Morena do cuzao levando pica no rabo

Morena do cuzao levando pica no rabo
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My kind readers, I apologize for such a hiatus. I hope this tale makes it up to you! Little Red Riding Hood The creepy story parents tell their children growing up about some little girl in a red cloak and a scary wolf that pretends to be her grandmother because he - ahem - eats her, is wrong.

It's dead wrong, for one, to tell children about a grandmother being eaten in any way whatsoever, physical or innuendo. And second, I'm Little Red, and the bastards totally messed up my story. Let me set the record straight. My name's actually Lily, but I'm 5' 1" and have dark auburn hair that I tuck under my favorite red hoodie, so I've earned the nickname Little Red.

Yes, they got the hood part right. I'm not a little girl, I'm actually perfectly legal in all respects, though barely.

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No, I wasn't going to visit grandma, I lied. I told my mom that because I was going to fool around with my boyfriend and then go see my friend Molly. Yes, I lied, okay? Get over it. That's what happens when you have to come home from college for the summer and mum and pops can't accept their little girl likes to fu--… well you know what I mean. That's the real story. The End. What?


Yes, there was a wolf. No, not that kind of wolf. What the hell type of story are you looking for?? … Fine, I'll tell the whole thing from the beginning. At least the story will finally be corrected. I woke up on Saturday around 10. I had just had an amazing dream. My boyfriend, a park ranger (No, he wasn't a huntsman, where the hell do people get this shit from?), was working not far from my home, and my dream had made me insanely horny. Let's just say it involved me bent over a stump and getting thoroughly in touch with nature.

I got dressed quickly - a white tank top, jean-mini skirt, and my red hoodie - and pulled on my knee high black combat boots to make it through the woods. While getting dressed, I can hear the news on the television that my parents have on in the other room: "Police are reporting a large uptick in home invasions of woman who are living by themselves.

Though the victims have been cooperating with police, the police noted that the calls to dispatch always originate from neighbors who reporting strange, loud noises coming from the residences. We have here a composite sketch of a man, nicknamed by police as The Wolf, seen leaving these residences, and if you see this man, do not engage with him in any manner. Please call the police immediately at -" My eyes are glued to the television screen, so I start when it's turned off suddenly.

"Oh, sorry, honey, didn't realize you were watching that!" my mom says. "Headed somewhere?" "Yea, it's okay, mom. I'm just going to go visit grandma really quickly. I know she'd like someone to help her out with her iPad syncing issues." "That's really sweet of you!

I'm sure she'll be happy to see you. Be home for supper!" I grimace inwardly. It's totally like being 10 again, but worse because, well, I'm not 10! But then again, I'm also not stupid enough to turn down home cooking. Gotta get the calories to keep this athletic, toned body running, right?

Where was I? Oh yeah, so that Wolf guy. He was fucking hot.


Broad shoulders, dark hair that was just long enough for me to grab and tug, and I'm betting a huge … ego to match. Ah well. I walk down the street into the large park that separates our house from Molly's apartment.

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It's a good mile to 2 miles wide, and it's pretty dense in some parts. Luckily, I've taken this route a number of times. I continue deeper, knowing I have only a few more feet before I reach where I promised to meet Peter.

I see our clearing and take a seat on the stump that made itself a main focal point in my dream. Waiting for Peter, I can't help but get a little impatient. Five minutes is way too long when a girl's already raring to go! I can't help but slide my fingertips up my thighs, tickling the delicate skin there before teasingly dragging them between my legs. I'm so turned on it hurts, and I begin to rub harder and faster through my panties, anticipating Peter's imminent arrival.

I get close to cumming, but try hard to hold out for Peter. A rustle in the bushes interrupts my playing. I stop, listening. Nothing. "… Peter?" Still nothing. A few seconds later, I hear obvious footsteps, and see Peter enter our clearing.

His blonde hair shines in the sun, and his green eyes go straight to my hand that hasn't moved from between my legs. "Started without me, huh?" "Couldn't help it, babe," I say, grinning. He kneels by the stump and pulls me towards him. Pulling my red mesh boyshorts to the side, he begins to lick me. Well, tries to.

Peter, for all his other talents, cannot eat a pussy to save his life. Sure, it feels good, but I'm not about to cum on his face from his haphazard flicks. To distract him from his futile task, I pull him up to his feet and sit him on the stump.

Taking his 7 inch cock out of his pants, I begin to show him what real tongue action is. I slowly lick up his shaft, rubbing my tongue against the underside of the head of his dick. Sucking greedily on the head, I work my hands up and down the length, reaching to play with his balls to earn extra moans of approval. His hips flinch up into my mouth; he's not big on lasting long when I suck his cock. Taking his entire length into my mouth, I let the tip hit the back of my throat, and slowly suck my way back up to the top.

"AAaahhhhhh FUCK YES," he groans, his hands tightly wound in my hair. I feel him cum - two, three shots - and then he relaxes back on the stump, completely satisfied. I consider how long I have to be polite before demanding my own pleasure. "Perhaps I should just start playing by myself again," I wonder. Then, I hear his radio buzz.

"Ranger 741, come in." "Shit!" he mutters, pulling his pants almost back up. "Ranger 741 to headquarters." "We've got reports of the home invasion suspect being on the North end of the park. We're requesting all rangers to report for the manhunt." "Got it. On my way." He stands and zips up quickly.

I sit in disbelief. "Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I'm so fucking hor-" He covers my mouth. "I know. Horny. Go to Molly's. I'll meet you there after work. They've got eyes on this guy at the other end of the park. Just get there quick and text me when you're there so I know you're okay." I sulk.

Pout. Not so adult, but hell, everyone has their moments. He takes off in the other direction, and I begin the few minutes walk to Molly's apartment. Molly's my best friend since grade school.

We're damn near sisters. In fact, we always joke if we had to be in a threesome, we'd pick each other because we at least know each other's skill level. Not through experience!- just through talking to one another about our escapades. Her building is brand new, and she's the only person on her floor until the other apartments are rented.

I wish I had the money to move next door, I think, as I ascend the stairs to her apartment. Considering my current living situation, it may be worth the money to move out. Maybe I could talk Peter into- I reach Molly's floor and feel my ears twitch at the sounds coming down the hallway. Moaning, but not "HELP I'M DYING" moaning.

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More like, "OH GOD DON'T STOP" moaning. "Mmmmmmm oohhhh yesss. Ohhh fuck.

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FUCK YESSSS." As I get closer, I realize it's definitely Molly. We shared a dorm our first year of college. Trust me, I know how the girl sounds when she's getting off.

Figuring she has a gentleman caller, I prepare to wait outside. I notice, though, that the door to her apartment is ajar. Well, that's weird. They've must've been so horny they forgot to close the door. I grab the door handle and something makes me stop.

For being so horny, they sure didn't leave a trail of clothes. And the door handle seems a little scratched up… I walk in and softly close the door.

If it is just a gentleman caller, I'll know his face. Molly's not that big a slut that I don't know who she's got in rotation. Crawling, I make my way down the hall to her bedroom, where the noises are coming from.

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The door's cracked slightly, and I can see the bottom edge of her bed. She's laying spread eagle on her back, tits pulled out of her bra, shorts pulled aside, and a dark head between her legs - judging from the sounds she's making, he's doing a damn good job.

I watch, entranced. I figure, well, the longer I watch, the more likely I'll be able to ID the guy as, "That guy from the subway with hipster shades," or "that guy from the bar who had a huge dick and a tattoo on his -" The guy looks up at her, watching her pleasure as he runs his tongue up the length of her pussy.

That's… that's not anyone I know. Or it is, but it's. it's the Wolf. The guy from the news. His shirtless back ripples with muscle, his biceps bulge with the hours he's spent in the gym (or perhaps just holding down wildly flailing woman against his mouth) fingers gently grasping her writhing thighs as he sucks like a leech to her glistening cunt. She grinds her pussy against his lips, "YES YES YES OHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKKK." I can't help myself.

I know, I know I should've called the cops, but can you really blame me? My hot friend is getting eaten out - and damn well, I might add - by an equally hot, though possibly criminal, guy. I kneel on the floor, eyes stuck on the scene in front of me. My hands wander between my legs and find the soaking wet spot Peter failed to satisfy earlier. Rubbing the mesh against my clit, I feel my breathing change.

My eyes become heavier as I feel my nipples harden in my red bra. My juices are leaking between my fingers, I feel myself getting closer, my breathing become more ragged and judging by the sudden silence I hear, a little louder than I anticipated.

It takes two strides for the Wolf to cross the room from the bed to the door. Caught like a deer in the headlights, I freeze. A huge bulge, at perfect suck height, is in my face, but it's attached to a wanted man who has my friend's cum smeared across his face.

He stands there, not moving, taking in the glint of light that reflects from my shiny fingers, still trapped outside of my begging pussy. I see his hands move in my peripheral vision.

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I don't dare move, I barely breath. Molly is passed out on the bed, obviously spent from whatever insane climax he's just given her. He seems pretty pissed to have been left out. A zipper comes down. I hear each metal tooth as it slides apart. A massive cock appears before me. Easily 9 inches or more and as thick as my wrist.

If I could come just from seeing it, I would've. He steps just barely forward. Nothing's forcing me to cross the mere inches that separates us, not even his hands that are gently wrapped in my long hair. He doesn't push, just waits. It's like he knows I can't resist. I wrap my lips around the head, and slide forward, taking as many inches as possible into my warm mouth. He groans, a low, guttural sound, as I slide my hands up to grab his ass and pull him deeper.

"Yesss." he hisses, and begins to pull out. I hold him close, so he laughs, "Like that dick, don't you, you cute thing?" He begins to move his hips, fucking my mouth gently at first, trying to fit more into its wet warmth.

I lap down the length of his shaft, my right hand gently massaging his balls. He groans again, his movements becoming faster, one of his hands dropping down to tweak a hard nipple that he pushes past my bra to find. I slide my hand down to my pussy, determined to finally cum, but he stops moving, and snatches my hands above my head.

Trapping them against the door jam, he resumes his fucking, his right hand alternating between cradling the back of my head and sliding down the side of my face to tweak and caress each tit. He licks his thumb and forefinger, then reaches to tease each nipple to full hardness, which isn't hard to do now that he's pulled my top and bra down below my breasts. He slides his fingers up and down each one in the rhythm of his fucking. My pussy is now so turned on just the slightest breeze could send me over the edge.

I feel his balls contract, and he releases my hands, both of his going to tug on my nipples that he's teased to extreme hardness. He tugs as he cums, a growl escaping his lips as his pumps his seed into my mouth. I grab his ass to keep him deep in my throat, swallowing greedily.

I don't have time to sit back and relax my tired knees. He scoops me up over a shoulder and carries me to the bed. Molly is still out, so he shoves her up towards the headboard and over, placing me with my knees bent over the end of the bed, my ass nearly hanging off. I shiver, anticipating his tongue, but I feel something around my wrists. A necktie - I recognize it as one of the many Molly keeps for this oddly similar purpose- is wrapped around my wrists and tied to others that link it to the post of the bed.

Another goes around my eyes, and I suddenly become fearful he's going to hurt me for seeing his face. The room is silent. My pussy pulsates, still wanting his wet, hot tong- "OH GOD!" I scream out as I feel him make contact.

It's exactly as I envisioned, flat against my clit and gently rubbing back and forth, granting the sweet pleasure I've been craving.

The tip flicks beneath my clit to tease my wet hole, leaking more juice that I can ever remember making for anyone, let alone Peter. He then slides the entire length into me, pulling out just long enough to circle my lips, flicking my throbbing button before thrusting again and again into my tight depths.

I'm trembling with pleasure, my legs wrapped tight around his head, moaning unintelligible syllables, "OOhhhffuckkkyeahgawddontstopooohhhhhhfffuckkkkkYESYESYESYES." He begins to suck on my clit, trapping the little nub between his wet lips and sliding a thick finger into my sweet hole, refusing to let go for all of my bucking. His left hand rubs my breast, his fingers rubbing my nipple like it was a little clit he was trying to jerk off. I cum hard - "YES OH FUCK YESSSSS" and realize his hips are slapping against the bed as he can't resist the fucking motion, so turned on by my delicious taste.

He rips the tie from my eyes, and I blink in the sudden brightness. He looms over me, his abs flexing in exertion as he pants, his dick pulsing with desire. I spread my legs wide, and shake my hips, teasing and taunting.

He watches my lewd display, my gaping cunt luring him into probably more than he bargained for. He then grins, an idea forming his head. He gently flips my friend Molly onto her stomach, and tied like me, he gently maneuvers her hips - right over my face. She smells like great sex, and though I try to turn my head, I can't escape her mound against my cheek.

I hear him laughing as I struggle, and feel the head of his cock teasingly poke nether lips. I turn my head and my lips are trapped against her sweet smelling clit. I wiggle them, telling myself I'm just trying to see if she's still alive. I hear a faint moan, and her hips grind gently once against my soft mouth.

As if to reward me, I feel the head of his dick enter the very beginning of my pussy. He groans at the tightness, and I can almost hear him wondering if he can hold out against my tightness.

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I wiggle my lips again, and Molly groans, her hips flexing again against my mouth. I slide my tongue out, and take a quick lick of her clit. She moans, and grinds harder against my tongue. As he sees my tongue flick her hole between her legs, the Wolf pushes his massive cock into my waiting pussy. It causes me to moan, which makes me open my mouth wider and causes more of Molly pussy to be engulfed in my warm lips.

She moans in conjunction and begins to hump my wet lips. I slide what I can of my tongue into her hole, her clit rubbing my lips and tongue in rhythm of the giant cock that slides in and out of my aching pussy. He speeds up fucking me, and I can feel every sweet inch of friction tease my wet lips. I feel another wet tongue join mine against Molly's delicious cunt, and a large finger works its way into her throbbing pussy.

She groans and grinds against our tongues, mine trapped against her clit as she rides the Wolf's finger.


His thumb circles my clit in reward and pinches each nipple when the thought crosses his mind Trapped in ecstasy, I'm not sure how quickly time passes, but I know it doesn't take very long for Molly to grind her way to orgasm on my tongue. I feel her pussy begin to twitch against our intertwined tongues, knowing his finger is getting the massage of a very tight, wet cunt that rivals the pussy on his dick. Her juices coat my face, and I feel a flood of my own juices pool on the hard dick that thrusting again and again into me.

Speaking of that pussy-my pussy-his slow push and retract has upgraded into hard and fast fucking, his fingers rubbing my clit and making my cunt tighten around his massive cock. I cum hard, my orgasm stifled against Molly's inner thigh, and he feels it ripple through his dick. He latches onto my tit, sucking my nipple hard as he thrusts even harder and faster, finally cumming again with a growl.

I fade in and out of consciousness, but I never lose the sense of his body still on - and in - mine and well as Molly's thigh against my cheek. He stands, not pulling out. From my nearly-blocked view, I can see him grinning. He begins to thrust again, as if to start the party all over, I begin to roll my hips, not ready to give up these incredible dick, even if it means eating my best friend's pussy. A door opens and closes. We both freeze.

I break out into a cold sweat. I never texted Peter I had arrived, and he said he'd meet me here after work. What time is it?! Footsteps down the hall. We're trapped in the back bedroom. Surely, Peter appears. The shock on his face is easy to read, even as blinded as I am with Molly laying across me. I can only image what he sees. His girlfriend, tied to a bed with a wanted man's huge dick buried in her pussy, and her best friend naked, leaking pussy dangerously close to her lips.

"What. WHAT THE FUCK?!" "Um. hi." So that's my story. What? Want to know what else happened? How Peter reacted? Did the Wolf just fuck me in front of him and show him how it should be done? Did Molly wake up and tell both of them to get the fuck out so her and I could just enjoy each other? Well, I'm tired. Hopefully, you've rubbed a couple out and have plenty more for me to finish my story later.

Trust me, I like to finish.