Ollie Sparks a hot emo lad jacks off his erousing uncut dick

Ollie Sparks a hot emo lad jacks off his erousing uncut dick
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Life as we all know takes many twists and turns. Mine started on my 29th Birthday. I went with a few friends to a new rock club featuring a new band that every ones been raving about.

I'm not the friendliest person nor do I like being in large crowds.

I like my space and my freedom. Being 29 and single I'm set in my ways, but this night this one was just a little bit different. A couple of hours after we get to the club. The music electric and alive.

The revelers dancing, laughing, drinking and having fun. All bar one. I'm sitting alone at a table in a secluded corner, observing those around me with my trusted friend, Jack Daniels.

The side effects of my companion are taking hold. The relentless beat of base and drum vibrates through my body, tingling my organs with every beat. As my eyes wonder around the room again for what feels like the millionth time I see you as you enter the club half a dozen other guys with you all laughing and by all appearances slightly if not fully drunk, but not you, you glide into the room like you own the place not looking at anything specifically just observing the surroundings.

Mystery in your eyes and pain in your soul just the type of man I know to stay away from, trouble with a capital "T". As I watch you walk to the bar and place you order slightly bent over the bar to ensure the bartender can hear what you want.

Your ass is prominently displayed for me to view. People weave in and out of sight blocking me and I find myself shifting in my seat to ensure I get just another glance. My throat becomes dry and I gulp down what's left of my drink and start on the new one that has already been placed in front of me devouring it as I want to do with what's prominently displayed right across the room from me and I can't help, but wish everyone else in the room would just disappear so I can have you all to myself even just watching you move.

I turn away wondering what's gotten into me thinking it's just the alcohol talking and taking away what little sense I have left. I try not to look, but after only a few seconds I find I'm peering at you again and there you are sitting at the bar on a stool with your elbows on it leaning slightly back and watching me, not casually but with a hunger I haven't seen before.

Like I'm a glass of water and you haven't had anything to drink in days or weeks. I feel a warm blush heat my cheeks as you slowly lick your lips while staring straight into my eyes daring me to look right back.

I look around searching the crowded club for my friends and most importantly back up, but no one is in sight.

Needing a break I escape your stare by going to the ladies room. Hoping you'll be focused anywhere else when I return.

To my disappointment when I return to my table not only are you not at the bar I can't see you anywhere in the club and my disappointment is so profound I just want to leave call it a night and head home for a long hot soak in the tub. With that in mind I stand up and start gathering my things as I look around the club yet again for on of my friends know that I'm calling it a night. All of a sudden the lead singer of the band announces that they have a request for a song a duet actually Seether featuring Amy Lee Broken.

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My favorite song and all I'm thinking at this point is "Please don't kill this song. As the first few notes are played I can feel the music spreading through me and my hips start to sway to the rhythm of the beat and my eyes close of their own violation just enjoying the sensations running through me. I feel a arm slide around my waist slowly pulling me back into a hard body and I can feel your breath on my neck as you start singing along with the lead male singer.

Your voice a carrying over his and sending shivers down my spine making me melt just that little bit and I cant help, but follow your lead and dance with you and sing along as well, swaying back and forth your chest at my back and your voice in my ears singing for me alone.

The world has disappeared and it's just the 2 of us in a room the heat of our body's as one. Your fingers slowly but surely start stroking my side. Your other arms joins the first crossing over my stomach pulling me tighter into you and I can't think of a single reason we should stop not one single thing comes to mind that this isn't right and shouldn't be happening.

I don't care that I don't know your name that you could be anyone or anything. The song comes to a close, but we don't separate and the next song comes on, something fast and heavy. We stay as we are slowly swaying back and forth just the 2 of us without the song though your no longer singing and all I can feel is your hot deep breathes fanning the hair along my neck getting slightly quicker the longer we stay as we are.

And soon your lips and lightly brushing my neck sending tingles running through my body straight to my core and I have to push my legs together trapping the feelings inside and the dampness from escaping the confines of my barely there g-string underwear.


I run my nails slowly and gently up and down your forearms across my middle and can feel the goose bumps as they form underneath. Wanting to touch more I move my arms up behind my head and around your neck bringing your lips tighter to my neck asking without works for more. Taking my not so subtle hints your lips connect more firmly in a kiss that makes my pulse rise and the heat to spike.

My head tilts of its only violation letting you know that I want you to continue. All to soon you draw your lips away and my disappointment is paramount needing and wanting more a not so subtle whimper rises from my throat grabbing your attention and you run your face along the back of my head not to stop as I thought, but to gain access to the other side of my neck to pay tribute there as well turning my whimper into a sigh of pleasure and need.

Kissing and now licking my neck your hands wander from my sides up and down my hips guiding them back against you so that I can feel your erection pressing into my ass. Slowly gyrating my hips in rhythm with you stroking you with my ass while your kisses become sucking with slight nips of your sharp teeth.

For the first tonight I hear your voice slightly breathless and needy "Would you like to go somewhere more private to continue this" I reply instantly "Oh yes, my apartment's only a few blocks away" Without any further conversation we gather our things and start to leave the club at the last minute I remember my friends and just send them a text letting them know that I'm heading home and not to worry.

Of course I don't mention that I'm not leaving alone, they would more then likely try to stop me. As we leave the bar and the door closes behind us he pulls me into a dark alcove and dives at my mouth devouring me from the inside out his hands roughly grab a hold of my ass and pull me deeply into him rubbing along my clef hitting just the right spot to drive me mad and causing a long loud groan to emanating right through me and echoing all around us.

One of my hands is holding your head roughly keeping your mouth on mine and the second rubbing down the front of you smashed between our body's slowly making progress to where it wants to be holding your cock right through your jeans feeling your hardness and testing your girth finding you not only as big as I thought, but thicker as well. Hearing your breath catch in your throat but not caring at all I start to stroke you as much as I can given the confining space and the fact that there is absolutely no give to your pants.

My thoughts turn to how uncomfortable you must be and that all I want is to get you out of those jeans the sooner that hot hard cock can be in my mouth moving its way right down my throat. Pushing you away slightly I grab your hand and start to drag you along behind me wanting a closed door and bed as soon as possible. Getting the hint you pick up your pace to keep up and even over take me dragging me along slightly behind you keeping your eyes forward for much of the trip, but periodically looking back at me to pull me in and steal another of those mouth watering kisses keeping me drenched and wanting within only a small amount of control left I see my building up ahead and pull my hand from yours to dig through my bad to search for my keys wanting them in my hands so that I can unlock the door as soon as we get there.

Taking the keys from my hand you open the door yourself seeing my hands shake both with excitement and nervousness. Grabbing my hand again and pulling me to the elevator the wait seemed to take forever. Once the door opens we both practically jump in and as soon as the doors close again we are on each other grabbing and fondling sucking and nibbling on everything that we can reach or grab hold of. Just barely noticing that elevator hasn't moved I reluctantly let go and turn to push the button for my floor.

As the door bell rings we rush out of the elevator and you head to the left I pull you to a stop and head right instead. Still with my keys in your hand you put the key in the door and unlock it, but before we can go in I push you to the wall and reach up and pull your head down for another frantic kiss. Not waiting anymore you pick me up and wrap my legs around your waist bringing my drenching wet cunt right up against your erect cock.

Unable to help myself I lock my ankles around your back and rub against your feeling the moisture pouring out of me and soaking my panties until they are dripping wet. Slamming the door closed on your way in you walk right to the wall pinning me there as you thrust your hard cock right to my core grinding into me clothing and all. Hearing you Mutter about there being too many clothes between us.

You rip my blouse right off me not bothering with the buttons to pop off and spread around the floor every which way. You hands go right to my ass pushing me up so you can lean down and run your tongue along the slopes of my breasts not touching anything but skin and turning your face to slowly rub your stumbled cheek along my erect nipples one at a time.

Still not enough not now with moisture dripping out of me and what clothes remain constricting me making me feel itchy and uncomfortable I arch my back and reach behind me to undo my bra and let it slide down my arms until it falls between us and the contact with your cheek hits right at the source of some of my hormonal pain, right on my stiff and aching nipples.

This proves to be a little to much even for you and the next thing I know your teeth and clamped down on my nipple not so gently tugging on it making it even more stiff and the achy like I've never felt before. My low moans become slight please begging for more wanting nothing but you to suck my nipples into your mouth as hard and as fast as you can giving me what I want.

What I need and crave my hips gyrating out of control my thighs pulling you in as close as I can get you with our clothing still on stroking my burning clit with your hard cock against your zippered fly. Needing more needing a release more then my next breath I point to the door on our left trying to let you know that's where we need to be.

At first you're too into sucking and nibbling on my nipples so once again I put my hand to your head and pull your head back by your hair and again point to my bedroom door, where we need to go where I need to be. Wanting my restrictive clothing removed from my body and your clothing off so that I can admire naked what I drooled at clothed.

Stumbling along the way each step you take rubbing against me both my chest and my clit getting equal attention and your lips are again aggressively possessing my neck licking and sucking more then likely leaving a marks behind, but I'm beyond caring. I need more I need you inside me I want your tongue buried deep inside me while I ride your face for all I'm worth. Not knowing if either of us will last long enough for that to happen it's still what I want and I can't help but feel like this will be over so fast that neither of us will be completely happy with the end resort.

In an effort to make this last and cool us both down. As soon as we reach the bedroom I drop off of you and rush into the bathroom and close the door giving us both a few needed minutes to cool off and hopefully be able to slow the pace to make this evening last that much longer. While in the bathroom I remove the rest of my clothes and get a face cloth and wipe off some of the sticky mess that has accumulated on the junction of my thighs.

Walking back into the room I see you in the middle of the room removing your shirt and through I've felt your chest under my hands the real thing is just that much better and I walk up and drag my nails right down from your collar bone to the button of your jeans dipping my fingers inside only to feel the head of your cock almost popping right out.

I lean in and with just the tip of my tongue flick one then the other nipple bringing them to harder points. All the while I run my hands up and down your sides in a smooth caress slightly grazing my nails on their way up. Unable to help myself I slowly unbutton your jeans and with a quick yank your zipper slides open show casing the largest and thickest cock I have ever seen in my life.

With one hand still holding on to your hip the other glides down to your erect cock and I wrap my fingers around the base of it just holding on with a firm grip and my tongue wrapping itself around your nipple and my teeth slowly grazing it then taking it firmly into my mouth to suck on. Switching over to the other one as my hand slowly and gently starts to stroke your hard cock from back to tip and then down to cup your balls and massage them. Dropping to my knees in front of you I blow a long deep breath out slowly onto your cock while watching your face and see you shiver and your eyes close.

I patiently wait for you to reopen your eyes and slowly run the tip of my tongue along my bottom lip and then take it between my teeth only to slowly release it and follow that with my tongue sliding along it.

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Having had enough with the teasing your hand creeps up behind my head and gently but firmly pulls my mouth closer to your cock until you can rub the head of it along my lips following the same path my tongue had just taken. Opening my mouth the head of your cock breaches the inside just to rest there as I run my tongue along the bulbous head and suck on it until your hips start to thrust slowly at first entering more and more into my mouth until I'm completely full with only about another two inches left.

With one final thrust I open my throat wide and your cock slides right in as I gag slightly, but not enough to make me stop. I close my lips around the base of your cock and swallow with your cock still deeply imbedded in it thrusting in and out roughly now. You pull yourself out of my mouth and drag me up your boy taking my mouth once again as you reach down and run your fingers up and down my thighs and under my skirt just barely brushing against my freshly shaved lips, forcing me to thrust my hips against your hand hoping to force you to my clit like I need.

Your fingers slip up and in a surprise move with perfect aim one of your fingers penetrates me making me gasp and moan your fingers slide roughly in and out of me while another finger lightly grazes my clit.

My head falls back and I hold on to you with one arm around your neck. Panting and begging for more, you slowly release me and I fall right on to my back on the bed.

As you point I move myself into the middle of the bed with my legs slightly spread so that you can see right up my skirt to the shear black lace g-string that I'm wearing. You kneel onto the bed and stretch out until your elbows are on the mattress and your hands have moved under my skirt and right to the strings on each side of my hips. Hooking your thumbs under neither you draw them slowly down my legs till you hit my knees and then lifting my legs up into the air you pull them off completely.


My legs fall back into position on either side of you opening them just that little bit farther apart showing you what you have already felt my wet slit. Moving forward you take a deep breath, breathing in my musky scent. You move in closer and I can feel the tip of your tongue as you slowly take one long lick from bottom to top.

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Only to dive right in and suck on my clit causing me too involuntarily thrust my hips right up into your face wanting more. You push one finger deep inside me as you continue to suck and flick my clit with your strong firm tongue.

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As you continue I can feel my first orgasm just rip right through me with no warning at all. I drench your face with my cum and just keep on Cumming not stopping at all.

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Neither of us can wait any longer and you fall right on top of me. With your cock lying right on my cunt slowly your hips move, but not inside of me just sliding your dick through my slick wet folds hard and fast. I start to wrap my legs around your waist again but you stop me and move back onto your knees one on either side of my hips.

While running your hands slowly up and down my body stopping at my hips and flipping me over onto my stomach grabbing one of my pillows you urge me up onto my knees and slide the pillow under my belly and again position your cock right at my dripping wet folds rocking your hips back and forth still not entering me just teasing. Your hands grip my hips holding onto me tightly you withdrawal your cock from me and my whimpers loudly echoing throughout the room.

You pause for a few seconds but it feels like a lifetime. Only to have you slip your cock roughly in to my opening as hard as you can until no more can fit inside of me. The feeling of being so full is almost to much for me to endure and I cum again this time coating the walls of my vagina and your rock hard cock as well. You hold yourself still inside of me letting me adjust to your girth and then start to slowly push in and out of me in a frenzied pace unlike anything I have ever felt before.

I can feel my muscles gripping you with every thrust without any notice my third orgasm of the night pushes through me coating not only your cock again, but also running freely down my thighs without any sign of stopping. Once again you pull your cock out of my wet sheathe only to turn me onto my side and spoon your self behind me to enter me, pulling one of my legs over yours to give yourself more leverage.

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As your arm holds my leg in place your fingers make direct contact with my clit and start to furiously play with me and flick it until yet another orgasm starts to rush through me only this time when I start to spasm against your cock your thrust again turn harder and rougher as your own orgasm takes hold and I can feel you pumping your hot thick cum right up inside of me what feels like a never end stream takes hold and when at then at last we are both spent.

Wrapping your arms around me you're now deflating cock still inside, we both fall into a deep sound sleep only to wake up several times during the night to start all over again.