back. She groans again. " I'm not going to fuck you until you tell me you want it. Until you tell me you love it." She bits her lip. She did want it, but she hated to say it.

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That isn't acting, she'd never had any man talk dirty. I stood there, not moving a muscle, and she is slowly going crazy. " I.", she started. " I. I like it." " You like what?" I ask. " I like you fucking me, rough and hard." she whispers. " Do you like my cock?" I ask. " Yes," she answers, louder this time. " Do you want me to fuck you with this hard cock of mine?" I press forward, sliding my tool inside of her until my balls smack against her clit, then pulling out again.

She can't resist. She didn't care what she sounded like. She needed it. " Yes, dammit, yes.


Fuck me with that cock of yours. Fuck me until I scream. Use me, fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeeeeeee." I begin fucking her fast and furiously, she begins to utter a series of loud grunts and groans.

I continue to spank her as I fuck her, and she feels her orgasm building.

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She feels her knees go weak as the waves of pleasure washes over her, I continue to slam into her without a word. He fuck her hard through three more orgasms before I stop and pull out. I roughly turn her over so we are face to face, and then before she can say anything I sink deeply inside her once more. " Play with your tits for me," I demand. " Pinch your nipples while I'm fucking you." She moans her approval and begins twisting her nipples beneath her fingers while I hold on to her knees and fuck her.

I let my right hand drop down to her clitoris and begin strumming it with my thumb while I continue to fuck her. As she approaches another orgasm I brought my hand down on her clit, spanking it lightly. Her pussy spasms and she yells out in pleasure and pain. The spanking isn't as hard as I had given to her buttocks, but it is firm. Her clit tingles afterwards, and I rode her to another orgasm before she lay limply beneath me.

As I pull out of her, she slides down the bed and onto the floor. Staring at the thick cock in front of her, she removes the condom and wraps her lips around the head. She begins sucking it, teasing it with her tongue, bathing it in her saliva. She sank her mouth down around the shaft until she feels my rough pubic hair tickling her nose, then she rose up once more.

Back and forth she went for a few minutes, hearing my breath growing quicker. Then she once again begins sucking on the head while she jacks my shaft. I wrap my hands in her hair moaning loudly. She pulls her face away despite my protests and begins jacking me off harder. Though she didn't care for it, she aims the head of my cock at her chest and begins playing with my balls, sensing my impending ejaculation.

It didn't take long for me to cum, thick jets of white shooting from the head of my cock and landing on the carpet and her chest. She looks up at me, staring at my eyes as I stare back, breathing heavily.

As I begin to grow soft in her hand I gruffly told her to get up and to get a shower. She uses the bathrobe to wipe herself off, then padded dazed and naked to the bathroom. I laid behind her, rubbing my morning cock along her warm pussy, while kissing the back of her neck and pinching her nipples. She turns in my arms, pressing her hard, swollen nipples against my chest, lifting a leg up and over my hip.

My hands move to her hips, but it isn't until my cock is all the way inside her that I begin to spread the globes of her ass, moving fingertips over her asshole. She stops kissing me, and begins to shake her head in protest, saying, " John." in a corrective sort of voice. I didn't give her a chance to speak further, but kiss her aggressively increasing the friction of my sliding fingers.

She tenses, hands tightening along my arms, and then softening slightly with the unexpected pleasure. Her real protest happens when I begin to press a finger to her hole.

She pulls her head away, pushing at my arms with a sharp, " No, John!" Although inward pushing of my finger stops, I didn't stop entirely. My finger remains in place as I lean forward to kiss and nip at her neck. When my mouth nears her ear, I whisper, " Relax and let me really fuck you." My " let me" is mere politeness, because my tone and my finger at her asshole are implacable. I resume kissing her neck, and probing her with my finger.

She is tense and very tight, giving a slight gasp of pain as I persist.

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It isn't until my finger is completely buried and I begin to move my cock that I feel her soften and stretch. I have never heard her moan as she did this morning when I had her by her pussy and her ass. Later, with my finger sliding and wiggling, she came in a massive gush that covered my cock and the sheets with her juices.

Then, she allowed me more liberties with her ass, but only in the dark. I feel the pull of her muscles as I remove my thumb, and she widen further as I replace it with two wet fingers. Her legs unconsciously spread as I begin to move my fingers in and out, spreading them wider the more she relaxes. I decided I would take her ass this morning.

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My cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum. I know she will protest. She conceded to fingers, but when I rub my cock over her pursed rosebud, she will squirm away, leaving me to finish myself off in the shower.

I reach my other hand to rub her dripping pussy, hearing again that special moan of surrender. I lean into lick her wet pussy, fingers slowly moving in and out of her asshole. She gasps as my mouth covers her clit, tongue flicking in the same rhythm as my fingers.

Her thighs quivering around my face, as she moans continuously. I feel her tense, as I softly nip at her swollen clit. She gives a sudden scream before I feel her pussy gush over my face and the muscles of her asshole contracting around my fingers.

I continue sliding my fingers in and out as she releases the headboard, allowing her head and chest to fall to the pillows, knees still spread and ass still lifted. She pants, I move behind her, pressing my cock into her wet pussy, pressing the head deep against her cervix before pulling it back and thrusting in and out. She moans in surrender, allowing me to gain my pleasure.

I slowly withdraw my fingers, and then my cock. Her eyes are closed, but I hear her soft cry of protest as I spread the slick lube over my cock. I knew she will feel the brief chill of the lube at her still puckering hole, and worried she might suspect, but she simply sighs when she feels my fingers slipping in and out to spread it around.

She didn't make an initial protest when I press the tip of my cock against her pink hole. She thought I was simply probing with three fingers instead of two. It isn't until the head of my cock pushes in with a slight pop that she seems to become aware of her position. She pushes against the bed up onto her hands, turning her head to look back at me. She sees me looking at the head of my cock surrounded by the tight ring of her asshole. She said sharply, " No, John!" and tries to crawl forward, but I'm quick.

I lean over, placing my hands on her shoulders, before wrapping a fist with her hair. I pull her head back, stretching her throat and causing her breasts to softly rock, then whisper, " I'm going to fuck your tight virgin ass." She shakes her head and whimpers, too tense and stretched for coherent words, I simply repeat, " I'm going to fuck your tight virgin ass." Then, releasing her hair, I place my hand between her shoulder blades and with steady pressure, pushing her head and chest back onto the pillows.

Giada is tense and panting, she stays in place when I remove my hand lifting again to look at the tip of my cock in her ass. I place my hands on her hips and hear her gasp as I press forward. I feel the rubbery ridge of her sphincter tight and unforgiving. I place my hands on the bed on either side of her, leaning over to kiss and lick her neck.

" Relax, baby. Open for me," I keep repeating between kisses. I move her right hand to her wet pussy, saying, " Rub it baby. Make it feel good." Her hand is over hers as she presses her palm to her clit, rubbing back and forth. Then my hand is pinching her nipples. I feel her shoulders relax, and then a sudden lurch forward as her tight hole opens wide as the tip of my cock pushes deeper.

She gasps and moans, rubbing faster on her pussy. I lift again to look at my cock, now two inches in her tight asshole. I grab her hips, watching my fat cock slowly move deeper and deeper into the grip of her tight virgin ass.

Giada loves the flare of my cock—how it widens at the bottom to really spread her pussy when I'm completely inside her. Now, with one final push, I'm all the way in, my balls pressing against her wet pussy, my cock pressing her asshole unbearably wide. Giada gives a sharp, aching moan, and I can't help leaning to her ear again to say, " You feel my cock all the way in your ass?" She nods, and I continue, " You're a good girl for letting me fuck your ass." She simply whimpers.

When I came up on my knees again, I took the lube, squeezing generously at the tight hole surrounding my cock. There is a loud gasp as I slowly pull my cock back an inch or two, and another moan as I push it back in. Her asshole is hot and tight.

I grit my teeth hissing with pleasure as I move in and out, lengthening the thrusts. I lean forward, hips pistoning in and out, as I begin flicking and pinching her hard nipples. " You love my cock in your ass, don't you?" I pant in her ear.

Her voice is strained and cracking when she said, " Yes! Please don't stop." I reach my hand to cover hers, rubbing over her clit. I slid her hand down, pushing two of her fingers and two of mine into her dripping pussy. I feel my cock sliding back and forth, through the thin membrane that separates her pussy and ass. She gives a primal moan, and then tenses, before shaking and coming. Her pussy spurts, as I feel her ass convulsing around my cock. I sat back on my heels, gritting my teeth again, feeling the nearly unbearable pleasure around my cock.

I grip her hips, moving my cock in and out of her ass faster and harder. My balls slapping against her drenched pussy, as she lays supple and submissive under my thrusts. I pull all the way back, seeing her tight hole open like a hungry little mouth before slamming my cock back into her ass.

I feel her lift herself, grasping the headboard again, as my balls tighten at the stretch of her back. She begins to push back against my cock, wanting it deeper in her ass, whimpering and moaning as I stretch her wider.

I lean over her extended body, mounting her like a bitch in heat, one hand pressing again into her sopping pussy as I bit at her shoulders. I feel her lower back dip, allowing me to push in deeper, and then give a shout when I feel the walls of her ass contracting around my cock. I feel a pleasure so sharp it is painful as my cock sprays cum in her ass.

I lay sprawled over her back, panting and gasping. I pull her with me as I turn onto my side, my softening cock still in her ass. I feel her hips unconsciously move as I kiss her neck, fingers gently rubbing her nipples. Every few minutes a shudder moves through her body, I hear a whispery moan.

I continue the soft, slow movements of my hands. When I use my hands to draw her knees up, she moans again, and then sharply gasps as she feels my cock growing in her ass. " You're such a good girl," I whisper, as my hips begin to thrust again.