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Extrem hartes Arschloch anal training mit deutscher junger amateur teen
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"3, 2, 1, GO!" yelled the referee standing in the middle of the field. It was May and in May every grade took a class trip before the end of the year. This year, my senior class had elected to go play paintball all day so the class officers had rented out a paintball facility and we had all come after spending the night at a hotel down the street.

At the sound of the ref yelling go, everyone sprinted to the various buildings and pipes and old cars and other objects that could be used as cover. For my plan, I ran to the far corner behind a building and prepared to sneak up the side of the map and surprise the enemy which required stealth and no noise or anything else that would attract attention.

As soon as I ducked behind the building, someone ducked right next to me. I turned to see what idiot had followed me and was going to give away my position. It was Emma, a girl in my grade who was almost a year younger than me with me being almost nineteen and her just turning eighteen earlier that month. To put Emma in a nutshell, she is a busty bimbo. She isn't fat or anything, far from it, but she has huge tits, like D or DD and a big ass with a slim waist separating the two.

Her face is pretty and she has long blonde hair. Her bright blue intelligent-looking eyes betray her actuality because she is dumb as a stone.

She only manages to skate by in school because of her looks and her dad's yearly "donations". "What are you doing?" I hissed to Emma. "What? I just figured I would follow you because you seem to know what you're doing." She replied.

"Well follow someone else. You're going to give my position to the other team." I replied, annoyed. "Just relax.

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I can be stealthy." she said with a roll of her eyes. "Watch I'll use the buildings to completely cover my movements." With that she moved to the window of the small building which was simply a small square in the plywood wall and proceeded to squeeze her way in. She got her torso in eventually but then got stuck because the window was small and her ass was too big to fit through.

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"It's okay." came a muffled and barely audible voice from in the house, "I can back out again." I sighed. This was going to be a disaster. Emma put her arms back through the window and tried to back out but now her tits, which had barely fit through the first time, wouldn't fit back through leaving her stuck in the small window with her arms pinned to her sides and her ass on one side and her tits and head on the other. She tried to wriggle free but just became more stuck. "Ummm.I'm kinda stuck.

Can you go get help or something?" came her muffled voice. I shook my head in disbelief. Only a busty brick-head blonde like Emma could have managed to get herself stuck in a fucking window in plywood house obstacle at a paintball place.

I walked around the far side of the building and through the only other entrance which was a hole in the plywood shaped like a door. There was Emma, completely stuck with her arms pinned to her sides by the window.

I walked up to her prone head and stared at her pretty head and big tits as she moved what little she could in an effort to escape.


"Well don't just stand there." she said impatiently, "Do something!" As I stood there for a second, an idea popped into my head. I began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. Emma looked up at my crotch, which was level with her face, surprised. "What are you doing?

Is that going to help me get out? Why are you taking your boxers off too?" I ignored all these questions and proceeded to pull out my rock hard dick. My dick isn't enormous but at about eight and a half inches, it is pretty sizable and I'm proud of it. At the site of this, Emma's face became confused. "How the fuck is your dick going to help? Seriously go get a teach.GLMPH!" She didn't get to finish what she was saying because in the middle of her sentence, I grabbed head and shoved my dick two inches in her pretty mouth.

Emma's eyes grew wide and she made a surprised noise around my cock. She tried to speak but only succeeded in making some soft noises and moving her velvet tongue around on my dick which felt incredible. I intertwined my fingers in her blonde hair and began to push further into her mouth. Emma shook her head no and her bright blue eyes silently pleaded with me to stop.

After I got about four inches in, I hit the entrance to her throat causing her to gag and sending waves of pleasure through my cock. I began to fuck her face lightly, only getting to the entrance of her throat and then pulling back out. She whimpered and gagged on my thick cock as a sawed in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes of lightly fucking her face, I pulled out leaving her coughing with saliva running down her chin.

I walked out the door and around to the side with Emma's ass sticking through the window. By now, the game had ended and the other students had moved on down to a farther playing field for the next game leaving me and Emma all alone.

I moved behind her and began to tug her tight jeans off of her big butt. With her jeans around her knees, she was unable to kick or flail her legs leaving her perfectly immobilized for me. I slowly slid her panties down and admired her perfect ass.

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All the while though, I could hear her complaining and begging me to let her go. Fed up, I ripped her panties off, walked back in the house, stuffed them in her mouth, and walked back out.

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Now free to have my fun, I pulled the little bottle of lotion that I had taken from the hotel bathroom out of my pocket and spread some on my dick.

I then put some on my finger and spread it on her tight asshole. It was a good thing I had taken this lotion or it would have been difficult to get my cock in her ass. Upon feeling my finger on her asshole, Emma wriggled a bit, but was so stuck that she only managed to shake her ass for me slightly which turned me on that much more. I spread her ass cheeks and pressed the head of my dick on her tight hole. I could feel her trembling with fear of what was to come.

With that I pushed hard and the head of my dick popped in her tight, virgin asshole. Emma screamed so loud that, despite the panties gagging her and the house muffling her immensely, I could still hear the high pitched squeal that emanated from her throat a bit.

I spread a little more lotion on my shaft and began to fuck her ass, slowly at first but building up speed. Her ass was so tight that it almost hurt at first. However after a few minutes of thrusting, she loosened up a bit and I started ramming her cute butt at full force.

I could feel my load building up and knew that I had to get back to the group soon before my friends noticed I was gone so I pulled out of her ass and entered the house once again. Emma was exhausted and her face was streaked with tears. I pulled the panties from her mouth and used them to tie her long blonde hair into a ponytail. "Please no more." she pleaded weakly. I ignored the dumb bitch and pushed my cock into her mouth again.

This time when I reached the entrance to her throat, I kept pushing.

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Her throat contracted around my dick which felt incredible. I kept pushing as she choked and gagged on my cock.


With on final push, I fully buried myself in her tight, teen throat. I held her in place there which her nose pressed against my crotch and my balls resting against her chin. I enjoyed the pure bliss of her throat muscles contracting and convulsing as she gagged on my cock, massaging it and sending waves of pleasure through me. After holding like this for a minute, I pulled off and allowed her to gasp for air, her windpipe finally clear.

After a moment of catching her breath, I shoved myself back in her mouth and using her ponytail as a fuck handle, I began to roughly face fuck her.

She gagged on my cock as I forced my cock into her throat repeatedly, using her ponytail to control her head. Finally, I felt myself ready to cum so I forced my cock all the way into her throat once again, her lips stretched around the base and her nose pressed into my crotch as I sent wave after wave of cum down her throat.

Her throat continuously massaged my cock with every gag milking me dry of my cum.

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When I had finally emptied myself completely into her stomach, I slowly pulled out of her mouth. My cock slid out of her lips and fell, limp and covered in saliva. Strings of spit attached her chin to my cock. As I got dressed, Emma panted and gasped for air.

I pulled her jeans back up and used her panties to wipe the spit and cum off her face. Then I got behind her and successfully pulled her free from the window. Before she could speak I stuffed the panties in her mouth cutting her off. "Just shut up you dumb slut." I said. "That was payment for me helping your ass. Now let's get back to the group, and not one word about this to anyone. Clear?" She nodded obediently her confirmation so I pulled the panties from her mouth and put them in her pocket.

"Here have a souvenir." I told her. With that I smacked her ass and began to walk towards the current paintball match in progress with Emma in tow.

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No one had even noticed that the two of us had been gone. I later found out that my team had lost that first match. "How ironic" I thought to myself later. While my team had lost that round, I had been the only winner, without even firing a shot.