Gay twinks teens galleries Justin is so talented that he resumes to

Gay twinks teens galleries Justin is so talented that he resumes to
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This is a true story about our wedding day. We had been planning our wedding for a long time.

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We were engaged for two and a half years before we were married so most of that time was spent planning the wedding. We had most of the big decisions made; church, attendants, reception location, dance music, etc.

One night Jake (my future husband) and I were sitting around discussing some of the smaller details of the wedding when the subject of our hotel room after the wedding came up.

I jokingly asked Jake what he was planning on doing after the wedding dance. Fully expecting him to say he wanted to go back to the hotel room and bang my brain out. Instead, he said he wanted to go back and have an orgy! First I must explain our relationship. He had had (and still do) a very open relationship when it comes to sex. We had, on several occasions, participated in orgies.

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We love our sex in any way we can get it. We like to keep our sex lives spicy by always trying new things with new people. I am bi and Jake says he is straight but I have seen him suck cock and have seen him get sucked by other men before.

I don't know why he doesn't admit he is also bi. Still I thought his response of having an orgy on our wedding night was ridiculous and took it as just a silly joke to a silly question.

He admitted he was just joking too, but we both thought the idea would be quite interesting.


Nothing more was said about the subject that night but during the next several days, having an orgy on our wedding night, became kind of a standing joke between us. I think the more we kidded about it, the more it started to excite us and turn us on.

Our conversations turned from a joking attitude to a "why can't we have a wedding orgy?" attitude. Jake suggested that we have an orgy just among the wedding party. It would be something unusual that, as far as we know, no one else has done. It would be a topic of conversation for the rest of our lives. It took us several weeks to warm up to the idea to the point where we decided to discuss it seriously.

We were to have four couples in the wedding party, four girls and four guys in addition to Jake and myself. I knew three of the four girls would be open to the idea. Two of the girls were my best friends from college whom which I had been sexually active with and had been in groups with before. A third girl was the girlfriend of one of Jake's groomsman which we both had come very close with and have shared sexual experiences with.

We knew they would be open to it as well. I wasn't so sure about the fourth girl. She was my best friend from high school. We had shared all our thoughts and experiences in high school. She was a very wild girl and loved her sex but I didn't know if she would go for an orgy. Jake thought that all the guys would go for it (go figure guys would want to be in an orgy!). We decided to test the waters by talking to all the wedding party and see what their responses were.

Surprising enough, my best friend from high school was the most excited about the idea. She had met all the groomsmen and didn't want to wait for the wedding night (which was still about two months away) to take part in our "party". She wanted to do it right away. Jake also got very favorable responses from all the groomsmen. I couldn't believe our fantasy might actually come true.

We decided to reserve a suite in the motel where the dance was to be held instead of the honeymoon suite. We went to check out the actual suite, it was perfect.

It had a small kitchen area complete with a full refrigerator, microwave and everything else we needed. There was a large living area with a couple sofas, two large chairs. The bedroom had a large king size bed. The suite was a perfect place for an orgy. At last the big day came. Everything was perfect. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

All us girls got up and were pampered with a spa makeover.

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We all had our hair done together and then it was time for the big ceremony. The wedding went off with not problems at all. We had a couple hours between the wedding and the reception. The wedding party all got into a huge limo and traveled around the country side to the hotel where the reception and dance were to be held.

The alcohol was flowing quite well in the limo. From the behavior of the wedding party, I think some of them were thinking about what was going to happen after to dance. A lot of flirting was going on. Thanks to both my family and Jake's family, the reception was absolutely wonderful. They did so much work on planning, setting up and arranging the big celebration. There were about 300 people that celebrated with us all night long. At 1:00 am, the music DJ quit and the party started to wind down.

Several of the guests sat around and socialized for awhile but around 2:00 am, Jake and I decided to retire to our room. We told all the wedding party that we would be waiting for them and gave them all a big wink. Jake and I went to our room. We had stocked the refrigerator with a lot of beer, wine and anther drinks.

We had some snacks that we put out for people to munch on if they were still hungry. I don't know how they could have been; we had enough food at the reception and dance to feed a small army. We also brought a CD player and a bunch of CDs to play. We put in a mix tape of a bunch of favorite tunes. It wasn't long until the others started to show up. We got everyone a drink, everyone were "feeling quite happy" already. We were all standing around talking when Dave (the best man) started to speak.

He pretended like he was the DJ at the dance but instead of announcing the new couple for their first dance together as man and wife, he announced the new couple for their first fuck as man and wife. Everyone started to cheer us on. The girls started to help me out of my dress while Jake started to take off his tux. It wasn't long until we were both naked in the middle of the room with all the others circled around us.

Dave played a slow song on the CD player.

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Jake and I took each other and started to slow dance in the middle of everyone. All the other started to cheer us on, urging us to start fucking.

Jake wrapped his hands under my ass and lifted my up. I helped by pulling myself up with my arms wrapped around his neck. He started to grind his cock against my crotch.

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He was already hard and I was so damn excited I could hardly stand it. Jake then rubbed his hard cock up and down my already wet pussy, driving my crazy as it slide over my clit. Jake then lifted me so that his cock slipped right into my pussy.

Everyone cheered and applauded as they saw his cock disappear inside me. I started to bounce up and down on his cock, keeping in time with the slow song. The crowd then started to "clink" their beer bottle as they would at the reception to request the new couple to kiss. Instead of a nice little "peck", this time we engaged in the biggest and longest French kiss you ever saw, our tongues exploring each other's mouth.

We really played it up for the audience, all the long; we continued to fuck to the music. We got a lot of cheers and whistles from the crowd. The song ended and then Dave, again acting like the DJ at the dance, said everyone could join the couple on the "dance floor". He told Jake that he couldn't keep me for himself; he would have to share me and let others "dance" with me. I looked around the room and everyone started to remove their dresses and tuxes.

Dave then came up to Jake and tapped him on the shoulder as you would to request a dance from your partner. Dave said to me "may I have this dance?" Jake and I separated and Dave pulled me over to a sofa and laid me down. He started to massage my breasts and run his hands all over my body. I looked around and saw everyone starting to pair up with each other. Jake first paired up with Katie, my best friend from high school. She was the only girl there that he hadn't fucked before.

I guess I didn't need to worry about her. She seemed to be very comfortable with Jake and those two didn't take any time at all to really start getting it on. It didn't take Dave long until he was sucking my clit and playing with my pussy. I was so horny by this time; it wasn't long until I had my first orgasm, of many, for the night. Dave then replaced his fingers with is cock.

He started to pump my pussy with his hard love tool. I told him to fuck me hard, I wanted to nice and hard. He responded by ramming my pussy as hard as he could, pushing his cock as far into me as possible. He had an average size cock but was using it very effectively. He started to play with my clit with his fingers. As soon as he did this, I was thrown into my second orgasm.

I screamed as I came and then felt him shoot his cum inside me. As our orgasm subsided and I gained awareness of our surroundings, I heard a lot of screaming and a lot of dirty talk all around the room. I looked around and everyone was fucking and seemed to all be having a good time. One by one, everyone had an orgasm.

When they were done, we all switch partners and continued on. I was fucked in my ass, my mouth as well as my pussy. I was having such a good time and I think everyone else was as well.

After several hours, things started to slow down. I think all the guys had cum two or three times, and some even four. Everyone was getting more drinks and eating some of the munchies. The guys all sat back to catch their breath and hopefully get a second wind.

I was lying in the middle of the floor, relaxing trying to catch my breath as well. Just then, one of my best friends from college (Jenny) came down to me and started to give me a very passionate kiss.

The guys started to cheer. Her hands started to explore my body. Just then I felt another pair of hands, then another and then another. All four girls were soon gathered around me massaging different parts of my party.


Jenny whispered to me that this is my wedding day so sit back and enjoy. She then slid a finger into my pussy. It had been fucked several times already but still wanted more. Another girl started to work on my clit as the other two paid attention to my tits. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed all the attention from the girls.

I thought I must be in heaven. I felt the girls start to run their tongues over my tits, pussy and clit. Each of them knew exactly how to please me. It wasn't long until I had still another orgasm. I lost track of how many I had that night but I think it is safe to say that I have never had so many before or since. After the girls had thoroughly pleased me, we all laid in a circle, mouth to pussy and started to please each other.

The guys started to cheer us on as we licked and played with each other pussies and clits. This went on for quite awhile. I think the guys were getting a little anxious, I could tell they wanted to have some fun to. After having multiple orgasms, the girls got up and went to get some more drinks.

I remained on the floor as one of the guys (Randy) brought me a beer and said he thought that the guys needed to give me a wedding present just as the girls did. It didn't take long until and all four guys were around me, fondling every part of my body. As they started to do that, Jenny said that the girls needed to give Jake the same wedding present. All four girls took Jake over to a sofa and started to attend to him. The guys took me over to the other sofa and had their way with me.

At one point, one of the guys laid me down on the sofa.

The other guys laid me down on top of him with my back towards him. I felt his cock probing at my ass and then felt him slide into me.

Another guy got on top of me and slid his cock into my pussy from the front. A third jammed his cock in my mouth as the other started to fuck my tits. Now I know I was in heaven. I looked over at Jake and saw him fucking one of the girls as the other three kissed every part of his body. They were taking turns letting him fuck all of them. The guys continue fucking me for what seemed forever. They would switch positions so that everyone could get each of my holes.

Finally one of them came inside my pussy. This seemed to cause a chain reaction that caused them all to cum. One came in my ass, anther in my mouth and one all over my tits, neck and face. We all were totally exhausted. I looked at the clock and it was already after 8:00am. I couldn't believe we had been fucking for that long. We started to fall asleep one by one on the sofas, chairs and floor. We woke up a couple hours later around 11:00. I then remembered that we were to be back home at 1:00 to open gifts.

We quickly got up and started to take showers. As I was showering and washing all the cum off of me and from inside me, I realized I had the cum of all four groomsmen inside me but not the cum of my brand new husband. We had not fucked except for the beginning "dance" and neither of us had an orgasm. I guess that was ok, we have the rest of our lives together to take care of that. We all agreed that was the most exciting wedding night you could have.

It will be something we talk about for years to come. It was a perfect way to cap off an absolutely wonderful day. I'm sure glad we decided to have a "Wedding Orgy".