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Ada sanchez latinas big natural boobs latina sex tapes tube porn
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She smoothed her skirt and touched up her lipstick. She looked stunning. Her chocolate brown hair was in a loose bun and a few natural waves framed her oval face. Her green eyes her accented beautifully with light eyeliner and green eyeshadow. She was going for the sexy nerd look today and had her square thick framed glasses hanging from her low cut blouse. She grabbed her lab coat off the bathroom hook and check out her behind.

"It looks amazing as always." her partner Ryan yelled from the other room as he got off the couch. "Don't worry. They'll love it- I mean you." Scarlett laughed and pushed him.

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"How'd you know that's what I was looking at?" "Because very time you leave the bathroom you check yourself out." he replies promptly. "It's like an obsession." Ryan and Scarlett were engineers working in the oil sands and were going to a meeting to present a new idea for increasing profit while lowering water usage.

Scarlett was a chemical engineer and worked in the lab while Ryan was a petroleum engineer and work on site. Ryan hip checked her out of the view of the mirror and rubbed his five o'clock shadow. "I'm not gonna shave." he smirked and looked at Scarlett. "it's okay like this." Scarlett glared at him.


"Don't even think about it, you might not care about this but this meeting means everything to me." "Alright, alright, I was just kidding. You know this is a conference." he grabbed the shaving cream out of the mirror cabinet. "Theres probably a thousand people that want to hear what you have to say. We don't have to see these guys." Scarlett spun her wedding ring around, something she did when she was thinking. "I know but these guys are the best.

I honestly can't believe they put us in the same hotel room. I mean it's an oil company, how can they not afford two hotel rooms?" "I dunno but I get the bed tonight." he said as he finished shaving.

"You're on the couch." She rolled her eyes and told him only if she got the window seat on the flight back home. "How old are you?" he laughed. "You started it!" He wiped some shaving cream off of his chin, "Again I ask, how old are you?!" he smeared the cream on her nose and dived out of the bathroom. "I hate you Ryan Michael Stevenson!" "And I love you Scarlett Roxanne Stevenson!" he laughed loudly. He had the best laugh.

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"Fuck Ryan, that's not my name! My last names Newman." " Not on your passport it's not. According to that we're still married." She knew he'd say that so she didn't answer. Scarlett and Ryan were married, when they were 17, they were in love and when she got pregnant that just pushed them further so they got married. It wasn't big, just their parents and their best friends.

They were so happy. But with a kid on the way and no education and already piles of debt they started fighting.

They sold their apartment and move back to their parents and when the baby was born they gave it up for adoption, they didn't even know if it was a girl or a boy. They divorced quickly since they had nothing to their name.

They both went to school and they both met other people, Scarlett met a doctor and Ryan met a lawyer.

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They both married and didn't talk until the first day of on site engineering training when they were put together.

But they soon worked through everything and became friends. Nothing more, nothing less. She put on her glasses fixed her bra to make her boobs look bigger and pulled up her skirt. One last look in the mirror and Scarlett was ready, she looked so good an environmentalist would agree with her. They walked out of the bathroom, leaned over the head of the couch and starting playing with Ryan's hair. It was soft, he kept it short for work but he treated it well.

Her mind flew back to the first time they had sex, they were 16 and he was lying on top of her and she was holding on to his hair. The flashback continued as he thrusted until he came, and she moaned out loud. Ryan jumped off the couch. "What the fuck was that?!" Scarlett blushed and looked away; embarrassed. "Nothing. I swear. Let's go." she slipped in to her high heels and strutted out the door.

The company had loved their presentation and were looking more into it. That meant a bonus for Scarlett and more work for Ryan.

their day had started at 9 and it was almost midnight when Scarlett fell through the door throwing her heels at a wall. "Fuck I hate those," she sighed gratefully and went into the bedroom to change.

Ryan collapsed on to the couch and stared at the ceiling "That was the longest day of my life and I'm not even tired" he yelled to the bedroom.

"I know me too," Scarlett walked gracefully out of bedroom. She took her hair down and shook it out, brown curls playfully wiped around her face. She was in a old t shirt that was about 5 sizes to big for her and a pair of boxer shorts. /she looks amazing/ Ryan thought. He moved his legs for her as she sat next to him on the couch. "Do you miss me?" Scarlett looked at him. "What? You're right here." "Never mind," he looked back at the TV. Scarlett moved closer to him, "Do you mean this way?" she leaned towards him and kissed him gently on the neck.

"Yes," he moaned and kissed her lips. He teased her by biting her bottom lip and she moaned out loud. "Shhh." he placed his hand on her neck and pulled her closer.

she ran his fingers through his hair and pushed him down on the couch. Flashbacks to when they were younger sparked in Scarlet's mind and she kisses him harder. He found his way under her shorts and grabbed on to her toned butt. She pulled her self off him and started undoing his shirt buttons. "Hold on." he breathed. ".Bedroom" he kissed her and pushed her to stand.

They stumbles into the bedroom and he pulled off her shirt and threw it to the ground. She wasn't wearing a bra and he felt his dick getting harder. He grabbed on to one and licked it.

She ripped off his shirt and ran her hands over his abs. She got on her knees and licked his stomach down to his pants. Slowing undid his button, testing him with her tongue. She took them off quickly and pulled down his boxers. He kicked him to the side and she grabbed on to his 10" dick. She massaged it and licked the tip. She sighed and told him how good he tasted. He clenched and some precum spilled out. She looked into his eyes and licked it off.

"Fuck, Scar, just suck it." she kept looking at him and took all of it in her mouth. She had two fingers around the base and was squeezing as she sucked him off.

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He clenched again and moaned "Fuck I'm cumming Scarlett!" he tightened and came in her mouth. She swallowed it all and got off her knees to kiss him. They fell on to the bed and he pulled off her shorts.

She wasn't wearing underwear either. "Fuck your hot" he groaned as he kissed her. He forced her legs open and started to rub her clit. "oh baby," she moaned "go in." he shoved two fingers in her already soaking pussy and began to finger fuck her. She reached down and started to rub herself and soon she was screaming.

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"Oh Ryan! Ryan I'm coming!" he pulled out and she squirted on him.

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He licked his fingers and put them near her. "You taste to good baby." she sucked them clean and pulled him on top of her.

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"Fuck me," she moaned. He obeyed happily. He looked down and shoved himself into her. She wasn't tight but she wasn't lose and so it felt amazing. He pushes farther each time and he was soon all in her. She rapped her legs around his back and pushed him down.


They kissed and moaned till he yelled out that he was cumming. They came at the same time and he collapsed on top of her. "that was amazing." they said at the same time.