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Ebony Star DiamondJackson fucks in ass with a big black cock ALIVEGIRL
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Chapter 17 After a brief post-coital swim across the crater lake, holding our clothes out of the water, we came ashore at the headwaters of the main stream on the island.

We climbed out onto a small, stony beach, redressed, and continued our hike. Following the creek out of the crater through another break in the rocky wall, we began descending the northwest side of the mountain, following the water as it cascaded down the side of the old volcano.

As Stu scouted a way down during a particularly steep section, we heard him cry out in surprise. Rounding the rocks, we found him peering into a small crevasse. "Hey guys, check it out!" he called to us. "There's a goat in here.

I think it's hurt." We crowded around, and sure enough, a nanny goat, bleating plaintively, was 6 feet down in the hole, favoring a foreleg. "Oh, the poor thing!" said Dakota. "Let's save it." "Do you guys know anything about goats?" I asked skeptically.

"Dakota and I worked on a goat farm for 3 or 4 summers when we were growing up," replied Summer. "We can handle a nanny goat." "There's a kid, too!" Stu called out.

"It's behind the mother." He climbed down carefully, the goat frantically bleating as he got closer. She was too weak to put up much of a fight, and he was able to pass her up to River and me. Dakota and Summer accepted the kid, squealing for its mother, as Stu hoisted it out next. Rain gave him an arm and he struggled out of the hole.

The nanny goat appeared to be relatively uninjured except for the broken leg, and the kid was perfectly fine. We carried the two animals, taking turns, down the remaining rocky pathway. Soon we were deep in jungle again, and the only way to make progress was to stick to the stream bed where the vegetation was thin.

Eventually we emerged at the shallow, dammed up section above the waterfall. Making my way to the top of the falls, I confirmed no kids were swimming underneath, then jumped into the pool below, sweaty clothes and all. Laughing like children, Rain, Summer, and River followed suit, cannonballing into the cool water one after another.

Stu and Dakota carried the mother and baby goats respectively down the pathway and met up with us at the pool. I took the nanny goat from Stu, letting him jump in to cool off, and Rain gave Dakota a break, letting her rinse off the sweat and grime of the trail as well. Clambering ashore on the rocks, we made our way back to the beach along the primary game trail. This had been now so well used by human feet that it was wide and clear of vines and brush, and fairly easy to navigate. Emerging at the beach, we soon had a posse of kids swarming around us petting the now frantic animals.

"Shove off, you monkeys!" I hollered. "Give them some air! The mother is hurt, and I need to get her fixed up." They reluctantly fell back, and let me carry the creature to the medical hut. Joelle was there, trying to weave a basket from palm fronds, and she dropped her work in surprise as I heaved the animal onto one of the pile of seat cushions we had used to make our "hospital beds." Dkembe occupied the other one, still unconscious.

"Oh my god!" she said. "Is that a goat?" "Yeah," I replied, wiping my streaming face with my shirt, which now smelled like goat, unfortunately. "I think her leg is broken. I'd like to see if we can get her splinted. Can you get some bamboo and duct tape?" She hopped up and ran to collect the supplies, and I enlisted two of the hovering kids to collect some leaves, fruit and water for the injured animal while I inspected the limb.

It seemed like a clean break, obviously fairly fresh since the swelling was minimal. I couldn't find anything wrong with the rest of her, so when Joelle returned, we quickly immobilized the leg with a bamboo cage wrapped in duct tape. I figured she'd be less likely to chew it off than if we used vines.

She bleated complaints until we let her go, and then staggered around getting used to walking on 3 legs. Rain deposited the kid next to her, and Summer looked it over with a critical eye as it began to nurse from its mother's full udder. "That kid's old enough to wean," she said. "Then we can keep the milk for ourselves. If we hobble the mother's rear legs, she won't get far. We can let her graze at the edge of the beach and collect some fruit and fresh water for her.

The kid will stay close." It sounded like a good plan, and she and Dakota used some cord salvaged from the plane to do so. We left the animals to their own devices, after providing a bucket of water for them to drink from. "Where did they come from?" asked Janie, who appeared at my side moments later.

"We found them in a crack in the rocks on the side of the taller mountain," I answered as I walked with her to the "mess hall" to get some food. "She must have fallen in. Maybe the kid got stuck and she was trying to rescue him?

I don't know. But now we'll have fresh milk." I scarfed down some fish and pork, and a breadfruit. In between bites I told Janie about my day. She smirked when I got to the part about the group sex.

"I should have known you weren't just hiking for fun," she said. "You were chasing tail!" "I wasn't!" I protested. "Honest! I didn't know what they had planned. They surprised me with it.

Not that I'm complaining. I think they'd be happy to have you come on the next 'hike'." "I may take you up on that. I haven't been in a good old-fashioned orgy in a while." "But you've been to one before?" I asked, intrigued. "A story for another time, bucko," she said tartly.

"I hope you saved some jam for later. I have a little surprise waiting for you this evening." "What?" I asked. "You know I have buckets of the stuff!" "If I tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" she teased. "You'll just have to wait. Sort of like you made me wait yesterday." "Ah, so this is payback," I said. "It's a bitch, baby!" she laughed, walking away. After I finished eating, I wandered to the shore, where Sharon and Rodney were putting some supplies into the raft.

"Going on another fishing trip?" "Yeah. Rodney's really taken to it. You want to come?" "Sure. You mind if I bring Jared?" "Not at all," Rodney replied. "Can you grab some fruit and water to bring with us?" I did as he asked, collecting an excited Jared from a card game in Boy's Town. The four of us pushed out into the lagoon, and paddled to the inner side of the reef, dropping anchor just off the coral.

We spent a couple of leisurely hours as the sun slowly sank in the sky, and hauled in an impressive number of fish for the camp. We returned just before sunset, and enlisted a number of willing volunteers to help clean our bounty. The African ladies had agreed to be our next cooks, and were interested in trying to smoke some of the fish so it would last longer. I dove into the lagoon to freshen up, then poured a bucket of fresh water over my head to wash off the salt.

One of the camp chores delegated to the younger kids was to have a good supply of fresh water in bottles and jugs for camp use, and so far they were doing a terrific job. I looked for Janie, and then Joelle, but could find neither of them. I decided to chill for a while, breaking out a book to read while there was still light. I was lost in the plot when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up to find Janie, surprisingly wearing a skirt and blouse.

"If Messieur would care to follow me, your dinner is ready." "What?" I stared at her in confusion. "You may want to put on a shirt," she said. "There is a dress code." Mystified, I threw on a polo shirt and followed her into the jungle. We took the trail through the trees, then past the pool until we reached the clearing. I was astonished to see Joelle waiting for me on a blanket, a picnic dinner laid out under the darkening sky. Homemade candles surrounded the setup, flickering in the dim light.

Joelle was wearing a lovely red dress, cut low to accentuate her generous bosom, and she had even put on jewelry. Her hair was piled high on her head in some complicated style. She looked stunning. "What&hellip." I asked, trailing off lamely, not knowing what to say. "Service is limited at this restaurant," Janie intoned pompously. "I will unfortunately be unavailable for the remainder of the evening.

Hopefully you will have everything you need." Our ersatz waiter left us in silence, and I stared at Joelle in amazement. "I wanted to make this special," she said, blushing. "Janie was a big help.

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She helped make dinner, and set up, and&hellip. gave me advice." "This is unbelievable," I managed to say. "How did you get the candles?" "It's pig fat with strips of cloth in it. We made them this morning. We're going to make more for the camp; these were the first try." "They're beautiful," I said.

"And so are you." I brushed a strand of hair off her face. "What's the occasion?" "You made me feel so special that first day, I've been wanting to return the favor." She looked at me with those soft brown eyes.

"I hope I can make you feel the same way." I couldn't resist; I leaned in and kissed her slow and hard. We came up for air a moment later, gasping and flushed. "Wait!" she cried out. "No more. It's hard enough waiting without you doing that. I made a special dinner. Let's eat first." "OK, OK!" I chuckled. "What's on the menu?" "My mom's homemade ceviche recipe first," she said with a smile.

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"I believe you may have even caught the fish. I had to modify it a little. Well, a lot, actually. Falani helped me find some spices.

There's no onion, but she found an herb she said would taste pretty similar. I had to steal a lemon from the stores, and I used papaya and a little liquor to marinate the fish." I took a mouthful. "How is it?" she asked worriedly.


"It's really good," I said, impressed. "It's different than the usual ceviche, but just as good. Try some." I fed her a bite, wiping a little juice off her lip with my finger. "Oooh, it turned out pretty well," she said happily. We polished the rest of it off quickly. "What's next?" I asked eagerly. This was the best food I had had in days. "Marinated pork loin roasted in banana leaves and topped with coconut-mango chutney, with sides of mixed greens covered in citrus relish, and fried clams." She uncovered the dishes and we dug in.

"This is incredible!" I marveled. "I don't see how you pulled this off." "I had a lot of help. Everyone was really nice. They seemed to want this to go well for us.

One of the kids even found some bird eggs at the cliffs. That's how we made the batter for the clams." She blushed as she said, "Gabrielle even donated some milk for it." We ate the rest of our dinner, chatting about old friends and new experiences. I learned a little about her childhood in Peru, and she laughed at some of my boyhood antics. We had little airline bottles of booze, and we each finished off a couple as we dined.

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"So, Joelle, I never did ask you. How in the world did you end up on this plane?" "It was the craziest thing!" she said, frowning slightly. "I was getting a little burned out at work, and thinking of taking a vacation. I had to use some days or they were going to take them away, anyway.

I was considering visiting my sister, but I wasn't sure if I wanted all the drama that goes with a family visit. I walked outside to get the mail, slipped on some wet leaves, and fell on my ass in the driveway. I go to get up and accidentally put my hand on one of those local papers they're always tossing up and down the street.

The plastic is still damp, and it slides out from under my hand, and I fall again, this time face down on another paper. I felt like such an idiot!" She laughed. "Anyway, I'm nose to nose with this newspaper, and the headline talks about this big trip to Korea with Tae Kwon Do students, and field hockey players, blah, blah, blah, and I'm thinking: 'Now's your chance, girl.

Get out and see the world!' And something inside me just feels like this was a sign, like I was meant to go on this trip. So I did it. I bought a ticket and got on a plane, with no plans beyond that. It's so unlike me, because I'm usually so OCD I plan everything months in advance. I didn't know you were on the same plane until I saw you on the beach. Is that bizarre or what?" She shook her head incredulously. Larger forces… I thought again. "That is pretty crazy," I agreed.

"Look, objectively I'm sorry you're trapped here, but for selfish reasons, I'm glad to have you here with me." I smiled at her. She gave me that thousand-watt smile I knew and loved. "As messed up as it seems, I'm glad to be here, too. I was so scared and depressed at first, but it's actually been a life-changing experience for me.

And I mean that in a good way. I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life, like I found something in me that I was missing all these years." I stroked her cheek. "I'm so happy for you. I always felt like there was some sadness in you.

I never knew why, because you seemed like the perfect woman. But it's gone now. And you are still the perfect woman, now even better!" She leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on my lips, licking them lightly with the tip of her tongue. I looked into her eyes, now huge and dark. "I think it's time for dessert, she said huskily." I reached for her, but she slapped my hands away.

"Not yet, Dave. You just relax and enjoy. Now it's my turn to please you." I shivered in anticipation, my cock already rock hard, as I leaned back on my elbow to watch her. She stood up and released her hair, letting the ebony curtains cascade over her bare shoulders. She ran her fingers through the mass of curls sensually, placing her breasts in sharp relief as her dress tightened over them.

Her nipples were plainly visible, poking through the thin fabric. For the first time since I'd known her, she wasn't wearing a bra!

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My mouth began to water as I thought of her beautiful body. Her dark eyes bored into me as she began caressing herself through the crimson dress, stroking her full tits and pinching the nipples, then sliding her hands down her soft belly and over her hips and curvaceous thighs.

I had to adjust my boner, as it was trying to tear its way out of my pants. She smiled slightly as she sensed the reason for my squirming. She untied the strap that went around the back of her neck, then hesitated slightly, drawing out the suspense. Finally she let the garment fall, and the slick red folds slipped off her body, pooling at her feet.

She was indeed totally nude under the dress, and her glorious full figure seemed to glow luminously in the candlelight as I stared at her. An involuntary sigh escaped my lips as I beheld those massive mammaries, the brown areolae puckered up in arousal, the nipples stiff and tall. Her thick brown bush was neatly trimmed on the sides, and I could just see her pink lips in the midst of the dark curls. I couldn't stand the confinement of my clothes any longer, and quickly shucked off shirt, pants, and underwear to release my straining prick.

She eyed my body hungrily as she began caressing her bare boobs again. Hefting her right tit, she brought the stiff peak to her lips and touched the tip of her tongue to it, then sucked it gently, all the while looking me in the eye. "Christ, what are you doing to me, woman?" I muttered thickly, stroking my meat unconsciously. She popped the wet nipple out of her mouth. "I told you, Janie gave me some advice on how to make a man happy. She said if I put on a little show for you, it would really get your motor running." She began swirling her finger around the lubricated nip, still holding the heavy jug in her other hand.

I watched in sweet agony as she grasped each fat nipple between a thumb and forefinger, pinching them roughly and stretching them outward, pulling her swaying hooters off her chest, then letting them drop back, jiggling seductively.

A soft moan slipped from her lips as she repeated the maneuver, this time even more aggressively, mauling her sweet titties cruelly. "I'm imagining you sucking them and biting them. It feels so good!" She sucked the other brown nub into her mouth hungrily, pulling on it mightily with her suctioning lips. "Oh, God!" I moaned. My balls were now aching with desire.

She knelt down next to me, and swept the remains of our meal off the blanket. I could smell the perfume of her pussy in the air, the rich scent driving me insane with wanting her. I reached for her again, and again she pushed me away gently. "Not yet," she said. "The show's just beginning!" She sat facing me, and stretched her legs out. She continued massaging her breasts and pinching the nipples while she slowly spread her legs wide. My eyes were glued to her crotch as her plump thighs fell apart, revealing the tangle of pubes covering her sex.

Droplets of juice glittered in the glow of the candles, clinging to the coarse hairs, and coating the delicate brown curtains of her inner labia. I could smell her better now, an invisible cloud of wonderful womanly pheromones wafting from her pretty pussy.

I was beating my meat in earnest now, yanking the rigid flesh with reckless abandon, waiting for the moment when I would be able to plunge it into her gaping cunt.

She watched my flying fingers pull my pud for a moment, licking her lips, her face flushed and hair in disarray. "I've never seen a man play with himself before.

It's pretty sexy." She was panting heavily. "I want you to watch me do it, now. I want to show you everything. I want to know you are looking at me while I touch myself!" "Oh, yes, Joelle!" I groaned.

"I want to watch you touch your beautiful body. Show me, baby!" She laid back, eyes closed and chest heaving. I eased down between her legs, pillowing my cheek on her soft inner thigh, my face just inches from that sublime slit, preparing to enjoy a front row seat at the most erotic show in the world.

Joelle began stroking her pubic hair, combing the tangles with her fingers, and caressing the tan mound beneath lightly. I watched, mesmerized, as a trickle of heavenly honey dribbled out of her crack. Her labia were engorged, thick, brown and wet as they protruded slightly from between the plump outer lips.

Her fingers wandered south, lightly trailing over the sensitive tissues of her vulva. She began stroking the folds up and down, at first gently, but then harder and harder as she found her rhythm. Little mews of ecstasy broke from her lips as she pleasured herself for me.

"God, you are so beautiful!" I breathed. "I think you are the sexiest woman on earth." My cock was oozing a stream of clear fluid now, and the skin became moist and slick under my shuffling fingers. I had to slow my stroking a little, in fear of shooting my load prematurely. Joelle formed a "V" with her fingers, spreading the dripping cuntlips wide and revealing the pink gash between them.

"Can you see up inside me, Dave?" she asked breathlessly. "I've never shown myself to anyone like this before. My pussy aches for you. I know that soon your fat cock will be sliding in and out of me just like this." With that, she left off teasing her titties with her other hand and reached down to her spread cooze, plunging a finger deep into her gaping snatch.

Squelching noises emanated from her pink tunnel as she fucked herself vigorously just inches from my nose. "Yes, baby!" I called to her.

"I can see all the way into you. Show me what you like!" She shuddered, moaning, and forced a second, then a third finger into her straining vagina, her ass rising off the blanket as she rammed her dripping digits knuckle deep in her tight cunny. Drops of her lubricant flew from her frantic fingers, and rivulets of sweet cream were now dripping over her puckered little asshole.

"Aaaay Diooooos!" she screamed as a gush of fragrant liquid poured out of her cunt. "Aaaaieeee!" She bucked and heaved, almost throwing me off her leg, as her orgasm tore through her like a hurricane. I was still fixated on her snatch, watching her fingers as they left off frigging her tight hole and switched to caressing her sopping labia.

The caramel curtains slipped wetly between her stroking digits as she moved up and down her overheated pussy, occasionally strumming her engorged clit. Her cries and convulsions slowly subsided to moans and twitches as her climax passed.


She giggled slightly hysterically. "That was so intense! I've never done that in front of anybody in my life." I kissed her tender thigh. "I've never seen anything so arousing in my life! I'm so happy you shared that with me." I kissed my way up her inner thigh, finally reaching the moist area around her cunt.

I began lapping up her honey like a cat at a saucer of milk. God, I loved her tangy, musky flavor! I moved to her glistening labia, stroking them with my tongue, and sliding the tip between her outer and inner lips, tasting the warm, wet flesh in the depths of her crease.

By the time I reached her clit, she had her hands in my hair, and began dragging me away from her pussy frantically. "No more!" she groaned. "Te quiero en mi! Fill me with your cock!" I kissed my way up her soft, sexy body, taking a little side trip to enjoy her marvelous boobs. I licked her neck, tasting her sweat, and finally reached her lips, where she met me hungrily.

Her trembling hand found my prick and aimed it at her fuckhole, while the other grabbed my ass and pulled me to her in a violent motion. I entered her in one thrust, slapping my balls against her damp perineum. She wrapped her legs around me, shouting "Si!

Si! Si!" as I pounded into her honeypot with my rigid member. It didn't take long for her to reach her peak again, howling as she came, and I prepared to do the same. Joelle stopped me, though, gasping, "I want to do one more thing for you, Dave." She pushed me off her, leaving me breathless and desperate to come, my dick waving in the breeze.

Flipping over onto her hands and knees, she presented her bubble butt to me. Looking back over her shoulder, she whispered, "Fuck me in the ass! Janie said you would like that, and I want to try it. I brought some lotion so it would be easier.

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Just be gentle, I've never done it before." "Are you sure, honey?" I asked, though I was pretty psyched to be the first to travel her hershey highway.

"I don't want to hurt you." "I was serious when I said I wanted to try new things," she replied. "And you're the person I want to try them with.

Go ahead." I didn't need my arm twisted. I grabbed the bottle of lotion she had indicated and squirted a huge gob on her ass. I massaged her chubby cheeks, caressing the soft twin globes, while staring hungrily at the dripping thatch of hair peeking out from between her thighs, split by her swollen, gaping labia.

I slowly worked my fingers into her crack, lubing up her puckered ring nicely. Slipping a finger into her tight hole, I heard her gasp as I began stretching the circular muscle. "Push out against me," I instructed her. "It opens wider that way." I felt her do so, and was able to get a second finger in her, causing her to moan. I began gently stroking in and out in a circular motion, working the lotion into her and letting the tense muscle relax and gape wide.

When I figured she was ready, I pulled by fingers out of her, then placed my oozing cockhead against her virgin bunghole. "Push out real hard!" I said again, then slid into her rectum carefully.

"Oh, God! That's so tight!" she groaned. "But it feels good." She was right on both counts. Her twitching sphincter gripped my dong like it was never going to let me go, and her warm passage embraced my peter like a long-lost lover.

I held still for a moment, savoring the sensation of my swollen penis resting in my sweet lover's ass. After her twitches had subsided, and she figured out how to hold her asshole open for me, I began thrusting into her gently. "Ay Dios Mio!" she hissed. "I can't believe you're fucking me in the ass!


I feel like such a slut!" Her hand crept between her legs, and I could tell she was stroking her clit again, working for another climax. With every thrust of mine into her tight tunnel, she grunted like an animal, the primitive sounds spurring me on and ratcheting up my arousal even more. I was incredibly turned on by the thought that this sweet, sexy woman had given me all three of her virgin holes to plow.

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The fact that I had fantasized for over a year about doing this to her only made it more delicious. I was pounding into her forcefully now, slapping sounds emanating from her generous buttocks as I rammed my pelvis into them repeatedly. Her grunts were becoming long, throaty moans as her fingers flew across her erect clit.

Thinking about her frigging herself brought me closer to orgasm, and I felt myself losing control. In moments I was firing jets of hot semen into her ass, convulsing wildly as I finally let myself come. The sensation of ejaculation in her rectum must have sent her over the edge, for she began screaming in ecstasy yet again, shaking and almost sobbing in release as she brought herself to her own climax.

I pulled my softening prick out of her spasming asshole and collapsed on my back. "Jesus, you are one incredible lady!" I gasped. She kissed me soulfully, blew out the candles, then curled up next to me on our picnic blanket, smiling contentedly. "I am so happy to be here right now," she whispered in my ear. I hugged her to me in agreement, and we fell asleep under the countless stars glittering above us in the utter black of the tropical night. To be continued&hellip.