Being a real floozy in a gang bang bus

Being a real floozy in a gang bang bus
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The next day, the two of us hung out with Rose again. Things were even better, it seemed. Jessica spoke to me more, and she kept meeting my eyes, and smiling a lot. It was amazing how much she'd changed, literally overnight. I was really getting to know another side of her. She was surprisingly intelligent, making references that caught me off guard, and comments that made me genuinely laugh.

It seemed that she was still witty, even when she wasn't being aggressive. It was so strange to see her as a real, full person and not just a complete bitch. Talking to her like this, I really felt that we could almost have a normal relationship. That is, of course, if I didn't still hate her fucking guts. I left them alone for a little while, and Jessica went home just before dinner, as usual. After dinner, Rose and I talked about her. "Jessica seemed to be in a good mood today." I said innocently.

"Yeah, right? She's been pretty quiet lately. I thought it was because she still wasn't used to being around you, but apparently it was about her boyfriend." said Rose.

"Really?" "Yeah, he.well, let's just say they weren't really.compatible. She wasn't sure whether or not to stay with him, but she told me this morning that she's decided to leave him. She seems a lot happier, now that she's made the decision." I wasn't surprised to hear this, but I was delighted. We hadn't even had sex and she had already chosen me over him. The best part was, I didn't even have to tell her to.

== The next Friday, the casual conversation with Jessica continued when Rose was around. She seemed completely comfortable in my presence now, laughing and joking with me like she did with Rose.

Once again I left them alone, heading to bed first. I wanted to give Jessica a chance to get Rose completely to sleep before visiting me.

I heard her footsteps approaching my room a little after midnight. She didn't knock this time, she just walked in and closed the door behind her. It doesn't matter what she was wearing, because before either of us said a word she began to undress. Within 30 seconds, she was once again naked at the side of my bed. "Good evening, Jessica." I said, without looking up from my laptop. "Evening." she said. I turned to her. "Can I help you with something?" I said. She smiled and rolled her eyes a little.

"Yeah, I want to see your cock." I raised an eyebrow.

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"Sorry, I mean, pleeease let me see your cock?" she said, smirking. She lifted her chest up a little, thrusting out her big tits. I didn't like this. Before, she'd been genuinely pleading. Now she was just going along with what I wanted. She probably thought we would fuck tonight. She had seriously misread this relationship, it seemed.

"No, get out." I said. I turned back to my laptop. "Aww, don't be like that." she said, "I promise you won't regret it. I've.been practising, like you asked." I didn't ask her to practice, I told her.

This was becoming irritating. "Jessica, get the fuck out of my bedroom." I said. She seemed a little worried now. "Ok, I'm sorry, I'll do it properly.I really want suck it and." she said. I was getting pissed off with her now. Without turning, I slowly reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair. "Wait, no, I'm sorry, I AH-" I yanked her head towards mine, putting her ear right in front of my mouth. Her hands were wrapped around my wrist, and she was still struggling.

"I'm not going to say it again, slut. Get. Out." I hissed into her ear. I released her head and she stood up quickly, gathering her clothes.

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I didn't look at her, but I heard her sob once before she left. She had to learn that she couldn't just come over here and flutter her eyelashes every time she wanted to fool around. I was in control here. I decided what we did and didn't do. And if she disobeyed me, she would be punished.

I only hoped I'd made the right move. == Next week, I found out that I had. Things had gone back a step between us in everyday life, the relaxed chatting replaced with the former icy silence. But she still didn't dare insult me any more. And Rose didn't really notice any difference. My sister was great, but she could be a little socially dense at times, completely missing out on the clear tension between me and Jessica. That night she knocked on the door at around midnight.

"Yes?" I said. She opened slowly and walked in, closing the door gently behind her. She was wearing a thin night gown.

It wasn't anything too erotic, but I could tell from the thin weave that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I doubted she would have dressed like that to share a bed with my sister. She stood at the door, her arms straight down at her sides, staring at the floor. "What?" I said. "Look." she said. "Are we going something tonight, or not? I'm getting kind of anxious, if you know what I mean." I sighed. "No Jessica, what do you mean?" She looked up.

"I mean." she said, "I haven't.cum, since the last time know." "Well, you went your whole life without an orgasm up until two weeks ago, why the sudden hurry for another?" I asked. She looked away. She laced her fingers in front of her, fidgeting and nervous. "It' feels different now. It's like my body has.woken up, or something." she said. I didn't say anything.

"I just.I never really got horny that much before, but now.I get wet, sometimes, when I'm alone.And you told me not touch myself." she trailed off.

I was a little surprised she'd remembered to obey that rule even when I wasn't around. "I dumped my boyfriend." she said, "I know you don't care, but I didn't want to be with him any more." She looked away again, nervously.

" told me to practice, I've been practising." she said. Told, not asked. Better. "Practising what?" I asked. "Giving head. I'm getting pretty good, I think." "Oh, and who have you been practising with, if not your ex?" I asked. "No, no one else. I've been using.other stuff." she said. I really wasn't sure about this. She obviously wanted to do something, and she was a lot more submissive than last week, but she wasn't quite desperate enough to beg.

I was pretty sure I'd have to leave it another week or two for her to get really desperate. "Ok, slut," I said, turning to her. She smiled brightly. It was a little hot to see how much she seemed to enjoy being called "slut". "I'll make you a deal. If you can fit my whole cock in your mouth, I'll do whatever you want tonight.

Sound good?" Her eyes widened. She looked terrified. "I.I don't think." she stuttered. "If you don't want to try then just leave." I said. She only took a second to decide. She pulled her night gown off in one sweep, revealing her naked body to me. She walked over to the bed and took her usual spot, kneeling beside my crotch. I didn't move this time, just waited. After a few seconds she realised what I wanted, and climbed up on to the bed. She got on her knees and reached forward.

She dug her fingers under my waistband, and I pushed my hips up as she pulled down my pants and underwear. I still felt a little thrill from the sense of exhibition. My dick was already getting hard from seeing her body. She took it in her hands and began slowly licking around the head. She spent a minute or two just admiring it, slowly running her hands up and down, feeling it's girth and weight in her grip, occasionally planting gentle kisses on the shaft.

She took her time with this, seeming to enjoy being allowed to hold it. She seemed to have a better idea of what she was doing, this time. She kept swirling her tongue around the head, and never stopped the rhythm she had with her fingers. Within a minute my cock was rock hard and pointing straight up, the full 10 inches. She was almost massaging my shaft firmly with both hands, rather than the frustratingly light strokes she'd been using before.

She kept her teeth completely out of the way, too. It felt amazing, I could do nothing but close my eyes and enjoy it. Then, without any sign of preparation or ceremony, she started trying to force in into her mouth.

Her tongue felt much better than last time, she seemed more aware of how to use it. As she pushed her head down farther, she began to moan loudly. This was so much better than two weeks ago. She really had been practising.


But not quite enough, it seemed. No matter how much she tried, she could only get about 3 or 4 inches of it into her mouth before she started gagging. She kept trying, each time seeming to get just a little bit closer, but in the end she didn't even make it half way. After maybe 5 minutes of this wonderful sensation, she pulled it out.

She was panting loudly. Her mouth was covered in her own spit, and it was drooling down on to her heaving chest. She gazed at my cock with a look of almost hatred, and then lust, as she realised she wouldn't be able to take it all.

She met my eyes, then quickly looked down in shame. "I can't do it." she mumbled. "You're giving up?" I asked. "Well.look at this thing!" She was holding it by the base, and she shook it slightly. "It's impossible to fit it all the way!" she whined. I reached out and rested my hand gently on her head. "Well, until you do, you're not going to cum again." I said. How's that for incentive? She looked desperately in to my eyes.

"Come on, that's not-" "Are you arguing with me?" I said, cutting her off. "No, no, I'm not, I'm sorry.It's just.your cock felt so good on my pussy, even when it was just rubbing it.I can only imagine how good it'll feel if you force it up inside me.into my hot, tight little.cunt." she said, a slight moan carrying off the last word.

She was trying to seduce me, to manipulate me. "Shut up." I said, "Finish me off." "Can I at least touch myself when I do it? Can I try to make myself cum?" she asked. "No, you're not allowed to orgasm unless I say so, do you understand me? Now finish me off, and get out." I said. This was important. She had to be willing to obey me, even if she wasn't directly getting anything out of it.

She sighed and started again, running her tongue all over the head of my cock. I'd been doing some practice of my own, trying to increase my endurance. I was usually able to come two or three times in quick succession before being unable to get hard, but I still wanted to last as long as possible.

Even with her new techniques, I was able to last 10 minutes before pumping her mouth full of cum. She closed her eyes as I came. I knew that sperm supposedly tasted awful, but she seemed to be savouring the experience, letting out purring little moans as she swallowed.

When I was finished, she quickly crawled up the bed and straddled my thigh, putting her arms around my shoulders. Her pussy was dripping wet and hot, and she was rubbing it very slightly against my leg. "It's so good when you cum in my mouth, when your huge cock pulses for me.oh God, I'm so wet." I didn't say anything. "Please." she said, looking me in the eye, "Please, just touch me.I need to cum, please make me cum." I let her continue.

"Please, I'm your.your little slut." she moaned desperately. "Make your little slut cum, please let me cum for you, please." I sighed. I grabbed her tightly by her stiff nipples, and pulled her closer to me. She let out that same little growl as before that I couldn't identify as either pleasure or pain, but was maybe a mix of both. "You're a greedy little slut tonight, aren't you?" I hissed, increasing my grip. Her body wanted to move away, but she had to lean closer to avoid her nipples being pulled even more.

"I'm.I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she cried. She brought her hands down to lean against my chest, but she wasn't trying to stop me. It was so satisfying, seeing her accept the pain without resistance. "Do you think you have a nice body, slut?" I asked her. Over the pain I was causing her, she struggled to answer. "I.I.I don't know, I.aaaahhhh." she whined. "Answer me." I said calmly, twisting her nipples again.

"Yes! I.I think I do." she said.

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"What's nice about your body, slut?" I asked. I started to loosen my grip slightly, only to tighten it even further. I repeated this action, gripping and loosening, again and again.

"I.aah.aaaaahhh," she moaned. I gripped harder, prompting her to answer. " tits! I have big tits!" she cried. "What else?" I said. "I'm.mmmmm," she moaned, "I'm fit.I keep f- Fit!" she gasped.

"What else?" "I don't know, I." "Do you think men notice your body?" I asked quietly. She bit her lip tightly, and nodded. "Do you like it when they look at you?" I asked.

"I.I don't know." I started lightly twisting her nipples again. "Ah! Yes, I.I like when they look at my tits! I.want them to want me." "And what does that make you?" I asked. "A.a slut, I'm a slut. I want them to look at me, I want to make them hard." she said, gasping. I knew this about her already, of course. For all her secret inexperience, she seemed to revel in being wanted by men, always dressing to show skin and cleavage.

She'd had a reputation around school for being a tease for a while now. I wanted to hear her confess it to me, confess that she was just a vain bitch. As someone who'd never really been considered attractive, it was so satisfying to punish her for this.

I know it was petty, but I wanted to hurt her. "Do you want to do anything else with all these admirers?" I asked. "NO!" she shouted, "No, only you, only you.ahahh.".

I pulled her close to me, leaned in and put my lips to her ear. "Get out, slut." I whispered.

I released her nipples. She gasped and moaned at the relief. Her hands jumped up to her boobs and she started gently massaging them. "Out." I repeated.

She gathered her clothes and left quickly, avoiding my eyes. == The next Friday she came over again, this time wearing a little black negligée.

It was completely see-through except for the bra, which was pushing her boobs up and giving her the most spectacular cleavage. I could see that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath it. "Do you like this?" she asked, swirling the hem around the top of her thighs, "I bought it for you." It was so strange, how even though I'd seen her naked so many times by now, this little bit of cover made things so erotic.

"It's very nice, Jessica." I said calmly. Her face lit up with delight. She bounced happily, her cleavage jiggling. She really wanted to please me. But I wanted her naked. "But we wouldn't want to get it all messy, would we?" I said. She shook her head, huge smile still spread across her face, and started to slip out of it. Seeing how much my opinion mattered to her, how happy a simple compliment made her, was a huge turn-on.

She undressed, laying the thin material gently on my desk instead of just discarding it. She got up in front of me on the bed, then reached over and pulled my cock out of my underwear. I really enjoyed the look on her face every time she saw it, a recurring little shock of delight and arousal. Again, she spent the first few minutes just kissing and licking it gently, enjoying the weight of it in her hands.

I was fascinated by the look of admiration she had, and the almost reverential, worshipping attitude she showed towards my cock. She was even more skilled than last time, and she managed to get even more of my thick shaft into her mouth. I finally reached her throat, but she couldn't push any farther no matter how hard she tried. After 15 minutes of intense effort on her part, I came in her hot, humming throat, thrusting the 5 inches or so that she could take as much as I could.

Afterwards, she crawled up and lay beside me, her head resting on my shoulder. She told me about how she went to bed every night straddling her pillow, to try to sooth the desires of her pussy. She told me how almost every time she went to sleep, she had vivid dreams about sucking my dick, and swallowing my cum, and that she woke up in the middle of the night, soaking wet.

She told me about how she had to change her panties every time she thought about me for too long. She told me she couldn't concentrate in class, and that her parents, and Rose, were asking why she seemed so distracted all the time. She told me she needed to cum. She begged me to touch her. I told her to get out. She looked devastated, but left without comment.

I'd honestly never been happier in my life. Every week, the bitch I'd hated for years would come to my bedroom, suck me off, beg me to let her cum, and then leave incredibly frustrated but still obeying. She was getting closer, though, to taking me completely.

If she kept it up, I thought she could be deep-throating me in just a few weeks. But as it turns out, I'd underestimated her.

== Just one day before I was expecting to see her again, on the next Thursday, she approached me in public. I was hanging out with some friends in front of school, just after class had gotten out, when she walked up to me and told me she needed to talk, privately. My friends were stunned. I wasn't very close to them, or anyone really, but they all knew how much of a bitch she was. Not just to me, but to pretty much everyone except her closest friends, a group that I'd certainly never been a part of.

I was honestly too shocked to reply, not knowing how to act. I could do nothing but let myself be led away by the arm. She took me aside and whispered in my ear, "My house is empty all day. If you want, you can come over later and we can.continue things." she said.

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I stepped back to look at her. This was the first time she'd brought up our little meetings outside of my bedroom. She bit her lip nervously, then leaned in again.

"Please.I really can't wait until tomorrow.just let me try today. I'm.I'm getting wet right now, just talking to you. I can't take it any more." I was shocked that she was being so bold, saying all this out in the open. I didn't know how to react.

"Shit.there's Rose, look just.I'll be waiting for you, if you want to come over. Please." She walked up to Rose. They talked for a few seconds, then Jessica took off in the opposite direction. Rose spotted me and walked over. "Apparently Jessica hasn't been feeling well. Have you noticed her being a little off lately?" I shrugged. "I hope she's not coming down with something." she said.

== I wasn't sure whether or not to go over to her place. It felt a little like she would be in control if I went where she told me to. But the way she'd meek, and pleading. "I'll be waiting for you, if you want." I'd thought maybe another week of denial would be enough, but apparently she couldn't handle that.

I decided to go with it. I showered and changed my clothes, and left the house an hour later. I knew where she lived, it was only a few minutes walk away from my house. She was completely ecstatic that I'd decided to come. She invited me in and locked the door behind me. She seemed so subservient, even in her own home. She offered me something to eat or drink, she took my jacket off for me, asked me again if I wanted anything.

But I didn't want to waste time. We headed up to her bedroom. I hadn't been in it since we were kids, but it looked pretty much the same. A few things were different, like the double bed in the middle of the room, and the computer desk in the corner with a big swivel chair. Her computer was a few years old, and judging by how neat and tidy the whole area was, compared to her other desk in the corner which was covered with note books, I assumed she didn't use it much.

She still had that heavy wooden bookcase that I remembered, filled with all sizes and types of different books. They'd been mostly children's or young teen books before, but now almost half them looked weirdly like textbooks. She was so excited about me being here. At first I thought she was just desperate, so much so that she was willing to invite me here just to try again a day sooner, even if she didn't have a chance, but the confidence in her smile told me otherwise.

She really thought she could do it. "You're really eager to try again, aren't you?" I asked. "Yep." she said lightly. She sat me down on her computer chair, and began to undo my belt buckle. I stopped her hands with mine. "Aren't you forgetting something?" I said.

She was confused for a second, but then realised what I meant. "Oh.right." she said. I nodded. She slowly began to undress, not making eye contact. I thought she'd gotten used to stripping in front of me by now, but she seemed so much more nervous, more humiliated, than when we were in my room.

Her blinds were drawn, but not her curtains. Her body was even more unbelievable in the soft daylight. She soon stood completely naked, hands by her sides, waiting for me to instruct her. Her earlier nervousness had disappeared, replaced by the strange gleam of confidence she usually had when she got naked. I think she enjoyed undressing for me.

I didn't know whether it was the pride she had in her body, or just a desire to please me. I gestured to my crotch, and she went back to where she was before, on her knees in front of me, unbuckling my belt.

She pulled my pants around my ankles and my cock sprang free, almost fully erect already. Something about doing this here, in her room, was really turning me on. She began by kissing and stroking my cock, like always. Every time it seemed to take her a little while just to get over how big it was. The way she stroked it with her fingers, and held it against her cheek, always so gentle and admiring, as if worshipping it.

She licked me until I was fully erect, then she started gently sucking around the head. Her lips had made a seal around my cock head, and she sucked in her cheeks and started bobbing up and down with a steady rhythm. This felt a little different from what she normally did, somehow. The pressure inside her mouth was just a little more intense. She pulled back after a few minutes. "I want to show you something." she said. She stood up and walked around her bed to her drawers.

She opened the bottom one, dug around a little, and pulled out a long object. It was a cucumber. "This is what I've been using for practice." she said. She grinned and walked back over to me, kneeling in front of me again. She held the vegetable up against my cock.

The cucumber was about 2 inches shorter, and a good deal thinner. She laughed. "I couldn't find a bigger one." she said.

She threw it on the floor and got back to work. She started again with kissing and licking, and soon progressed to the new thing she'd been doing earlier, with her lips clamped firmly around the top and her head bobbing steadily up and down. This time she was swirling her tongue around the tip in time with the rhythm of her head. I groaned with pleasure and grabbed a handful of her hair.

I didn't pull it hard, just tugged on it a little. Every few seconds she bobbed a little deeper, another quarter of an inch or so. After a few minutes of this amazing routine, she had about almost half of my cock in her mouth, and she wasn't slowing. As she continued, I felt my cock head push against her throat, and keep on sliding down. When she finally stopped, there was only two inches left of my cock outside. She inhaled sharply through her nose and pushed hard.

I couldn't believe it. She moaned loudly, the vibrations adding to the pleasure, as she finally took the last of my cock inside her. Her lips were firmly wrapped around the base, and her tongue was licking against my balls.

She'd done it. It felt insanely good, my mind was going blank from the sensation. I could feel every inch of my cock as I never had before, the whole thing was so warm and tingling with pleasure.

I was suddenly so glad I'd made her do this. She held this pose for maybe 10 seconds before slowly, but steadily, lifting her head off my cock. It looked bizarre, like a magic trick, all these inches of thick cock, drenched with spit, just flowing out of her hot little mouth.

I groaned as she pulled back. When she reached the head, she pulled out it from between her lips with a pop, kissed it lightly, and rapidly swallowed the entire thing again. She repeated this a few times, swallowing, her lips sinking down to the base, then slowly sliding up. I entered her completely over and over. I literally felt like I was going to pass out, I'd never felt anything this mind-blowingly good. Just as my cock left her mouth for about the tenth time, I stood up suddenly and grabbed her head.

I plunged my dick deep into her wet throat as hard as I could, and started thrusting in and out. She was moaning loudly, but didn't resist. She brought her hands up to my sides, digging her fingers into my hips for support. She kept her head still as I fucked her mouth. The sound of her hot, moist throat filled the room.

My mind was completely blank as I came hard, pumping my hot cum down her swallowing throat. My hips continued on their own, making little jerking thrusts with each shot. When I was done, my knees felt so weak I could barely stand. I fell backwards into the chair, grunting at the sensation of my still-hard cock sliding once more out of her throat.

She stayed on her knees with her eyes closed, panting heavily. The only sound in the room for a few minutes was our strained breathing. When she opened her eyes, she seemed to be in some sort of trance. She slowly looked up at me. "Did I do good?" she asked quietly. Her voice was a low purr, heavy with arousal. I didn't say anything.

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"I wanted to do good for you.I wanted to make you feel good." She crawled towards me on all fours. My cock had begun to soften slightly, and she leaned over to it and kissed it softly on the shaft. She closed her eyes and rested her head on my lap, like a dog would. "I kept practising, every night.I wanted to take your whole cock.I wanted to feel you cum in my throat." It seemed like submitting to me, being used or hurt by me, put her into this docile little daze.

Fucking her mouth the way I did seemed to have a powerful effect on her. I finally found the strength to reply. "Stand up." I said. She slowly stood. She was relaxed, her eyes heavy lidded, and her lips parted. She stared straight ahead. "Spread your legs." I said. She shifted her weight slightly and moved one leg out. Her pussy was so wet that the lubrication was literally flowing down her legs.

Her inner thighs were completely soaked, and the liquid was continuing to slide down, some trails of it reaching almost to she sides of her knees. I reached out and gently ran my finger along her thigh, sliding it around in the slick moisture. She shivered at the slight contact, and let out a small moan. "Why haven't you made yourself cum?" I asked. " said.I'm not allowed." she answered, her breath catching slightly.

"Does that matter? It's your body, isn't it?" I asked. She seemed to consider this for a moment. "But.I'm your slut." she said simply.

" are. And you've been a good little slut for me." She slowly turned to looked me in the eye. "I have? I wanted so badly to take your whole cock.did I do good?" "It was good. And now you get your reward." Her eyes widened. She began to show signs of normality, as her body began to fidget and squirm. "Yesss.please yes, I need it, please." she whimpered.

"Go lie down on the bed." I said. She let out a little squeal of delight and walked to the bed, suddenly animated with joy, bouncing happily as she moved. She pulled the covers all the way back and lay down. I stood up and undressed fully. My cock was rock hard again, and as I walked over to her it swayed back and forth with my steps. She stared at it, as if imagining what it would feel like inside her. "There.there are condoms, in the bottom drawer.I'm.I'm on the pill, but if you want." she said, gesturing to where she'd pulled the cucumber from.

I walked around and opened the drawer. I reached into a pile of her panties, and found a small box at the bottom. I took them out and chuckled to myself.

These must have been her ex's. They weren't any brand I recognised. He must have had to buy them online, or something. I pulled one out of the box and threw it to her. She jumped up immediately and started to unwrap it. I climbed onto the bed, and she tried to push it around my cock.

She stretched it hard, trying to fit it around my girth. She just about managed, but it was incredibly tight and uncomfortable. She unrolled it just a few inches before it tore at the top and split down the side. She let out a little squeal of surprise as the condom broke, and I felt the same way. Even regular sized condoms were supposed to stretchy enough for almost any size, but then I remembered that these probably weren't regular condoms.

Her ex probably had to buy a special size to fit him without being too loose, meaning even though they stretched, they were still far too small for me. She stared at the shredded latex draped across the top of my dick.

She seemed hypnotised my it. I took her gently under the chin, and turned face up towards mine. "I don't think those are big enough, Jessica." I said softly. She sighed slightly and bit her lip, seeming to look at me with a new found level of arousal. It was the ultimate comparison between the tiny penis that she was used to, and the giant cock she was about to get.

She moved quickly away from me as I removed the torn rubber. She lay back down and stared at me. She had one finger in her mouth, and was sucking on it absent-mindedly, playing with her lips. We got in to position, her on her back and me on top. I wanted to take a little while to appreciate the scene first.

She really was beautiful. I reached down and cupped her right breast, massaging it. She moaned slightly. I enjoyed the feel of it, so soft and firm. I looked down at her pussy. The sheet below her was already soaked in her juices. I knew she was ready, but she suddenly looked so small.

"Is this really what you want?" I asked. "Yes, yes, please." she whimpered. I pushed the head of my cock gently against the folds of her pussy, but went no further. She closed her eyes, and bit her lip hard. "It's going to hurt, you know." I said. She looked up at me. "I like it when you hurt me." she said. "You do?" I asked. I was genuinely surprised, and curious. "Yeah.when you pull my hair, or hurt my feels good.I like it." she said slowly.

"You mean like this?" I quickly grabbed the nipple of her right breast and squeezed it hard, twisting it. She cried out and arched her back. "Yesssss." she hissed. I released her. "I like it." she whimpered, her breath heavy, "I like it when you hurt me. I like the pain." I really hadn't expected her masochistic side to be so strong.

"It reminds me that I'm yours.that I'm your slut." she said. "You like being my slut, don't you?" I asked. "Yes, yes, I'm your slut, I'm yours." she said.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself close to me, nuzzling her face against my neck. "I want to be yours, I'm yours." she said. She seemed to have a tendency to babble when I prompted her to talk like this. I pushed her roughly away from me and clamped my hand down over her mouth.

She whimpered softly into it. "Look at yourself." I said calmly, "All that attitude. All that arrogance. And now you're mine? Just like that? Is a big cock all it takes to own you?" I asked. She moaned loudly and tried to move her head against my grip. I tightened my fingers and pushed her harder into the mattress. I held her there, and just watched her staring into my eyes, unable to speak.

I pulled my hand away. "I.I'm yours.I want to be yours.Only yours." she repeated.


Her voice was shaking now, full of lust. Something inside me was so satisfied by seeing her like this. But I could still feel it there, just like always. The deep pit of black rage inside me was rearing its head. I grabbed my cock with my left hand, and slowly began to push it against her pussy again. "Beg for this." I said. "Yesss." she moaned, "Please fuck me.

I want your big cock so bad.please fuck me, please." "Do you really think you deserve it, slut?" I asked, pulling my hips back. "I.I don't know.I took your whole cock.just like you told me." she said quietly. "Is that enough?" I asked, my anger rising, "Does that make up for how you've treated me our whole lives?" She looked ashamed, and terrified. "I'm sorry.please, I'm so sorry.I'm just-" "A bitch?" I said. "Yes! Yes, I'm such a bitch, I know, I'm just-" "And now you want my cock?

You think you've earned that?" I felt the hot anger burn up in me, and this time I let it. My hand flew to her throat, and I pulled her close to me, choking her. "After the years of abuse, the insults? After turning my own sister against me!?" I shouted. She didn't try to say anything, she couldn't. I tightened my grip around her throat for a few seconds as she gagged and choked, before shoving her back to the bed.

"Why should I give you anything you want?" I said quietly. She coughed a few times, and rubbed her throat. A tear rolled down her cheek. "I'm sorry." she said, her voice ragged, "I'm so, so sorry. Do what you want to me. P.please. Please. I'm.I'm sorry." Her voice was so soft, so meek. So utterly submissive. As she began to cry, I knew this wasn't an act, as I expected of her before. She wasn't just saying what I wanted, doing what I wanted because of my cock.

She really was sorry for how she'd treated me in the past because now she wanted to belong to me. This was it. She was beaten, broken, lying before me a willing slave.

All that was left now was to fuck her. And now I was ready. I grabbed my cock by the base and pushed it against her pussy yet again. I started slowly at first, pushing with my hips until I felt her drenched pussy lips give slightly. She whimpered and began to pinch and twist her nipples. But I couldn't push any farther. The head of my cock wouldn't fit inside. This felt like more than just a size issue, there was something physically preventing me from entering.

I looked down at her body, disbelieving. My cock was pushing against her hymen. Her ex was so small that he hadn't broken it. I grinned. All I could think about now was how much this would hurt her. "You feel that, cunt? I'm about to take your virginity." Every humiliating memory of every old insult, every dirty look, and every God damn day I'd had to spend hiding in my own house fuelled me on. I let the full force of my anger take me over, finally releasing it after years of suppression.

I gritted my teeth and forced myself into her tight cunt, pushing hard against the vice-like pressure. She was screaming now. It sounded like she was in a lot of pain. But this was what she'd wanted, what she'd begged for. I thought of those forum entries, about the women who'd been in so much pain after being with a well hung man that they'd never gone near them again. They talked about how it hurt to be stretched, how it ached for days afterwards.

That's what I wanted for Jessica. I was going to fuck this girl raw. I started to push harder, forcing her pussy open. Her moaning increased, and she started that little guttural growl in her throat.

It was difficult to enter her, she was so tight and I was so big. I continued my slow, hard penetration.

She was so hot, and so wet. I was barely in and it already felt fantastic. When I got about half my length into her, her pussy started to pulse and quiver around my cock. I started to pull back out, slowly. When my cock head reached her opening again, I thrust in hard, back up to half length. At first it was slow, my muscles tensing with the effort of every thrust, but each time I got faster and faster, until I was pounding her hard with a rapid rhythm.

It felt amazing, the intense heat, the tight walls of her pussy gripping and trembling around my cock. I brought my hands to her shoulders for a better grip, digging my fingers in hard, and started pounding even harder. Tears were freely flowing down her face and she hadn't stopped moaning and squealing, her voice jumping and shaking as I fucked her. With each thrust I forced a little more into her, until I was almost completely inside each time.

My body was slick with sweat and my breath was ragged with effort. It felt so good, I didn't know how long I'd be able to last. I kept up the pace, and soon I was surprised to feel my balls meeting the heat of her pussy lips. I looked down to see I was bottoming out; my entire cock was entering her completely with each stroke.

I moaned with pleasure and increased my pace again. My hips were burning and her bed was shaking and creaking with my effort. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist, tightening around me each time I bottomed, as if wanting to hold me there. I looked down at her. Her tits were bouncing wildly. She was biting her lower lip hard, and her eyes were closed. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. I wanted her eyes open.

She looked into my eyes, her face flushed and stained with tears. I felt the pleasure getting too intense. I plunged into her one last time. Her legs tightened around my back and she threw her arms around my neck. We screamed together as I shot my load into her, pulse after pulse of hot sperm filling her tight pussy. Intense pleasure fired down my cock, it felt like my whole body had gone numb except for this lightning bolt of sensation.

As my orgasm ended, the strength left my hips and I collapsed on top of her. My cock began to wilt slightly, becoming softer. With a huge effort, I rolled off of her, my slimy cock pulling out of her pussy and bringing with it a flow of semen, and some blood. I looked at her. She was breathing as heavily as I was. Her eyes were closed, and her lower lip was bleeding, a thin, red trail running down her chin. The sensations had been so intense that she'd broken the skin by biting too hard.

Tears were still rolling gently down her face, and she let out a weak sob every now and again. We lay in silence for a long time. I just watched her. After a while she slowly opened her eyes, meeting mine. She wiped the tears from her face. Groaning slightly in pain, she rolled to her side and moved her body closer to me. She crawled over until she was above me and set her head gently down against my shoulder. She reached up and slid her arms around my neck, hugging me.

I used my thumb to wipe the blood from her chin, then gently rubbed it across her lips. She opened her mouth and licked my thumb as I pushed her lips around. I swept my hand up to her head and started to stroke her hair. I grabbed the blanket with my other hand and pulled it over us. She reacted to the warmth by snuggling close to me, nuzzling into my chest, and I put my arm around her waist. I wasn't really sure what to do.

I felt completely drained of all emotion, all thought. All I knew was that holding her like this, for now, felt good. I ran my fingers up through her hair, caressing her gently. I had no idea what to say to her. I didn't know what I wanted any more. She sighed happily against my chest, her warm breath tickling me. "That was." she started. She sighed again, and closed her eyes.

"That was incredible." she purred. "Did it hurt?" I asked. She looked up at me. "Yeah.But it felt so good." She moved her hips forward, bringing our faces closer until her cheek rested against mine. Her hands moved up to caress my hair. "When you.when you penetrated me.I had an orgasm." she whispered softly in my ear. "It hurt so much.and I liked it.oh God," she said, shivering slightly, "It felt so good.I'm so glad that.that you were my first.

My real first, I mean" She felt her smile, and she kissed me softly on the cheek. "I just.I kept.cumming, over and over.when I took it all.when you were completely inside me.I thought I was going to die." She slowly kissed me a few times along my jaw, letting her lips rest for a few seconds each time.

"My pussy still hurts." she said, wriggling her hips. "Aahh.", she sighed in pain, "It hurts, but I like it. I'm all stretched out by your big cock." She sighed happily and pulled back. "Thank you." she said. She held her face a few inches from mine. Her eyes were so big, such a clear, perfect green.

Her smile seemed so sweet, so genuine. So innocent, somehow. Without thinking, I kissed her. Gently at first, our lips moving tenderly together. I loved how she responded to my touch, pushing her body back slightly against my arms. I took her lower lip between my teeth and bit down, hard. She moaned softly, and I felt blood flowing into my mouth, metallic and warm. I'd re-opened the wound she'd made before. I released her lip and she slid her tongue into my mouth.

She kissed me passionately, and I returned it. Our first kiss. My first kiss. She pulled back, breathing heavily, blood staining her lip. "I love you." she said. For a second I was stunned. Then I felt a sudden flash of anger. She loved me? I gripped her hair and pulled it back, hard. She hissed and whimpered in pain, and I forcefully grabbed her jaw with my other hand. I loved the sounds she made, her soft mewls of pain and pleasure. "How can you love me?" I asked slowly, "You don't even know me." She gasped sharply in pain again as I tightened my grip.

"I do.I.I," she moaned. I gripped tighter for a few seconds, until I saw tears touching the corners of her eyes. I released her, and she let her head drop onto my chest. Her breathing was heavy and I could feel her tears against my skin.


"Good." I said. "Good girl." She sighed happily and wrapped her arms around me. I didn't know how I felt about her any more. I thought about the things that usually made me the most angry, the worst memories of her mocking, of her public humiliation. Just like always a few hot waves of rage pulsed up in me, but I let them go, calming myself. The anger, the hatred, the repulsion I'd always felt for her was still there, though it felt lessened slightly.

I thought about her grinding her pussy against my cock, begging for an orgasm. I thought about her delight in pleasing me, her face lighting up as I complimented her. I thought about her stunning resolve to deep throat my cock, surprising me by succeeding so quickly. My dick started to stiffen a little at the memories.

Not much, just a little twitch to remind me that she stilled turned me on. I thought of the few times we'd spoken recently, about how pleasant it had been just to hold a casual conversation with her.

I thought about how good it felt just to be stroking her soft hair, and holding her naked body against mine. I felt the warmth of emotion that I honestly thought I'd never feel for her, a sweet affection that made me want to just hold her close to me.

I couldn't understand it. The emotions I felt, such strong, deep seated hatred, and the new, bright joy and admiration, all mixed up with the lust I felt for her. Such completely opposed, conflicting feelings, but I felt them all for the same person, at the same time. Without saying anything, I slowly pushed her off me. I got off the bed, and she curled up under the covers.

I noticed that my cock was still a little wet with our combined juices, and her blood. I picked her panties up from the floor and used them to clean my cock. When I was finished I tossed them carelessly towards her. They landed on her thigh, but she didn't seem to notice. I got dressed and left without either of us saying another word. == I didn't see her for a while, after that. She took the next day off from school, and didn't come to stay over. When I asked Rose about it, she said that Jessica had been sick after all, and she couldn't get out of bed.

I thought that part might actually be true, she could have been in so much pain that she couldn't walk. I smiled at that image. She didn't come over on Saturday, either. Instead Rose visited her, hoping to cheer her up, or make her feel better. She suggested I join her, since Jessica and I were becoming closer recently, but I declined. As the week went on, I didn't see her again, even at school. I didn't look for her, exactly, but it felt so rare not to see her at all these days.

I didn't ask Rose any more about her, either. I almost did a few times, but something in me hesitated. I was still conflicted about my feelings for her. I thought about her constantly, remembering both why I hated her, and why I was starting to like her, all while trying not to picture her when I felt like jacking off.

It was the strangest sensation. I'd had crushes before, what I thought was love at the time. Girls I watched from afar but never had he courage to approach, like many guys. I felt those same stupid feelings again, for Jessica. I thought about her smirk, her eyes, her wit. I also thought about how good it felt to hurt her, to watch her squirm in pain. I became lost in my thoughts, ignoring my friends and school work.

I tried to distract myself by staying online all the time, reading, or watching movies. But my thoughts always drifted back to her. I stayed for hours passed midnight, almost every night, trying to think through my emotions half the time, and trying to forget them the rest. This is something I was usually good at, ignoring thoughts that made me uncomfortable, like homework I still had to finish, or if I thought that something was going to go badly, I could just make myself not think about.

But this was too big, it was too much. I started falling a sleep in class, and I was tired all the time, just trying to understand what I was feeling, or to ignore it.

The next Friday I went to bed as soon as I got home from school. I was vaguely aware that there was something that I should be waiting for, but I'd pushed any thoughts of Jessica away. I was too sleep deprived and emotionally drained to care about what I'd forgotten. That night, I jerked awake. I looked at my alarm clock to see that it was an hour after midnight, the bright, red 1:08 hurting my eyes. I sat up and held my head, trying to remember what had woken me.

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