Sexy blond MILF with big juggs sucking

Sexy blond MILF with big juggs sucking
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My name is Mark ,i live in Brooksmap.

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I am 15 years old,5"6 tall,skinny and little bit pale.To be frank my sexual life is the most boring,its not active in any way.I live with my Mother with a younger brother and sister, My father passed away when i was 8 and i did not know much about his death except from the fact that he was killed,not just killed his body looked like a ghost and paler-than any dead body i have ever seen, it looked like his soul was drained away from his body.The police said that he was attacked by some predictor and after it had its graceful meal and tossed him over the bridge to the frozen water.In school i have two friends Matt and Ron, like me we are among the unnoticed personalities in school.Since we had no one other than our selfs we became the Porn magazine store our-self ,and get into a lot of trouble with our parent if they found any.

Today is a new day in school after the Easter holly day,though its not anything special i was happy that the "looser triangle" will meet again and at the moment i am in the school bus heading to school and hoping that with the new set of muscle i have acquired over the holiday i can look somewhat noticeable ay the Girls even for a "hello" would mean a lot.

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Just at that moment we entered the school gate and i looked up to the large building in front with the name boldly written on it /b/ BROOK HIGH /<b/ i entered the building, searching for my friends, i saw the girl that makes me have butterflies in my stomach, her name is Betty Hal she is sixteen by age and a grade above me but that is not all she is about my age/height with blue eyes and black straight hair that runs above that perfect C size breast and from the back it runs over that thin soft and pale body and stops right over her waist witch bellow is an ass that if you get down with you can never get satisfied instead you will be spent and tired even though she is the must get close to by the boys but she waves even the so called popular boys away like flies and only hangs out with a closed group and can only be seen by Sam who is among the group .I shook myself like if to make the butterflies stop and i looked around to see Mat and Ron watching and smiling at me so a walked up to meet them I was in class when Mrs.

Hooke a new girl named Milly. even though i have only seen her she has taken second only to Betty for she was not much different from Betty except for that she was blonde,her ass and of coarse her grade. Milly introduced herself very fast and all i can gather is that she lives with her father, another is that they new to the area and then she took a seat witch was beside mine and started going trough her bag searching for i assumed that she forgot what the first timers normally forget at least i did.

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I handed her my one out of my dozen pen and she tanked me and so our lectures started, i could not concentrate in class all i wanted to do was at least make her my during lunch time she said she is not eating ,so i showed her around the school and after the school hours she went off with a driver and i entered the school bus heading home.

At home i entered the house,greet Mom and entered my room, i have not even changed my clothing when mother opened the door with a magazines on her hands."What are these doing in this house?what did i tell you about this things? you pervert you know what?

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i have had it your teachers will hear this and left the room,i ate quietly at dinner and went to bed and slept off and then i had this strange dream that seemed so real i saw Milly enter my room from the window. she walked to me now sitting up on my bed and gave me a lip kiss and let her gown fall and my crock is now way harder than i have felt before apart from wings that looked like that of a bat sh by far out beat all the girls porn magazine i have seen and then she descended on me and then she gave me another kiss but this time i felt her tongue against my lips parting it so i allowed it, it was the first french kiss i have received and then the rest was a blur and i woke up only to find myself stalk naked i jumped up.How did this happen?

your comment will determine if i an to continue .

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