Just Love Boomer Banks amp Ricky Roman

Just Love Boomer Banks amp Ricky Roman
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Suddenly it didn't seem so very important. The relationship we had built so quickly seemed distant and paled in comparison with what lay before me. College. Making a band, meeting new people, doing new things.


. . .living. It all lay stretched before me, and my relationship with Brandy didn't matter so much anymore. You rarely understand you posessions until they are taken from you. And your heart is very much a readily stolen posession. The moon was bright, brighter than it had been for as long as I could remember it.

My breath came fast and hoarse. I tried to concentrate on the gravel road illuminated by the moon and my headlights, but found the task too difficult. I glanced down into my lap and saw Brandy's glossy hair shift with her head's pulling and pushing motions. Inside her mouth, my dick was rigid and swollen, just bursting to flood her throat with cum. But not yet.

She was an expert at giving me head by now, and knew how to prolong the torture. Her tongue swirled over my cock, creating a sensual maelstrom inside of me. My eyes rolled in my head and my speed slowed to ten miles per hour on that dusty summer back road. She climbed even further into my lap and used one hand to accompany her sucking mouth. I felt her use her teeth to gently scrape my cock and shuddered.

Her hand grasped my dick and she assumed a steady rhythm, my dick head never leaving that wet hot slick longue. Deeper and deeper I was drawn into her mouth, her hand squeezing the base as she pushed the head back to her throat. I felt her make swallowing motions and it undid me.

With a shout I arched my back and slid my dick as deep into her as I could. With one hand I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth.

She made moaning noises that reverberated against my cock and I felt my hot cum rush through me. I exploded into her mouth and she put a strong suction on me, drawing the cum as quickly as it would go.

She swallowed everything and licked the remnants off my aching rod. I was breathing heavily and the car was stopped dead in the road. She came up and kissed me, her mouth wet and warm against mine.

I loved her. Somewhere along the way, I forgot how much. Brandy is 5'7" with large B-cup breasts. Her skin is a constant tan that hints to her Native American heritage. She has a thin, straight nose, large brown eyes, high cheekbones, and longer brunette hair.

Her stomach curves ever so slightly and is adorned with a simple belly-button ring. Her ass is full and feels heavenly either against my thrusting hips or cupped in my hands. Her legs are long and shapely. Her pussy is tight and her black pubic hair is trimmed carefully. My name is Lake. My mother grew up in Michigan and loved going out on the Great Lakes.

Hence my strange name. I'm eighteen. It was the summer of my Senior year, and I was on theverge of entering college. We grew up in school together in rural appalachia. I was fit and had scruffy curly hair.

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I'm part Cherokee, and sometimes Brandy and I look alot alike. We fell for each other my junior year. She had been a sophomore. When I was a freshman in college, she would be a senior in high school. We'd been through alot.

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We'd known eachother all our lives, groing up in Redcreek, Ohio. The town was just as much a part of our relationship as we were. And I was leaving. "Just because I'm still back here, it doesn't mean you can screw around." She said to me softly. We were sitting in my dorm room. It was moving-in day. "I'm not going to." I reassured her.

"I have a phone, and I love you." "I don't know. .

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. " she said, her brown eyes downcast. "Well I do.

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Nothings going to happen." I kissed her. Half drunk, I was slightly unsteady on the stage at Whitman's Bar. I was providing lyrics and rhythm guitar. I was just finishing the last bars of "Free Bird" when I noticed a blonde staring directly at me.

Through my misty vision, I noticed she was pretty good-looking.

We ended the set and the crowd began clapping. I had gotten a band together within three weeks and this was the fifth. We were doing alot of cover songs at the bars around campus.

I was having alot of fun. I talked to Brandy alot, but lately we were fighting more and more. I was actually considering breaking up with her. I had only seen her twice since I started attending college. I'd forgotten my promise to not forget her. Things were not doing so well. I helped the guys load up the instruments and shit into Dave's van and went back inside. I got a Rum and Coke (the bartenders a friend of mine) and sat down at a table, drinking it.

I had only been there a few minutes when that sexy blonde walked up and sat down. She looked about two years older than me. She smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Sara." She held out her hand. I smiled broadly.

This was not the first time I'd been hit on since I arrived, but I had never cheated on Brandy. "Hi. I'm Lake Johnson." She flashed another smile and sipped her drink. "Your band is getting pretty good." She said. I thanked her and we proceded to talk. An hour and two rum and cokes later, we were walking out. I got into her car with her, under the impression that we were going to a party.

I was thoroughly drunk and didn't really care where we were going. Her face was a flawless small one with wavy blonde hair and large breasts. She wore a tight halter top and painted on hip huggers. Her belly was flat and showed little lines where she had obviously worked out. I saw this and felt an odd sensation. One of arousal. I hadn't felt that in a while, my life being full of school and the band. We drove for a while, talking about nothing in particular.

We soon stopped and got out. I don't quite remember how, but we reached a room in an apartment building and we went inside. She led me back to her room inside a cluttered, messy flat. I was stumbling, and confused, but I also knew I didn't want to go back to my dorm room, cold and alone. I was pushed onto a small bed with a dim light coming from a small lamp on the table.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She leaned over me and I felt her soft hair on my face. "I have a girlfriend." I whispered. "She not here, baby." she answered, kissing me on my trembling lips.

I was very confused, guilty, drunk, and horny. I responded to the kiss, sliding my tongue into her mouth and grabbing her ass. She bore down on my crotch and kissed me harder. Within moments she had her shirt off and was ripping mine off. She kissed her way down my chest and unbuttoned my jeans. I felt a loosening and I looked down to find my dick was out.

She immediately slid it into her mouth and began to suckle it. I acrhed my back, but something didn't feel quite right. I pulled her off of my dick and flipped her onto the bed, pulling her jeans (no panties) off. I felt her pussy with one hand. It was gushing and coated my hand when I touched it. A wave of arousal washed over me, and I grasped my dick in one hand, spreading her pussy with another.

The head of my cock had just pushed inside her when I got a strange feeling.


I didn't see the blonded's painted face, but Brandy's. I saw her eyes light up with want and love. Inside my head I saw Brandy laughing, Brandy deep in the throws of an orgasm. . .Brandy crying. "No!" I shouted. I pulled out and pulled my pants on. Without a word, I grabbed my shirt and shoes and ran out of the flat. Tripping and stumbling on the stairs, I exited the apartment, and realized I was downtown.

I was close to campus, but I wasn't going to my dorm, I was going home. The feeling of want, of something never fulfilled, of something wanted, wished for, hoped for, but rarely ever gotten twisted in my stomache during the entire hour and 45 minutes of a bus ride back home. I got off the bus, my head reeling with the need to be with her, to see her, make her feel better than she ever had. It was raining hard, but I didn't care. In the streetlights of thepodunk town I knew so well, I ran, sliding and slipping on wet grass.

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I jumbed Mr. Washburn's chain link fence as I'd done a milllion times as a boy. I ran through Mrs. Gibson's garden at top speed. I ran through the elementary school playground, where Brandy and I had kissed for the first time. Memories brought stinging tears to my eyes until at last, soaking, I stood in the Dunlops' back yard, facing Brandy's bedroom window.

I picked up a rock from there gravel sidewalk and chucked it up at her window pane. I'd done it so many times before. Almost immediately a light came on and the window opened. Brandy looked out, squinting.

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"Lake? Oh my God, is that you?" She asked.

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Before I could answer, she'd fled the window and I was left alone. Moments later, the back door opened and she rushed out in a pair of panties and a babydoll t shirt. There in the rain, she jumped into my arms and I held her. She was crying and kissing me in the midst of the rainstorm. I stroked her wet hair and felt so good. "I never wanted you to leave." she sobbed into my shoulder. I shook my head. "I'm never leaving again. I'm coming back. I'll go to the community college." I answered.

She looked into my eyes. " I love you Lake Johnson." I kissed her in answer and she returned it, hard. Almost too hard. I fell back onto the wet grass in the warm rain.

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We were soon making out and groping eachother like we were naughty teens again. Overcome with happiness and pent up frustration, I pulled her shirt off as she did mine. Soon we were naked on her lawn, dim light from her window allowing me to see her body, one I had missed severely. I rained kisses down on her body and she spread her legs quickly. I made no hesitation. Her cunt was warm and wet. I felt it with my fingers and found it slick.

I rubbed my dick along it and thrust into her tight passage. She moaned and grabbed my ass, pulling me closer. "Oh God, Lake, do me. I've been waiting. . ." she was gasping. I was keeping myself in control until she pulled me out of her dripping slit turned around, on her knees, with her head on the lush grass, she said, "Don't make love to me Lake. Fuck me! Fuck me like I've been dreaming about, fuck me. .OOOH!!!!!" I grabbed her hips and buriied my dick inside her pussy. I was as deep as I could go and the rain fell and fell on my shoulders, and made her ass slick and shiny.

I pounded her and pounded her as her moans became louder and louder in the storm. "O jesus Lake, fuck me harder. I'm not gonna fucking break!!! Fuck. . ohhh. . .me. .


. .Harder!!!!!" She was gasping and moaning so fast I thought she'd hyperventilate. I picked up the speed and you could see her ass making waves everytime i slammed her. Harder and harder.

her knees were starting to leave the ground and her moans were becoming so high pitched, she sounded like a little girl. I could tell she was cumming, so I let loose and began to pump my cum out into her naked cunt. I filled her up with my hot load as she continued to moan, and my thrusts, although still as hard, slowed to a stop.

I was breathing hard and found my dick to still be stiff and ready when I pulled out. I knew something about her that no one else did. Something she made me swear to never tall anyone. She loved it in the ass. Her ass was ripe and full, ready for what i was going to do. I put my thumb in my mouth and slid down her ass crack to her tight anus. Pushing forward, it popped in and she moaned. I continued to thumb-fuck her, wetting it with her own pussy-juices, until my dick was ready.

I slipped into her pussy and got it creamy and slick. I pulled it out, and to keep it from being washed off in the pouring rain, I positioned it against her asshole quickly.

With one huge thrust, I slid it up her ass. She cried out in pleasure/pain. She loved it and I knew it. But Brandy liked it rough, so I began to thrust hard right away. Slick, tight and hot, her ass was already close to making me cum. Faster I pounded her and she was moaning, her hand rubbing hard against her own clit. "Oh God!" Was all I shouted as a smaller load shot inside her beautiful ass. She came a moment later, gasping. I pulled out of her asshole and fell beside her, rain still pouring.

I was getting a little cold and I pulled up close to me. I looked over into her eyes and whispered, "I love you, and I'll never leave again."