Steamy old and young action with fat chap banging hot honey

Steamy old and young action with fat chap banging hot honey
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Eric's parents call him from up in his room saying "eric come down stairs we need to talk to you". Eric walks down the stairs walking into the kitchen his mom says to him "Eric we are so sorry were going to have to leave tonight but you cant come with us becasue your aunt is sick.

" Eric says "ok so i get the hosue to my self for the week" smiling. His mother tells him no we know your old enough to be home for a day by yourself but not a week so we hired a baby-sitter to watch over to". Eric says "that sucks" walking up into his room and slaming his door. His parents pack there things as quickly as they can. Eric's mom calls the baby-sitter to come over, once the baby-sitter gets to the house eric's parents yell up to were leaving love you.

Eric walks out of his room expecting to see this old lady. Instead he sees this young 19 yr old girl he walks down stairs saying "hi my name is eric if my parents haven't alredy told you that".

The baby-sitter says "Hi i am Jamie i bet you were thinking i was going to be an old lady". Eric smiles and says "yeah i thought my parents got me an old lady who would be boring and strict". Eric walks into the kitchen and looks in the fride seeing nothing he looks at Jamie and says "do you want some pizza since there is nothing in my fridge", Jame smiles and says "sure pizza sounds really good right know" Eric grabs the phone boking looking for his favorite pizza place calling it and ordering a large pepperoni pizza.

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Eric sits next to her looking at her hot body trying not to stare at her perfect tits. The doorbell rings Eric gets up and walks over to the door handing the pizza man the money grabing the pizza putting it on th table. Eric and Jamie start to eat the pizza eric sees some sauce falling on her shirt he says "you got some pizza sauce on your shirt" laughing alittle.

Jamie says "Eric do u think i can barrow a shirt since i got pizza on this" Eric walks up his stairs walking into his room gabing a older shirt giving it to her. They finish eating what they want of the pizza jamie stands up and looks outside the window seeing the hottub. She turns around and says "Eric do you want to go into the hot tub" Eric looks at her and says yeah sure walking upstairs and grabing his swim trunks and 2 towels.

Eric walks downstairs and says so what are you going in. Jamie says "i brought my bikini let me go change and then we will go in".


Eric waits for her to change seeing her walk down the stairs turning the corner, eric stands up and walks behind her waiting for her to get into the hottub eric gets in after her sliding across to the other side. Eric says "wouldnt you rather be with your boyfriend instead of watching me" Jamie looks over and says "I don't have a boyfriend my last boyfriend i had was about 4 months ago". Eric's mouth drops saying "wow ur so hot i thought that you would have a boyfriend" Jamie blushes alittle saying " thanks i do like someone but there younger then me.

They talk for the next hour Eric says" you want to get out" sliding over and helping her out. Eric gets out after Jamie drying off his whole body watching her dry off her body. Eric walks inside saying "i am going ot go change, when your done if you want you can come into my room i am goign to watch a movie".

Eric and Jamie change jamie in the bathroom. Eric changes real fast getting in his bed and putting his coferter over him hearing the door creek open.

Jamie walks in and say's "would it be ok with you and your parents if i get in ur bed and watch the movie with you". Eric smiles and says "yeah" lifting the comferter as jamie slides in getting close to eric. The movie starts and jamie slides closer to eric wanting to snuggle wiht eric. Jamie slids right into eric, Jamie say's "Eric do you mind if we snuggle i am cold and u feel really warm".

Eric looks at her and says" No it fine" eric sliding closer to her putting his arm over her side and on her hip. Jamie turns around and Eric's hand slides onto her ass, jamie not saying anything just resting her head on Eric's chest. Jamie puts her hand on his Eric's thigh moving it back up and down slidding it over his cock.

Jamie saying "whoops" the first time she did it the second time she left it there, Eric not saying nothing. Jamie looks up at Eric and says to him "Eric do you remeber me saying that i like someone younger me", Eric smiling saying "yeah i remeber why"?

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Jamie looks up at Eric and says "well it is. you.

Eric looks down shocked saying to Jamie "what you like me"? Jamie shakes her head smiling putting her had under Eric's shirt rubbing his 6-pack.

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Eric slides off his shirt. Jamie starts kissing Eric's chest, moving up and kissing Eric on the lips putting her leg over Eric sitting in his lower stomach.


Jamie leans down and start to kiss eric deeply, Eric kissing her back deeply. Jamie leans back up taking of her short leaning back down and kissing Eric more. Eric kisses Jamie back unstraping her bra setting it on the floor.

Jamie leans back up grabing both Eric's hands and putting them on her breast.

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Eric starts to rub her nipples getting them hard playing with her perfect tits. Jamie leans down putting her tits in Eric's face and shacking them. Jamie leaning back up and sliding down grabing Eric shorts and boxers and pulls them off tossing them on the floor. Jamie grabs Eric's semi-hard dick strocking it up and down getting it hard, once hard Jamie puts her mouth on only putting half of Eric's dick in ur mouth and strockign the rest of it.

Jamie moves here hand deep throathing his cock. After about 5 minuets of Jamie sucking Eric's cock Eric says "i am about to cum", Jamie puts her mouth on Eric dick taking most of the cum into her mouth the rest dropping onto her tits. Jamie wipes of the cum that fell on her tits.

Moving back up to the top of the bed. Eric pulls down jamie's short-shorts and thong rubbing her tight pussy. Eric moves down to the edge of the bed rubbing her pussy still sticking in to of his fingers moving them in and ou of her pussy.

Eric's splits his fingers and start to lick the inside of Jamie's pussy. Eric keeps licking her pussy, Jamie starts to moan saying "O eric keep licking my pussy it feels do good". After alittle bit jamie's body goes limp, Eric moves back up to the top of the bed kissing jamie from her lower stomach to her breast to her neck to her lips. Jamie starts to make out wih Eric while Jamie and Eric are making out Eric reaches over and opens his drawer grabbing a comdom out. Jamie kisses Eric grabing the comdum taking it out of the packaging, Eric holds up his dick while Jamie puts the comdom on his dick.

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Jamie stands up sitting back down sliding Eric's dick into her tight pussy sliding up and down on it. Jamie moaned everytime she came back down on Eric's hard dick. Eric lifted up jamie getting off the bed and walking to the edge as jamie layed down at the egde of the bed spreading her legs in a V-shape. Eric stuck his dick back into her pussy ramming her harder and harder everytime. Jamie screams as Eric fucks her "fuck me harder Eric fuck me harder".

Eric does as he is told fucking Jamie harder and harder. Eric cummed in the condom, Jamie feeling the Eric cum, she then cums on the condom going limp. Eric feeling her go limp he knowing that he made her have her sencond orgasam that night.

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Eric takes of the condom wrapping it in a napkin and thorwing it away. Eric crawls back into bed sliding up right behine jamie kissing her.

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Jamie kisses Eric back as Eric grabs the comferter putting it over both of them. Eric and Jamie kiss each other falling asleep after kissing.

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