Jerk your cock and bust your load all over yourself JOI

Jerk your cock and bust your load all over yourself JOI
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"I mean, come on! You and I both know we ain't supposed to be doing this kind of shit," the first voice argues. "Yeah, and? We've done it before! What's stopping you now," the second voice questions back with some malice laced into the words. "I don't want this anymore. I'm not even sure I'm into this kind of stuff," the first voice says. "You know you're the only one that can get me going," the other voice pleads into the dimly lit room, only illuminated by the ray of sunlight.

A moment goes by before there's anything else said. "No.


I won't I can't do this with you," the first voice finally contends. "Why the fuck do they sound similar," Avery whispers in my ear, sending hair-raising chills down my spine. "Because," I whisper back, "they're related." I can sense Avery's confusion. That's right. That's Johnie Mae and Bobby Mac. I raise up slightly and make the figures out.

Yupp, that's them alright. They're so pale they reflect the sunlight. "Look, I just need my pussy fucked, and you're the only one that can do it right! What's so hard to understand about that, Bobby," Johnie pleads. "Okay, fine, whatever. This is the last time I ever do this, you hear me? I fucking hate you," Bobby meekly says, unsure of himself. "Good, I like it rough," Johnie giggles, happy that she gets her way once again with Bobby.

Bobby steps back from Johnie and sighs. I feel so bad for him. Had I known things were like this I would have stepped in. He holds his hand out with a bored expression on his face. "Got a rubber, bitch?" She leans in. "Let's do it raw," Johnie whispers seductively. Bobby twists his face up and steps back again. "NO!", he yells, just catching himself, "Don't be a gross tramp." "Okay, okay, fine," She says, pulling a glow-in-the-dark condom out of her bra.

Johnie steps up to Bobby and kisses his neck, attempting to unbutton his shirt. He pushes her away and she falls on her ass with a faint thud. You can see right up her sundress. "Her panties are nice," Avery whispers in my ear. I shake my head and continue to watch. "None of that sissy shit, slut. Just get on your knees and get me wet," he says, slightly agitated. Johnie wipes a spec of spit from her face and immediately gets on her knees.

Then she begins to unbuckle his belt. After successfully getting it open, she works the button open and then the zipper. In one swift motion she tugs his pants and underwear down, beholding her prize with wide eyes. "So that's what his cock looks like," I nonchalantly whisper to Avery.

He looks over at me with a raised eyebrow. His cock isn't thick. Long and skinny actually. You can tell it has a fat head on it. Kind of like a mushroom and uncut. I like the fact that he keeps the hair trimmed but not cut all the way off.

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Johnie pulls the skin back, exposing the rose colored head. She licks tenderly at the slit, eliciting an approving moan from Bobby.

She goes for his balls, taking one in her mouth and sucking on it, while stroking Bobby's hardening dick. He throws his head back and puts his hands on his hips.


She goes for both at the same time, swirling her wide tongue around the sac while Bobby looks down, wanting to protest. "Damn bitch, I said get me wet, not give me a ball job," He says in-between breaths.

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She smirks and takes his entire cock down her throat, not missing a beat. He rocks his hips back and forth. The only sounds in the room are his balls patting her chin and her trying not to gag. "I don't give a fuck if they're related, this shit is kind of hot," Avery says.

It's my turn to give him a weird look. Bobby hands Johnie the condom and she tears at it while sucking away. When she gets it open, she puts it on the tip on his bobbing cock and rolls it down the length with her mouth, deep throating him again. Damn that bitch is good. She lays back on the floor and puts her legs up. Bobby kneels down and pushes the bottom of her dress around waist. Holding the crotch of her underwear to the side, he eases himself into her pussy.

She lets out a low moan and grabs her tits, giving them a tight squeeze. He continues to go deeper, not yet pulling out for his first stroke.

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How deep is the bitch's cooch?? He pulls out after what seems like a minute or two and goes in again, taking his time.

She's already breathing hard. "I forgot how deep you go, baby," she huffs. "Shut up, bitch," Bobby says flatly. After giving her a few test strokes, out of no where he begins to plow her roughly, making slapping noises. Me and Avery look at each other and smile. "Would you do a certain person like that," Avery asks under his breath.

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I smirk. "You know I have a boyfriend, right?" I question back. "I stand by my question," he says, winking at me and we turn our attention back to the scene. Bobby is fucking her so hard her tits are rolling around in circles while she has her arms flailed about on the floor.

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Her pussy lips look like they want to flip inside out. "I can appreciate a neon pink pussy," Avery giggles. "Ewh," I shoot back almost too quickly. The twins are moaning so loudly we can't be heard.

In no time Bobby makes his final stroke hard and unforgivingly.

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She coos into the room like her pussy had just been slapped while Bobby pulls out slowly. Strands of cunt juice rope off of his condom as he removes himself from her. "Let that be the last time you ever come on to me," he says to her getting up and heading to the office. "Yeah, yeah," she says, rubbing her pussy while getting up.

Bobby comes back out wiping his junk off. "Need a tissue?" Bobby asks Johnie, sounding like he didn't care. She shakes her head and gets situated. Bobby stuffs the tissue into the condom, ties it up and wraps it in another tissue. Without another word, they're out of the door. The stench of fresh sex was in the air. "Let;s get the fuck out of here," I say to Avery, "the smell of pussy makes me sick." - - - - - - - - - - - - - I hate study hall but Stacy makes the most of it.

She's sitting here applying makeup as I bounce an orange Tic-Tac on the end of my pencil. I see Brad slip in and take his seat up towards the front of the class. I send him a message on BBM. Link: Sooo. hi. Brad: Supp. L: Bored. Come sit with me. He looks back at me and Stacy. B: I think I'll pass. L: Booooo.

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Why? B: I need to get my work done. L: I can help you with it? B: I can do it myself.

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L: &hellip. k. I look up at Brad as he pulls a book and folder out of his bag. I roll my eyes and get Stacy's attention. "You don't have to tell me, I already know what you're going to ask. Yes, he seems to be acting strange. No, I don't know why. Oh and this is Coral Blue eye shadow," Stacy shoots off. Damn. I lean back and begin bouncing a red Tic-Tac on my pencil again, this time actually trying to see how long I could keep it up.

"I see what you did there," Stacy says, looking up from her mirror. She looks amazing. "Huh?" I ask, not exactly knowing what she was talking about. "You were agitated earlier with the orange one, now that you're mad it's red.


Next time, try to be a little more bold with your symbolism," Stacy says before going back to her makeup. I huff and look at the ceiling. The bell rings before too long and Brad shoots out of his seat, leaving me and Stacy behind.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - I get home and go to my room, locking the door behind me. I'm tired. Not physically but mentally. I need a break. For spring break in a few weeks, I think I'll just have a stay-cation. I sit down on my bed and look out of the window at Carter's house. His curtains are open and I can see his bed. I remember when we would flash lasers at each other in the middle of the night. After a few minutes I see Carter get in his bed, shirtless.

Then I see another boy get in on top of him. Is that.? NAH! Couldn't be! I grab my phone and check the tracking app I downloaded on Brad's phone. 270 yards directly ahead. Funny, Brad lives almost 2 miles away from me, where he oughta fucking be! All of hell was about to break lose. I get up and change into a yellow tank top, some black basketball shorts, my orange skater shoes and my dad's ruby class ring. My heart is beating too damn hard and I swear it's trying to climb out of my throat.

All I can see is red at this point. I fly down the stairs and start heading towards Carter's house. I hope Carter and Brad are on good terms with their makers, because I'm about to send them to 'em!

It's about to be a bunch of slow singing and flowing bringing!