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Black Ghetto Gay Got Anal Fucked Hardcore
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Chapter 2 Disclaimer:None are the Disney characters used in these stories are not mine but only used for enjoyment.All characters belong to Disney. They were engaged to be married by the end of two months,much to the relief of the council and the people of the kingdom.Roy himself had had some qualms with the rush.He didn't see how such a whirlwind romance could work.Add to the fact that he was marrying BOTH of them and he really thought that they should take it slow.If what he thought mattered that is.

(Which it didn't.) He was quickly installed in the castle as Royal consort.His job at the library was over.Anna and Elsa had been VERY clear that they didn't want their soon to be husband doing any type of work (he swore he could feel the very possessiveness in their beautiful voices when the matter came up)in or out of the castle.His job would be running the Kingdom and being dedicated to his two fiance's needs.He was given a new change of clothes worn only by royals and other rich nobles.He was quite sure that if he had worked all the days of his life he wouldn't have been able to afford even one set of the clothes he was given.They also demanded that he merge his own money with their own.Roy had to laugh at this.The both were stinking rich.The amount he had put away in the bank didn't hold a candle to theirs,so why bother?

It wasn't the answer they were looking for. "What do you need your own money for anyway? Your going to be king.You can just use ours."said an irritated Anna.Elsa had also made her view known to him quietly.Her eyes had spoken volumes of her irritation though.He didn't want his soon to be wives angry at him though and so he had given in.He had never known or understood why they wanted his money at the time.That would change after the wedding.

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Then came the day when he and Anna had gotten into an argument.He had seen her groping a guards dick and had been quietly furious,but then calm.Here was enough reason that he and the princesses were not meant to marry but only stay as friends.Even though Elsa hadn't done anything,he just knew they shouldn't be together.He had confronted Anna and Elsa with the information,calling the guard in as a witness.He had stated that they should call off the engagement as soon as possible.

Anna had retaliated.First tears of apology,then anger when he refused to change his mind.Thestorms over the palace grew as the council,then the whole Kingdom got wind of the story.Meetings were held to try and defuse the situation but to no avail.Each meeting ended with a shouting match between Roy on one side and Anna with the council on the other.Elsa had stayed out of it,usually just settling her beautiful gaze on him most of the time,her dainty hands playing with her braid while her angelic face took on a thoughtful look.

Then came the climax.Infront of the council,Anna and Elsa,he removed his ice engagement ring and left the palace in his old clothes,leaving them behind.Anna's face held silent fury and love,her eyes full of her possessive nature while Elsa's gaze was as calm as beautiful as ever,yet her eyes held a hint of darkness and anger.She said nothing as he left leaving Anna insilent tears and the council in an uproar.Her heart was aching though and ice was at the very tips of her fingers as a thought came to her mind.

"You won't get away from us THAT easily.We love you too much to let you go Roy.You are OURS!" He returned to his small village and went back to the library.Every day,a royal messenger would come from Anna asking forgiveness and his return to them.He would always send a reply that he had already forgiven her but they should remain as friends.Then came a day he would regret as well.He began dating girls in the village.That was the last straw.

Elsa was drinking some cold wine when she heard the news of Roy's apparent moving on.

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CRASH!! Anna had smiled as she saw her sister's hand begin to tremble and snow and ice build around her in cold fury as her eyes filled with icy rage.Roy was SOOO coming back now.

Elsa sent a messenger quickly with a guard. "Get me Roy Silvan here.AT ONCE!!!" Anna had never seen a messenger run so quickly.It must have been a record. ####################### Roy had come at Elsa's call,seeing as it was her and not Anna who had called for him.He arrived at night since it was quite a way from his village to the palace.He entered her room which was only lit by the light from the fireplace as the flames spread their heat throughout the room.Elsa sat on her soft bed,her hands clasped in front of her on her lap,her platinum blonde hair done in it's usual braid,her eyes closed until he closed the door and her gaze fell on him.

She stood and walked towards him.Once she was close enough he began to greet her.


"You wanted to see me your highn.uuulllmmmpphhh." He was silenced by the passionate kiss that she placed on his mouth,claiming his lips for her own.It was wet,rough and long before she finally released him from it.Their lips were still connected by a thin line of saliva.Her eyes looked into his own as she held the back of his head in a gentle grasp.They were filled with something he couldn't quite describe.But the ownership and possessiveness they held was there. "I'll tell you a secret,Roy." She said.Her voice was low and sultry yet carried a hint of danger.

"Me and Anna never truly forgot you.Infact when the council started voicing itself on our unmarried state,YOU were our first and ONLY choice.We wanted only you since the day we met you.We both fantasised about being your wife,having your children.All that stuff.And now you were ours for the taking." She began to kiss his neck,sending shivers of last down his body."My sister is a slut.but loyal. She continued .she groped that guard so she could make sure he wasn't around when she pulled you into her room and sucked balls off.She did it for you." He was gulping at the revelation as Elsa continued leaving soft kisses on his neck."So here is what you are going to do.You are going to stay the night and come back to live here.From now on you'll be sleeping in my bed.We will announce that the engagement is back on and any misunderstanding between us is cleared up.The wedding date will then be pushed up.It will be in two weeks from now.You will then send a letter to whatever WHORE your seeing in the village and break up with her." She grabbed his cock suddenly,giving it a cold Squeeze."We are VERY possessive of what is OURS Roy.And you,your heart and this THICK.FAT.CUM FILLED COCK is OURS Roy.If anybody tries to take you from us or you try to leave us for someone else,I WILL kill them,understand?" He could do nothing but nod as she let go of his cock and smiled."Very good.Now as for your ring and some dinner,well." A ice ring formed in her hand,shining in the fire light.She let her dress drop to the floor as he gazed on her naked body,perfection incarnate.Soft,white skin.Perfect,tits with a figure and associated to die for.She lay back on her bed,beckoning to him.He neared her and saw her slip the ice ring on her finger and then slip the finger into her dripping pussy.The finger went in deeper and deeper before she finally let it out with no ring on it and her finger dripping with juice which she sucked into her mouth.

She put up her legs and placed them behind her head as she put her body in a pretzel position."You know where to find your ring and dinner now,love.Bon appetite" He knelt and got to work.The screams and moans of pleasure from Elsa's room could be heard throughout the castle as Roy had his dinner.

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##################### She lay next to him asleep on the soft feather bed,her naked body covered by the silk blankets,her hair still in its usual braid.The taste of vanilla was still on his tongue after she had cum and squirted her heavenly fluid into his mouth and belly.The ring had slipped out of her lips soon after and now lay back on his finger.Unfortunately,his cock was hard seeing as Elsa had fallen asleep (or deliberately refused) to suck him off to relieve his load.A cruel punishment to be sure.

######################### He left the room slowly and decided to clear things up with Anna.He knocked on her door and walked in but froze almost immediately.There was Anna,kneeling with her fingers plunging into her pussy furiously.Her blue eyes rested on him with lust as she removed her fingers from her wet cunt and sucked on the juices.


"Mmmhhhm.About time you came.I was getting rather hungry."She crawled on all fours and unzipped his trousers and let down his pants to find his cock ready and leaking pre-cum."like I said.I'm not letting any of that dangerously fertile load near me or Elsa's pussy yet.The'll be time to put some buns in our ovens later.For now I'm hungry for that thick load in those balls." She pushed him onto his ass on the thick,soft furs near he fire.She knelt near his crotch before giving his cock a final kiss,pasting her lips with pre-cum,before her head decended on his dick and began sucking on his meat for all she was worth as he groaned in pleasure and held on to her braided pigtails.

She grabbed his thighs firmly to stop him from moving and started sucking his cock down her throat like she was starving to death. One hand got between her thighs and started going nuts in her pussy and he felt her shudder three or four times with orgasm as she got herself over the edge with needy passion.

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When he came down her throat, she chugged it greedily, slurping and moaning on his shaft like the bitch in heat that she was before she sat back and quietly nuzzled his dick like a kitten, lapping his remaining sperm from the shaft. Seeing it still leaking cum,she swallowed it fully down her throat,causing him to grab her pigtails and slam his cock into her mouth as he came once more.

"FREEZING HELLS! Take my load you royal slut.Ahhhh! Funking eat my load you cum hungry WHORE!!" He finally released her as his cock floped from her mouth,her throat working hard to swallow his thick,virile jizz.She cleaned his dick from top to bottom afterwards before smiling and biting her finger while looking at him cutely. "Hope your ready for marriage,lover." To be continued. (Please rate and comment)