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Author's Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect. I am only human after all.

Author's Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read independently, it was written as part of a series. For full enjoyment, please read "The Barbie Lez Fantasies: Week 1-8". *** Have you ever had one of those fantasies? You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them? Well, I do… because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain.

That is, until now… It was almost midnight, but my friend and I were huddled up on the couch instead of being out partying with the rest of our friends. So much for the legendary Friday night I had been promised. But I could not really blame her; one of her two large dogs (see "The Barbie Lez Fantasies Week 6: Two Dogs" for full details) was spending the night at the vet's and his overly depressed brother could not be left alone.

She had tried that once before and he had wrecked the whole place, his mood fluctuating between utterly depressed and hyperactive.

So we were forced to spend Friday evening hanging out with her depressed dog instead of partying. But I did not mind; I was never really a party girl. Plus, we had slipped into some quite revealing nighties and I found myself stealing glance after glance at my beautiful friend. Frank (the dog) was currently in "depressed" mode and had not moved for the past half hour.

"That's it!" suddenly said my friend as she jumped up and peered down at the large canine by her feet. "I'm not just going to sit here and watch you rot away. Time to play." With that, she nudged him with her foot, but Frank remained unresponsive.

Kneeling down, she grabbed hold of one of his legs and started shaking it. When that did not work either, she did the same to his tail and did not stop until he finally got annoyed enough to release a bark. "Finally," she sighed, but kept on shaking his tail until the large canine decided to fight back.

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Getting to his feet, he pulled away from his master. But she was not about to let him get away. Tackling him to the ground was what finally tipped the scales. Snapping to action, Frank started fighting back (playfully, of course). The two rolled around for a bit until Frank got so hyperactive that he did what he usually only does with his brother; he mounted my friend and started humping her.

"Wow!" I could not help but gasp as the sight before my eyes forced a powerful wave of arousal to wash over me. Moments later, it happened; the fantasy took over!

No longer bound by the laws or reality, my friend did not reject her large pet's sexual advances. Actually, she did, but only long enough to flip him onto his back and start licking the tip of his cock which was protruding from his prepuce. Within seconds, his manhood started to grow. Before long, she was expertly sucking his expanding cock. She kept on bobbing her head up and down until Frank's prick had reached its fully-expanded length of eight inches by an inch and a half.

Momentarily pulling away, she got on all fours. By then, Frank was so excited he did not even wait for his master's permission before he mounted her. "FUCK!" yelled my friend blissfully as her canine lover forced every last inch of his manhood into her. Within seconds, he was pounding the shit out of her, making her moan at the top of her lungs.

It was not until then that I realized one of my hands had traveled down to my crotch and was expertly massaging my lower lips. No sooner did I notice this that I decided to escalate things. Within seconds, I was eagerly finger-fucking my pre-cum-soaked pussy. Meanwhile, Frank continued fucking the shit out of his moaning master. Unfortunately, the arousing spectacle soon ended when both lovers simultaneously climaxed.

"Oh my god!" I gasped in awe as I saw a mixture of human and dog cum flow out of my friend's cock-filled pussy. Hot orgasmilk splashed down to the floor, soon forming a puddle of interspecies cum cocktail as more and more orgasmilk rained down.

Blissful moans and barks filled the room as I continued finger-fucking my pussy. Unfortunately, their orgasms ended before I could climax. Fortunately, it only took another few seconds before I reached the edge of the cliff that is the female orgasm.

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Unfortunately, I was stopped before I could jump off. "Stop that!" suddenly ordered my friend. I froze, unsure how to react. How could she judge me for masturbating when she had just had sex with a dog?

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But when she walked toward me with a spring in her step and lust in her eyes, I realized there was no judgment involved. I watched the cum drip from her pussy as she took a seat beside me. Still unsure what to do, I waited for her to make the first move; a move she was all too happy to make. "Come here, sexy," she said in a throaty whisper as she pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss. Although slightly surprised, I soon reciprocated her eager tongue strokes.

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Mere seconds after we started making out, I felt something against my pussy. At first I thought it was my friend's hand, but I soon realized it was far too wet for that; it was Frank's tongue. I felt my arousal level skyrocket as my mouth and pussy got stimulated by two different lovers. As good as it all felt, I soon started craving more.

Putting an end to the intense make out session, I peered my friend right in the eyes and said these few simple words, "Lick my boobs, bitch!" That last word was not really necessary, but I though it added a little something. My human lover seemed to agree because she did not even bother removing my nightie before she started licking my nipples. "Mmmmm!" I moaned as I felt her tongue flick back and forth through the thin fabric.

Frank's tongue sliding up and down my pussy soon forced another moan past my lips. Before long, I felt an orgasm build within me. It was only a matter of seconds before… "What the fuck?!" I muttered as I suddenly felt both my lovers' tongues leave my body.

But before I could protest any further, I was told to shut up and to as instructed. I had never before heard my friend be that forceful, so I decided to obey. Less than a minute later, we were both fully nude and 69ing on the floor. Being on top, I was ready to receive the third member of your interspecies three-way when Candy ordered Frank to… "Fuck her!" she ordered. "He just came. I don't think he's already hard aga…" I start, but soon fell silent when I felt him mount me, forcing all eight inches of his fully expanded cock to slide past my labia.

"FUCK!" I moaned blissfully as he started jerking back and forth, forcing his canine manhood in and out of my soaking wet cunt. But after only a few penetrations, I felt my friend's hand fumble around. Moments later, I felt Frank's dick leave my cunt. Fortunately, I soon felt it penetrate me again. Unfortunately, it slid not up my pussy, but my asshole!

"FUCK!" I yelled is surprise as I felt the entirety of his canine schlong slide up my rectum. Fortunately, I was no newbie to the world of anal and received his prick with as much eagerness as surprise. He instantly started pounding away as my tight ass while my friend started licking my pussy.

Before long, I could feel a rock-hard canine cock and a slimy human tongue take turns diving in and out of my respective holes, forcing wave after wave of arousal to wash over me.


"Oh god!" "Oh yes!" "Oh fuck!" My moans echoed throughout the living room as I once again felt an orgasm build deep within me. This time, no one stopped me from climaxing. "FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I released the first wave of cum. The hot orgasmilk flowed out of my tongue-filled pussy as Frank's gooey jizz shot out of my cock-filled ass.

Wave after wave flew out of both my holes as I moaned at the top of my lungs. The three of us kept on moaning and barking for a few seconds before a particularly loud bark snapped me back to reality. "Dammit!" I muttered under my breath as I glanced around. I was still dressed and sitting on the couch, letting me know my fantasy was officially over. Frank and his master were still playing on the ground before me. I sighed, saddened that my intense fantasy was over.

"Unless…" I thought as I realized my friend and her large pet were far too busy roughhousing to notice anything I did. Maybe I would have time for another quick fantasy. Less than a second after the though crossed my mind, I was swallowed up by the perverseness of my own dirty mind. Round two had officially begun.


*** Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often.

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Have a horny day, Barbie Lez