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Note - Hey all really sorry bout how long this has taken but you know school and stuff kicking my ass but here it is! Rockmount Brat Camp Part 3 - Part 1! I decided to split the 3rd part in to 2 simply because of it's length, I really didn't think anyone would want to sit through War and Peace the Porno version.

And also because of how long its taken, my way of rewarded loyal readers, hopefully the next part won't be too long As always comments VERY appreciated as are criticisms (positive and negative) and enjoy -Mr.E.Nigma- Rockmount Brat Camp Part 3 - part 1 There we stood, me still smelling of his sisters juices, her halfway between us frozen in shock, and him just standing there in confusion.

My mouth had run dry, but I still managed to choke out. "Wha. what are you doing here Piers?" "More to the question, what are you doing here?" his eyes burnt in to me, making me want to sum up all my courage and curl in to the foetal position, but that might make me seem more guilty, more guilty than standing there like a scared deer. a scared deer that just had his dick in his buddy's sister. | couldn't quite explain why I was shitting myself to such a degree, maybe it was that deep seething anger I could always detect in Piers, or maybe, it was the fact that I had seen him break a kids nose a couple of hours ago.

Meh who knows. "You two know eachother?" asked Roxy, and to my complete disbelief she actually had a grin on her face! I felt like slapping her in frustration but somehow, through sheer force of will i remained standing there like a dumb prick. "Yeah, this is my new roommate," muttered Piers, still eyeing us both. Roxy walked over to her brother and gave him a hug, while I stood there praying to anyone that would listen that he wouldn't smell anything amiss.

For some reason in my mind Piers had a Wolverine-esque smelling ability, I just hoped he didn't have the claws as well. "Ty's in my bio class, he looked like a stray little puppy so I've been helping him get used to Rockmount, showing him the ropes" the lie just rolled off her tongue, her eyes betraying not even the slightest hint of any wrong doing, man I was jealous.

then again I supposed it wasn't a complete lie, she did show me some things I had never seen before. Then she leant up and whisper something in to Piers' ear which soundly oddly like, "I don't think he has many friends." Well that was true at least.

Piers looked at me, and unbelievably it looked like he was buying this crock of shit like it was a pound of gold. I just stood there, my breath punching my lungs in the face as I waited with baited breath. "Glad you're making friends, kid," he nodded at me, his dark eyes betrayed little, but I could tell that he was still somewhat wary, his eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion.

"Well what's up bro?" asked Roxy, her gravely voice cutting the tension, Piers' intense gaze shifted from me back to Roxy, softening as he replied to his sister.

"Nothing much, just thought I'd see how you were, thought we'd get some food." "Yeah sure." I stood there forgotten, and frankly relieved, I was contemplating whether I could slip away with no one noticing. I shuffled my feet, my hands firmly dug in my pockets as I did every possible thing to shrink.

"Grab your coat and I'll meet you downstairs," he turned and slapped the elevator button, while Roxy walked past me and blew me a kiss, winking impishly, making me look instinctively at Piers who was still turned around. "C'mon," grunted Piers over his shoulder as the jarring ping of the elevator heralded its arrival.

As I walked towards the elevator, the doors slid slowly open, the mirror within revealing Piers' expression. I saw it and immediately tried to get away, his snarling features leaving me in no doubt that I was about to get hurt, bad.

Too late though, he grabbed my shirt and bodily threw me in to the elevator punching the door close button, as I raised my fists to defend myself.

I shouldn't have even bothered. He slapped aside my defence (bruising my ego as well as my arm) and slammed his forearm in to my throat pushing me up against the treacherous mirror. I looked past him and saw the elevator doors slide slowly closed, sealing my fate and crushing any hope I had in it's metallic jaws "What the fuck!" I growled finding it pretty hard to enunciate with an elbow hugging my adams apple.

"You think I'm FUCKING STUPID!" he spat in my face, digging harder into me, his eyes full of venom. I'm so very fucked I pushed this thought aside and went for the ever convincing playing stupid strategy.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" "How much!?" he growled ignoring my question. "How much what?" I could feel my breath coming harder and harder, the blood pounding in my temples as darkness crept in to the corner of my eyes. "How much did you sell her?" "Sell." in my oxygen starved state a light bulb flickered in to existence, it's meagre light hurting my throbbing head.

"Drugs?" "What else fucking Einstein!" he snarled applying more pressure, till I thought my head would pop off, "stop playing cute before I REALLY hurt you!" "I didn't fucking sell her anything you prick!" I spat back, despite having fucked his sister I was the one feeling indignant, well he didn't know did he?

"LIAR!" he began hastily patting down my pockets, bringing horrible flashbacks of the night I was caught, till he managed to fish out the two baggies he had given me earlier. "See I still have both bags!" He looked from the bags to me, a look of confusion breaking what had almost become a permanent snarl.

Finally he seemed to have come to a conclusion and released me. I crumpled coughing, oxygen and anger smashed in to my brain. I lurched forward, the lack of air and blood making my movements clumsy, as I swung at Piers. He side stepped easily pushing me against the elevator wall, my head banging painfully against the unforgiving metal.

I turned and charged him, rocking the elevator as we slammed in to each other. Again my skull thudded painfully, this time it was against Piers' equally unforgiving skull. The elevator was full of swearing and furious skull rubbing as we both sat on our asses glaring at each other.

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"Calm the fuck down!" snapped Piers, like I was overreacting, yeah and him going Rambo on me wasn't over the top? I stared at him my faced flushed, breathing hard. "Listen. I'm sorry. I just thought." he sighed and held out his hand, "I'm sorry I should never have put my hands on you. I jumped to conclusions. I mean that's my baby sis. I'm supposed to protect her." I eyed him warily, almost considering slapping his hand away, then I remembered that my conversation with his baby sister had ended with me asking if she was on the pill, and despite myself I did feel a flush of guilt meet my flush of near-asphyxiation.

Begrudgingly I extended my hand. My heated glare locking on to his now serene coal black eyes. Slowly we shook hands as the elevator dinged open.

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"If you had a little sister you would react the same way right?" he said, in the tone of someone trying to justify unjustifiable actions, but despite the fact he tried to get my spine and his elbow to meet the hard way, I did sympathise with the guy, he was just trying to protect his little sister, who's world I had just rocked.

"Yeah. I guess I would." I mumbled smoothing down my shirt, well I suppose it turned out to be his shirt didn't it. man I fucking hate irony. "Sooo. you and Roxanne friends?" asked Piers awkwardly after a while as we shuffled out of the elevator. "Yeah. she's been really nice," I answered cautiously, "in fact she's the only person here to treat me like a fucking human being." I looked at Piers pointedly but he seemed not to notice, or care. "I know I dont have any right asking you for anything but can you do me a favour?" Why does no one understand I dont like favours?

"Depends what it is." "It's Roxanne. she's a good girl. just has a habit of getting in to trouble. I've tried to keep her out of trouble but I would really appreciate it if you would you know.

keep an eye on her for me." I was seeing a different side of Piers, not so confident and self assured, instead he was mumbling and shuffled in embarrassment. I looked at him and, to his credit, he met my gaze. Slowly I nodded, again wishing I could kick Irony to death in a small room, a very small room with no windows. Ding Roxy stepped out of the elevator and grinned at us. She arched her eyebrow when she saw the goose egg on my forehead but didn't say anything.

"C'mon bro," they linked arms and began to walk. "I'll see you back at the dorm Ty," called Piers, his natural swagger returning, while Roxy opted for the much more subtle wink and ass shake. Man I wish I could just grab that ass and. "That's what got you in to this shit!" I growled at myself massaging my sore head and walked away. * I didn't see Piers back at the dorm, in fact I went to sleep and Piers wasn't there, and when I woke up Piers wasn't there, but a nice neat pile of baggies was, like some dope fiends fantasy Christmas.

It had almost become a routine for me, waking up, showering, eating breakfast, walking out with a bag stuffed full of dope, you know just an average everyday routine. Piers had already shown me all the correct ways to distribute, collect cash and above all else avoid detection, I was your regular 00 - dealer.

"Hey noobie!" I turned around to see Matt running up to me. Matt was like Piers' right hand man, and a complete degenerate, who would probably stick his dick in to anything that walked, although walking wasn't a necessary requirement. He was tall and pretty gangly, yet wasn't necessarily ugly, just interesting looking. I just nodded and kept walking. yeah I didnt like Matt. Maybe it was because he was a complete perv, or maybe it was because he didnt like me.

Whatever it was I think I would seriously have to consider pissing on him if he was on fire. "You got a fresh supply?" he had an ugly Birmingham accent, surprisingly uncouth for someone who's dad was one of the biggest industrialists in England, but then again he was from Birmingham. "Yeah, all nice and neatly stacked for me." "Good good, Piers told me to make sure everything was sweet." "Sweet like a bowl full of sugar. Where is Piers, by the way?" we were weaving through bleary eyed kids, Matt trying to look down the top of every girl, making me think that through sheer force of perverted will Matt had grown tall enough to be able to do that.

"He's havin' breakfast, had a long night init," he said it with an air of self importance, as if he was trying to show off that he knew where Piers had been and that I wasn't important enough to know.

"He's been out all night?" Matt stopped in the corridor and hunched over conspiratorially, his voice dropping to a hushed whisper. "He's been. you know checking the supply line," then as if his not-so-unbreakable-codename wasn't enough he winked like he had a fucking tick.

"Oh, right, so he's been out all night?" "Yeah, but I cant say anymore," yeah like you haven't already told me more than enough dickhead. I just nodded and made up some exscuse about having to get to class, seriously questioning the criteria to become Piers' right hand man.

"Alright, and hey dont get caught noobie." he shuffled on his lanky arms swinging at his side. I just shook my head and walked in to social studies, where most kids had already arrived. I sat down knowing that I already ready had a nice fat list of "clients" for this one lesson, so I wasn't concerned with that side of my day.

The events of yesterday did play on my mind though, mainly Roxy. Piers had given our friendship the A-OK so I wasn't worried bout that, but could we be just friends?

I'm a guy so obviously the answer for me depends on how long ago I had cummed, that didn't stop it playing on my mind though. "Yo you got my shit?" I looked up and saw a dishevelled skater standing before me, looking like he was trying to win the trophy for most cliched pot head. "Tennesee?" "Like the state baby!" he declared proudly. "Yeah sure," I muttered pulling out a baggy, not concerned about teachers, since well there was no teacher.

The rest saw the transaction and took it a a cue to quickly jump up and get their supply. Piers always warned against gatherings like this, but the quicker I got rid of everything the better. I hated peering over my shoulder and skirting every teacher, clutching my bag to me like a white girl in "da hood". Oh, and the unattractive thought of being sent to prison and being called Susannah by a 300 pound dude called Mo crossed my mind once too often, fuelling my desire to get rid of my stock.

I entered the class with a bag full of green stuff and it looked like I was going to leave with a bag full of green stuff too.

"Name?" I asked mechanically not even bothering to look up. "I'm not on the list." I looked from my bag to a pair of small feet with bright pink nail polish, my eyes weaving up a perfect pair of tanned olive legs, halfway up the firm looking thighs till I saw a bit of skirt, further up I went, lingering on the flat tummy, lingering even longer on the ridiculously big pair of jugs, with the slightest of nipples erections, finally my gaze lifted to her round face.

Her small mouth smiled at me, her green eyes full of confidence that only a body like that can give you. She flicked her just-a-bit-longer-than-shoulder length blonde hair and placed a pink nail polished hand on her hip. "Well all my stock is booked, maybe tomorrow," I said with about as much conviction as a kid telling a teacher his dog ate his homework.

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She sat down on the corner of my table, crossing one of her gorgeous thighs over the other, she practically glowed in the weak morning sunlight, making me wonder how the hell she got such a good tan.

"Listen. Tyler right?" she said flicking her hair again and smiling like butter wouldn't melt, flashing me a pair of pearly whites. "I've got triple history and double physics, I NEED to get high just so I can get to lunch." "I've got plenty of customers who need to get high just as bad," I smiled back at her, feeling a familiar stirring in the crotch region. "I'll put you on tomorrows list if you want," I pulled out a scrap of paper. "Err. what's your name?" She looked genuinely shocked that I didn't know already.

"I'm Malissa Hart," she placed her hand on mine stopping me from writing, "and I'm not going on any list." "Listen, my hands are tied." shit I sound like that guy at PC world who tells you you've voided your warrantee by letting uncle Phil have a poke around in your PC. "They can be if you're in to that," she smirked at me, chest thrust forwards, shoulders back, practically screaming I'm flirting with you.

Her soft, wet, tongue flicked over her glossy lips, running slowly across over them, "I'll even tip you." BAM! I was sold, but I played it casually, despite the precum paper-macheting my boxers to my hard on.

"I'm pretty much done here," a lie but a necessary one. "Then follow me Mr.Tyler," she hopped off the desk, her incredibly firm ass bouncing as she walked in front of me and brazenly strutting out of the class room. As soon as I walked out of the classroom she grabbed me by my shirt front and pushed me against the wall kissing me hard.

Our tongues clashed instantly, man this chick was an aggressive kisser! My hands ran down her figure, tracing every curve, till I felt that ass under my hands, squeezing and pulling her practically irrelevant mini skirt over her perfect peach bum.

"Not here!" she purred pulling away and grabbing my tie leading me down the corridor while i grabbed at her ass and kissed her neck. Finally, we fell in to an empty class room, just as I was sure I was gonna bust in my pants. I pushed her on to one of the tables sliding on top of her, kissing her, and luckily I got to dictate the pace this time round.

She curled her leg around my waist, while we engaged in one of the most erotic kissing sessions ever. One of my hands snaked up her tank top, managing to grab a handful of those giant jugs, and to my pleasure (and my near ejaculation) those tits were as firm as her ass. "Mmm, fuck it let's get high," she moaned under me, her hand in one of my pockets, my throbbing cock firmly in her grasp, so as you can imagine I wasn't going to say no.

"Back pocket," I growled as I nuzzled her collar bone licking her shoulders trying to force my way down to her tits, while she patted down my ass pinching as she went. She slipped her hand in to my back pocket, at the same time grabbing my ass, and sticking her tongue down my throat again, jerking me harder. She slid her hand out holding a perfectly rolled joint, if I say so myself.

Slowly I watched as she ran her tongue over the joint licking it softly, making me grind my cock against her thigh unconsciously. I held up the lighter for her as she took the first hit. I watched the red end wink into life, the strong smell of skunk hitting me right at the back of my mouth. Melissa closed her eyes and leaned her back, taking a bigger hit than I thought possible, her chest rising as smoke seeped through her body relaxing every fibre and muscle.

Gently, the smoke coiled from her mouth and nose, as she breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction. I couldn't help myself as I bent down and began licking and biting her exposed neck. She laughed and took another hit, as I groped her tits, the smoke intoxicating me slowly, drowning my mind, letting it float as I yanked up her top. Every touch of her soft flesh sent sparks through me. I felt the joint pressed against my lips and I automatically took a hit.

The taste was the first thing that invaded my senses followed by the smoke coursing down my throat. I felt my body untense, and for a horrible second I wandered if I would lose my hard on. Trust me, I couldn't lose it even if I wanted to. I blew the smoke out, watched as Melissa moaned underneath me, the smoke making her lose all inhibitions, although I was doubtful she had any to begin with.

Melissa sat up her exposed tits bouncing enticingly in front of my face as she puffed at the joint again, her eyes somewhat glazed, but that wicked glint had become stronger. Somehow she slid in to my lap, her G-string covered ass grinded against my cock.

I felt the firm, yet juicy ass push in to my cock, rubbing it up and down. "You like that hmm?" she growled, her voice thick with weed smoke, as she leaned back against me exposing her tits pushing them in to the air as she bounced on my rock hard cock. I didn't bother to answer, she knew the answer, she could feel the answer.

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Her hair flicked across my face, her sweet perfume clashed with the earthy weed smell, making my head spin a little. I began to feel impatient so I decided act. I reached up unclipped her bra, something which is surprisingly difficult while she bounced and my head spun. Finally her mammoth tits were free, increasing the pace of her bounces. I grabbed her hips and stopped her pulling her G-string aside, knowing that I HAD to fuck this chick NOW!

I unzipped my trousers my cock rocketing out, and standing to veiny purple headed attention. Melissa, joint clutched between her lips reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding it in to her while I had my hands firmly glued to her petite waist.

I shuddered as I felt my throbbing man meat penetrate her pussy. The warmth and wetness was incredible, forcing a groan from my clenched teeth.

I reached round and plucked the joint from Melissa full lips and took a deep drag, the incredibly sharp sensation of my cock buried in this gorgeous blonde dolls pussy clashed powerfully with the calming blanket of the weed, sending shockwaves through me as my body overloaded. I think Melissa felt exactly the same: at that moment she began to fuck me. Yeah don't think coz I have my dick in her I'm the one doing the fucking. She bounced on my dick, simultaneously grinding her ass up and down, slamming her increasingly wet pussy up and down my shaft, while I held on for dear life.

"Ooooh slam that fucking dick in to my pussy you son of a bitch!" she shrieked in between smokes of her joint, and thick smoke laden grunts. There was method to her madness though as she wasn't simply bouncing as fast as she could on my dick. Her Shakira-esque hips gyrated, tits bouncing, while her hands flicked across her swollen clit, and my heavy balls at the same time.

I could feel the cloud of weed shrouding my senses, not dulling them, but simply misdirecting them, teasing and poking at them. My eyes fluttered in intense pleasure, as Melissa's filthy mouth barked in to my existence. "Ahhh, fuck me like the dirty whore I am!" she shrieked the last word as I decided to take control, jerking my hips upwards to meet her bounce, slamming my cock deep in to her, my sensitive balls slapping almost painfully in to her pussy.

With a surge of strength I wasn't sure I possessed, I flipped this 118 pound fuck toy over.


Her tits pressed lewdly against the desk, my hand on her upper back as I began to slam Melissa from behind with everything I had.

The joint fell from her lips as her nasty talk melted in to one long string of obscenities. "Fuck-Mother-SonofaBitch-You-Cunt-Bastard," now she was simply groaning and writhing, her ass like a foam cushion as I pounded in to her. I grunted heavily, breathing rapidly, sweat forming on my chest, as I forgot all about rhythm and pacing and went full out rabbit mode on Melissa. Slamming my hips in to her again and again, trying to cum as fast as possible, or drive my dick through her stomach, which ever came first.

Melissa, to her credit, loved it. I felt her hand clawing at my balls and her clit, working the swollen love button, bodily shivering with every one of my thrusts. Suddenly we had slipped in to a race to cum.

In our inebriated state we had lost all consideration for our partner in this fuck-a-thon, and worked as hard as selfishly possible to reach the finishing line. Slipping my hands under her frame, I yanked Melissa up, groping those big ol' melons, pounding her as her whole body stretched up, thrusting her tits out, and burying her ass in to me.

Turning her head Melissa reached out with her tongue, as I ran my tongue up her face, our tongues wrestling with each other's, her heavy pants laced with the smell of weed.

I mashed her tits together, her trim body arcing beautifully, making me marvel at her flexibility, although my actual thoughts at the time were a less eloquent "fuck me!" I knew she was close, her body was quivering and convulsing, every time my cock found a home in her soaking pussy. Only then did I realise how close I was, making me speed up, cramps punishing my thighs, her body literally bucking against me almost pushing us both over.

"Ughhhhhhh," my new fuck partner threw her head forward, her blonde hair cascading over her face, as her orgasm bubbled and built, finally smashing through her entire body, a throaty scream erupted from her throat as she threw her back. I wrapped her tightly in my arms pumping harder as her pussy convulsed around my aching cock. Pushing Melissa forward in mid orgasm, I began to frantically punish her pussy, slamming my hips in to her so hard the table jarred beneath us.

"Fuck!" I yelled summoning all the vocab I had left, yanking my cock out of her I sprayed cum all over Melissa juicy ass and back. Cum rocketing up all the way to her shoulder blades.

Panting hard I collapsed on the table, while Melissa lay down next to me finding the forgotten joint, almost burned out. Taking a pull she handed me the weed and stretched luxuriously, flicking her hair. "Mmm, maybe we could do business again," she giggled, sitting up and began to rifle through her bag for some tissues while I puffed at the joint end.

The calming ease of being high massaged my throbbing temples, making me want nothing more than to slip in to a blissful orgasmic sleep. I shook my head and handed the MJ back to Melissa who was already nearly dressed, guess she was used to finding her hastily torn off clothes. I yanked up my trousers and pulled my shirt back up, adjusting my tender cock, watching Melissa's soft curves stretch and gyrate as she got dressed. Taking a last pull of the joint she flicked it out of a window and turned to me, smoke curling out of her nostrils and thinly parted lips.

"I'll definitely see you around Ty," she reached up and kissed me, her fat tits squashing against me, while slipping something in to my pocket. I kissed her, a stupid grin plastered on my face, which I ENTIRELY attribute to the weed.

Melissa turned and sauntered out of the room with the look, which my ego hoped, of a very satisfied woman. I stood there grinning like a dumb prick for about 5 minutes before I remembered that I wasn't actually supposed to be here. Hastily grabbing my bag, i made a get away that those dudes from the Italian Job would be proud of.

* Somehow despite every step jarring my sore nuts, and a head full of weed and purple elephants, I managed to squeak out the good idea of laying low until those purple monkeys stopped following me. Unfortunately having a good idea when high is far different from executing said good idea whilst high. After staggering about for a while I finally chose a careful and strategic hiding place, the library, where I promptly slammed my head down on the desk and went in to a comatose state.

I imagine the attractive picture my semi-retarded drooling face must have made for Roxy, making her glad she let me cum in her, when she came to wake me up. "Wha. Fuc. huh?" personally under the circumstances I think that was quite a succinct and eloquent reply.

"You look pretty" came the throaty sarcasm. I look blearily eyed at Roxy, sporting a black vest under a white vest, her piercing blue eyes full of humour at my current predicament.

"Roxy.? Wait you're Roxy" "I know, and you're Ty, glad we've established that." No. No wait," I furiously scrubbed my face with the back of my hand trying to wake up as I remembered I had to talk to Roxy. "Here," she held up a bottle of water, suddenly making my tongue feel like it just got fucked missionary style by some sand paper.

After gulping down some refreshing H2O. My head slowly cleared as Roxy patiently sat back her arms crossed against her lovely round tits.

"Ty?" "Huh?" "I'm up here." "Right. sorry" I mumbled, staring at a little patch of drool on the desk. "Listen,Roxy, do you think this is gonna work?" I looked up at her but she didnt say anything. "I mean us. you know yesterday." "Listen Ty hun, yesterday was great, but that was yesterday and today's today.

And today we're just friends. K?" she leant forward and looked at me, as I slowly melted in front of her losing myself in those sparkling eyes. "Yeah. just fine." I muttered. "Great," she stood up and swung her bag over her shoulder, "let's go get some lunch, you can pay." "Sure" we stood up and she linked her arm in mine laughing and dragging me out of the library while I was still lost in a fog of confusion. * After a pretty expensive lunch, (meh i bought with the weed money so technically Piers' brought it, but hey who's counting) I found my running down one of Rockmount's extravagant hallways trying futilely to get to class on time.

I don't even know why since I had yet to see one detention be handed out, suppose it was just a silly habit left over from the real world.

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Finally I stumbled in to English, Ms. Ryan looking up from the board she was writing on. "Hello Tyler," every syllable of that Irish tinge made my heartbeat race, her soft smiling face breaking in to a smile of amusement, yeah I wouldn't be winning any class awards for punctuality. "Sorry miss." I mumbled, she just waved her hand for me to sit down, her ass looked particularly fine today in a grey silver pencil skirt with a matching fleece and matching tights.

After the mandatory few seconds of drooling over her I looked around for a seat. This scenario was far different to when it first happened, due to my ermm. "extra curricular" activities I had suddenly become one of the most popular kids in the school, although apparently my english class didn't know it as no one was offering every ones favourite dealer a seat. Instead I began the awkward walk around looking for a seat, luckily Ms Ryan had the heart to restart the class and refocus everyone's attention away from me.

I could have kissed her then and there, who am I kidding I probably would have kissed her even if she brutally amputated my leg with a hammer. "You can sit here." I turned around and my cock jumped in my pants as I see none other than the girl who had been strutting in to my dreams and kicking my horniness in to overdrive. "Umm. sure thanks, Eve," now a more suspicious person may wonder why one of the most beautiful teens around just happened to be sitting alone in this class waiting to offer it to a poor seat-less me, but hey even if I was THAT paranoid I probably still wouldn't have said no.

While Ms Ryan talked about Shakespeare's prose and the subliminal and hidden message within every word and punctuation mark, Eve turned and crossed her legs smiling disarmingly at me.

"How's business?" Such an innocuous question, laced with venom and piss. "It's. fine." I muttered scribbling down the date and title on my paper, feigning a nonchalance that i didnt feel.

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Being this close to her, that scent, my mind was thrown in to wild passion I felt in our first meeting. Shaking my swollen brain, I looked, remembered, then forget the title of today's lesson 3 times.

"Don't worry I'm sure Piers will have the lesson recorded, no need for notes." again that smirk was in her voice, the annoying sing song of some one who knows something you don't. "What's that suppose to mean," I whispered, half defensive, half curious. "How is it that Piers trusts you to deal his weed for him but yet, I know more about his little organisation than you do?" I was getting increasingly frustrated with Eve, and my inability to stop lusting after her, her mini skirt sliding up her thigh revealing those gorgeous toned brown thighs.

My eyes snapped up to meet hers. "Dunno," wow that was an incredibly witty repartee on my part. "Oh don't worry I'm sure he'll somehow find out about this little conversation and spin you some lie to keep you happy." "Look, Eve!" I snapped, a little loudly as the surrounding kids turned to look at us curiously.

I lowered my voice and glared at the beauty before me, "whatever you have to say can we stop dancing around the point." "Mmm, forthright, I like," slowly Eve leant forward placing her hand on my arm, her her breasts practically falling out of her top.

"Haven't you ever wondered how Piers always seems to be in the right place at the right time? How he seems to have knowledge that there would otherwise be no way of him knowing?" Now I was intrigued, my mind racing back to my attack in that empty corridor, how Piers turned up from out of nowhere. "What are you tryna say? Piers has spies or something," I let out a snort of derision, although my snort wasnt very convincing as the unnerving thought that it could be true flitted across my mind.

Eve just smiled, it was a bright smile, one with just a little too much teeth. Now she was incredibly close to me, I could feel my heart begin to jackhammer in my chest, * suddenly the temperature soared making my temples began to throb. Without so much as a sexual movement Eve had sent me spiralling in to an almost orgasmic state my mouth completely dry making it impossible to swallow.

BRRINNGGGGGGGG!!! The shriek of the end of class bell snapped me from my stupor, very very rudely. Eve quickly stood up and slid her books in to her bag while i sat there like the classic dumb prick. Slowly she bent down and kissed me so gently on the cheek, her lips brushing my ear as she whispered, "time to ask Piers about his other revenue streams." With that she was gone, sauntering out of the classroom while i scraped together my meagre work and stumbled out after her.

For the rest of the day I kept thinking of Piers, in fact the most innocuous activity would bring him to mind: selling drugs, avoiding teachers, collecting money. You know everyday things.

Luckily we already had a designated meeting place and time, so all I had to do was bide my time till lunch, and it wasn't only a cheeseburger I was hankering for.

About 10 minutes before lunch, when I was supposed to be in class, I stashed my now empty bag and jogged over to the dining hall, yeah this place was so big you were pretty much forced to run to be anywhere barely late. Hastily I walked through the massive hall, its cavernous domed ceiling always made me feel like I was in one of those old monasteries your school takes you to, actually hoping you're there to see the crusty monks rather than skip school. There were a few kids scattered around the hall, although my aim was directly to the corner where I could already see Matt standing like he was in a godfather movie.

As I approached I half expected him to reach in to his jacket like he was packin'. I nodded at Matt and sat down opposite Piers. He looked up at me, and I was pretty shocked.

This wasnt the same Piers I was used to seeing. Heavy bags hung under his bloodshot eyes, his hair greasy and dishevelled as his crumpled clothes. He sipped at a steaming coffee, hunched over, a weak smile directed at me before his eye lids dropped over his coffee again.

"'Mornin'" he mumbled. "You alright Piers?" my earlier frustration and anger left me momentarily, replaced by the shock of Piers' hobo like appearance.

"Yeah. rough night. rough week." "Right." I was in no mood to try and unravel the mystery of Piers' midnight adventure, I'll leave that to greater minds like Matt. "Listen we need to talk. Now!" "I thought we were talking?" even in his sluggish state he still managed to smirk at me. "Eve." That one word seemed to suddenly invigorate him, far quicker than any coffee laced with red bull and crack ever could.

He sat up straight, his whole body seemed to go rigid, his eyes narrowed, those charcoal black eyes glared at me. "Who?" he practically snarled through gritted teeth. "Oh. you know, Eve, about yey high, tits about this big, perfect smile, and seems to know a hell of a lot about you and your little "organisation", but then again, from what she says it's not that little is it Piers?" He clenched his jaw, the muscles twitching in his cheek, Matt looked over his shoulder at us, a look of shock colouring his usual dumb expression.

"Not here," Piers finally rasped. Without further comment he stood up and began walking, me and Matt falling in to step like the good poodles we were. While Piers led us in silence Matt continually glared at me. I began to size him up, wondering if I had to, could I take this underdeveloped troll. As I was thinking about it I looked at the well muscled back of Piers, quickly remembering the elevator, and then quickly forgot all stupid ideas of fighting my way out of this.

As the lunch bell rang and kids began pouring out of their classes, Piers walked down one of the lesser used corridors, the clack of his shoes was the only sound we could hear. Finally, just as my paranoia levels were getting intolerable Piers spoke. "What do you know about Eve?" his voice was barely above a low husky growl. "Not much," I said feeling like a prick for talking to his back.

"Except." "Except?" "Except, she has this. this affect on me." I heard Matt scoff quietly next to me, making me turn an unhealthy shade of red.

"Listen Tyler, I saw potential in you from the moment you walked in here, don't let that bitch ruin it, you understand me. She nearly ruined me once and it's not happening twice," I had never seen Piers so broody, his shoulders were hunched and knotted, his normal strut had turned in to an angry pace. "Ruined you. how.?" "Listen kid, that's all you need to know. Just. just stay away from her, stay as far away as possible." Before I could reply, before I could even really think about what he had said, we stopped and pulled out a card, it was the same card used for entry to the school computer system that every pupil had.

He slid it through the slot in a dusty cracked door, quickly punching in a code on the old metallic lock. I began to feel like we were in a fucking James Bond movie, I was seriously waiting for the retinal scanner and a pit full of sharks with lasers strapped to their heads. The door swung open easily, Piers walking in, while Matt stood ominously by the door allowing me to walk in first.

"Ladies first," he grunted, yeah he actually thought that sounded cool. Now after being in Rockmount very little surprised me, well this was one of the occasion where my jaw was trying to sweep the floor. Piers stood there in front of this giant wall of tv screens. A massive console panel squatted underneath the screens, like something off the set of star trek had sex with the computer out of I Robot. The entire room was a mass of wires and buzzing hard drives, the soft purr of cooling fans bored in to my almost over loaded brain.

As my eyes snapped to the screens I realised what I was looking at. My English classroom, Ms Ryan was marking papers, the corridor we just walked down, the cafeteria, the toilets, the dorms, the classrooms, the school grounds, they had the whole fucking place wired. "This. this is impossible. you're just school kids. you can't have done thi." I couldn't comprehend this.

It was like I just walked on to the set of Spy Kids, or one of those other cheesy PG Hollywood turds. Piers and co suddenly went from being dope dealers to. well I had no idea what this was.

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Hunched in front of the screen was a small pale kid that reminded me scarily of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, so much so I began to look around for Dee Dee. "I think you'll find we can, and we have, kid." I snapped back to reality scrutinising Piers hard. "What is this?" "This, superstar, this is our other revenue stream, well our main one," he had a tone of pride in his voice as he said it, well fuck me I would be proud too if I had masterminded all of this.

"But. how?" I approached the console which I was sure would make Bill Gates bust a nut. "Please don't touch" Dexter was Scottish? The hunched figure turned and looked at me blinking owlishly. "Oh. Morgan this is." "Tyler Christopher Black. I've read his file, now tell him not to touch Lisa." "Yeah. you don't want to touch Lisa, kid." "Who's Lisa?" I said, only just realising they were talking about the computer.

"Oh. right sorry." "And as for how, really it was quite a simple task of piggy backing this school's ridiculous security system, and re-routing all data to Lisa." "The security cameras!" it hit me like black guys man meat.

"Bingo!" Piers smiled, and clapped me on the shoulder eyeing Lisa with a smirk, the shadows of his weariness melted away from him in the glow of the screens. "This is amazing," I breathed, simultaneously watching kids eating lunch, and the toilets. "Err. thank you for telling me something I already knew," muttered Morgan darkly.

"Why though? what has this got to do with revenue streams? How long have you being doing this?." you know how you can have a million questions? yeah well I had a million and one and not enough brain capacity for all the answers. Piers laughed and walked over to a wall standing in front of it and beckoned me. "What were the three things I said were like gold here?" I cast my mind back to Piers' inspirational speech, "err.

drugs, booze and. sex?" I repeated like a good parrot hoping he'd chuck me a cracker. "Got it in one, you're smarter than you look," he said smiling disarmingly. "Sooo.? What do you have a giant distillery in here somewhere? a crack lab?" I said carelessly, hoping against hope it wasn't the latter, but I wasn't putting anything past Piers. "Nope we've got something better, if you would be so kind Morgan." And then the shit got even weirder.

With a swoosh the star trek doors would be proud of the innocent looking panel in front of us suddenly slid back, revealing a completely different room.

"You've got to be shitting me!" Inside was a lights flickered in to existence, suddenly illuminating rows upon rows of. dvd cases? "What the fuck is this?" I walked in gawking around, while Piers stood next to me grinning smugly. "This, my boy, is our revenue stream." "Dodgy dvds?

this has all been about knock off dvds?" I couldn't help myself from bursting out laughing as I imagined Piers in some grimy high street with a mat of plastic dvd wrappers laid out before him, while he yelled at passers by how good his deal were. Calmly Piers waited for me to get a hold of myself, his grin still in place. "Why don't you read that label for me chuckles." I turned around and turned my head to the side like some fucking retarded dog and read the neatly printed label: Lockhart - Michaels Front Office 16/08/07 "What the fuck?" "A little better than knock off DVDs wouldn't you agree?" "What is it though?" "You know I take back the smarter than you look comment," he walked over and pulled out the DVD as he opened he continued to talk.

"there's 3 things you can guarantee in this world: politicians will lie, Eddie Murphy will never make a good movie again and people will fuck" he raised his eyebrow as I started to slowly piece the puzzle together.

"And unlike an Eddie Murphy movie, people will pay money, a lot of money, to watch the latter." "No way. you don't. do you?" now we were in a whole new world, if Piers was telling the truth this was. well wrong. but fuck me with a big stick if I didn't want to watch that DVD.

"Oh, we do, and we do it very well." He slid the disk in to a DVD player, the black wide screen buzzing in to life. On the screen was Ms Lockhart, wearing her usual skirt and blouse combo, looking particularly fine as the late August humidity gave her skin a light sheen. The cameras followed her down a corridor, her tits bouncing with her strut, as it zoomed in to her ass as she walked past. The shot suddenly swapped to one in the office where the Physical Education teacher sat fishing through some papers.

In walks Ms Lockhart, brazenly she walked up right behind him and grabbed his ass. My pulse rocketed, my brain couldn't take it.

This was the sort of thing you joke about with your mates when you guess which teachers fucking which teacher, the sort of thing every kid thinks about but never really suspect it's reality. This was the type of thing you read in bad sex stories on the internet. I looked at Piers who was obviously amused by my disbelief.

On screen Mr. Michaels had Lockhart on the desk ripping through her shirt. How did they do this? All I could think about while this beauty was getting ravished on screen was how big Piers' balls must be.

I looked around me at the masses of DVDs my mind buzzing as I read the names on each one. "You must have nearly every fucking teacher in the place," I muttered in disbelief walking down the aisle. "Nearly every one, your Ms Ryan seems to be quite chaste though," he said with a tone of annoyance. "These are students!" "Yup, with all the top skirt around here, it would be criminal not to take opportunities that just fall in to our laps." "Students with teachers? No way" shit that seems to be my chosen 'dumb fuck catch phrase' today.

"Hey you don't think they're just fucking each other did you? Teachers have been fucking students since cavemen were eating dinosaurs, it's a perk of the job." I heard him laugh to himself.

"There must be thousands here. Oi!" suddenly I saw my name. I yanked the DVD out and then the one next to it.

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"What the fuck Piers!" I held the offending DVDs in front of me indignantly, reading the titles: Tyler - Alissa Dorm 08/10/08 Tyler - Alissa Store room 126 09/10/08 Piers held out his hands and laughed, "what, it's procedure." "What have you been fucking selling these to some fucking perverts!" the idea of some greasy little fuck watching me cum didn't quite agree with me.

"Don't flatter your self," he said kicking my ego in the face, "all sales are requests, doesn't mean we don't record every little tryst." "But. you're the one who fucking told me to go the store room with Alissa!" "I know you still haven't thanked me for that by the way,' he joked, but I wasn't feeling particularly amused. "Listen, everyone here's got a library alright, look there's mine." He led me to the M section, yeah it was alphabetically ordered for your perverted ease.

To say I wasn't impressed would be a lie, and a big fucking one at that. There had to be 100's of DVDs in Piers' section. There were students, teachers, administrative staff, Piers had has his dick in every one. To my discomfort I saw Malissa Hart, great that's twice mine and Piers' dick had visited the same place.

"So what you sell these? some sort of deal, buy 10 bags of weed and get a complimentary DVD of your favourite teacher?" "More like rent them out, we have to be extremely careful kid, if even one of these videos are found the whole network could collapse." "How do you stop getting caught then?" "Easy, leave no hard evidence, all the rentals are sent via the piggy backed school email to a students personal email account, they get to keep it for a week, then it simply disappears.

There's no way to save it, or copy it, and this room is the only place where the originals are kept, and only 4 people have the key to it." Wow, I have to hand it to him, Piers is an evil fucking mastermind, seriously the guy from Saw has nothing on him.


"Wait, four people?" "Me, Morgan, Matt and now you." "Me?" "You are a part of our organisation aren't you?" "Well yeah." "Good, congratulations on you're promotion." I laughed and shook hands with Piers, still completely bemused with this whole scenario, but hey I was willing to play along.

Only then as I looked at my personal works of pornographic porn it hit me. "There's a couple missin." my eyes bugged as I stood there staring at the DVDs afraid of looking anywhere else, begging on all fours Piers hadn't heard me. "What was that?" "N-nothing, nothing." Roxy! I just can't get a fucking break can I!