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Extreme bbw flexi doll kamasutra sex
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I'll never forget the day that my best friend Aidan took me along to the wrestling group at school. He had been at me for months to join him, almost pleading for me to go with him. Aidan was about to turn 15, I had just turned 14. We had been friends since we were both about 8 years old.

He had a pool and seemed to be very keen for me to play with him each summer in it. Even if I said that I had no swimmers to wear he would always say that he could lend me a pair of his swimmers. However, they were always a pair of his old swimmers and therefore a few sizes too small.

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I always felt very self-conscious around Aidan in the pool as his old swimmers would be extremely tight around my hips, buttocks, and penis. For example, as an 11yo he used to lend me his swimmers from when he was 8yo. Thinking back now he used to like a lot of pool games that involved lots of bodily contact between him and I. On countless occasions he would sneak up on me from behind and grab me around my waist, pushing his chest into my back and grinding his groin against my soft prepubescent arse.

As we got older he was harder more often, and his penis would press against my bum, but because I had lots of hardons at home and at school I didn't think anything of it - I just thought that it was normal for every boy to have an uncontrollably hard cock most of the time.

Plus his sexy older sister was often around. The reason that I spent so much time at Aidan's was that he had a beautiful shoulder- length mousy haired, long legged, blue eyed sister named Bianca who was three years older than us.

Occasionally she would come out to the pool to play games with us, and I was always hoping that she would have a crush on me and try to kiss me. However, I didn't think that I had much chance, although I thought that by swimming with Aidan I could at least have a chance to eye her slender boney frame, with her hips, pussy mound, and developing little breasts and teats pushing against her swimsuit.

That was only until she grew more rounded and developed enough baby fat all over her body to make her even more womanly and sexier. When Bianca made me hard I would stay in the pool, although when I got home I would jack off naked on my bed until I came all over my stomach, thinking about us being totally naked together on her bed, with my rock hard boy penis sliding in and out of her sweet soft pink innocent pussy.

On one occasion when I was 12 years old we had all been playing in the pool together when Bianca finished and went inside. She didn't close her window curtains and I could see her totally naked 15 yo body as she changed out of her swimmers and into a tight tank top and very short cut off jeans that couldn't quite cover the base of her arse or even the very top of the crack of her arse. She had long soft pink nipples that made my young mouth water, the size of breasts that were almost that of her mothers, a soft rounded out arse, and a smooth pussy with long tender puffy pussy lips jutting out in front that looked untouched.

I didn't realize until later that girls of her age normally have pubic hair, so she must have been shaving it regularly. I also noticed that she had no tan lines.

She obviously didn't care that Aidan could see her as well, although when I looked over at him he had gone into the garage to pump up a few balls. What also really surprised me that was when she put her clothes on she forgot to put her underwear on. On that occasion her daddy came home straight afterwards so I wondered if he had noticed that she had no undewear on.

Anyway, Aidan convinced me to go to wrestling and to cut a long story short I was shocked to learn of how Mr Giles ran the group.

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He was strict, harsh, and the type of teacher who wouldn't hesitate to take you back to his office to smack your arse with his bare hand repeatedly if you even blinked at the wrong time. I was even more terrified as he called Aidan and I up to wrestle against each other. However, I noticed that Aidan wasn't as intimidated as I was.

In fact, he seemed to be smiling with the kind of lust I now associate with a pubescent boy who is about to get his rocks off for the first time with his younger girlfriend (or maybe even an older woman). In fact, he had a hardon sticking straight out of his underpants the head of his penis was peeping out the top of his waistband. I still had my school shorts on and instead of telling me to take them off Mr Giles stormed over to me and forcefully pulled my pants down to my ankles.

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The only trouble was that he pulled down my underpants at the same time. I was SO EMBARRASSED to be standing in front of Mr Giles and the other boys completely naked.


As I stepped out of my pants Aidan had a look of complete lust in his eyes. Mr Giles took a good long look up and down my naked body and I noticed his penis move upwards in his white shorts. My penis was long but flaccid I was far too nervous to be hard at that stage. Mr Giles came and positioned himself right behind me and started to instruct me on the starting wrestling position.

He told me to crouch down, then straighten my legs and push my bottom into the air. As I did so it felt that my hole was wide open against the fresh air and exposed to everyone standing behind me. I then felt him coming up from behind me, pushing his groin and by now hard penis into the crack of my arse and right against my hole.

No one had ever touched me like that before. As he ground against me his hand pushed against my lower back so that my back was parallel to the floor. This pushed my arse downwards towards the floor.


I realized later that this must have had the effect of me rubbing my naked arse and hole down the length of his hard cock. He seemed very pleased with my position and then suddenly said "Go". I was still in shock with all that was going on and was frozen to the spot.

Aidan came charging at me and quickly bowled me over so that I was suddenly laying on my back, with him pressing the full length of his body against mine. The only thing that was separating our naked bodies at that time was his thin white almost see through underpants.

I could feel the head of his penis against my lower stomach. It felt very hard and hot, and there was a little bit of sticky wetness from his cockhead that stuck to my stomach. He then did something that shocked me even more. He gave me a long hard full passionate kiss on my lips, just like I had fantasized Bianca doing to me. For a boy he felt surprisingly soft, wet, and sweet and I opened my mouth to accommodate him and pash him back just as hard, imagining he was Bianca.

He then reached down to grip my penis in his hand and start stroking it. He made me hard and I forgot all about the points and match. I felt so guilty but it felt SO GOOD.


I decided to close my eyes and pretend that it was Bianca instead of him, as I had fantasized so often about her and felt ashamed that another boy was getting me hard in front of Mr Giles and the other boys. Aidan could feel my penis getting so hard and hot in his hand that blowing intensely everywhere was imminent. Of course, in my mind it wasn't him masturbating me but Bianca. Sensing my impending orgasm, he quickly slid down the length of my body while keeping my torso pinned down with his left elbow.

I then felt hair tickling my hips and groin and something warm and wet enveloping half of my cock, stroking it up and down, up and down. Still thinking it was Bianca, naked with her creamy milky soft breasts and pick pussy lips and clitoris sticking out hard like Aidan's cock must have been now, I pushed my hips up towards his mouth and with the most intense feeling of warm pleasure in my groin and cock, I groaned and squirted a full load of my cream continually deep into his mouth for what seemed like forever.

I kept my hips off the floor, uncontrollably pulsing, jerking, and convulsing. As I realized later it all happened in front of Mr Giles and the other boys me totally naked and unloading my cum for the first time inside the mouth of another boy.

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It was the most intense feeling, a memory that I've regularly orgasmed over since. I laid there and when Mr Giles called out something, Aidan moved his body up so that his groin was now rubbing against my face. More specifically, his hard cock was rubbing against my lips through his thin underpants.

Remembering that this was actually a wrestling match, I reached up and slipped my fingers below the waistband of his underpants, hoping to score at least a few points so that Mr Giles would feel proud of me. When I did this, he slid his body up mine further so it had the effect of his underpants slipping down off his hips so that his hot hard cock was fully exposed.

Like his sister, Aidan was mousy blonde but only he had started to go to the gym over the past six months. His pubes were the same colour as the hair on his head, only not as thick. He most looked like Edge in WWE, only a boy version. I was slimmer, slightly taller, and my skin was softer and creamier. What also surprised me was that he was also brown ALL over his body, just like Bianca.

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As he pushed his groin upwards I accidentally opened my mouth and his cock slipped into it. Again it felt like it was very very hard and roasting hot in my mouth like a hard hot sausage, not like the cool creamy sweet lollypop that I expected. He stroked his cock in my mouth a couple of times and then slipped his torso down again quickly, so much so that I involuntarily opened my legs so that he could slip down between them.

As he did so he moved so that he positioned his hard cock against my arse. Immediately he shouted "SUPERPIN!". Mr Giles seemed to shout out a gleeful "YES!". He then ordered me to keep still. He squirted a large amount of sorbolene into the palm of his hand and then rubbed it vigorously into Aidan's cock. Aidan looked like he was going to cum but then Mr Giles stopped.

When he did I could see Aidan's hard cock bobbing up and down, all swollen and red and throbbing uncontrollably. Mr Giles then dipped his middle finger in a small tub of Vaseline beside him. He then came over and ordered me to spread my legs as wide as I could. As I was still on my back, he ordered Aidan to grab my ankles and force them up so he could gain access to my hole.

Mr Giles then rubbed the tip of his middle finger around my anus, before slowly inserting the finger into my hole up to his knuckle. He then stroked his finger gently, almost lovingly, in and out of my teenage arsehole for about 15 seconds, so that it felt slippery and wet.

However, it felt like he was inserting a broomstick up my anus initially, as it felt huge. But it was nothing compared to what it felt like when Mr Giles moved and Aidan slid his penis inside me.

At first, he was extremely slow and gentle, stroking me very lovingly and softly and so fully filling me up. Mr Giles then started counting down from 20.

Aidan suddenly started to increase his pace then, and he starting banging into me with increasing ferocity like he was possessed. His sack started to slap hard against me, and then he slammed his groin SO HARD into my arse, and his penis started to throb and got incredibly hot and huge (it seemed like 7 inches long).

He spasmed, groaned, and I felt a stream of hot boy liquid squirt so deeply inside my anus it felt like he was cuming in my stomach. I realized that that was probably what Bianca would feel if I ever got lucky enough to fuck her. Instead, I realized that Aidan had got to fuck me first.

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Mr Giles then stopped the bout. I was left lying on the floor with Aidan, shaking. Aidan fell on top of me and gave me a huge hug. He kissed me tenderly on the lips and helped me up off the floor. I noticed that some of the other boys were now totally naked with their own massively hard cocks red and throbbing in front of them. One older boy looked like his cock was about 9 inches long and so thick that I wouldn't be able to wrap my hand around it, although is hand was stroking his cock as he stared at us.

Some of the other boys were transfixed on the naked bodies of Aidan and I, some on the other boy with the enormously hard cock. Other boys were limp but had huge wet patches on their underpants. Aidan encouraged me to stay naked with him for the rest of the other bouts, holding my hand throughout. His cock stayed very very hard. Occasionally he tugged at mine to get it and keep it hard.

Towards the end of the session he leant over and asked me if I would be his boyfriend because he loved me. He said that he knew that I had the hots for Bianca but that he could do everything that she could do and more.

He invited me to practice wrestling with him and Mr Giles at Mr Giles' home the following week.