Granny teaching young boys gay sex stories Blonde muscle surfer

Granny teaching young boys gay sex stories Blonde muscle surfer
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Chapter 3: The Slaver's Courage Eri awoke cramped and sore with the feeling of rough hay beneath her. It was all in her hair and slit as well. She was lucky that she didn't jump to alertness or she would have hit her head on the bars of her kennel. She eased herself into a kneel, leaving her legs apart exposing her sex as a slave kneels.

She wasn't sure from her angle, but it seemed like Mistress Liza's bed was empty and a lamp was lit in the room, brightening it somewhat.

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Certainly her clothes from before were missing. This brought her to a momentary panic until she realized that they wouldn't do her any good anyway. Mistress Liza even said that she wouldn't be giving up eri's disguise. She had no idea what to expect today from the volatile woman, but she knew that it couldn't be good. Some of the men who had used her had been less cruel and humiliating. She chafed against all of this but there was nothing she could do but bide her time for another escape.

She had to somehow get rid of Liza so that she would never come back to the city, voluntarily or involuntarily. Until she thought of something, eri would bide her time.

Mistress Liza—no liza! Eri couldn't allow herself to be so easily dominated that she even thought of the girl in such terms even when she was absent. Liza was correct that this was a much lesser indignity than if she was caught by a man.


She didn't know what happened to escaped slaves but there had to be a reason no one had ever heard of them. She had been sloppy and it cost her the freedom she so desperately craved. The door burst open and eri yelped in sudden panic.

If anyone saw her, then it would be over!

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Liza appeared through the doorway with eri's clothes. She had pulled her hair up into her hat so that the hair color difference wouldn't have been as noticeable especially given that not as many hunters were up at this hour.

Liza came in leading a surprise that made eri scream. It was one of the lodge's hunting dogs. It burst at her kennel with a frenzy, its tongue fully extended and cock erect. She wasn't sure that dogs could smile, but it was definitely smiling as it mauled the kennel with its bulk. Eri hated and feared dogs more than any other humiliation.

She had been taken by men countless times, but she had never been used by a beast, even when she lived in the wild. Liza closed the door behind her and laughed at eri's reaction. She began stripping down quite casually as she watched her slave trying to back into a corner as far from the bloodhound as possible. When Liza had finished stripping down, eri saw a strange cloth covering held up by thongs around Liza's sex.

Liza grabbed the leash of the dog to pull it back from eri somewhat. It looked like it took all the effort of her slim body to hold back the frenzied beast, but it gave eri a chance to think without being in total panic.


Liza said matter-of-factly "think of this as a reminder of your destiny if you are disobedient. I'm going to train you into being my obedient plaything one way or another." Eri couldn't even beg for her mistress to show mercy she was in such paralysis of fear. She could smell the musk of the dog and saw precum dripping down its swinging member. She could see the mad desire in its eyes. The lodge's dogs were trained to smell the sex of girls.

And hers was fresh with dried cum from last night's training. Wait—how did Liza control the dog, eri wondered… Why didn't it savagely rape her over and over? As realization suddenly started to dawn on eri, Liza interrupted her thoughts "yes my slut, how indeed did I figure out how to handle dogs already?" To accentuate this point, Liza released her grip a bit on the leash to rub the dog behind the ears.

"Well my pet, I am just a better Master than you. I should have been the one to infiltrate male society instead of a dumb cunt like you.

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And maybe I will in time, but first I will allow you to continue your charade. Eri looked down at the crotch-covering of Liza and knew that the secret had to be with that cloth.

But how? Her pussy was covered by trousers normally and they still sniffed her out. Well it seemed like Liza wouldn't let her in on the secret just yet. But eri made note that she would have to investigate that cloth later if she ever got the opportunity. But until then she was very nervous about why her Mistress would bring a dog into their training room! Eri was surprised though as Liza's hand dropped down to the thongs at her waist and undid them.

The dog was surprised as well as it suddenly perked up and knocked the slim girl over with its two massive front paws. It was a big dog and her a slim woman so it quite probably outweighed her. When she lay an her backside it tongued her pussy with wild abandon, licking her out like the bitch she was.

Eri couldn't process what was going on. Why was her Mistress purposefully getting fucked by a dog? And was she… moaning? What a slut! Liza's fiery mane of hair bounced about as the dog thrashed her sex with his tongue, giving her a hard and fast tongue-fucking and licking her out thoroughly.

It must have felt so rough and dirty it almost made eri gag to watch. When the dog was satisfied with his licking, he relented for long enough for Liza to rise to all fours and extend her ass in the air like a bitch in heat. He wasted no time in hurtling himself onto her and mounting her. Its member was engorged and slippery with precum so it went smoothly into her sopping cunt. The dog thrust fast and hard, not relenting for a second.

Liza braced herself against the ground with her elbows, using all her strength to keep from toppling under the hundred pound weight of the dog and its heavy thrusts. She was facing the kennel so eri could see her face framed by her beautiful red curls.

Her mouth was in a snarl as she moaned and screamed with pleasure at the manhandling she was receiving. Eri saw her breasts bounce backwards and forward with swinging momentum at each thrust and it made her long to squeeze those supple orbs.

Why was she still thinking of using this woman?

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She held all the cards, and moreover was obviously insane for copulating with a beast on purpose! The pounding lasted a half hour, but it felt like an eternity for eri who couldn't look away from the lurid spectacle.

When it finished, Liza collapsed to the ground covered in sweat and dog cum. She was panting heavily just as her lupine mate did, but her face reflected pure ecstasy. When Liza finally rose from her stupor, she licked and kissed the dog's face, allowing it to lick her face and mouth as well. Eri wasn't sure if this was some kind of kissing, but Liza seemed to enjoy the intimate moment on all fours. Then Liza surprised eri again by inviting the dog to lay on its back so she could lick its cock clean of cum.

This treatment obviously delighted the dog who was used to copulating in such a manner with slave girls so it allowed her to give it the full treatment. After the cleanup, the dog went quietly to a corner of the room and slept. It was only then that Liza finally turned her attention to the awestruck slavegirl in her kennel. Liza opened the kennel door and pulled eri by her brown hair up to her cunt. Eri knew what was expected of her, kneeling so close to the woman's sex, but she was revolted at the idea that she would be forced to clean up dog cum and saliva.

Liza pulled on eri's hair harder and said through shaky breaths "you'd better hurry girly if you want to make it back to the kennel before our friend is ready for more. If he wants more it will be your pussy he ravages." Eri began lapping up the cum like the obedient slut she was after that warning.

Liza's sex smelled musky as before, and had the sickly-sweet smell of a lot of cum, but there was also the faintest hint of something else. Eri had a hard time placing it under the mask of the other scents, but she almost swore she smelled something fragrant like a wild-plant.

She wasn't sure what that was about, but she had no choice but to lick out the other girl's pussy desperately. There was a serious lot of cum draining out of Liza's sex. It took eri seemingly forever to clean her off sufficiently. She kept looking with fear at the dog every time he stirred from his sleep, but that only increased the intensity and desperation in which she licked out her moaning Mistress.

"Very good, slave. You may return to your kennel." Eri was dismissed with a solid pat to her bottom as she crawled away. Never had she so quickly or willingly crawled into a kennel as that moment. Liza made a convincing fake bark at her as she went which caused her to jump and almost hit her head on the way into the kennel. This made Liza laugh uproariously. Liza began redressing, beginning with the loin covering.

Eri didn't know why but she thought it such a shame watching Liza cover up her delectable-looking body. She also didn't quite look as convincing in the outfit as eri. Her long eyelashes and full lips made her feminine charms difficult to hide, even wearing clothes like a man. As she was covering up she said "I'd better bring him back to his cage before he's ready to go again or else you'll have to clean up again.

We only have so much time before morning when I can return him without being seen." And as quickly as she came, Liza slipped out with the dog. Eri was relieved at their departure as she was still in shock from the whole situation. It wasn't long before Liza returned alone though. And it took even less time for her to be out of the clothes. She really must feel constrained in them. Eri could sympathize, but they were her safety so she had learned to deal with them.

Honestly, she even missed them. Liza, being ever astute was quick to address eri about the incident "You'll understand if you ever open up to the experience, darling. There really is nothing like being raped like an animal by an animal. I was once married to a tiger. He was very protective of his property, so I was there for a long time. I got away when he found a new consort and he tired of me, but I'll never forget what it's like.

Also I can't have a Man cock inside me until we have some boundaries figured out, so I thought I'd let a Master who doesn't tell stories use me for a bit. I loved your reaction too, you slut." She told this story with a smile. Obviously, the girl was insane. She continued for a bit "eri, we're both girls.

It's our nature to want to be desired for our bodies. That's why girls even in the wild don't wear clothes. We're just walking fucktoys, so you gotta enjoy the ride at least. It's rare for girls like us to want more. Most girls' spirits are broken and they all-too readily comply with Masters. But today, my pretty slavegirl, we're going to get the more that we're after.

We'll both have plenty of slavegirls of our own, and riches enough to live free and not have to hide who we are. You do want to be able to enjoy your spoils don't you, eri?" "Yes Mistress" eri said noncommittally. She still wasn't convinced that Liza was even sane to begin with. Although she was right about most girls.

Most girls born into captivity were as docile as butter, and even wild girls were usually on the dainty end. It was rare for girls to run about as free spirits without becoming captured by hunters, animals, or monsters. It did seem like the destiny of girls to be enslaved by everyone and everything.

Liza was obviously disappointed by her lack of zeal. She let eri out of the kennel and made her grovel.


She was a pathetic sight. She was naked, shivering, and covered in welts from the whip. "Eri, I need you to build up your spirit for what we're going to do next. I can't have you be this whimpering thing without hope if we're going to make our dreams come true." Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

It was gentle and it was accompanied by a soft voice eri recognized as Daisy's "Hello, Master Aaron I've brought breakfast." Eri freaked out and tried to reach for her clothes or a blanket or anything.

Liza stopped her by grabbing her ankle and pulling her away. She did her best demure voice "My Master wishes you enter, slavegirl." Eri continued scratching along the floor trying to inch toward her clothes but Liza's grip was iron. The door swung slowly open as daisy's soft bare feet easily stepped into the room.

Her enormous boobs were the first either girl saw of the blonde. She held a tray so that it rested mostly on her breasts which jiggled noticeably each step she took into the room.

As daisy entered the room, Liza very swiftly let go of eri and wrapped one hand over daisy's mouth and the other in her cunt. She was lithe and forceful whereas daisy was soft and dainty so she wasn't able to even resist. She tried to call out when she saw Aaron—no eri on the floor, naked and with a collar. "I have a plan to give you your courage back, slaver. I could tell from when she was preparing me that you greatly desire this girl.

So I'm going to let you have her as a man has a woman. That will prepare you for our journey." Eri was quick to catch on to Liza's insane plan and a very large part of her was panting with excitement at the prospect of using and abusing this voluptuous and cute slavegirl.

She couldn't deny the lust that daisy's succulent breasts and wanting pussy erupted in her. She quickly moved over to the toy rack and grabbed a bit gag and some slave cuffs. She worked efficiently to bind and gag daisy who looked at her with confusion and tears streaming down her porcelain face. Eri could see in her blue eyes dazzling with tears that she still hadn't figured out what was going on, but there was also a hint of desire.

Some part of her knew that eri was somehow Aaron and that made her hot with desire. She too daydreamed about Aaron just as eri dreamed about using daisy. Eri bound daisy to the ceiling and floor spread-eagle. This gave her full access to the buxom slave's entire luscious body.

Liza didn't interrupt eri as she ran her hands down the whole length of daisy's body, stopping to squeeze her breasts and ass cheeks and hard. Eri and daisy both were moaning with pleasure the whole time as eri enjoyed the whole of daisy's goods. Eri began talking to the girl too. "it's okay girl. I am still Aaron. I'm still a Master. I'm just also a girl. Does that make sense?" Daisy nodded vigorously.

Her crying became less at that admission. Eri continued "this may be new to you but some girls are also Masters. It's more the clothes than the gender. See I wear clothes most of the time so I'm a Master." The arguments seemed to convince the girl. She was not known for being bright so it wasn't hard for her to accept the paradox obediently. "I am a Master still so you must obey me.

I order you to not call out when I remove the gag." Daisy nodded again. The bound equivalent of a "yes Master". Eri removed the gag. This made daisy cough a bit but she did not call out.

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Instead she looked eri up and down and said "Master you're even more beautiful than I imagined you would be. Please use me, I have longed for the day you would take my virginity." Daisy looked at eri with sudden concern though when she saw the whip marks "Master, you look hurt. It hurts this lowly slut to see a Master treated in such a way. I have never seen you accidentally whip yourself so much when whipping new catches. If there is anything this bitch can do to comfort you, please do with me as you will." Eri almost teared up at how good it felt for this slave of her dreams to fall at her feet so completely.

She gave in then to all of her most primal urges, using daisy as hard as she could. Her fingers slid far into the girl's sopping pussy as they kissed a true lover's kiss. Their tongues wrestled in their mouths, eri greedily thrusting hers deep in eri's mouth. Eri's other hand found its way to daidy's nipple and tugged and twisted and tortured it with abandon, enjoying every sensation from the warm body. Daisy's erect nipples were driving eri crazy so she began to kiss and lick them, still squeezing her supple breast firmly.

She was pleasantly surprised when she tasted milk expressing from the nipple and looked up slyly at her slutty slave. "I thought you said you were a virgin?" eri said meaningfully, wiping breast milk from her chin. "Yes Master. Your slave is a special breed of slave that has milk for Masters and not just babies. Please Master, taste more of my milk. It's all for you!" Eri complied quite willingly, taking long draws from each tit as she kneaded and squeezed them until she had her fill of warm slave milk.

The stuff was creamy and filling. She had to own this slave! "Master, let me pleasure you with my mouth. Being a virgin, I've been trained extensively at sucking off Masters. I should be able to make you feel wonderful." Eri released daisy's cuffs and pushed her down to her knees.

She pulled on her long blond hair and pulled her face right into her cunt, which was the wettest it had ever been. Daisy's tongue felt amazing as it worked eri to the first orgasm she had had since the previous morning. She couldn't believe the squirting she did in the beautiful girl's mouth. Her pink lips drank up all of the cum as it went.

Then daisy offered her mouth for eri to relieve herself in. Eri had never used a slave in such a way, but was eager to try. Daisy eagerly sucked up pee and swallowed every drop. Eri was amazed at her wonderful talent for it and pet daisy's beautiful hair vigorously as reward.

Liza watched that final part with special interest, thinking that she would have to try out daisy sometime soon as well. She ended the couple's reverie when she told eri "we have work to do today. Bring the girl. She's now a witness." Daisy looked at Liza without understanding, but then looked to eri to see what he thought of it, trusting in him as a slave does their Master.

"How would you girls like to go for a walk?" asked eri while putting on her clothes. She couldn't find Liza's loincloth though. She must have hidden it on her way back from returning the dog. Eri would be fine without it though. She always knew how to avoid dogs if she had to. Both girls said at once "yes Master!" Thank you for taking the time to read this to the very end.

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