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The Fall From Grace "No auntie, absolutely no way!" "Now stop being so silly, Sophie. A cunt is for glory not the worms, even a good Catholic girl like you can`t stay a virgin her whole life.

For heaven`s sake girl you`re twenty-two." "But auntie, he`s old enough to be my father!" "Grandfather. And he has the most wonderful cock. Long and thick and as hard as any teenager.

He could ride you all night long. You`re a lucky girl, Sophie. You should be thanking me." "Thanking you for prostituting me! You really are a piece of work auntie Jane." "But Sophie dear, you`re already dressed like a whore. Now go get us some drinks and when you reach the bar pull that zip on your dress down a little and show him some tit." Sophie stormed away, pushing her way through the crowded nightclub to the bar.

The man in question was Jack Barlow the club`s owner. A thin wiry man, who was usually seen hitting on the young girls, but tonight he was serving drinks. Sophie was naked under her dress. Her aunt had convinced her that her underwear looked unsightly under the tight fitting dress, and that she should go without it.

In her naivety, Sophie had agreed. She now approached the bar extremely conscious of her heavy breasts straining against the thin fabric, and the gradual riding up of the dress now only a few inches below her bare and hairless pussy. She pulled the hem down as best she could, and was relieved when she was served by another barman. But Jack hadn`t took his eyes off her.

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As she walked away with the drinks, she could feel his eyes boring into her, and to her great shame, she could feel the dress inching up her thighs once more, but this time with her hands full, she could do nothing but grit her teeth.

"Put the drinks on the table dear." Said her aunt, but Sophie knew that to do so would mean bending at the waist, which would surely expose the lower part of her butt, and the softly rolled lips of her cunt. "I can`t auntie." Said Sophie stiffly. Jane reached forward and grasped the long silver zip that ran down the entire front of Sophie`s black sequinned dress. It was all that kept it together. "You either put the drinks on the table, or so help me I will rip this zip clean down to your fat little pussy." Her aunt was drunk, and from the look in her eyes Sophie knew that she would do it too.

Her auntie could be nasty even on a good day, but she was really on one this evening. Sophie took a deep breath and placed the drinks on the table feeling her dress caress and then rise above her tightly clenched thighs. As she straightened, she glanced over her shoulder to see Jack Barlow grinning and rubbing the large bulge between his legs. Her humiliation was complete. Sophie spent the rest of the evening avoiding her aunt and Jack Barlow, hiding in the shadows until the club closed and it was time to leave.

"If you`re waiting for your aunt she`s already left." Came a voice from behind her. It was Jack. She had been outside on the kerb for a while waiting for her ride, but as the crowd dispersed, she had found herself alone. Her heart sank. She knew that the cabs were on strike, and she had no way home.

She had been set up. "Look, no offence Sophie, but you can stay here tonight," Jack began. "I`ve had a drink, but I can drop you home tomorrow. It`s really cold tonight." "I`m not cold." Said Sophie, stiffening as she felt his hands encircling her waist from behind. "Your nipples say different." He whispered, his hands moving to cup her heavy breasts.

He was right thought Sophie; her nipples really were pushing against the taut dress. His hands roamed freely across her tits, caressing the rigidity of her nipples, squeezing and pushing them together. "We should go inside." He breathed, pushing her towards the door. Sophie was on sensory overload.

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She couldn`t deny that his hands had felt wonderful, but by stepping back into the club she knew that she was committing herself. Did she really want this? He led her through a door and into his private apartment.

He pulled her into his arms, and they kissed, Jack forcing his tongue into her mouth as his hand drew down the zip on her dress. Sophie knew that this man was forcing himself upon her, and pushed feebly against his chest and then stopped, as he slipped a hand inside her dress and caressed her naked breast.

The zip came free and the dress fell away, leaving Sophie naked. A finger trailed across her stomach and traced the deep groove of her shaven, virgin slit. "Please Jack," Gasped Sophie. "I`ve never done this before. I`ve never even kissed a man." Jack stopped and looked at her incredulously. "What never?" he asked, cupping her pussy. Sophie shook her head. "I`m going into the church.

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I leave for the convent on Monday. Auntie Jane wanted me to have one last night out before I leave." Jack laughed. "So you weren`t expecting this? This is all a big surprise to you?" Sophie nodded. "I`ve been set up haven`t I?" "Totally!" Said Jack.

"My God that`s incredible! This has been planned for weeks! But now that you`re here…" He began stroking the fat lips of her pussy, pushing a little deeper into her slit, causing Sophie to moan softly into his shoulder. Her thighs parted slightly of their own volition as Jack continued to molest her. His finger found her hole and pushed gently inside. She was wet. He fucked her gently with his finger, feeling her body sag against him.

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To Sophie it felt as if her entire weight was supported by the hand cupping her cunt and the insidious finger curling up inside her. "Take me into the bedroom Jack," She sobbed into his neck. "I need it. I really need it." Jack smiled to himself as he scooped her into his arms, and threw her onto the bed. He undressed quickly, watching her expression as his powerful erection sprung free of his underwear. Her eyes widened in horror. "No Jack, please it`s too big, it`ll rip me open." Jack climbed upon the bed as Sophie cringed away.

"It`ll fit Sophie. Just you watch it." He pushed apart the girl`s knees and crawled between them, the large cock bobbing, and heavy balls swaying between his legs. He folded the girls legs to her chest. And positioned the ballooning cockhead at her sopping entrance. "I`m going into you now Sophie.

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Just relax and let it slide in." Try as she might Sophie couldn`t relax. At the first touch of the cock she tensed up pushing the tip of the cock back out.

The slap across her face was sudden and unexpected. Distracted by the blow, Sophie dropped her guard and Jack lunged forward, driving half of his 9" cock into her vainly resisting channel, opening her hole and painfully stretching her unused cunt. Sophie screamed, and wriggled desperately, trying to expel the invading cock, but her struggles only allowed the cock to sink deeper into her slick channel.

Eventually their pubic bones came together and Jack`s Balls rested heavily on her upturned cunt.


Sophie lay motionless beneath him. The sudden penetration had shocked her, and her cunt ached around his throbbing member. She felt so incredibly full. She lifted her bottom and felt her speared pussy roll around his deeply embedded prick.

Jack hadn`t moved. He wanted her to get used to the feel of his cock before he fucked her in earnest. "Sorry about the slap," he began, "But there`s no love here, you know that right?

This is just fucking, plain and simple." "I know." Said Sophie meekly. "Will you come in me?" "Do you want me too?" Replied Jack. "Yes." Said Sophie embarrassed by her words. "I want it all." Jack began moving. Slowly at first, relishing the clinging tightness of her pussy, and then faster, and finally pounding into her, feeling her body shaking under the assault, and then he was coming.

As the orgasm swept through his body he knew what would be happening in her cunt. Jack didn`t just dribble sperm, it gushed from him. Spurt after heavy spurt would be bathing her cervix and soothing the bruised walls of her pussy. Sophie bore down on the spasming cock as it came inside her.

She could feel the hot spurts as they filled her rolling pussy, and she wrapped her legs tightly around Jack`s humping back as he pulled free and spurted the last of his spunk on her belly.


"Why did you do that?" said Sophie breathlessly. "I wanted it all." "And you shall have it," grinned Jack. "That`s for your mouth." Sophie lay back resignedly. What did it matter now? Jack dipped a finger into the slimy puddle and pushed it quickly into her mouth.

"Suck on it Sophie, there`s a good girl." Sophie did as she was told, licking the finger clean, and when Jack scooped up the rest of the spunk and offered it to her, she lapped it up and swallowed it down.

It wasn`t unpleasant. "Your cock`s leaking sperm Jack. Do you want me to clean it with my mouth?" She asked. Jack was beside himself with delight. This was more than he had expected. "That would be lovely Sophie thank you. And when it`s clean, kindly take it into your mouth and suck on it for a while would you?" Sophie was happy to oblige.

She had decided that spunk was delicious, and loved the feel of Jack`s softening cock in her mouth. She began sucking on it. Soft pulsing sucks, like a baby on a dummy. He started getting hard again. Sophie could feel it swelling in her mouth.

She caressed his heavy balls feeling them tighten against his body. The swelling increased and she could no longer fit it all in her mouth, and so concentrated on the knob, licking and sucking, and feeling it throb in response. Jack took a jar from the bedside table and unscrewed the lid.


Sophie looked up with interest. "What are you doing Jack?" "Preparing to fuck you in the ass Sophie. Auntie`s orders." "What! No Jack, it`s too big, you`ll tear me! Do my pussy again! Please, Jack I`ll come this time!" Jack shook his head sadly.

"No can do Sophie. Your aunt is a complete degenerate, but she`s right about this. You can`t go to the cloisters with a tight virgin ass. I`m going to loosen it a little for you, and deposit a healthy wad of spunk up there for you to take with you." Jack spun her around and lifted her ass to a good height. Sophie tried to scoot away, but was held and dragged back. Jack slapped her hard on the ass. "There`s two ways we can do this bitch, the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way is with plenty of grease. The hard way…" "No Jack!" cried Sophie panic-stricken, "Grease me please! Don`t hurt me!" Smiling with satisfaction, Jack took a dollop of grease from the pot, and pushed a grease laden finger against her asshole. It was tight, pink, and completely sealed. It resisted his finger, but he persevered, pushing a little harder each time.

It slid inside. He heard Sophie moan softly at the sudden intrusion. He moved it gently in and out, greasing her delicate fuck-tube. He inserted a small tube attached to a bottle, and with a squeeze, thoroughly greased her asshole. He went deep, filling her. Sophie grit her teeth against the burning pain. The grease felt icy cold in her ass, and she braced herself on her forearms, ready for what she knew would be coming next.

Thoroughly lathering his prick with the grease, he presented it to her asshole, and began to push inside. The gentlest of strokes managed to get the knob in, and he held it there, as Sophie moaned in pain. He leant over her, cupping her tits as he whispered in her ear. "Now Sophie, I want you to shit me out. Push me out like I was a turd." Sensing an opportunity to expel him from her ass, Sophie bore down, only to cry out in horror, as she felt him surge within her.

He pushed firmly, inexorably descending into her dank interior. She struggled ineffectually, as he held his cock deep inside, allowing her ass to become accustomed to the thick throbbing intruder. Sophie had her face in a pillow sobbing real tears. He was so deep inside her. It wasn`t just the pain, but the filthiness of it. She gasped as he began to move. Jack could feel her ass opening up and he fucked her harder. She was unbelievably tight and it wasn`t long before he felt the spunk rising in his balls.

He grit his teeth desperate to last, but he couldn`t stop thrusting, and then he was coming. He gave one final lunge, spearing her to the hilt, as the white hot sperm gushed into her bowels.

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Sophie was coming too as she furiously frigged her clit in the spunk that was still leaking from her swollen cunt. The pain in her ass had diminished to a dull ache, but it was the sheer depravity and filthiness of the fucking that was bringing her off. The thought of standing before the Mother Superior with an ass full of hot virile sperm. Jack could feel the rhythmic pulsing of her ass as her orgasm peaked, and he loved the way she humped back at him, desperate to get even more of his cock into her hot spasming ass.

Jack softened inside her and she expelled him with a soft plop. Her asshole snapped shut only not quite as tightly as it had before. It would never be the same again. Jack fucked her pussy again the following morning, just to make sure that she was fully open he told her, and then he took her home. Jack said that it was a shame that she was going into the convent as he wanted to lick her pussy to orgasm and teach her to suck cock like a pro.

He explained that she still had so much to learn. Sophie was in turmoil. She was no longer a good Catholic and had fallen from grace in a big way, and as such she couldn`t in all honesty commit to the church.

And anyway, she wondered what his tongue would feel like on her bare cunt. She had a phone call to the convent to make. The End