Nubilefilms lesbian lust to the third degree

Nubilefilms lesbian lust to the third degree
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So it had been nearly 2 months since I first babysat for Brad before I got another call from his mum. She asked me if I would look after him again. She told me she was gonna be staying at her friends place in Dorset an wouldn't be back till noon the next day.

I had spent a lot of the time since I last `sat for Brad' shitting myself with worry that Brad would dob me in cos of what I had done with him, an even more time wanking myself spastic replaying the nights events in my mind. I had kept my word an delivered the new 'Grand Theft Auto' game to Brad to keep his silence. I had gone next door,rang on the doorbell with my heart in my mouth an my hard cock straining in my pants. Brad opened the door looking drop dead gorgeous in his Tottenham boxers an a white vest.

He looked at me an raised his pretty blonde eyebrow quizzically. I offered the game without saying a word. He snatched it out of my hand. His mum shouted: `Whose at the door honey'.

An he replied `No one Mum' An slammed the door shut in my face. You know what human nature is like right? His complete disregard an contempt for me just made me even more hotter an lust after him worse than ever. I'm finding it hard to relay to you just how bad I had it for Brad, Cos you know this shit is for real right?

I was 15 at the time, dating a really hot, sweet girl called Helen, who in truth I didn't really give a shit about. I was pretty sure I was 95% gay. I had been in a very intense relationship with an older boy from the age of 11-13. I had my heart broken when I split from my older boyfriend an kinda went about trying to prove to myself an the world that I was straight and `normal'.

Wasn't working, clearly. Even when I was screwing Helen, I was picturing my big cock penetrating Brad's perfect little 9 year old ass. I managed to persuade her to let me take a series of photos on my camera phone of me screwing her an her sucking on my cock an spunking in her mouth.

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But I had a plan dear reader. Oh yes, there was a plan! Saturday night finally rolled around an I went next door an Mrs. Stevens was there all dressed up an eager to go. She fussed around an gave me a contact phone number as well as £50 to spend on any stuff we wanted.

As soon as she had given Brad a big kiss goodbye an left, Brad turned on me an said `Don't you dare try to touch me again not even my feet ok?' Nice greeting, but to the point.

I told him that I had better things to do than worry about his sorry ass tonight, which I knew would get his interest. I had programmed my phone play a `received' tone every 10 mins. Brad asked who would bother texting such a dickwad? I told him that it was my girlfriend sending me private pictures an to mind his own business. Seed planted! I brought with me a back pack full of bottles of Cider. I made a proper exhibition of taking my bag into the kitchen making sure the glass bottles would `clink an clank' together an `give away' to Brad that I was smuggling booze into the house.

Yea, Ok, that was my plan.played out a million times by a million horny guys. Get the object of your desire inebriated. Didn't say it was original or clever did I? Obv. His pretty, yet spiteful young face appeared around the kitchen door an he said `What are you putting in my mum's fridge?

It's beer isn't it? You are too young to drink beer aren't you' Busted.`nice one Miss Marples!' I pleaded with Brad not to tell his mum.

`Why shouldn't I `Stewy'? You are such a fuckin low-life fart knocker' an I was like `Hey Brad. Listen lil dude, please don't tell your mum' `Why shouldn't I? I tried to reason with him. I really did :-) `Ok here is the deal. You have gotta let me drink some of the booze you have an let me look at the pictures of your girlfriend.

Or I'm telling mummy'. Totally sucked in! I protested of course, but reluctantly gave in. I told Brad to go into the lounge and put Fifa Soccer on the Playstation an I would bring him a drink. I poured us both a glass of Cider then added a shot of vodka to Brad's. Yea I know. but I wasn't sure if he would like the cider an drink enough to get him drunk, so the vodka was insurance.

When I arrived with the drinks Brad was sitting on the sofa an had taken his trainers of an was in a pair of Nike white ankle sox. He was also wearing some silky white soccer shorts (adidas I think) an a mesh Washington Redskins shirt. God, he looked ravishing. `Bout fucking time shit 4 brains' he said `Why do you hate me so much Brad?

I mean I only want to be friends an I know you don't like to be babysat, but we should just make the best of things an try an have fun' `I hate you cos you are queer an my mum thinks the sun shines out of your arse' `If I am so queer how come I have a girlfriend huh?' `yea maybe, but she's probably a dog.

Come on give me that phone so I can see your bow-wow' I was ready for this.

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Helen was (prob still is) a major league hottie. Naturally curly Auburn hair that she wore in ringlets, really curvaceous body. Lovely beautifully rounded large breasts. Her only flaw was to think I was good boyfriend material! Quite posh actually, Her dad was a Headmaster an he hated my guts, obv. Which made it real fun to fuck her doggy style an make her squeal in her family's front room while we skipped school! Anyways I digress.

Like I said I made some really nice filthy pix of Helen doing the nasty wiv me an I told Brad that he could look at the 1st three pix,(which was of Helen in her panties topless) an then he should give my phone back. He snatched my phone an the drink. He greedily drunk the cider down in one go! Belched loudly an demanded more. I looked on astonished at this evil little angel as he held out the empty glass with one hand while flicking through my pix of Helen an me with the other.

His eyes totally bugged out when he got beyond the 3rd pic (which I knew he would) Pic 4,5 6 + 7 was a close up of Helen licking my cock an then taking it in her mouth an me blowing my load all over her pretty face. `Oh my God! That is so filthy. Why does she let you do that to her?' `Well she happens to love me Brad, an you were only supposed to see the first three pix.' `yea whatever. Just fill my glass asswipe' Things were going to plan. Didn't think Brad would actually like Cider.

I guess it is sweet an tastes good. When I returned I was greeted by the sight of brad rubbing his cock thru his shorts. `What the fuck are you looking at Fart knocker?' Really don't know where this sweet 9 year old kid got his vocabulary. MTV probably. But he really did speak that way to me. `There you go, cheers! Do you wanna play Fifa or what?' `Ok. But don't cheat this time an you can't play as Arsenal right?' So we started to play Fifa Soccer.

Both sat on the sofa. He swiveled round so his back was against the arm rest an his feet were in my lap.


I swear to you without any prompting from me. Maybe it was just to distract me from playing the game. But his lovely socked feet started to rub against my cock which immediately responded an got super hard. Pretty soon Brad was 2-0 up an my brain was on a different planet as he slyly rubbed his feet against my swollen member. Yea, I know he was only 9 but he def knew what he was doing. `Right, another drink now shhit fer brainsh' He was starting to slur his words already.

`You are playin like a muppet Stewy. Haha. Cmon Kermit, gemme another drinski. Oh look you gotta big hardon hehehe' I hadn't planned on Brad getting quite so plastered so quick. So I went to the kitchen an poured him his 3rd drinky. Didn't add any vodka because he was already really pissed. Eng slang 4 drunk - not usa slang for angry.

When I returned he had a really glazed look on his face. `C'mon over here den. lemme shhee that big cock of yoursh' I couldn't believe my ears. I gave him the drink an he gulped it down. `I really shouldn't do this Brad. You said you didn't want me to touch you'.

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`I don't want you to fucking touch me you shhtupid twat. Just wanna see your big hard cock' So I stood up an dropped my basketball sky blue shorts then peeled down my `fruit of the' undies. My big cock sprang into view. It swayed lazily inches from Brad's perfect ruby lips. He stared at it then spewed his guts up. Puked everywhere. Now I have had my fair share of critics over the years.

but I have never evoked such a strong reaction I gotta tell ya! I really hadn't counted on this. Sick was all over Brad's shirt an shorts an on the sofa. He kinda whimpered an then passed out. I really freaked out.


I checked his breathing cos I thought he maybe dead. He was ok.

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I entertained the thought of calling an ambulance, then of calling my Mum. How the fuck could I explain away the fact that I had got Brad so shitty arsed pissed? What would he say when he woke up?

I couldn't risk it. So I took his shirt off. Then his shorts an put them into the washing machine, an Yea, I was getting seriously hard again, even though I had a unconscious 9yo on my hands.

Look. I was a horny 15 year old.not really in control of my emotions or my cock which did most of my thinking for me back then. I gathered the unconscious Bradley up in my arms an took him up the stairs and into his bedroom. I know it sounds unlikely, but it was only as I lay him down onto his `Invincibles' duvet did the possibilities start to occur to my horny mind.

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While awake Brad looked so arousing, even when he spat his venom at me an wrinkled his dinky little nose in spite at me. But asleep he looked like a perfect little blonde angel. I'm really not proud of what I did. Still makes me stiff as a board thinking back though. At this point Brad was only dressed in his green bikini briefs an Nike ankle sox. I skinned his sox off bringing them up to my face an breathing in his lil boy feet scent.

The smell was intoxicating. I took each one of his little digits into my mouth an suckled on his lovely little toes. I licked every inch of his feet and ankles, nervously looking up for any sentient reaction from my fan club!

I pulled his undies down an stared at his perfect little cock. I guess it was big for his age. Really freakishly long an skinny. I got close enough so I could smell his musky boystuff. I couldn't help myself.I started to lick down the length of his cock. oh man it tasted so sweet. Do you ever get that `head rush' when your brain almost gets overloaded with pleasure? Ya know like your 1st ever snort of coke? Well what I was experiencing was more powerful than that. Sorry I was getting to the main event.

Anyhoo. to my amazement Brad's cock actually responded. It got really long an hard. I shed my clothes.dizzy with lust at the sheer total taboo an the `no, no' of what I was about to do.

Made me feel as drunk as Brad was. I licked at his tiny pink nipples an dragged my tongue down his lovely tanned body. Paused to lick an tease his gorgeous inny belly button. Then engulfed his long skinny uncut penis into my mouth.

I just couldn't believe that this was happening. I knew it was wrong but felt so right. I had to record the moment. I got my mobile. Had to delete some pix (sorry Helen!) an started posing with Brad. The first pix I took was of me licking his feet then of my steel hard cock wanking in between his feet and then of me covering his toes with my sticky precum. Then I positioned my cock so that it looked like I was screwing Brad's tight little bud.

My drooling dick was kinda pushed up close as if I was entering his ass. I knew I couldn't really do it. I would never hurt Brad an I know I stepped over the line that night. It was pure fantasy. I kept checking Brad's breathing an yea, kissing him an nibbling his cute lil ears. Finally I just had to do it. I put my knees either side of his head. By this time I was so insanely randy that I had to get my payoff. I lowered my bloated cock to his lips, they magically parted an my knob slipped into his perfect little mouth.

The sensations rushing through my brain an body was so intense it defies my descriptive capabilities. I took shot after shot on my phone of my glistening pulsing cock slipping in an out of Brad's hot lil gob. Eventually I couldn't take anymore. I pulled out of Brad's silken purse an squirted what felt like gallons of semen over the prettiest little blonde boy face you will ever witness. Some of my cum shot into his still slightly open mouth.

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Brad made little involuntary gulp an I knew he had just swallowed some of my semen. I took some last shots of my cock laying on his cum spattered face still drooling out cum. As soon as I came down from the ceiling I immediately panicked. Poor Brad was laying there naked an covered by my spunk. You know how you can go from feeling like the ultimate sex demon to the most guilty cunt on the planet in about 5 seconds? Well that was me. I got a warm flannel an cleaned him up.

Found some pajamas an dressed him. An cuddled him up for the night. I know it sounds stupid bcos Brad had nothing but contempt for me, but I felt really close to him as I snuggled up to him. Ok so I was 15, maybe a lil bit in love with him an I knew this was as close as I would ever get.

Plus I didn't want him to spew in the night an become a Hendrix Jnr. During the night I had got horny again an pulled his pj's bottoms down an rolled him on his side. I opened his legs an put my cock between his thighs an started fucking his ass crack. My engorged knob came into contact with his delicate little preteen balls. It was pure heaven as I came like a cow panting an covering his lil globes with my spunk.

I will never forget holding him as I slowly thrust in and out an felt his hard little cock. I guess knowing how much Brad would absolutely fucking hate me doing that to him made it even sexier.

I'm beyond redemption right? The next morning arrived like an unwelcome boil on your ass. Brad was hungover as fuck.

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He had no recall of the previous night at all. He was kinda sheepish. I said: `Sorry Bradley. I really shouldn't have let you drink that stuff' He looked at me with unbridled contempt an said `Fuck right off. If you tell Mummy anything I will tell her what you made me do with my feet.' I promised I would never say a word about it to anyone (kinda broke that promise now huh?) By the time his Mother got back at midday Brad was looking an acting more like the evil little angel that he was.

She asked me if Brad had behaved himself an I said he had been great. I felt monumentally guilty an couldn't get out of there quick enough. Of course as soon as I got home an in my bedroom I was downloading the pix from my phone to my computer an had jerked off an came twice within 1 hour. That wasn't to be my last encounter with Brad. In fact the next time he kinda turned the tables on me.

But that my friends is a tale for another day. Fin Thanks for all your kind comments for my 1st tale. I have 3 more episodes in mind. Some true stuff some not. Please note I never have and never will hurt a boy.

Violence makes me feel ill.If you wanna contact me at [email protected] I promise I will try an reply to all. Flames will be taken the piss out off!!