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Cap of amateur free models
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We both awoke to the sound of the door to the lecture hall opening. I bolted awake, my first thought wondering where the hell we were, and my second being that we'd slept until classes started the next morning.

I looked down to the door, to see a thin, brown haired girl walk in. She saw us and froze. For several seconds we stared back and forth until finally she started stammering, trying to say something.

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Eventually she turned around and started to leave. "Two AM is a weird time to be frequenting the lecture halls," I said looking at my watch. She paused and turned around. "An even weirder time to be visiting alone with only a purse and a blanket." I added.

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"Come here for a little solo fun?" Finally a response. She nodded. "Care for a little more?" Another nod. "Clean me up, and I'll help you out." That came from Ellie. The girl perked up at this news. Evidently the body of my girlfriend offered far more than I. She ascended the stairs, getting a closer look now, I could see she was skinny, brown haired, A or B cup breasts probably, think Sandra Bullock with a more aquiline, though still cute face.

She wore a (form fitting, not tight) black, blue and yellow striped shirt and sweats. Easy in, easy out. Ellie stood, grabbed her waistband and pulled her closer, kissing the smaller, thinner girl on the neck. The girl relaxed slightly as her eyes rolled back in her head and my lovers tongue worked its way downward.

Soon the shirt was off, and Ellie was pushing the girl to her knees. She paused when she saw the cum still dripping from Ellie's pussy, but Ellie's strong arms pulled her head in. Timid at first, the girl quickly got used to the mixed tastes of Ellie and I, and began licking furiously.

Ellie was already whimpering with pleasure as my juices were soon all lapped up, and hers were being attacked. I moved behind the girl and unclasped her bra. She let it slide down her arms onto the floor. Then, I pulled her arms behind her back and before she knew what was happening, had cinched her off at the wrists.

She began to struggle and scream, but Ellie held her head tightly, eliminating the chance for any real noise to be made. I pulled out the vibrator that was both so evil and so divine, turned it on and, sliding hands under her sweatpants, held it fast to the girls clit. She immediately spasmed, then began struggling a little less. When her eyes began to roll back in her head, I clicked it off.

She let out muffled yelps of disappointment and anger. "If you're good, you get some more. Okay?" She nodded, face still smothered in Ellie's shaved pussy. Ellie and I hauled her to her feet, and I slid her sweatpants down. She had a small pussy with all but a thin landing strip shaved. Ellie pulled some nipple clamps out of the bag and attached them to the girl's small A-cup breasts. The girl immediately began to whimper. Ellie grabbed the vibrator, and soon the whimpering turned to moaning.


Ellie clicked it off, disappointing the girl once more, and lowered her to her stomach. She tied the girl's ankles together, but spread her knees with a small spreader-bar.

Handing the vibrator off to me and freeing her of the clamps, she sat spread-legged in front of the girls face. She immediately went to work licking Ellie, while I attacked her with the vibrator from behind. Both girls after a short period of time began to moan.

The lesbian was apparently very skilled, as a look washed over Ellie's face that I'd only seen in our most intense moments. The girl started to struggle against her bonds, and I knew an orgasm was on the way.

A few minutes later, she stopped her licking and started to scream. I held the vibrator fast to her pussy, as she moaned her way through what had to be her first bound orgasm. When she finished, and started to relax, panting heavily, Ellie brought her back to earth, pulling the girls lips to her pussy once more. Ellie started moaning louder and thrusting into the girls licks.

I grabbed the vibrator and added it to the fun. The reaction was instantaneous. Ellie began to scream as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. I allowed her to rest a little bit as I cleaned the vibrator and put it away. Ellie recovered quickly and cut loose the girl's leg bonds.

She pulled her back to her knees and sat me down in one of the chairs. "You're a lesbian aren't you?" The girl nodded ever so slightly.

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"Answer me, slut! No straight girl licks like that." "Yes," was all the girl managed to say. "Ever suck a cock?" Ellie asked her. The girl reacted as though she'd been slapped. "No," she finally answered. "Want to?" Ellie continued as I started slowly stroking mine.

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"No," the girl replied. This time she really had been slapped. Ellie asked her again. "Yes," came the defeated reply.

Ellie grabbed the girl's nipples and pulled causing her to scream. "Yes," came a far more enthusiastic reply. Ellie pushed the girl towards me, until she was kneeling right in front of me between my legs. Ellie pulled up a chair directly behind the girl and grabbed her head, pushing it towards my cock. I stopped stroking and slid my hand off to the side, spreading my legs slightly wider.

Finally, Ellie had pushed to the point where the girl could do nothing but wrap her lips around me and begin her service. When her tongue first tasted my dick, her face was one of disgust, but it slowly relaxed into a more accepting, even intrigued look.

She could take barely more than an inch of me before starting to gag, and didn't quite have the rhythm down, but watching Ellie force this girl to service me was getting me horny nonetheless. However, several minutes later, it became apparent that I probably wasn't going to cum. Ellie pulled the girl of me and pushed her to the side. "See how it's done," she boasted, taking the entirety of me in her mouth.

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My bored dick, snapped back to attention. Ellie worked me nice and slow, all the way down my shaft, and all the way up, making sure things were nice and wet. She caressed my balls with her delicate hands as she worked, quickly working me into a horny craze. Slowly her pace increased, her tongue strokes becoming faster and harder. Finally she worked just my head, going up and down very fast, her tongue trying to will the cum out of me.

Minutes later it worked as I began shooting stream after stream into her mouth. Ellie moaned as the first drops of warm cum hit her tongue, and serviced me until the last drop fell.

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After swallowing my generous load, she made sure to clean every inch of my cock with her tongue. Finally Ellie's attention returned to our companion. She grabbed one of our smaller, cheaper vibrators, one we could stand to part with, and after clicking it on, shoved it into the girl's pussy.

Her clit would go un-pleasured, but it would hammer away at her g-spot. Grabbing a roll of duct tape, Ellie put several strips over the girls pussy, and went around her waist again and again.

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When Ellie was done, the girl sported full duct-tape granny-panties, and was rolling on the floor moaning at the tortuous touch of the vibrator. Ellie even went as far as to cut the girl's hands loose. She made a few attempts to stand, but parts of her decided that the ground was the best place to be. Her fingers clawed at the duct tape, and by the time Ellie and I had packed up and were starting to leave, she had loosened an end, but it was still going to be several minutes before she freed herself.

Ellie and I grabbed our things and left the girl to her agonizing pleasure.