Setsuna kinoxo dig IT in her

Setsuna kinoxo dig IT in her
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Thank you so much for reading my stories! Feel free to comment rate and message me. I look foward to hearing from you guys! xoxo love__bug i came out of the bathroom devastated. i walked down the long hallway to lloyds room. i opened the door and found lloyd on his bed watching tv. "hey" i said while closing the door. "hey you" lloyd said smiling. i was suprised he didn't hear my moaning while Phil was fucking me in the bathroom. anyway, i took off my towel which exposed my naked body.

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"don't tempt me Erica." he said jokingly. a sexy smile crept up onto my face. I slid on my underwear. lloyd got up from the bed and walked over to me. he grabbed my waist and pulled me in close to him. my naked boobs pressed against his bare chest. we hugged for awhile before he kissed me. our tounges danced around in circles. his hands ran up and down my torso while i kept my hands around his neck. it was finally sinking in; i loved lloyd and that was all there was to it. lloyd grunted; i felt him smile.

i opened my eyes to find his eyes staring right into mine. i giggled. he leaned in and kissed me once more. this time he picked up my right thigh and pulled me even closer to him.

my pussy was grinding on top of his hip bone. i let out a moan. i felt him smile.


he gently bit my lip and pulled away. "i love this." lloyd said pointing to himself and me. "i love you". i said throwing my arms around him again. i kissed his cheek multiple times. i nibbled on the top of his ear, then i slid my tongue down to his ear lobe i sucked it. "uhh" lloyd moaned quietly. I kissed him down to his neck. i gave it one lick, then i began sucking his neck. "that feels so fucking good" he whispered. i smiled.

i walked my fingers down to his basketball shorts and grabbed his balls. lloyd let in a gasp. i massaged his balls while sucking on his neck. his head tilted back. my lips departed from his neck. "you like that baby? you want me to play with your balls?" a slight smile appeared on his face . i then continued to suck on his neck.

my hand let go of his balls and found the top of his shorts. i slid my hand inside his shorts and outlined his cock through his underwear. i felt him tense up. "relax baby relax" i whispered. my hand reached the top of his underwear. i reached in and put my hand around his cock. "mhmm fuckk" lloyd moaned. i shoved his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. i continued sucking his neck while i worked my hand up and down his cock. "uhhhh, yes baby yes" lloyd moaned." my nipples became exceptionally hard as well as his dick.

"i want you to lay on the bed for me" i said. lloyd obeyed. he laid on his back, with his cock sticking up in the air. I got on the bed and climbed on top of him to face his cock. (69 position) i bent over giving him full access to my pussy. "take these panties off" he said pulling them down and off of me. i bent over again and flicked my tongue over the head of his dick.

lloyd grabbed my hips and pulled my pussy alittle closer to his mouth. he spread out my ass cheeks and licked my ass hole.

"ohh FUCKK" i scram. "shhh, Phil is here" lloyd said. he continued licking my ass while i sucked his dick. i worked my hand up and down his dick while sucking the tip. lloyd inserted two fingers in my pussy. "yess, oh my god" i moaned. with his other hand, he found my clit and rubbed it in circles fast.

i let go of his cock and I sucked him up nice and slow. ever since I sucked Lloyds cock for the first time, I started using a banana to practice deepthroating. now was a perfect time to out those practices into a reality. I started from the head; and his cock went in my mouth deeper and deeper each time. i focused so hard not letting my teeth grind on his dick I didn't know he slipped another two fingers in my cunt.

"ohh fuck baby YES right there!" after my loud moan, I began trying to deepthroat once more. finally got his whole dick into my mouth.

"OHH MY FUCKING GOD UHHH" lloyd grabbed all the pillows on his bed and his hips bucked up and down. my mouth escaped his dick and his load exploded on to my chest. "oh my god baby" he moaned. i sat up and i hovered my pussy above lloyds face. he pulled me closer and sucked my clit. "ohh fuck yes." i moaned. i didn't give a fuck if Phil could hear. i sequeezed my boobs as i felt my body tense.

lloyd finger fucked me with three fingers until my cum came dripping down his fingers. i kissed him passionately.

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"i love you so much baby" i said. "i love you too Erica" I got off of him and walked over to his closet and picked out another t shirt of his to wear. i put it on, and snuggled in bed with him. i lay on his chest. "youre spending the night?" lloyd asked. "yeaah, i told my mom i was spending the night over Karlas house, so i get to spend all night with you!" i said rubbing his stomach.

he smacked my ass. "someone is being a bad girl!" Lloyd teased. "I'm sorry daddy. i just needed your dick. i can't live without it." i said.

lloyd smiled and kisssed my forehead. he eventually went to sleep. i was still awake resting on his chest. i got up and went to the bathroom to pee. i flushed the toilet and washed my hands. as i turned the water off, i heard footsteps coming towards me.

"hey stranger". shit it was Phil. "what do you want Phil?" i asked. he walked in the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

"you." he said grabbing my ass. "fuck off." i said. he blocked my way. "hey, just hear me out. please?" he said desperately.

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"fine." i said. " Erica when i saw you and my brother together, it hurt me" "Why were you hurt? how hurt do you think lloyd would be if he found out?" "Erica just listen .i was hurt because you and I both know that Lloyd can't do half of the shit that I did with you." Phil stepped closer to me and his mouth came close to my ear. "like when i picked you up in my arms and fucked you. bet he can't do that." i felt his minty warm breath on my neck. "how about when i licked your pussy while finger fucking almost came on my fingers.

or when you watched me fuck you through the mirror. my dick going deep inside your pussy. in. and out." Phil ran his hands down my torso. my eyes were closed now, and i bit my lip so Phil couldn't hear me moan. &he was right; he was WAY better at pleasing me than lloyd. "baby look at you; your eyes are closed.

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i know you want me Erica. and i want you. and when we both agree to want each other; fuckk. our sex would be heaven on fucking earth." he kissed me on my neck. "my room is always open". he whispered. with that he vanished into the darkness.


i couldn't help but to be turned on. everything Phil did was sexy, and i know he can fuck me better than lloyd. but lloyd was my boyfriend; i could never betray him like that ever again. my cunt tingled and twitched in dire need for Phils cock in me.

i crawled back into bed with lloyd and tried to get some sleep. i tossed and turned but i could not keep my eyes shut! i sat up on the bed. i heard the door creek open. "can't sleep?" someone said. "Phil?" i said.

"the one and only!". he said. i got up and walked over to him. "what now Phil? i whispered. Phil took a deep breath. "i can't stop thinking about you.and that sweet cunt." my stomach churned.

"Phil I can't do that. I love your brother." Phil smiled at my comment.

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"I knew you would say that. but you also love the way i fuck you." "Phil stop it." i said sternly. he got closer to me. "and i also could tell Lloyd about our little secret." he threatened. my head fell into my hands.

i really wanted Phil, but i couldn't bare the guilt id have to live with. "Look i don't want to force you to fuck me but." ,"fine I'll do it." i said finally. Phil smiled. his perfect white teeth gleamed in the darkness. Phil reached in for a hug. i as i walked into his embrace, i felt his abs press up against mine. Phil rubbed my back before he gave my butt a nice slow squeeze. "mmm." i moaned "you like that baby?" phill whispered. He broke off the hug then grabbed my hand and guided me to his bedroom.

as i entered his room i got so turned on for some reason.


the minty fresh smell, the organization.everything. Phil got on his knees and shoved my thong down. he spread my legs so he could see my pink opening. he slipped two fingers in me slowly. "mmm". he slowly penetrated me with his fingers he took his fingers out. phill showed me his drenched fingers. "damn, youre already wet." i smiled. he opened my pussy lips. i let in a loud gasp. Phil chuckled, and gently rubbed my cunt with his index finger.

"mmm. yes" i moaned. Phil flicked out his tongue and licked my pussy lips. he put my leg on his shoulder so he could have more access. i braced myself for i knew i would orgasm any second. he sucked on my clit.

"shit ohh fuck" Phil, got up and kissed my lips. "ride me baby" he pulled his pants down and revealed his humongous cock again.

it was huge! i knelt down. i grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. my head bobbed up and down. "yess Erica. dont stop." i could easily deepthroat lloyds dick, but this was a challenge. with every try, Phil moaned louder.

i licked and sucked on his tip. Phils head tipped back. "shiiit." Istood up and pushed him onto his bed. and i soon followed. i climbed on top of him and stared at his beautiful body. i grabbed his dick and pulled it towards my opening. i finally slide it in. "ohh my fucking god" Phil and I said in unison. "you're so fucking tight" phil said as i jumped up and down on his dick. "youre so fucking big!" i said still riding him.

his cock was huge. we fucked in every position possible. after i cummed and orgasm on his cock while riding him, Phil pushed me off of him and picked me up. with my arms around his neck, and my legs around his torso, Phil inserted his dick in me. my back was against the wall now. my tities flew everywhere including Phils face while he fucked me deep. "fuck, baby yess. give it to me". i moaned. He was fucking me so good, my crossed feet around his stomach started to separate.

Phil grabbed me around my thighs and butt and lifted me up and down on his.arms, as if he was lifting dunbells. his muscles flexed, and his veins popped out. "dammn baby" Phil grunted. "ohh fuck shit your soo.deep.YES." my head tilted backwards.

I was about to cum. Phil sped up his pace. "OHH MY GODD FUCK" we moaned in unison. my hips bucked up and down, as phill cum bolted in me. Phil was so beautiful. i looked into his eyes and kissed him gently. he still held me in his arms while we kissed.

after our kiss broke, he put me down to my feet. i stood there naked, with my body pressed up against Phils.

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i put my arms around him, with my head on his chest . "Erica." Phil whispered. "Yes?" I responded looking up into his eyes. "I need to have you." he said still whispering.

i smiled at the fact that Phil was actually being serious for once . "that's crazy." i said smiling. there was a long pause. "call it crazy or anything you want, but I need you to be mine". Phil said lustfully.