Cute Lora inspected as a virgin Defloration

Cute Lora inspected as a virgin Defloration
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My husband had been in the military for ten years when this incident took place. We were stationed on the coast and had rented a house on the beach of a river that run into the bay. It was a beautiful spot and the weather wasn't too cold in the winter or summer. Our boat was anchored a few hundred feet off shore directly in from of our property.

This gave us a wonderful opportunity for skiing, fishing or just pleasure boating. This setting caused us to have many visitors and parties for all concerned. An airman, Rog, in my husband's unit spent a lot of time at our place which was fine with both of us as Rog was a great help with all tasks around the property, including cooking and he always paid his way.

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He was single, about seven years younger than we were, clean cut in appearance, physic with a great personality and was always humorous. Rog would stay in our spare bedroom when he was off duty. He was a great help at our parties, serving drinks and cleaning up afterward. I thought that Rog might be gay but he had never given any indication to me, or if Walt knew he never said anything. Rog had never made a direct pass at me but there were the compliments and subtle remarks.

I took this as complimentary and got a small thrill from them. One Saturday night after a day on the water with the boat and a party for a few friends, my husband Walt, loaded the music with many of the slow dance tunes and mixed us all drinks.

Walt had hurt his foot a little that afternoon so he wasn't doing any dancing that night but he encouraged Rog and me to enjoy it. I have always enjoyed dancing so I was happy to have a partner. Walt kept the drinks coming and Rog and I was enjoying the dancing. After a couple of hours I was really feeling the effects of the alcohol and so was Rog.


We were dancing closer and Rog attempted to kiss me. I turned my head but in my state I wanted to let him kiss me for I could feel a very strong erection on our close dancing but I was married and Walt was in the room.

Walt was enjoying watching the waves coming in and the moon glow on the water. He was definitely keeping the drinks coming and it was reaching the point that dancing was fast becoming difficult. I found myself holding Rog mush closer than normal and I was really enjoying it but it was difficult do anything but shuffle around.

We sat on the couch with Walt and he had a fresh drink waiting for us. I don't think I got through much of the drink before I was out. My eyes and head became so heavy that I just lay back.

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Even though I was unable to maneuver I still knew what was transpiring around me. Walt and Rog were talking in low tones, they thought, but what I got out of their conversation was that Rog was going to help Walt put me to bed. They got on each side of me and I went along like I was completely out of it. I was laid on our king sized bed and Walt told Rog to take off my shoes and tights while he removed my blouse and bra.

After Walt finished his part he assisted Rog in removing all but my panties. I could even hear Rog breathing very hard. Walt whispered something in Rog's ear and he undressed completely and well as Walt. Walt started kissing me from my lips all the way to my toes and back to my vulva. I was already very well lubricated with what had been going on and it was hard to keep in an unconscious state.

Rog stood back with a raging erection. God it felt good, Walt was really putting on a show for Rog and I in my state was enjoying all that was going on around and with me. The exhibition to Rog just added that much more to the enjoyment. Walt came up and put his mouth back on my breast and the inserted his cock into my very ready vagina. He didn't stay in very long as he pulled out and Rog moved up and started inserting his cock into me.

I didn't know what was going on but I was having the best feeling I had had in a long time. Rog was larger and longer than Walt so that made it all the more pleasurable. With all the drink we all had it was going to be a long session but with my feeling it could go on all night as far as I was concerned. I would play along with their game and have the erotic pleasure.

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Walt had moved to the other side of the bed and he was watching very closely all that was going on and masturbating. It was the first time that I had a man other than Walt since our marriage and I was enjoying it to the hilt.


I know I should have felt guilty but this was set up by Walt for his pleasure so I would go along and get as much enjoyment as possible. Rog was fucking me like he had not had any activity in a long time.

The ultimate pleasure was building up faster than I thought it would as I had a gigantic climax and went into an orgasmic wave.

This brought on Rog and he went all the way to the bottom and let loose of one of the biggest loads inside me that I could remember. I had to go through the motions, I couldn't stop that but I still acted like I was still asleep. Rog pulled out and law to my side with Walt pulling me on top of him in a 69 position. This was going to fill Walt's face with my and Rog's semen.

He went in like that is just what he wanted and I took his cock down my throat. It wasn't long that we both had our orgasms and I took it all down, a thing that I didn't normally do.

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I really did go to sleep this time but later I was awaken by the activity on the bed. When I turned there was a sight that I had never seen except in one of the movies that Walt brought in sometimes. Rog and Walt were in a 69 position and their cocks were going down each other throats like pistons. This time I couldn't help but start masturbating so we all reached a climax near the same time. Walt noticed I was awake but he didn't say anything to Rog. Rog got up and took his clothes to the guest room and got in that bed.

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Walt said he was very sorry that I had to see that but the pull was so severe that he couldn't help him self and as I knew if the military knew this, he and Rog would be court-martialed and put out of the service.

I told him I knew what had gone on and he started to sob. I took him in my arms, as I really love Walt and always would.

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I asked how long had the relationship with Rog been going on? He said that it started about a month ago and it was the first time he had ever had a sexual relationship with a male.

He said that he certainly didn't think that he was bi-sexual before this happened but I read where there is a desire in all of us but most of the time it just doesn't surface or the occasion never comes around. A couple of days ago when we had sex I got this very erotic sexual stimulation just thinking about another man fucking you and me watching.

It was constantly on my mind so I cooked up this plan. It could have been guilt as Rog and I had sex, I don't know. Walt said that he would never have relations with a male other than Rog.

I told him if he ever did that would be the finish of our marriage and said that this was the best night of sex that I could remember but in the future to let me know when he had something like that planned with Rog so I wouldn't have to drink so much.